Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Nadine West - July

As you all know by now, one of the things I look forward to most every month is my pretty pink package from Nadine West. I am the type to always get excited for packages, even if it's a fresh tube of toothpaste or a box of crackers. And of course, anything that is a surprise is exceptional more fun. So Nadine West really hits the sweet spot between functional and indulgent.

I love to shop, but I'm the type who doesn't know what I need until I see it. That can obviously be overwhelming and time consuming, especially for online shopping. Not only does Nadine West send items chosen for me by a personal stylist, but there is no obligation to keep anything. There are subscription charges or styling fees. Shipping to you is free, and if you keep even one item, there no charges for return shipping. Otherwise, you only pay for the return label.

But enough preamble. Check out these fabulous items. 

This 3/4 length floral top is buttery soft and has a super cute cutout criss-cross detail on the sleeves. It is super flattering, and supremely comfortable. Tons of stretch and perfectly flowy at the bottom. 

How cute is this dress? I absolutely love the "overalls" aesthetic of the sleeves, but it has full coverage, so it does not require a shirt underneath. I love the neutral colors and vertical stripe. The legth and material make this perfect for summer. 

Speaking of summer, how perfect is this vibrant floral sleeveless blouse? The fabric i super light and just barely sheer (if you look really closely). Perfect styled over a cami for a totally classy look, or great alone or over a bathing suit (think relaxing on a boat) with a cute pair of jean shorts for something more casual and flirty. 

It is still a bit hot for this here in Florida, (by a bit hot I mean Satan's bathtub), but I am loving the jump on fall/winter with this amazing hi-low buttonless cardigan. The dusty forest green color is so flattering and I am crazy for the whispy flow and slouchy pockets. And it's so soft you'll want to sleep in it.

Jeans are always my favorite thing in a Nadine West Package. I always say it's because I have too many shirts, but maybe it's just because they are so cute and go with everything? The stretch ensures the fit is always spot on, and no zippers to pinch or break or slip. Wardrobe Staple.

Last but not least, the accessory. These small silver hoops are simple yet sleek. The perfect touch of sparkle to compliment any outfit. Like this one. 

If it wasn't obvious, I am thrilled with my Nadine West package this month. If you want to get your own pretty pink package of fashion fabulousness, you can sign up now and take $20 off a full box plus free shipping. Just use coupon code: NW20JUL. Happy shopping.

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