Friday, April 28, 2017

Savings Delivered

 *This is a sponsored post on behalf of Groupon Coupons. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Like every reasonable person, I love to save money. It's especially satisfying when I can still purchase the things I want from the places I already shop. For me, I shop online at least 80% of the time. One thing I miss about shopping online is that I cannot "coupon". I'm not very good at that like some people are, but still, every bit helps.

I love it when I find a deal or coupon code online for something I was going to buy, but I used to have trouble finding good coupons. Most coupon sites are managed by user submissions and half the deals are expired and the other half are regional, making it hard to find one that actually works when and where you need it.

That problem is all but gone now that I found Groupon Coupons. I have loved Groupon ever since I discovered it, and as I said before, have loved coupons since forever. Since I was a kid and pulled them repeatedly out of the dispensers even for things my mom wasn't buying. While not quite as thrilling as a coupon dispenser, Groupon Coupons delivers the deals.

I already knew it was awesome, but when I realized there was coupons for Amazon, I made a squealing noise that I am ashamed of. I am glad no one else was around. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an Amazon addict.

I love saving more money on things I am already buying with minimal effort. No clipping or ad matching or other stressful aspects of couponing. Savings are delivered, literally, to my door. What more could you want? If you have not tried Groupon Coupons yet, why not? Do you not like saving money? Do you like to work harder than necessary? (Work smart not hard. )

If you have tried Groupon Coupons I would love to hear about the best deals you've scored so far, your favorite stores to get deals for and what you are hoping to get a great deal on next, thanks to Groupon Coupons. I get a rush even thinking about saving money. Happy shopping/saving.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

3 Tips on How to Give Your Partner a Simple Haircut

Haircuts are a recurring expense in most people’s budgets. You can save $480 a year by simply giving your partner a simple haircut. Knowing how to give a haircut takes a lot of practice. Using the right tools also helps in getting the right haircut. Whether you’re looking to save time or cut down on costs, here are some tips that will come in handy.
Know what your partner wants
While you may have been with your partner for years, you may not necessarily know what style they prefer. Before trimming their hair, have an idea of what he/she wants. It’s also important for your partner to be realistic with the type of haircut they expect. You cannot change their hairline or hair texture.
Your partner can either ask for a squared neckline or a tapered neckline. Tapered neckline follows one’s natural hairline, while the block hairline cuts straight across. Another way you can achieve a simple haircut is by asking your partner to bring a picture of their favorite hair style after a haircut. Pictures can be a great guide when you know what end result to expect.
Invest in a good clipper set
A good clipper set not only will help you achieve the best haircut, it can also last for over 5 years, making it a good investment. When shaving with hair clippers, ensure that you shave in the opposite direction that the hair grows. You can start at the sideburns and progress towards the back of your partner's head. Good hair clippers will give your partner an even cut. Move the clippers up and down and don’t forget to apply a bit of pressure to make sure your clippers get all the hair. You can start with a longer setting and switch to a shorter setting of clippers until you find a style your partner likes. If you discover that you haven’t trimmed enough after the first time, you can switch to a smaller guard and work your way down.
Work with dry hair
Before you start snipping, ensure that the hair is washed and dried and not just towel-dried. Clippers can be difficult to use on wet hair. With dry hair, you can measure your progress as you trim. Moreover, you get to see the results in no time. In addition, you can pat the hair into segments and handle each grouping on its own. Start at the bottom of the head and use the same guard length to achieve a standard length.  The teeth of the guard should face upward and slight pressure should be applied with every pass.
When it comes to giving your partner a haircut, simplicity is key. Don’t go crazy and try out something you saw on YouTube. Leave the rest to the professionals. Bring a mirror to check if the trim is straight.  If you’re looking for a more tapered haircut, use different guide combs in various lengths. Start with the longest part and work your way down.

The 3 Best Essential Oils to Use for Headaches

Often times headaches come on strong and appear out of nowhere. They can be debilitating and cause a great amount of distress. Sometimes it is unknown what causes a headache or a migraine. Other times, they are simply brought on by hormonal changes in women, degenerating eyesight, a certain smell, or even as a symptom of an allergic reaction after consuming a food item. While some may take an over the counter medicine to squelch the pain, there are other natural ways to fight off the ache that is plaguing you. This article will help identify ways that using all natural Botanic Universe – Essential Oils can make a huge impact on decreasing the side effects of a headache or migraine.
  1. Peppermint oil can be used for a variety of things due to its long-lasting cooling sensation and effect on the skin. When applied to the skin, you will experience the inhibition of muscle contractions and the stimulation of blood flow to move towards the forehead. To seek relief from a headache caused by stress, simply dab a small amount of peppermint oil across the forehead and on the temples. Do this 15 to 30 minutes after the onset of the headache and you will soon feel results. Should you want a deeper feeling and immersion of the product, use several drops with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, and rub it into your shoulders, forehead, and back of your neck. 
  2. Rosemary oil, while not popular like peppermint and lavender oils, can still pack a big effective punch when it comes to headache rehabilitation. This form of herbal therapy acts an an anti-inflammatory. Simply take one drop of rosemary oil and add it to a hot cup of tea for internal usage when relieving migraines or headaches. If you would rather apply a topical mixture, combine two drops of rosemary with two drops of peppermint and one teaspoon of coconut oil and rub into the temples, forehead, or back of the neck. You will soon feel relief without having to ingest a potentially harmful over the counter medicine.
  3. Lavender oil can relieve tension and stress and has the miraculous ability to decrease anxiety and depression as it acts as a calming agent. Research has been conducted to show that lavender oil can be used to treat headaches that are caused by the onset of anxiety disorders or other related conditions. Because of the relief that this scent provides, researchers have explored the effects and how such relief is possible. The lavender oil regulates levels of serotonin in the brain that causes the pain to minimize in the nervous system. This type of pain is often the kind that leads to a migraine. Should you want to give this natural remedy a try, simply add 5-10 drops of lavender oil to a warm bath, soak, and take deep breaths, allowing yourself to inhale the scent. You will notice that your body will begin to relax and your headache will be reduced.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

4 Awesome tips that will completely change your backyard

The ways people use their backyards has completely changed in last 20 to 30 years. While it was previously seen as an idyllic space where you and your friends gather around for Sunday barbeque, now it is seen as an empty lot where you can improve basic functionality of your home.
What do I mean by this?
More and more families are thinking about their backyard in terms of harvesting rainwater, collecting energy and growing plants. This is especially common in last 10 years as most western countries are still in recession or growing slowly. It also coincides with our view of nature and preserving planet.
Without further ado, let’s check the best 4 ways to utilize your backyard.

  1. Growing a garden
Vegetable and fruit gardens are really popular in last couple of years even if you are living in an urban environment.
People are partially opting for this solution as a way to save money. Given the weak economy, a lot of the urban workforce has been laid off and find it hard to get a new job especially in cities that are on a downward spiral.
Another great thing about gardens is that they allow you to control the entire growing process. Instead of feeding your children with GMOs, you are able to eat fresh, natural food.
Lastly, gardening is becoming more popular as there are more and more vegans and vegetarians.

  1. Solar panels
Solar panels are no longer a thing that people frown upon due to its high price. Nowadays, getting several products is really cheap due to a high competition. In fact, governments of certain countries are even giving subsidies and other assistance to homeowners wanting to install this system.
The benefit is clear: you are able to produce your own power without being dependent on local government and local power supply facilities. If that wasn’t enough, you are also able to save a lot of money over the longer period of time.
All you need is some space in your backyard and you can have personal power generating facility.

  1. Helping refugees
Refugee issue has become global. No matter where you live, it will affect you in one way or another. So, instead of closing your eyes to them, why don’t you open your home?
In some European countries, providing shelter to refugees has become normal. If you have some spare space, why would you help? Anyway, you don’t need much; all you need is some space in your backyard where refugees can setup their tents until they find a better option.

  1. Collecting rainwater
Rainwater collection is nothing new; it existed for quite a while.
Nevertheless, the entire system of water collection has become much more sophisticated.
Back in the day, you could collect rainwater with barrels. After a rainy day, all the water from the roof would pour down to your barrels and then, you could’ve used it for cleaning your car or watering plants. Although rainwater barrel collection method is still very popular (due to the fact it is really cheap and easy to install), rainwater tanks are slowly taking over.
Rainwater tanks collect water similar to barrels. However, after that, the water is distributed throughout the house with a water pump. This water if filtrated along the way so you can use it for drinking and taking a bath. If you have a boiler or some other heating system you will also have hot water.


Although backyard fun is still very popular, people are becoming more conscious regarding their environment and social role. Backyards have become a viable resource, a resource that can be used to generate energy, grow food and help those in need.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to Make a Good Espresso at Home

With so many coffee shops around the world today, getting a cup of coffee won’t need you to break a sweat. However, not all of these shops offer the best coffee. Any coffee lover will know at a glance if a cafe is true to its word in offering the finest brews or not. Most of the time, they skimp on the ingredients and will leave you with a stale cup of caffeine.

So, what is a coffee lover who’s in search of a good brew got to do? Make his own shot of espresso, of course! With the right materials, ingredients, and know how you can actually make an excellent cup of coffee right in your kitchen.

Making Good Espresso at Home

If you really want a quality cup of coffee, you’ll want to get started with how to make your own espresso. From there on, you can already start experimenting and creating different drinks.

So, how do you make a good espresso at home? Here are some tips:

1. Always start with good, clean water.
Mineral, scale and other sediments will affect the taste of your espresso, so you should be very particular with the water you’ll be using. It’s best to use filtered water to make sure that it’s clean and clear.

2. Never settle for anything less than freshly roasted beans.
No serious coffee lover will buy ground coffee as these things tend to lose their flavor as soon as they’re cut up. So always opt for beans that are freshly roasted. Only use those that are about 4 days to three weeks away from roasting as they have the optimal flavor that will give the best taste to your cup of coffee.

3. Grind the coffee beans correctly.
There are different coffee grinds that you can use to make different kinds of coffee. For espressos, you need them to be very fine - almost identical to table salt. If it’s clumping, then it’s the right texture. Always ground your beans right before you use them for their optimal taste.

4. Use the right dose.
You’ll need to use the right dose of ground coffee. The more grounds you use, the body and intensity of the shot will also increase. Experts recommend about 18 to 21 grams, but you can also adjust according to your preference.

5. Only use the best home espresso machine.
Prep your machine accordingly. You can purge, fill it with fresh filtered water, and heat up the areas that will touch your coffee. Make sure that the portafilter is clean and dry to avoid coffee extraction early on and then tamp the coffee. Once done, you can now place it on the group head and start brewing.

Some espresso machines have pre-brew stages, so make sure to do that first if yours has one before you actually start brewing. This will ensure that your coffee will brew properly and you won’t end up with a bad tasting cup. Once done, you can already start brewing.

6. Serve accordingly.
A good espresso will look slightly viscous and as if it’s springing back up because of the oils extracted. It will also have a nice crema on top that you can stir into the shot or just wait to dissipate in a minute or two.

Different baristas have various techniques in brewing a great shot of espresso. With practice, you’ll also be able to create the very cup you’ll love so feel free to experiment as well.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Save Time and Money with Groupon Coupons

 *This is a sponsored post on behalf of Groupon Coupons. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Everyone loves to save money, especially me. I love to spend money, too, but I never want to spend more than I have to. Any time I can save on something I planned to buy anyway, I feel like I've succeeded.

I do most of my shopping online, so clipping coupons has never really been the way to go for me, even though I have tried. I love a good coupon code, but finding one for the store or item you need is not always easy, and I hate to waste time searching.

Now I save time and money. I use Groupon Coupons to check for sales and coupons on the stores and items I want to shop. When searching via search engines or other discount sites, most coupons are expired or invalid (regional). With Groupon Coupons, I never have to worry about that.

I also check regularly just to see if something pops up that I never knew I needed. With over 75,000 coupons from over 11,000 stores, there is always something great to discover. With all the money I save on the things I was already buying, I can afford to buy a few extra goodies for myself and our family.

If you shop online and haven't tried Groupon Coupons yet, you are missing out. If you have tried Groupon Coupons, I would love to hear about your best coupons/deal scores. I have gotten awesome deals on Flowers, Photo products (canvases, blankets) and more. As simple as it is, I love the savings on food. From Pizza delivery to meal boxes shipped to my door. Great food at great savings is always a win.

Resume Writing Tips from Experts

When you want to make a resume, it’s easy enough to get free advice from your friends and family. It’s also easy to think that you can always just do this yourself, because it doesn’t seem all that difficult.
Your better option is to listen to the experts instead. These pros are very much aware of what hiring managers and potential employers are looking for in a resume. So here are a few of their tips:
  1. Keep it short. One of the polarizing disputes in resume writing is the issue of whether the resume should be a single page or not. Here, many experts say that it really depends on just how long your career industry has been. The standard rule of thumb is that you have a page for every 10 years you’ve worked in the industry.
  2. Don’t have a half-empty page. When you make a resume, you have to organize the information properly. It doesn’t speak well of your organization skills when you can’t arrange the info on a single age and you only have a single paragraph on the next page. Try to keep it succinct for a single page.
If you really need that 2nd page, then make full use of it. Don’t just keep it half-empty. Use that valuable real estate to tout more of your accomplishments and to emphasize more of your skills.
  1. Use company buzzwords. Check out the website of the company you’re trying to join. Exactly what words do they use most often? Use the same words on your resume as well. Reflect back their values. You want to show them that you’ve done your homework and that you share the same values. It’s as if you’re already one of them.
  2. Be detailed in your explanations. That usually means you use numbers, which more people understand. Just saying you performed tasks doesn’t make you more impressive.
So if you were a salesperson in a shop, you can say you “served the needs of 30 customers a day with zero complaints”. You can mention how your activities or suggestions resulted in greater sales, profits, or savings in expenses.
  1. Don’t put personal info. Your name and contact info are sufficient. Don’t add your gender, age, religion, marital status, or photo. The problem here is that companies don’t want to be accused of bias or discrimination based on these details. Some even disregard any resume that include these details, so they cannot be accused of discrimination.
  2. Have someone else read your resume when you’re done. The other person can check for grammatical and spelling mistakes. They can also tell you if your words make sense. If your friend doesn’t understand something in your resume, then it’s likely that a potential employer may not understand it either.
What you have to understand is that your resume won’t get you a job right away. That’s not its real function. The goal when you make a resume is to get a job interview, which then leads—hopefully—to a job offer.