Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card from MyIntel!!

Are you prepared for anything? What about a flood? Tornado? or even a home invasion? Do you have the necessary supplies to keep your family safe? MBIntel has designed an online tool called MyIntel that you can use to determine how secure you and your family are and give you suggestions on how to increase your security. You can take the FREE MyIntel Home Risk Assesment and see where you stand! You can read my full review here

If you choose to upgrade, you can save $10 with the coupon code MomBuzz!
Special thanks to MBIntel who has sponsored this giveaway and to Mom Buzz Media Bloggers for hosting!
One lucky winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Open to US and Canada, giveaway ends 11:59pm on 4/21. Good Luck!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Save Even More With Groupon Coupons!

If you love to save money like I do(who doesn't?), than hopefully you are already aware on Groupon. Groupon is a deal site that allows you to buy vouchers for food, entertainment, products, etc. at an incredible discount(usually at least 30% off retail, but even up to 60% off and more.)

If that is not a great asset, I don't know what is. If I am looking to go somewhere or buy something, I always check Groupon first, to see if they have a deal for me. This is especially beneficial for vacations. We don't vacation often, but when we do, I expect it to be perfect.

Being able to get resorts and hotels at a steal of a price on Groupon is wonderful, finding new local(to the destination) restaurants AND saving money on them is fantastic, and getting fun outings like mini golf and bowling at about half price is unbelievable cool. We can get the same vacation for half the cost, or even better, double the vacation for the same price we would otherwise pay.

Groupon is just incredible. I can't even explain how much I love their deals. I was just talking about an upcoming Marilyn Manson/Smashing Pumpkins concert last week. I just found out today that Groupon has a deal for 50% off tickets. A concert I would already pay full price for, half off. It's almost too good to be true.

As if all the phenomenal voucher deals were not reason enough to love Groupon, I have something even better. Groupon just introduced a new feature - Groupon Coupons! That's right, coupons. So now, Groupon will save you money on all the things you already buy, just like it has done before, only now you can get coupons without spending ANYTHING. Totally free coupons!

Better still, these coupons are not just a few cents off or for brands/products you would never use, they are for the biggest brands around and 15% off 20% off and more. How about $20 off a Seaworld Orlando ticket? What about 67% off Omaha Steaks plus free gifts? You can get 50% off ANY Weight Watchers plan.

There are way too many incredible coupons to list(over 55,000!), but I can tell that there is something for everyone. I saw at least a dozen that I am personally going to use, and with new ones being added all the time, you'd be crazy(or foolish) not to check them out. If you want to save money, I can think of no easier way that to get free coupons for things you already plan to buy, and Groupon Coupons has the best free coupons around.

I would love to hear about your experience with Groupon. What is the best deal you've ever gotten. How often do you use Groupon and have you tried Groupon Coupons yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

*Although this is a compensated post, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Save Even More on Luvs Diapers!

*This post was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Luvs. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.*

As a mom, I am always looking for the best products to care for my children. I need to be sure to use a brand I can count on. High quality is essential. However, we do also have a budget, so a good value is also a must. I will never sacrifice quality for price, but luckily I can usually have the best of both worlds.

With Luvs diapers, that is exactly what I get. I have used Luvs since my son was very young. I started with other brands, because I thought the higher cost meant a better product. While that seemed like sound logic(you get what you pay for), it turned out to be completely wrong.   

Those other brands were awful. The tabs broke off or the leaked everywhere, they would tear and the gel would fall out of them. It was a nightmare. Then I found Luvs, and could not believe how much better they are. A better product at a better price, who knew?

I have never went back to those other brands, and used Luvs since they day my daughter was born as well. Even know, while she is potty trained, I sleep her in diapers in case of night time accidents. I did try training pants with her for nighttime, in case they were better for that, but went right back to Luvs. She loves them, I love them, my wallet loves them, and she is always dry in the morning.

It's no wonder Luvs with NightLock are the official diaper of experienced moms, helps to lock away wetness  – even overnight – with Luvs’ largest absorbency area ever.
Luvs with NightLock has superior overnight protection that locks away wetness better than Huggies Snug & Dry*(*Locks away wetness better than Huggies Snug & Dry, sizes 3-6.)

The only thing better than the performance and price of Luv diapers is additional savings, which is exactly what you will find in this Sunday's(4/12) newspaper. There will be a coupon for $30 off 2 boxes of Luvs diapers, and you don't want to miss it. Whether you are a loyal Luvs customer or you have never tried them(which you must do immediately), you can't pass up this deal.

Be sure to follow Luvs on Facebook & Twitter so you never miss product news or savings offers.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Fling - Win a $50 Pacific Play Tents Gift Card!

What I love most about spring, especially the beginning of spring, is the weather. It is nice and warm and sunny, grass is green and soft and everything is beautiful. Most importantly, is it's not too hot yet, like it becomes in the summertime. The perfect weather for playing outside.

My kids love their technology. Their iPads and computer are the main focus pretty much all day, except for when I let them play outside. That's why I want them outside, every chance I have. But since we leave on a corner street, meaning a(busy) road right in front of our house and a road (dead end) on one side(passing the front and back yards). That makes me a bit nervous, even when I am right there with them, because things can happen in a split second.

I only like to allow them outside if I know they will be content in the activity we are doing, and I will be able to watch them and keep them in a set area, away from the street. Luckily, Pacific Play Tents has a great selection of fun toys that would all keep my kids' interest.

One item in particular really jumped out at me immediately, and I knew my kids would fall in love with it. The Painting Teepee is incredible.

For my kids, having their very own teepee to play in will make them very happy, but being about to actually paint it with any design they desire, will be the quintessence of fun for them. My will especially love this Painting Teepee. He has told me several times that he wants to be an artist when he gets older. While I am sure that will change dozens of times before he is an adult, he clearly loves art, and he draws every single day.

I really love that this is a fun fort type item for my kids, but it is way more special than a conventional play house or tent. I, being part Native American, actually wanted a teepee when I was young, even though back then, to my knowledge, play teepees did not exist. I wanted a real one, and now, getting this for my children kind of fulfills my childhood wish as well.

I have not gotten it yet, but it is on it's way, and I cannot wait for the kids to see their amazing Painting Teepee. In fact, I can't wait to see it either. While I always love playing with my children, I do not always enjoy the particular activity. I know I will love playing in this fun teepee with them. At an impressive 64" tall, I will be able to do so comfortably.

Best of all The Painting Teepee is the perfect activity for getting fresh air and unplugging from technology outside, but it is also perfect for curling up with a good book or watching a video on the iPad inside. Either way, The Painting Teepee is sure to bring countless hours of fun to anyone with the good fortune to own one.

While I wish I had the pleasure of giving away one of these incredible Painting Teepees, I do have honor of giveaway a $50 Gift Card to Pacific Play Tents, which can be used toward any of their amazing items. Enter below for your chance to win this wonderful prize.

Be sure to enter the other Spring Fling giveaways as well via the linky below. Good luck.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Fling - Win Hayashi System 911 Hair Products!

As many of you know, I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Well during the the humid months(which in Florida is most of them), it is definitely hate. I am a very low maintenance person. In fact, when it comes to my appearance, I am really more lazy than anything. I rarely wear makeup, and never actually style my hair. I hat to spend excess time to make myself look presentable.

That is why I don't want to use 10 different products and use a blow dryer or flat iron, etc. to keep my hair from looking like I just got electrocuted. Unfortunately, it usually does take a lot of work to keep my hair manageable, which is why it always looks horrible.

When I find hair products that really solve my hair issues, it is a close to a (retail) miracle as I'll ever see. That is why I am currently in love with Hayashi System 911. The entire line contains only 4 products, and they are all super convenient. There is 911 Shampoo, 911 Emergency Pak(essentially conditioner), 911 Protein Mist and 911 Leave In Repair Cream.

So even someone like me, who hates to use multiple products can use this system without a hassle. It's so simple. Shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, apply Leave In Repair Cream, let dry(or blow dry if you do that). Protein Mist as needed. I am so pleased with how little time I wasted with this system.

Even better, I am thrilled with the wonderful results I have already noticed from using the Hayashi System 911. My hair feels so smooth, it is soft and manageable. I no longer rip half of it out in a vain attempt to brush it. It actually stays in place and no longer looks like an old straw broom. I love it.

I know I don't take a good picture, but I hope you can see how healthy and tame my hair looks. I am so happy about this, that I actually feel kinda silly for being so excited about hair care products. My husband's family has their yearly reunion next weekend, and while I dread the thought of being in a bathing suit(for the beach and the pool) around them, at least my hair will look good. If only System 911 worked on my body.

I don't know how many people fight with their hair like I used to, but if System 911 can tame my tresses, then it can work magic on anyone's hair issues. I am so glad I found something that fits my needs and my lackadaisical styling efforts.

Since I know how much Hayashi System 911 can benefit anyone who uses it, I am excited that Hayashi has been so kind as to host a giveaway for you all. One lucky winner will receive the complete Hayashi System 911 product line($150 value). Enter below for your chance to win this wonderful giveaway.

Be sure to enter all the other giveaways in the Spring Fling Blog Pop Event as well, they are linked in the linky below. Good luck.
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Fling - Win a Huge Spin Master Prize Pack!

Spring has sprung and so has the Spring Fling Blog Pop Event. The fun continues with another fantastic review, and a truly epic giveaway, courtesy of Spin Master. Are you excited yet?

With Easter quickly approaching, my thoughts of spring are centered around my kids' spring break and the colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies that are sure to come their way next weekend. While the reason behind the holiday is infinitely more meaningful than the Easter baskets and treats that come with it, I still love to treat my children with some fun gifts, especially since it makes them so happy, and they rarely ask for things.

While candy and snacks are fun, and a huge hit with the kids, I want them to have something to show from their treats besides just cavities. I like to give them toys, specifically ones that spark their creativity. That way, the fun lasts longer than a few days. This year, they will be getting a variety of toys and games from Spin Master.

While they each will get their own "basket" of toys/treats, what I love about these gifts, is that they will share them.

My daughter will be getting the Magic Mixer, the Sew Cool Sew Studio and some extra Sew Cool Fabric.

The Magic Mixer is great because it allows kids to create tasty treats on their own, but unlike other kids confection "ovens", the Magic Mixer uses no heat, instead the treats all "cook" in the refrigerator, making it completely safe. The Magic Mixer also gives the fun of using their own mixer, which only adds to the fun.

Similarly, the Sew Cool Machine is unlike any other product. It does not use thread, there is no bobbin to wind or foot peddle to use, or needle to thread. The fabric is like magic, and the Sew Cool Sew Studio includes materials and directions for 9 fun projects like a pencil case, purse, stuffed plush and more. The Sew Creative fabric will allow for even more sewing fun.

While stereotypically, these may seem like "girl toys", as I mentioned, my son and daughter will be sharing these toys. My son loves to help me cook, even though his autism causes him to never actually try the foods we make, he really enjoys it. He also loves crafts and to create almost anything, so he will have lots of fun helping his sister to create the fun Sew Cool projects, that she will keep to use for herself.

Speaking of my son, he will be getting The Logo Board Game, Boom Boom Balloon, Air Hogs Hyper Disc and Kinetic Sand Gems.

The Logo Board Game, there could be no better gift for him. Honestly I am so surprised and thrilled that a game like this exists. My son is autistic, and he tends to become obsessed with certain things. Thanks to the plethora of iPad games whose objective it to identify logos, he is basically addicted to brand logos. He even draws them in abundance every day. This game was practically made for him, he is going to love it.

The Boom Boom Balloon game is another perfect game for him. He and his sister both love balloons, and he loves games of all kinds. I love that he and his sister can play together or that we can play as a family, the rules are very simple and there are not a lot of cards or pieces to lose.

The Air Hogs Hyper disc is great because it is an outside activity, that will get the kids to be active, which is something I am always looking to do. Again, it is a great family activity, and will be a good alternative to the traditional games of catch that we play with a ball. This is especially a good daddy and kids game, which is awesome.

Kinetic Sand is something both kids already adore. We have several Kinetic Sand products already, and the kids would play with them non-stop if I did not limit them(for their messiness). Kinetic Sand is not messy, if you play with it over the box as intended, but my kids walk all over with it, and it winds up everywhere, but that is because it is so fun they don't want to stop playing with it, even while doing other things.

It's very hard to blame them for that since I actually love it as well. It is so soothing to feel the sand slide through your fingers and to squish t up in your fists. It is amazing to watch the Kinetic Sand bold and move, it is like magic, and I love it. If you have never experienced Kinetic Sand, this is a must try product for kids and adults alike. The new Metallics and Gems varieties are so pretty, I can't wait to see how it looks in action.

If you are still looking for basket fillers for your little ones, Spin Master has so many amazing products. The only downside would be not being able to chose them all. The ultimate upside is that Spin Master has been kind enough to host an epic prize pack giveaway. While it won't arrive by Easter, this prize would make any day feel like a holiday.

One very lucky winner will receive a Zoomer Puppy, Zoomer Dino, Air Hogs Hyper Disk, Kinetic Sand Metallics/Gems and a Sew Cool Machine. The prize is worth over $250!! Enter below for your chance at this fabulous prize pack.

Also, be sure to enter all the other Spring Fling giveaways via the linky below. Good luck.

Blog POP! SpinMaster *I received these items at no cost to facilitate an honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Thursday, March 26, 2015

ROBOTS-4-U Summer Camps

As a parent, I always want to find things for my kids to do that are not only fun and exciting, but also educational, especially during the summer when they will not be getting the education element from school. You don't want to bore them with work during the summer, but don't want them to lose knowledge by having too much empty fun.

That is why I am so excited about ROBOTS-4-U Summer Camps. They are enrolling now, and look like so much fun that even I would love to go. My son(as many already know) has autism, and has a need to be doing something stimulating at all times. He does like to learn and is very smart, but gets bored easily.

He loves technology and and to create things, which is why I know that ROBOTS-4-U Summer Camps would be so great for him. A way to make new friends, learn new things and have fun in a safe place that he has never been. He will love it.

ROBOTS-4-U camps are really incredible.

- Robot / Science / Engineering / Day Camp / Challenges

- Camps Girls and Boys - Aged 7 to 14

- Robot Camps and Dynamic Art Camps offered during June, July and August

- Hands on Learning, Self-Paced. Beginners to Expert!

- 1 week (5 days) long

- Days: Monday to Friday Times: 9:00-11:30a.m. and 12:30-3:00 p.m.

- CAMPERS RATIO: 1 Instructor to 16 participants

- Each Camper Individually uses a ROBOTICS or DYNAMIC ART Kit. Robot kits do not go home with campers but are available for purchase!

-Register early as camps do fill up quickly! Use code USF1550r for 60% off Robotics Science Camp. What a great deal!!