Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Save Time and Money With FoodSaver

Obviously, no one of sound mind would want to waste their time or their money. Of course, it happens all the time, but it is avoided whenever possible. I am always looking for even more ways to save time and save money as I only have small amounts of both and I need all I can get.

My time is valuable. It is not always profitable, but it is always valuable. I have a home and a family to tend to. My children are my top priority, always. I hate having to take time away from my kids to tend to things like food prep and such. Usually, I look for what is fast, however, fast does not always mean good, and usually it's not.

Thankfully, with FoodSaver I have discovered some really great ways to save money. Since FoodSaver keeps everything incredible fresh, it cuts way down on spoilage and wasted food. Anything you paid for going bad and having to be thrown away is a huge waste of money. besides that, FoodSaver has some really great tips that will help you prep and cook real, fresh meals faster and with way less hassle. Now I can cook an affordable meal faster and more efficiently instead of wasting money on delivery or take-out.

These FoodSaver tips from experts for faster, easier weeknight meals have really helped me rethink my dinner routine. I always love to get the same results in less time. In this case, amazing meals super fast.
  1. Spend Less Time Creating More Flavors.
We know you like to work smarter and not harder, and the FoodSaver® brand knows how to make that happen. Infuse food with flavor in minutes instead of hours using the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator, a 2.25 quart canister that works with any FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system. Vacuum power opens the pores of the food for quicker and deeper absorption of marinades. This is great for the early risers and ambitious late-night-workers who don’t have the time to prepare dinner the night before. By using the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator you can come home, marinate your fish, chicken or vegetables and before you finish your first glass of wine, you’ll be ready to cook a flavorful dish in minutes.

  1.   Sundays Well Spent Make For Weeks Content.
Spend Sunday afternoons cooking up a storm, making healthier homemade meals the family can enjoy during the week. For weeknight dinners, cook enough of 2-3 main dishes to have a meal and a leftover meal for the family. If you’re one of the gym-going, calorie-counting, meal-plan-following millennials looking to stay fit and remain on a tight regimen, cooking your weekly meals in advance and storing them will ensure you’re not overeating or deviating from your road to fit! Weekday breakfast smoothies can also be prepped in advance for a healthier on-the-go alternative by following five simple steps as shown in the FoodSaver® brand’s Fresh in a Flash video. Label the bags, place your chopped fruits and veggies in theFoodSaver® Portion Pouch, draw the air out, seal for protection, and store in the freezer. Morning breakfasts won’t be a hassle, as all you need to do is blend your pre-chopped ingredients, pour into a cup, and go. If being proactive and ready to take on the busy week doesn’t excite you, we know what will… Once you’ve cooked your meals, snap a picture of your FoodSaver® product stocked fridge and upload it to your social media account using the hashtag #FoodSaverFridge for a chance to win weekly prizes!

  1. Cook Up One Item & Prepare It Three Ways – Meals For Days.
Preserving dinner is a cinch using any FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system and FoodSaver® Expandable Bags, which are perfect for accommodating large food items like whole turkeys, hams, roasts, casseroles and even pies! Cooking a whole chicken and storing the leftovers is simple and will make for a variety of meals.  You can prepare the chicken three ways – make chicken Parmesan, chicken quesadillas and a chicken salad using one chicken.  If you really want to get creative and impress your guests, the FoodSaver® brand’s Seal To Savor  Thai Peanut Chicken recipe will guarantee smiles without making a mess in the kitchen with three easy steps: batch, seal and slow cook. Simply fill a bag with seasoned, pre-cut chunks of chicken, seal the bags using any FoodSaver® vacuum sealer, and place bags in the freezer.  When event-day arrives, thaw out your chicken, toss the ingredients in your Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker, and wait for the timer to ring – it’s that simple. If preserving smaller or individual portions like fruits and vegetables, use FoodSaver® Portion Pouch rolls and store them in the fridge for the week. Not only will you see the difference, but you’ll taste and see it when you compare storing your foods in FoodSaver® products!  Visit the FoodSaver® brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages to watch the real-time difference food that has been vacuum sealed in FoodSaver® bags or rolls next to food that hasn't makes.

  1. Eat Your Favorite Meals All Year Round.
Save money and eat healthier too! There’s no reason the family shouldn’t enjoy summer’s fruits and vegetables in winter, and vice versa. Purchase your favorite produce while it’s in-season and costs less. Then, preserve the bounty for long-term nutritional consumption without maxing out the food budget or skimping on flavor and freshness. This is great for those who are reminiscing on mom’s fresh homemade pumpkin pie in mid-March. Why wait until the fall season for pumpkins when you can simply go into your freezer, thaw out and call mom for that recipe? Visit the “tips & hints” section of for specific suggestions about preserving different types of produce from bananas, berries and lettuce to vegetables and herbs. 

  1. Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too.
To save time, make cookie dough, pie shells and even whole pies in advance. Then, vacuum seal them and freeze for later, using any FoodSaver® vacuum sealer with any FoodSaver® Bag or Roll.  When ready, simply thaw and bake! This is also great for freezing the top of your wedding cake and on that yearly anniversary, it’ll be as fresh as the day you said I DO! To ship baked goods to loved ones, simply vacuum seal in a FoodSaver® Canister Container so they hold their shape. These are also great for portioning bulk store-bought baked goods and keeping them fresh for weeks instead of days.

I love these tips! Do you have any tips for fast, easy, weeknight meals? have you used or do you currently use FoodSaver products? Which is your favorite? How does it make your life easier? I would love to discuss these things with all of you. I am always looking for more tips.

*I am receiving FoodSaver products as a thank you for sharing these useful tips with you all. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.*

Monday, September 28, 2015

Little Laundry Lifehacks Giveaway!!

I'm teaming up with some great brands and bloggers to share some of my favorite laundry hacks, plus a chance to win a Little Laundry Lifehacks Giveaway (including a $150 Walmart gift card.)

Four Fabulous Laundry Hacks

1. Sick of ironing? Put your iron away and use Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus instead. Just spray, smooth and tug and watch those wrinkles disappear! Click here to download a coupon.

DWR to the rescue

2. Have a stain while you're out and about? Use the Dreft Stain Stick to remove the stain ASAP. Click here to download a coupon.


3. Keep forgetting those wet towels in the wash? Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator to the rescue. Add some to your next load of laundry, and #SinktheStink. Click here to download a coupon.


Image courtesy of Kids Activities Blog.

4. Trying to get your clothes as soft as possible - and don't have an HE washer? Don't forget about the Downy Ball! Click here to download a coupon.


Enter to Win

Complete the form below to enter to win a Laundry Lifehack prize pack - full of product from Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator, Dreft Home and Downy Ball. Plus a $150 Walmart Gift Card.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sag to Swag: Cruisin’, Bouncin’, and Groovin’ with Pampers

*This review was made possible by iConnect: Influencer Management and Pampers. I received product free of charge, but all opinions are 100% mine.*

Anyone who knows my daughter knows that she is almost always moving. I sometimes wish she would be a little less active, but I certainly don't want her to be restricted due to a saggy diaper. Thankfully, Pampers understands this, which is why their Cruisers Diapers have been redesigned, with new Extra Absorb ChannelsTM to take babies from #SagtoSwag.

While swag often refers to style, and my daughter certainly considers herself a fashionista, Pampers believes that swag is actually an attitude, your baby's unique personality. My daughter has plenty of personality as well, and a soggy diaper is a huge cramp in her style.

Pampers found that more than 80% of moms who notice sag are bothered by saggy diapers, and that more than three-quarters of moms (78%) feel that saggy diapers can weigh their baby down. The three channel absorbent core design in new Pampers Cruisers responds to this parent insight and represents four years of research and development.

I just had the chance to try new Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Wipes as well as a Hop Hop Trampoline that I am saving for my daughter's birthday. My little girl loves to bounce, so I know he is going to love it.

I was originally worried that a trampoline and a diaper would be a bad combination, but with New Pampers Cruisers, my little girl can move freely, and boy does she ever. She never stays still. She always has to be doing something and headed somewhere. Even when she is sitting, she has to be moving.

Whether she is dancing or jumping on the bed or running from room to room or climbing on every piece of furniture we own, she is always moving. Now she can do all her Cruisin’, Bouncin’, and Groovin’ more comfortably, with a diaper that won't sag, bunch, or rub her chunky thighs.

The Extra Absorb ChannelsTM are 3 separate channels that distribute moisture evenly so it stays drier and does not sag like ordinary diapers. They provide 12 hours of protection, as Cruisers always have, but now they do it while feeling drier and looking better(no sag). As a result, the diapers fit better and allow baby to move, play and explore more comfortably.

I know my daughter loves them. I did not expect her to be so excited about something as simple as diapers, but she loves them. She actually gets excited every time I change her and she brags about her diapers and is sure to tell her dad and brother(and me) that they are just for her and we are all too big for her diapers. 

I should have known she would love them, though. These Pampers Cruisers have three layers of protection and a thin core to help lock away wetness and provide up to 12 hours of protection. New Pampers Cruisers still feature a fun Sesame Street® character design and include wide, stretchy sides to help the diaper stay in place and flex comfortably. With Pampers I know we will always get the best fit.

As much as I love Pampers because of their products and how they benefit me and my family, I also love the company for what they stand for and how they give back. Pampers is committed to supporting the happy, healthy development of each baby and making life #BetterforBaby. Pampers is making a diaper donation at each Pampers Cruiser stop, continuing the brand’s mission to provide millions of diapers for families in need each year.  

I love knowing that my daughter is safe, comfortable, and well protected by a company that cares about our family and countless families in need. Pampers is a brand I truly trust. Getting my daughter from #SagtoSwag is just a delightful bonus. Does your baby/toddler sag? What could your baby do better if they traded sag in for swag with Pampers Cruisers?  

Let me know what you think about Pampers, new Cruisers Diapers, sagging, or any other thoughts you have after reading this post. Be sure to follow Pampers on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube so you are always up to date on new products, promotions and more.

Starlooks Looksbook Review!

Everyone knows how much I love Starlooks cosmetics and how much I adore my Starbox subscription. I am so excited to have received the very first Looksbook Starbox. The Looksbook box is brand new, and it is awesome. Each month has a different theme. This month is the Resort Edition.

I love that the collection is coordinated to create one cohesive, themed, look. It is so great to have the entire look planned for me, as sometimes I am play it too safe when trying to create a look. With the Looksbook, Starlooks creates fresh, bold, trendy, fun looks for me, so I know it will look great.

The Looksbook even has tips for each product to ensure that I know what to do. I can use all the tips I can get. I am not always comfortable with my skills where beauty products are concerned, so I love to have a guide to help me be sure I am doing it right.

Now on to the actual items included in this month's Looksbook box, they are fabulous. This box contained a fabulous Water Eye Shadow Stick, a Highlighter/Blush Duo, and a Lipstick, all perfectly coordinated for a resort look.

The colors are fabulous. I was blown away by how beautiful they are, especially since the Highlighter/Blush is the only color palate I would have normally chosen for myself. The colors are beautiful, though. After seeing them, I am thrilled to have them in my collection. It's like Starlooks knows me better than I know myself.

The Water Eye Shadow in Aqua is so stunning. The shimmer is divine. I am all about shimmer on my eyes, so that is perfect. I usually opt for dark, nuetral colors, so this light, blueish green color is such a change. I really think it makes my eyes pop, and it is a much more fun look for daytime.

This is the first Water Eye Shadow I have ever used, and I just love it. It is so easy to apply. It is advised to use a small shadow brush, and that works so well. It is also easy to apply with my finger or directly from the stick(and smoothed with brush or fingers). It stays on all day, never smears or goes transparent. It feels lightweight and smooth. One of the best shadows I have ever used.

The Lipstick in Jet Set is so pretty. It is a very true pink with hints of coral. It is such a flirty, fun color. I love that it is opaque but it does not look pasty or like it is painted on. It looks smooth, polished and super moisturized. It even made my lips feel softer after I look it off. It didn't fade, bleed or cake up. I find myself going to this lipstick more and more, slowly replacing my usual faves.

The Highlighter/Blush Duo is stunning. These are the colors I usually reach for, but they are still a step above the other items I own. That gold highlighter will be a staple for me, I can us it on my eyes or cheeks with any look. The blush is such a natural looking color, but with a hint of luminous shimmer. Again, shimmer is my thing, so I love that.

Together, these products create a fresh, bright, flirty fun resort look. This gives a very beachy feel, which is perfect for the beach town I live in here in Florida. Best of all, they are perfectly sized for travel, and they all fit neatly and securely in the Looksbook box. I can toss the entire look in my purse. It takes up minimal space and I never have to worry about the products coming open or getting broken.

I am in love with the Starlooks Looksbook box already. I cannot wait to see what next month will hold. For only $12, including shipping, it is an amazing value. Not only is it a complete, travel friendly, look, but it is a surprise in your mailbox every month. Who doesn't love getting fun gifts in the mail?

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to LooksBook by Starbox now. Loksbook is not a subscription box, it's a lifestyle. Get a little escape each and every month. Change your look, create a new style, go on a new adventure. Let Looksbook help you look your best.

*I received this Looksbook box at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Longer Lashes With Latisse

*This is a sponsored guest post on behalf of Latisse.*

For a long time, cosmetic companies were dominant when it comes to aesthetic procedures and beauty improvements. Lately, pharmaceutical industry slowly started overwhelming cosmetic companies by producing products which not only change appearance, but they also have medical benefits at the same time. When it comes to longer and thicker eyelashes, we no longer need mascara. Nowadays, we are able to use medicine for treating glaucoma as a way to stimulate growth of this particular hair.

A Few years ago, FDA has approved registration of first commercial drug which can be used in order to stimulate eyelashes. It is produced by US company Allergan and it is called Latisse. This drug is used in order to replenish naturally produced prostaglandin. People who are suffering from hypotrichosis have to deal with this issue. This disease causes the hair to be fine and brittle
sometimes resulting in boldness. As a way to prevent this from happening, Latisse can be used in order to improve the density of the hair making it stronger at the same time.

The drug is used each night, before you go to bed. First, it is necessary to wash your hands and face, removing make-up and contact lenses. There shouldn’t be anything on your skin that can interfere with the application. Medicine is applied on upper eyelids, at the root of follicle. However, if you opt to buy Latisse, have in mind that the drug cannot be placed on lower eyelids. If the drug gets into your eyes, there is no reason for concern. However, you shouldn’t rinse it. Sometimes, parts of your body may get in contact with the drug. When that happens, all you need to do is remove it by using absorbent material.  Otherwise, the drug may cause increased hair growth. After administering the drug, you are able to put your contact lenses back in place. It is applied only once daily and any additional use will have no effect. First results are visible after two months.
Like any other drug, it is necessary to follow doctor’s instructions precisely. Before you can use it, it is necessary to do the examination which will determine whether you are allergic to it or any of its components. Similarly to most medication present among us, it is not recommended for women that are breastfeeding or those that are bearing a child because it can interfere with the baby. Also, patient needs to report to his doctor if he had any eye issue, such as glaucoma or increased eye pressure. Any swelling or infection can prevent you from using Latisse.
Sometimes, side effects may occur when using this medicine. Most common ones are discomfort, redness, itching. There is also a possibility of severe side effects such as severe pain, burning or itching, strange discharge from your eyes, vision problems and increased sensitivity to light. Some people have even exhibited dizziness, nausea and headache. If any severe issue occurs, it is
necessary to contact your doctor immediately and listen to his advice.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Aqua-tine™ - We Love Smokers!

 *This is a sponsored post on behalf of Aqua-tine™. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Our household has recently discovered Aqua-tine™, and we all love it. The reason we love Aqua-tine™ is because Aqua-tine™ loves smokers. Okay so we are not all smokers, only my husband is, and we love him. Why do the rest of us love Aqua-tine™, though?

We love Aqua-tine™ Because they love smokers WHO... That's it. They love smokers who want to live in smoke free home, who want to spend more time with their children, who want to improve their health, who love to smoke but want an alternative when they need it. All of those someones could be my husband.

Finally, someone gets it. Aqua-tine™ is the product we have been waiting for. I wish my husband could quit smoking. He even wishes he could quit, but he is not actually going to quit. He just needs it to not control his life. Most of the reasons he wants to quit is because of the time it takes away from his family and the hassle of having to find somewhere to smoke since he can't do it in the house or around the kids.

He can't smoke in the car when we are with him. He has always made sure not to for the kids' sake, but soon it will actually be illegal to smoke in a vehicle while children are present. Usually we just drive local, 10-20 minutes from home. On longer trips, though, we have to stop a few times for my husband to get out and smoke.

Whenever we are at a restaurant together, my husband has to step out to smoke. We have even lost our good view at a concert since every time there was a break(after warm ups and co-headliner) he would go to smoke. and I would go so we didn't get separated. Each time we came back we were like 10 feet further away.

There are just too many times when smoking becomes a huge inconvenience. Aside from quitting, what can you do? Well, now there is Aqua-tine™. Aqua-tine™  is the modern, socially acceptable, alternative to cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and even e-cigarettes.

Aqua-tine™ is a small 2.4 ml packet of homeopathic liquid nicotine formulation. It is colorless, virtually tasteless, and temporarily relieves your tobacco craving. It is particularity suited for situations and environments where you cannot or choose not to smoke.

What makes Aqua-tine™ so different is that it is not a smoking cessation aid. It is just to temporarily  relieve tobacco cravings. It is to be used when smoking is not possible or desirable. It can be quickly and easily added to any beverage(not to be used with alcohol or energy drinks). It will not change the taste of the drink when used as directed. It can be used as rarely or as frequently(up to two packets an hours) as needed.

Not only does my my husband now get to spend more time with us, he has more uninterrupted time for doing what he loves(no one wants to miss a touchdown because they had to go outside to smoke). We found Aqua-tine™ just in time too. We are going to Maryland next week, and it is a very long drive. A drive that would be much, much longer if we had to stop every half hour so he could smoke.

We had originally planned to go by plane(thankfully Aqua-tine™ is even airplane friendly), but we are going by car instead. I was dreading all the stops until hubby tried Aqua-tine™. It works well for him. He was able to sit through the entire WWE show we went to ion Sunday because he added Aqua-tine™ to his lemonade at the show. He also adds it to his Powerade at home and at work.

He loves how convenient it is to take on the go. It is so discreet. We love all the extra time we get with him now, and I really love that Aqua-tine™ does not have any of the harmful carcinogens that tobacco has. While cutting out tobacco would be nice, any time you can do without chemicals and carcinogens is a win.

Next wee we go on vacation, but now, with Aqua-tine™, we can get a little vacation away from tobacco whenever we need it. It is so great that now my husband is in control of when he wants to smoke. And he can get nicotine when he needs it, no matter where he is. Anywhere there is a beverage there can be Aqua-tine™.

If you or someone you love wants to kick nicotine cravings on their own terms, Aqua-tine™ is the way to do it. You can use coupon code: AQUATINE25OFF to save 25% off a 40 count package of Aqua-tine™(the 12 count package is sold out).

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Aqua-tine™. All opinions are 100% my own.*