Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sweeter Dreams Thanks to GoodNites* TRU-FIT*

Tracking PixelMy daughter is amazing. She is smart and independent(almost stubbornly so), she is funny and sweet(most of the time). She loves to learn and explore, and she likes to be in control. Somehow, though she is the youngest in the house, she always seems to be in charge. So when things happen that she cannot control, it is really upsetting for her. That is why was so happy when I was offered the chance to do a sponsored post for GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear.

We have been having some evaluations done with her, as there are some concerns she has autism like her brother, but it is such a vast spectrum, and no two cases are alike, it is very hard to be sure. I believe that she is even more upset my not having control over situations because of her possible autism. Seemingly minor problems seem to upset her quite a bit. It's really hard because I want to be able to make all her problems go away, and sometimes I just can't.

Most nights, she is dry as a bone and goes to the bathroom when she wakes up. However, she does not have the sensation to wake up and use the bathroom if needed, so she has accidents occasionally. That is totally normal. Bedwetting is fairly common and not something that can be controlled or trained away. 1 in 6 children between the ages of 4-12 in the United States suffer from bedwetting(nocturnal enuresis), but to her it is awful.

The hardest part is since she is so independent, she does not want to wear a diaper or training pant(the same as a diaper in her mind) to bed. She has thrown truly huge tantrums in protest of such bed-wetting prevention products. I have tried letting her sleep with no protection, but then those times she does wet the bed, she feels even worse with her bed being wet and having to change pajamas and go through all that, which is also taking valuable sleep time away from her.

GoodNites* TRU-FIT* are REAL underwear that are coupled with absorbent disposable inserts. Now she can have the "big girl" underwear she is used to, while still having discreet but outstanding nighttime protection. The Absorbent Insert uses a 6-Layer Advanced Absorbent Technology to help lock in wetness.

Every night, you just use a clean pair of GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear disposable insert. The next morning, you throw out the disposable insert and put the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear in the hamper to be washed. They are real, high quality underwear, so they can be washed as often as needed, and will probably last even longer than your child's other underwear because of  the quality.

GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear come in fun colors and patterns too, so there is no compromising style for protection. My daughter fancies herself a diva. She changes clothes 4-5 times a day, which drives me nuts, but makes her very happy. She loves fashion and will not allow her creativity to be hindered.

The fact that she can wear these amazing (real) underwear, makes her happy. It makes her okay with wearing them and keeps her confidence high, which is great because she never lacks confidence, except for her bedwetting is concealed. It made her very self-conscious. I am sure it still does a little bit, but having "invisible" protection is such a big help for her.

She has been wanting to stay over at her cousin's house, but did not want to go with training pants or risk and accident going unprotected. Now she is bugging me every other day to set a date, because she feels so much more confidant in her GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear.

I know that GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear would be the perfect solution for children who feel ashamed by their bedwetting, and especially who feel embarrassed to be seen(at sleepovers, etc) in other protection products. Since GoodNites* TRU-FIT* are real underwear, if someone does see them, they would never even know.

GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear are now available at Target. Now you can save more than your peace of mind.Not only can you get the amazing low price that you would expect from Target, but you can save $2 with the on-pack coupon.

I would love to know if you are dealing with bedwetting and your tips for keeping your child confident. Have you tried GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear yet? Do you plan to? What do you like most about GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear? Lets discuss in the comments.

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites* TRU-FIT*.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kids Academy Apps - Making Learning Fun

I love finding fun ways for my children to learn. The prevalence of electronics in today's world, makes apps the hottest thing around. I have discovered 3 free apps that are educational and lots of fun.

KidsAcademyLogo 150x150 Kids Academy Apps   Educational #FREEKidsApps #MomBuzz w/ new Updates!Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games free for toddler

I love this app so much. It is fun and not too difficult for my daughter. It is easy enough she does not get frustrated and hard enough to challenge and teach her. She loves to learn and feels so much pride in herself when she completes a task. I love that she can learn with help while still feeling independent.  The games are really cute too.

kids academy apps 150x150 Kids Academy Apps   Educational #FREEKidsApps #MomBuzz w/ new Updates!ABCs alphabet phonics & Montessori learn to read app for toddler

This app is very user friendly. My daughter is 3 and she uses it daily. She would use her brother's ipad to access it, and she loved using it so much and was learning so much we decided to get her an iPad Mini of her own so she could use it more often. She is making great progress, which is wonderful considering she was diagnosed as learning delayed.


kids a apps 150x150 Kids Academy Apps   Educational #FREEKidsApps #MomBuzz w/ new Updates!Bingo ABCs alphabet phonics song with farm animals cards for toddler free

I have always loved karaoke. Who doesn't, really? Even kids love karaoke, that's why this app is so much fun.  My little girl just loves singing and dancing with her Bingo and ABC songs. It is the cutest thing ever. I  enjoy watching her as much as she enjoys doing it. Lots of fun with this app.


*Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Greatest Holiday Gift

With the holidays so close, there is so much left to do. Now is the time to begin planning and shopping for the perfect gifts. I am often met with mixed reactions when I bring up gifts. People love getting great ideas, but many people feel that the holidays are(or I am making them out to be) too focused on material things.

I don't think that is true. Of course, the holidays are not about gifts, but giving gifts does nothing(in my opinion) to take away the special meaning behind the holidays. If anything, it makes them more special.

Now if you are only focused on receiving as many gifts as possible, I can see how that is a problem, but when you spend your time searching and thinking to find the perfect gift, something that you chose just for the recipient because you knew they would love it, to me, that is the spirit of the holiday. Giving, kindness, love, those sentiments embody the holidays, and putting that much of yourself into a gift for another is pretty special.

It is wonderful when someone can look back and remember a day for 20 years ago because they felt such a moment of pure joy and excitement and felt so loved. When you know that someone really understands you enough to get you something you have wanted for a long time, it just makes you feel good, and s not easily forgotten.

The memory is the real gift, and will be the source of happiness for many years after the item itself has come and gone. That is why I feel that gifts are not "too materialistic". In fact, I still remember hos much I loved the Barbie Car I got when I was 5 years old.

I had wanted a Barbie Car since I learned of it. I am not even sure what it was called now, it was a ride on Barbie Convertible. It was pink. What little girl would not love to drive her own pretty, pink convertible? I loved it. I was obsessed with all things Barbie, and I felt so grown-up driving myself around the house and the yard in my fabulous new car.

I was showing it off to everyone I saw. I am quite sure my big brother got sick of it almost instantaneously. But I still remember how proud I was, how thankful and touched I was to receive my dream gift. It was such a surprise to me. I knew that I wanted it, but I never expected to get one. We did not have much money when I was growing up, but at that time, it was actually pretty decent, it got worse later on.

Actually being much poorer actually gives me another story to share about getting my dream gift. We were so poor that we could not afford gifts. We never had a tree, and the only way we got any gifts was from church donations. You could ask for two things that you wanted, and give your clothes sizes, and you got what you go basically. If they could get what you wanted, they did, but that is not always the case.

I remember wanting an Easy-Bake Oven so badly. I asked fro one every year for 3 years straight and never got one. Then the next year, the place doing the gifts also had a live Christmas tree that they offered us. So we had a tree for the first time in ages. And on Christmas morning, under the tree, was a present for me. I was so happy and surprised when I opened it to reveal the Easy-Bake Oven I wanted so much.

I immediately began to use it, making all of the mixes included in the box and proudly presenting them to my siblings and mother to try. I was actually a bit old at the time looking back, but I had wanted it for so long, that getting it was the best experience.

Those were the only designated mixes I would even even get for it since we could not afford to buy them, but I would make anything I could in there. I remember cooking pancakes in there, and it took about 20 minutes longer that it would have on the stove, for a pancake 1/3 the size,  but I didn't care.

Memories like that could never have a price put on them. I feel like I am rambling. My point is, that toys/gifts are not the reason for the season, but the reason for the season is giving, love, joy, kindness, peace, all of which make us want to give to those we love. And that the memories of such wonderful times with family, are the real gifts in the long run.

My younger sister and me from Christmas 1995.
Now that I am a parent, it is my hope that my children will look back on each and every holiday with those kinds of special memories that last for years(possibly a lifetime). I try to get them things I know they will love.

My children are 7 and 3 this year, and since my son has autism, and my daughter shows signs as well, getting them to tell me what they really want is not easy. So I have to try to find the perfect gift just based off of how I know them to be and what they like.

I am not one to know what the hottest toy this week/month is, so I am always looking for help. When I discovered that Walmart was having Holiday Toyland Events in stores across the country in November and December, I was so excited.

I shop at Walmart all the time, and they have the best selection of toys around. That is my kids' favorite place to go, and they want a toy every time we are there. The Holiday Toyland events are especially good though, since the featured toys are actually Chosen By Kids, so I know that my kids are likely to love them too.

My local Walmart is having its Holiday Toyland event on November 8th, and we will be attending and shopping. I will be picking a gift or two(or more) and I will be posting another post after the event to let you know what I got and what I think of it.

I love interacting with you all. I would love to hear about your favorite childhood gift, how you shop for your family, if you are going to a Walmart Holiday Toyland Event, or anything other holiday stories you want to share. If you need to find a Holiday Toyland event near you, you can find all the event HERE.

*Although this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Monday, October 27, 2014

PREMAMA® Complete Review

It seems like half the people I know are currently pregnant. Literally, I know so many expecting women it is almost giving me baby fever...ALMOST. While there is a lot of good things that make me wish I was expecting, there are a few aspects I can certainly do without. 

Aside from the space, attention and money needed to care for another child(the reason I am not having another if I can help it), there is also morning sickness, back pan, swollen ankles, labor pain ect. And there used to be another factor that I despised about pregnancy, but recently I found a solution to that one.

Prenatal vitamins can be a nightmare. I hate taking pills. Taking any pills causes me physical pain and nearly gags me most of the time. Paired with morning sickness it is especially unpleasant. Prenatal vitamins are huge, and you need to take them every day, which makes it substantially worse. 

The physical distress, then only lead to emotional distress. I knew how important the vitamins were to my baby's health and would often feel like a bad mother for even complaining. All in all, those vitamins were probably the worst part of pregnancy for me, and it is such a shame.

If only I had PREMAMA® Complete when I was pregnant. If you are not aware of PREMAMA® Complete, it is the ONLY prenatal vitamin that is drinkable. It is a multivitamin powder containing prescription-grade nutrients doctors recommend for fetal and infant health and development.   

PREMAMA® Complete contains additional nutrients as well. 30 mg of Vitamin B6 to soothe occasional bouts of morning sickness. Ferrochel® Gentle Iron® to minimize iron-induced constipation. 1000mcg of Folic Acid (prescription strength) to reduce the risk of neural tube defects. Vitamin B12 to help control fatigue. 65mg of Vegetarian DHA and 200mg of Omega 3 Fats, 30% more than any other prenatal pill replacement, including gummies

You add the orange-flavored powder to water, juice, or any other beverage. You can even add it to food if you want. So instead of having every day of your pregnancy being clouded by the negatives of swallowing a disgusting pill, you can drink a yummy orange drink and enjoy all the wonderful parts of carrying a child.
PREMAMA® Complete is ultra convenient too. It comes on boxes of 28 single-serve daily packets. They are perfect to keep in your purse can can easily be taken on the go. Better yet, you won't get the strange looks you often get taking a pill in public, and you won't have to find a bathroom or hide somewhere to take it to avid the aforementioned stares.

PREMAMA® Complete is a Target Exclusive product, so if you have not seen it in stores, you ought to shop at Target more often. You can even get coupons to sae even more(than Targets low prices) on
PREMAMA® Complete.

I really want to get the point across how amazing PREMAMA® Complete is. I even made a video(which I don't usually do in addition to a written post) because I feel so strongly.

If you are expecting, trying to conceive, or just want a better way to take vitamins, I highly recommend  PREMAMA® Complete. Be sure to connect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube as well, to stay informed on all things PREMAMA® Complete.

*Although I was compensated for this review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Need Extra Cash this Holiday Season?

Whether you want to think about it yet or not, Christmas is less than two months away. That might seem like a good amount of time, but it will gone before you know it, whether you are ready or not.

I know that the holidays are not all about gifts, but there is bound to be presents of some kind, and probably decorations, special food, new outfits, traveling, etc. All of which require money. Money on top of your usual bills and expenses, which can turn "the most wonderful time of the year" into the most stressful.

Thankfully, there are some really easy ways to ensure a little more money in your pocket come the holidays. RentBack is one great way to earn extra cash. If you have Textbooks you no longer need, you may have considered selling them. The problem with that is you then have to find someone that needs that book.

With RentBack, they rent it out for you, and you get paid. They do all the work.
Plus, the book(s) can be rented out over and over again, continuing to earn you money. Again, with no work or thought on your part. Who thought earning money could require literally no effort?
Even better, if you do even need the book back, you would not have to re-buy it, you could just stop renting it, and get it back. That is a huge plus if you ever want a refresher or have a friend or sibling that needs the same book later on.
As important as earning money is, there is another vital component in acquiring holiday funds, and it's simpler than you may think. Saving! The more money you save, the more you have left to spend on the holidays(or whatever else yo desire). There are plenty of ways to save. Skipping little luxuries(gourment coffees and such) is one way, but you can't very well skip the things you need, like textbooks.

You can however save on textbooks. It's easy, just rent them from Campus Book Rentals. You can save up to 80% when you rent your books from Campus Book Rentals. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, after all. And shipping is free both ways.

You can highlight in the book just as if you own it, and with flexible rental periods, you can keep the book for however long you need it, and not pay for more time than you need. Campus Book Rentals has the largest selection in the nation. With 21-day risk free returns, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

So whether you want to earn, save or both, Campus Book Rentals and their partner site RentBack, have you covered. Stop overspending on text books, or letting your expensive books sit around collecting dust when they could be making you money.
*Although this is a sponsored post on behalf of RentBack and Campus Book Rentals, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Take Control with Credit Karma™

Tracking Pixel With the holidays quickly approaching, there is lots to do.Many of those things will require money, and often times, credit. Buying decorations, gifts and holiday food and drink can add up quickly. If you also donate, travel, etc, money comes more and more important.

Whether we are struggling financially or not, most of us are not in the position to spend without thinking. I know my husband and I certainly are not. That is why I was compelled to accept the offer to do this sponsored post on behalf of Credit Karma™.

Admittedly, I do not have the best credit score. In fact, I have a pretty awful credit score, and until recently, I never even cared enough to monitor it. I have known that good credit is important for some time, but it was something I have not had, and had no hopes of acquiring.

Now, however, I see just how vital it is that I have the best credit I possibly can, and that I actively try to repair it. Since I am married, my credit not only effects me, but it effects him as well. It impacts him in two ways as a matter of fact. If I alone cannot obtain credit, that limits our finances it itself, but my low score also reflects badly on him since we are marred and actually hinders HIS ability to obtain credit as well.

Since we are now looking into acquiring a second home(to rent out), we will need a mortgage. A mortgage is not easy to get approved for, and since the credit is viewed collectively between us both, I not optimistic that we will be approved. For my credit to hold us back from our dreams like that is appalling.

That is why I decided I needed to get on top of my credit, find out exactly how low my score was and see the exact causes and hopefully find solutions to help me repair it. Therein lied another problem. I did not want to spend money to manage my(lack of) money, and it seemed that every credit score service wanted to charge me.

I would see an abundance of credit score monitoring ads, that offered "free" TRIALS and after they trial ended(usually a week or less), I would be charged and exorbitant yearly fee. Well a week is certainly no amount of time to actually manage ones credit, so it was of no value to me.

If anything, it was more of a headache. I hate having to remember to cancel things, let alone going through the hassle of actually canceling. Those companies never make it easy to cancel. They don't let you do it online, so you have to call. When you do cal, they keep you on hold, ask you countless questions and aggressively try to talk you out of cancelling, and shaming you because " managing your credit is too important not to have our service".

Obviously, I know that my credit score is important, I just don't see how spending money just to access it is smart spending. I am trying to save money and reduce unnecessary spending. I know there are a couple ways to get your credit report for free about once a year, but that does not include your credit score, and once a year is not a true measure of your credit health.

I had seen advertisements for Credit Karma™, and my interest was peaked, but I did not get my hopes up since I had been let down so often in the past. Since there was no trial period or fee to sign up, I gave it a shot, and I am so glad I did. Credit Karma™ truly is different from all other credit managing services.

It really is free. It's sad that something that is advertised as free, actually being free is so special, but with every other site charging for their "free" report, it is a very big attribute. That does not mean much if the service itself is not beneficial though.

Credit Karma™ offers a plethora of tools and resources so that you can FULLY understand your credit data and see what it impacts and how. You get your weekly score and report, and even credit monitoring and more.

Credit Karma™ monitors your credit EVERY DAY, and sends you alerts when something changes. While it is not full on identity protection, it is a fantastic prevention method, and an invaluable service that I am amazed it offered for free.

The credit report used is the Trans Union report, which is important because it is one of the 3 sources used by lenders to evaluate consumers. That is one of the confusing things about trying to manage your credit. There are so many sources and not all of them are even important. There are over 50 FICO branded scores from each of the major credit bureaus alone, and they are educational scores only. The score from Credit Karma™ is a REAL score.

Better still, Credit Karma™ is able to match credit and personal finance profiles with financial products that makes sense(doing this is how they keep their services free). This is very important when shopping for credit, since only the good options are even offered to you. With more than 30 million members, Credit Karma™ is able to conduct in-depth analysis of the likelihood you will be approved(always good to know before applying).

Also, since other Credit Karma Members leave reviews of their personal experience with these offers, you will have all the (unbiased) information about the product before you apply, so you can be confidant you are choosing the right one.

I am so glad that I have found Credit Karma™, both my husband and I feel so much more confidant in our finances now that we can see everything and understand how what we have done has effected us. We especially love seeing the projection of IF we do something how it will impact our score and seeing the A, B, C, D, F Grading system that breaks everything down very clearly for us.

If you are ready to take control of your credit data, there is only one logical choice, and that is a choice that gives you everything you need without taking(money) in return. Only Credit Karma™ does that.

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Credit Karma™.*

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Hardest Peace Book Review

I normally do no post book reviews. In fact, although I love literature, I rarely read anymore. As a busy mom of 2 special needs children, it is hard to make the time. However, when the opportunity arose to read and review The Hardest Peace, by Kara Tippetts, I was compelled to read it.

The Hardest Peace is an incredible book about the importance of  seeing the good in every day, no matter how much bad there may also be. It is about letting go of fear and instead feeling peace and grace.

I always try to life my life that way, but I will admit, that it is sometimes very hard, and I do get caught up in myself, my worries and doubts, sometimes. Reading this book just opened by eyes even more to how powerful it can be to live that way.

What makes the message in The Hardest Peace so powerful to me, is that I know it comes from a genuine place. Kara has endured so much, stage IV caner, among other struggles. Knowing that she could handle that, and still have the positive attitude I strive to maintain continually, is a huge inspiration and motivation to me to work harder at it.

Kara has all the same struggles, doubts and questions as we all do, but her willingness to explore that and how she wants to improve is so admirable. While I have thankfully never battles cancer, I feel that she and I are a lot alike.

I especially love that Kara brings all the answers and hope in this book back to God. I know that God is the reason I even made it out of some of the situations I have been in. While it's true none of us would be alive without him, in my case, it is not just his design that keeps me here, it is his grace and mercy.

Knowing that I can always count on God is a comfort I would be lost without. I am smart enough to know that I can do nothing on my own, and I am very thankful that I never have to. I know that God sees things in me that I could never imagine, and that in spite of my many, many flaws, I am created in his image, and that makes me special.

That knowledge is vital for me as I have struggled with self-worth issues my entire life. I always tell myself that the creator of the universe, The Alpha and the Omega, actually cares about me. I am but one miniscule human, and yet God is always there for me, that makes it harder to hate myself. How can I hate someone that God loves?

I don't want to venture too far off topic to talk about myself or my perceived struggles. I just want to reiterate how special The Hardest Peace is, and how highly I recommend reading it. It's rare when you read a book that could literally change your life, but The Hardest Peace definitely could.

If you have ever read The Hardest Peace, I would love to hear your thoughts, and if you have not yet, I hope you will and I would love to hear your thoughts once you have.

*Although this is a compensated book review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gift Like a Pro with Go Pro and Best Buy

'Tis (almost) the season of hustle, bustle, parties and presents. If you are anything like me, you like to get an early start on all things holiday related, especially buying gifts. I know that gifts are not what is important this season, but if you are going to be giving any, then they ought to be thoughtful.

Giving a gift is pointless if you just grab something last minute because you almost couldn't be bothered to get the person something. Instead, giving presents is supposed to be a way to show how much you care for someone. I am not saying that not exchanging gifts is bad or means you don't care, I am saying that a thoughtless gift is WORSE than no gift.

Whenever I get a gift, I get it with a specific person in mind. I know some people shop sales and then just decide who gets what later, but I think that is far less personal, and I like my gifts to be special. I would rather a doodle on a torn piece of paper that actually and thought behind it than a diamond necklace that didn't.

Of course a thoughtful gift that is also fun, exciting, and useful is even better. I feel bad for my husband most of the time, because he is not the best at knowing what to get me. Not to say that I have ever disliked anything he gets, only that I don't even know what I could need/want half of the time, and he pretty much has to come up with ideas himself.

He does a great job, he gets me things I did not even know I wanted, but he likes it much better when I tell him what to get. This year, he has it a bit easier. He knows that as a blogger and just as a photography lover that I need a very good camera. He also knows that the camera I loved broke early this year and I had to replace it with a used one, that was supposed to be great, that I ended up hating.

He has already let it slip that he will be getting me a camera this year, which is just about the sweetest thing ever. The problem is, he does not know much about cameras, and he wants me to pick the one I want. Sounds easy enough, I tell him what I want, and he gets it.

Therein lies the problem, I don't know what camera I want. I mean if money was no object, I am sure I could choose easily, but it is. It's not tight, but I hate wasting money on my presents, and I want a great camera at a great price. I have researched cameras 'till my eyes shut down from exhaustion and I thought I knew what I wanted. A DSLR, like I had before, but a different model.

The thing about me though, is I am very fickle. So when I found out about the new GoPro Hero Cameras from Best Buy, I started rethinking things. These GoPro cameras look amazing. There are 3 different models, and any one of them would be fantastic:

GoPro Hero4 Black is the most advanced GoPro EVER! It boasts improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor and 2x faster video frame rates.

The GoPro Hero4 Silver is the first ever GoPro to feature a touch-screen display. This means that controlling the camera, adjusting the settings and playing back video is super convenient. The Hero4 Silver is 1080p60 and 720p120 video and 12MP(photos) at a remarkable 30 frames per second, so you never miss the action.

The GoPro Hero Features high‐quality 1080p30 and 720p60 video, and 5MP photos up to 5 frames per second. Combined with the fact that it's waterproof, that is pretty astounding, especially for the value. Best Buy has the for am amazing price.

So now, I have to choose between the DSLR I was already considering and all three of these incredible cameras. One thing is for sure, no matter which camera I choose, I know where hubby will be going. Best Buy is the home of all the latest cameras, including the new GoPro. Plus they have a huge selection of accessories.

The more I think about it, the more I am really leaning toward a new GoPro over a DSLR. I mean they are so much lighter and easier to hold, and with the attachments, I could even use it hands free, which is a huge benefit for active events. Not to mention it is waterproof. I don't know how many great pool/beach, etc shots I have missed out on because I was too afraid to even bring my camera NEAR the water for fear of splashing or even rain.

Once a moment is gone you can NEVER get it back, and I do not want to let the chance to capture them pass me by because my camera isn't up for it. The new GoPro cameras are up for anything and then some. That is why they would be the perfect gift, for myself or ANYONE else.

As I mentioned, I want everything I give to be thoughtful, and I can think of a legitimate thoughtful reason that the GoPro would be perfect for almost everyone on my list, a real, personal, unique reason for each person. That's how versatile and useful the GoPro line is.

I mean, my kids would love their own camera, but kids ones are awful. They take horrible pictures and are still not as durable(IE: waterproof) as the GoPro. My teenage nieces and nephews would love this. My niece surfs, being able to capture incredible shots with the camera attached to her surfboard would be incredible to her.

My Father-in-law has been looking fr a great digital video camera and wants something easy to use. They travel a lot, even out of the country, and there is so much to photograph. Something easy to use, compact and versatile to be attached many places is perfect for him.

My sister is always saying how she hates the camera on her cell phone and she wants a better camera but hates to carry around too much, and that it would get bumped around and broken. GoPro is small, high quality and durable, fitting all her needs.

I could go on and on really, but I am sure you don't care how much my loved ones would adore the GoPro. Instead, think about all the people in your life for whom you are buying gifts, and I bet you will find that the GoPro is perfect for almost everyone. Who wouldn't love to be able to take incredible action selfies/groupies like this?

I don't mean to sound pushy, but I suggest you head over to Best or visit your local Best Buy to check out the GoPro cameras more thoroughly and get the knowledgeable associates at Best Buy to answer any questions you may have.

I wish you all a very healthy and happy holiday season. I hope you find all the great gifts you are looking for, and if you visit Best Buy, I am confidant that you will. I would love to hear what items are at the top of your wishlist and what you are planking for your loved ones. I always love holiday inspiration.

*Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.*

Monday, October 6, 2014

Prevent an Outbreak (and a Breakdown) with Licefreee Spray!

As a parent, worrying comes with the territory. I know that no matter what I am going to worry about my kids in one way or another several times a day at least. Of course that is not something I enjoy, but it is inescapable. When I am forced to worry about something that should be 100% preventable though, it really annoys me.

Being a parent is stressful enough, but when head lice gets added to the mix, you might as well start shopping for a straight jacket or some nice wigs for when you shave everyone's head. In other words, head lice are horrible little creatures likely to drive a person mad.

Unfortunately, I have dealt with head lice too many times. As a child, my sisters would pick it up from elementary school, and naturally, I would end up catching it as well. Since treating with that chemical shampoo takes at least 2 applications and endless hours of combing and picking, and my mom was not exactly parent of the year(making that too much effort for her to expend), it was impossible to get rid of.

It came to the point where my mother chose to shave my 4 year old sisters head rather than continue to try to treat them. The first time my son got lice, he was 2 years old. Considering he is also autistic and hated having his hair washed even with regular shampoo, and that I did not want to use harsh chemicals on him, I decided immediately to shave his head.

My son recently contracted lice again from school(there was an outbreak). I treated him 3 times and each time they lice were actually gone(and the nits), but he kept getting it from school(he would go from none to adults, no babies, that could only be from contact. After 3 times treating, I assumed his long hair was making it easy for the lice to grab on, and felt I had no choice than to cut it.

Since he was in school, I did not want to shave his head(or to even cut it at all), but I needed to reduce the risk of re-infestation, especially so my daughter(who had avoided it to that point) did not become infested.

Thankfully, the hair cut and the repellent spray I got seems to have worked. That was right before summer this year, and he made it to the summer lice free. Because of his autism, he also attends a 4 week program during the summer(with some of the same kids), and he thankfully still remained lice free.

So far into this school year, he is still free of lice in spite of having most of the same classmates, so hopefully the outbreak is behind us. However, nothing terrifies me more than another popping up, especially since my daughter will be starting Pre-K(she is only 3 but also has special needs) on Wednesday, and she will be at a different school, on a different bus to do so, meaning there are now 2 sources that could spark an infestation.

The worst part of a lice outbreak is using harmful chemicals on my children, especially with them being so young, and the hours of combing that it hard on their heads and my back, and the horrible reality that you have to repeat the whole process at least once even if everything goes perfectly.

There has to be a better way. Cell phones can talk to use and cars can break for you, but we can't have a safe, effect way to get bugs of out our hair? Well thankfully, there is finally a product that can. Licefreee Spray! is a ONE-STEP solution to head lice.

That alone made me squeal when I found out, but better still, Licefreee Spray! is homeopathic and kills lice naturally using sodium chloride, better know as SALT. As the name suggests, Licefreee is a spray. Simply spray the hair, Licefreee starts killing lice and nits(eggs) on contact, and there s no need to even rinse it out, just let it air dry. It is so gentle and safe for any age 6 months or older.

Since Licefreee kills nits too, there is not even any need to comb(a huge lifesaver for me), but if you want the peace of mind of combing too, Licefree even includes a professional stainless steel nit comb, one that is much more effecting(and gentle) at removing nits than those horrible plastic ones the shampoos include.

Best of all, if you are worried about an infestation, you caan simple spray Licefreee Spray! on every day when your child gets home to kill anything that may have tried to hitch a ride home.

Thanks to Licefreee Spray! I have one less thing to stress over. Not only am I covered in case of an infestation, I can actually help prevent one by using Licefreee Spray! every school day. If you are battling a lice outbreak, I cannot recommend any product to take care of it other than Licefreee. Everything else I ever tried has been a nightmare. I wish I had found this product sooner.

You can find Licefreee Spray! at most major supermarkets and drugstores including Walmart and Walgreens. You can also save $2 on Licefreee with this coupon which expires 10/20/14.

*Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own.*