Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Create a Love of Learning With Kids Academy

My little girl is nearly three. Her older brother was diagnosed with autism when he was three. While my daughter is more advanced than he was at that age, she is still not as advanced as she should be fore her age. She has language and cognitive delays and is very socially timid.

We have begun the process of having her evaluated and she is now receiving occupational therapy. When she turns three she will hopefully(and very likely) begin a preschool program to help her even more.

As a parent, I want to everything that I can do to help her learn as well. Since she loves to play games, listen to and try to learn songs and such, I figured the best way to work with her is to utilize those elements, and with Kids Academy Apps, it is so easy.

I recently downloaded her 3 apps from Kids Academy and she loves them. We have the Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games app
This app is great for helping develop fine motor skills, which is an area she could use a little help in. It also teaches reading, writing and spelling, all through fun games.

We also have the Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Kids Games for Girls and Boys app.
This app is really great, it is a little more basic than the first helping teach reading with ABCs and writing by tracing and Phonics songs. My daughter uses this one more because it is easier for her.

I also downloaded her the Best Kids Songs: Bingo Alphabet Phonics app.
This adorable song is so much fun. My little girl loves to dance, and try to sing. As she tried to learn the song, it is helping her learn more words and improve her memory, not to mention get active through dancing.

All three of these Kids Academy Apps are wonderful. I am so glad I discovered Kids Academy. They have so many other apps that I cannot wait to try for my daughter. I know she will love them just as she loves these.

*Although I am being compensated for this post, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fancy Feast® Broths & GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!!

My cat is my baby. In fact, that is her name, and I certainly treat her like one. That means spoiling her in any way possible. When I was given the opportunity to try out Fancy Feast® Broths for her as part of this sponsored program, I was beyond thrilled.

My cat does not seem to be a picky eater, she eats the food I give her and seems to enjoy it, but I always like to treat her whenever possible. I know how crazy I would be if I had to eat the same thing all the time. Just eating a healthy diet is almost enough to break me, but the same thing every day would be torture.

Most of us pet parents say our pets are family, but I would never feed my family the same thing every day, so I have been working a lot on expanding her diet. Finding Fancy Feast® Broths was just perfect. I never knew a product like that existed for cats, but it looks delicious(for a cat).
 Fancy Feast® Broths come in 8 flavors in both Classic(silky) and Creamy varieties.
Fancy Feast® Broths are a combination of delicious broths and real seafood and vegetables. They are carefully crafted without by-products or fillers, which is very important to me. I feel confidant serving Broths to me cat because real, recognizable ingredients are at the heart of every Fancy Feast® Broths recipe. Seeing is believing after all.

I certainly saw my Baby's face when she was enjoying her delicious Broths, and there was no question she was enjoying every drop. I can't say I blame her, it actually looked tasty. I have no desire to every eat cat food, but until finding Broths, I had never seen one that did not look and smell revolting. Fancy Feast® Broths look and smell like real food, which says a great deal about it's quality.

I view this product as if I was to actually cook a meal for my cat, without all the effort on my part. With each pouch being perfectly portioned and single-serve, I literally just open, pour and take the credit. Having something so fresh and real also be so convenient is a huge benefit for me.
If you have a cat that you love like family, I highly suggest you try Fancy Feast® Broths. You don't have to take my word for it though, you can enter the giveaway below for your chance to win 10 pouches of Fancy Feast® Broths and a $50 American Express Gift Cards. Good luck.

I would love to know your initial impressions of Fancy Feast® Broths, and to hear what you think after your cat has tried the free sample or anything else you have to say. Do you currently have a favorite food or treat for your cat? What is the most special thing you have ever served your cat?

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials

*This is a sponsored giveaway with Mums the Word Network and Johnson and Johnson. All opinions are my own.*

While summer is a time for fun in the sun and outdoor adventures, here in Florida it is also the time for daily downpours and avoiding being caught in them. Getting wet in and of itself is not really an issue for any of us, but, unfortunately, that leads to sickness, which is no fun for anyone.

Keeping my kids healthy is my utmost concern, which does pose a problem for me. You see, part of keeping my kids healthy, is keeping them out of the rain to avoid colds and flu, another part is getting them active, which is best done outdoors. It's like a catch 22. 

Naturally I just do what I can. I take them out as much as possible and try to beat the rain. We have a trampoline and a small swing set, so it is easy for us to get excessive right in our own yard, making it easy to get inside before it pours.

Though there are times we get caught or have to be in the rain (my son is autistic and in a summer program, which we sometimes get soaked waiting for/coming home from the bus. When my kids do get sick, I trust Johnson & Johnson to help them feel better and give myself peace of mind. Johnson & Johnson's Vapor Bath works wonders for that.

I trust Johnson & Johnson for practically all of my children's needs. From Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Spray-On Sunblock to Band-Aid bandages and everything in between, Johnson & Johnson has the Healthy Essentials to keep us covered this summer and all year round.

Best of all,  I can save on all the products I need to buy anyway. Nothing makes me happier than saving money. I know I am not along in that. You can find over $40 in savings HERE.

You can also turn your phone into a mobile first aid kit with Johnson & Johnson Health management apps, available for download. In this fast paced, technology driven life, I know that is very useful to many parents.

I would love to know what tips you have for keeping your kids active during the summer months, and especially for keeping them safe and healthy while doing so. Has Johnson & Johnson played a part in that in the past? Do you expect Johnson & Johnson to play a role now that you have learned more about their Healthy Essentials?

Are you sick of my questions? Well too bad, I have one more. How would you like to win one of 5 $50 Walmart Gift Cards? Just enter via the widget below for your chance. Good luck!

Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials July

WWE Smackdown (Orlando) Live Event Review!!

I have been dying to share this post with you for days, but I did not want to let my excitement ruin the surprise for any of you. On Tuesday(July 22nd), our family had the pleasure of attending WWE Smackdown(the taping that aired last night). We have been to several WWE events in the past, including a PPV, but have never been to a live TV event or TV taping.

The Smackdown taping is also the WWE Main Event(which airs exclusively on WWE Network) taping, although we went to SeaWorld all day before the event and ended up missing part of the Main Event show. By the time we arrived, Jey Uso vs Ryback was just ending when we arrived. Ryback won off a distraction from his partner (Curtis Axel).

That match was followed by "Slater Gator" Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil vs Big E and Kofi Kingston.

Big E and Kofi won that match. Titus blamed Heath of course, but Heath still thinks they are a good team, as he said to Renae Young back stage.

The final math on Main Event was Rusev vs Jack Swagger.

This has been an ongoing rivalry with Rusev(and his manager Lana) insulting the USA and proclaiming the superiority of Russia, which is obviously something "Real American" Jack Swagger will not stand for.

This was a good match in which Jack Swagger won by DQ. Russev has sill yet to be pinned or submit since his debut, but a loss is still a loss.

After the conclusion of Main Event before the televised content of Smackdown began those in attendance were privy to an incredible NXT title match with, "Prince Pretty", Tyler Breeze challenging NXT champion Adrian Neville.

This match was fantastic. I love NXT matches. The whole roster is very talented, and they always give 100%. Those guys(and gals) are hungry and they always have something to prove, which makes for very entertaining contests.

In the end, Adrian Neville won the match to retain the NXT title. I love Tyler Breeze, so I was hoping he would win, but Neville is a very deserving champion as well, and both men put on an incredible show. I hope to see both of these guys come up to the main roster very soon.

When that match concluded, Smackdown officially began, with the announcement of Lilian Garcia and the commentary team(Michael Cole and JBL).

The first match on Smackdown was The Usos vs RybAxel.

This was a rematch  of sorts since Ryback defeated Jey Uso in a singles match on Main Event.

The match ended in an Usos victory, which was pretty expected and of course a fan favorite decision. Seeing this live, Ryback left Axel hanging and went up the ramp laughing while Axel looked on in disbelief, although, it was not really shown on TV.

I hope that is setting up for a RybAxel breakup and possible feud, since while they are a good team, I am always up for new drama.

After that match, the tron showed The Miz backstage, who was headed out for Miz TV.

I love The Miz, and Miz TV is always great in my opinion. On this particular edition, he came out for his "acceptance Speech" of the Intercontinental Championship after winning it in the Battle Royal at the Battleground PPV.

His parents were among the crowd and he "interviewed" his mom asking her what it's like to make a "multimedia superstar" in the family, to which she replied "Awesome". He then asked her favorite superstar, to which she responded "Roman Reigns", which of course embarrassed The Miz leading him to comment on her "sense of humor".

The Miz thanked his agents, fans and such, and he thanked the most helpful thing in his career, his "Moneymaker"(which is how he refers to his face). He said sorry if he left anyone out, and that is when Bo Dallas came out.

Bo said it's ok that Miz did not mention him by name, and he knows that the Miz won the championship because he Bolieved.

Then Dolph Ziggler came out to tell Miz he thought is was cheap how he waited outside the ring feigning elimination during the Battle Royal, only to sneak back in at the last minute and eliminate Dolph from behind.
Bo told Dolph that he could be as good as he and the Miz are if only he would Bolieve. He then attacked Dolph Ziggler, which gave him the upper hand in the match they were scheduled to have after Mix TV.

The Miz lent his talent to commentary during their match. Dolph attacked Miz when he ws out of the ring at one point, and The Miz returned the favor with a distraction that would cost Dolph the match, leaving Bo Dallas undefeated since coming to WWE.

Following that was my favorite match of the evening, Dean Ambrose(who is my current favorite in WWE) vs Cesaro in a no DQ match.
I love no DQ matches in general, but when you add Dean Ambrose it is automatically a huge success. He is so intense and his "crazy" character comes into play. There was a great deal of action in this match. Chairs and Kendo sticks came into play several times, and dean even assaulted Cesaro with the ring bell at one point.

Seth Rollins would come out and attempt to cost Ambrose the match, but Ambrose would fight him off and pin Cesaro anyway. After the match, though, Cesaro and Rollins would continue to assault Ambrose.

Next was a Divas Match, Paige vs Naomi. I am not a huge fan of either of them, but Paige really bugs me, so I was rooting for Naomi.
Before the match even really began, Cameron(Naomi's ex tag partner) came out, causing a distraction that Paige took advantage of too get the quick win.
Cameron would go on to assault Naomi after the match. While Naomi tried to fight back, in the end, she was left laying while Cameron mocked her and retouched her makeup.

Next came the Wyatts. I got excited as soon as they came on the big screen. I LOVE the Wyatts, and I especially love the energy they bring to the building at live shows. It is a great sight to see all the cell phone lights shining in support of the Wyatts.

Bray Wyatt was going one on one with R Truth.

This was a very short match. Bray dominated R Truth, defeating him with his signature "Sister Abigail" finisher in about 5 minutes.

Sadly, at the end of this match, I was told by security that I would have to keep my camera in my bag for the rest of the show or I would have to leave the show. They told me when I arrived(during bag checks) that cameras OVER 6 inches were forbidden, and while mine was right at 6 inches( NOT over), that mine was not allowed.

while that was a huge bummer(nothing to do with WWE, it was Amway staff), the rest of the show will still awesome. I just wish I had pictures for you guys. At this point, there were only 2 matches left anyway, thankfully.

The last match of the televised show was Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio. While I am not a Del Rio fan by any means, I am actually a little tired of Roman being portrayed as this "superman", and was kind of hoping he would lose. He, however, won, of course. The vast majority of fans are completely behind Reigns though, and he got a huge pop upon his entrance and victory.

Whether I like a particular superstar or not, I always love the hot energy that comes with every live show. We fans are like a family. We are all there for the same reason, and we exchange our energy and passion for the sport with one another and with the superstars, and it is pretty magical.

After the televised main event in Reigns vs Del Rio, those in attendance were treated to an extra main event match. Kane came out to issue an open challenge, which was accepted by the Big Show. It was a hard hitting match between to behemoths, that ended in a count out victory for Big Show after he knocked Kane out of the ring.

The entire show was everything I hoped it would be and more. There is truly nothing like attending a WWE show live. If you are a WWE fan, I cannot stress enough how badly you need to go to a live show. It is on a completely different level form watching at home on TV. When you go live, you can feel the electricity, it is really phenomenal.

Even if you are just a casual fan and not really a fan at all, I think you should give a live show a try, it's enough to make an addict of you. I can pretty much guarantee if a live show comes to your area and you miss it, you will be sorry you did. I know I will not be missing any shows that come to my area. It's more than a passion now, it's a way of life for me and my entire family.

Have you ever been to a WWE event? If so, I would love to hear about it. If not, I would love to know if you are a fan and who your favorites are and if you are planning to attend a show in the future.

*While I was provided free tickets to the event to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*