Friday, May 31, 2013

My DREAM Smoothie Contest- Win a VitaMix 5200!!

Hopefully you all remember my review a few months back of DREAM brand Non-Dairy beverages. If you are lactose intolerant, vegan, or just looking for a delicious, nutritious alternative to dairy milk. then Dream products are perfect for you.

If you have never tried Dream products, there is no better time than right now. And even if you have, listen up, because I have an awesome opportunity for you all.

Dream is holding an epic My DREAM Smoothie Contest. The prize will be a CASE of the Dream Brand Shelf Stable non-dairy beverage of choice and a VITAMIX 5200 Blender!!

The contest is very simple. Create a Smoothie Recipe Using a Dream Brand Non Dairy beverage as one of the ingredients.

To enter, Take a before photo(of all the ingredients, including a Dream product) and an after photo(of the finished smoothie), post the photos(pasting them to one photo would probably be better than posting 2 photos, but either way) to either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure that it's Public and use the hashtag #myDREAMsmoothie.

Post a comment on this post with the link(s) to your photos, as well as
your first name and last initial, the name of your smoothie, as well as the ingredients list and directions for your smoothie.

You can enter more than once, as long as each smoothie is different and uses a different Dream Beverage(for example, one can use Rice Milk, one Coconut Milk, one can use a Dream Blend and so on). Enter the same way for each entry(In a separate comment each time). 

The winner will be chosen from all blog entries (across the 4 participating blogs) collected by 12:00am June 15th. The Winner will be judged by the DREAM team on the grounds of photo use/quality, recipe creativity and DREAM product involvement. The DREAM team will announce the winner Monday, June 17th.

Since the winner is not just random, you can really improve your chances by making a great recipe, especially if you do more than one.

And even if you don't win, you will still have tried the amazing Dream Products and had a delicious smoothie. So technically, you still won.

What are you waiting for. Get some Dream and get to work. This contest ends at 11:59pm on June 15th. Best of luck. I can't wait to see all the awesome Vitamix Recipes you come up with.

For more info on DREAM™ brand products visit or

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer Inflatable Shuttle Review. PLUS GIVEAWAY!!

The time is drawing ever closer. It is almost Summer Break for school age kiddos. In fact, some of you are already there. You know what that means. Kiddos that you need to not only prevent from killing themselves, you or each other, but that you must also entertain.

Entertaining kids can be quite the task, and if you don't find a way to do it, they will find their own way, which will likely result in injury, messes and property damage. What is a busy parent to do?

Never fear, Aeromax has some amazing products that are perfect for even the most drastic cases of boredom. I got my kiddos the Jr Space Explorer Inflatable Space Shuttle and it is wonderful.

What makes The Jr. Space Explorer extra special, is that it is perfect for indoor and outdoor play, wet or dry. Perfect for blasting off from your living room, backyard or pool.

Long over are the days(like when I was a kid) that you have to sit in a cardboard box and pretend it is a spaceship. While this still encourages imaginative play, it is so much more fun.

The kids barely let me blow it up before they ambushed me. I have a power inflater, but it was put away. I just blew this up manually, and it was not very difficult. It only took a few minutes.

The kids are crazy about it. In fact, I really need two, because they did not want to share at all, although I made them as best as I could.

For some reason, they both loved "riding" it backwards too, maybe more than forward.

Of course my son knew that it was also made for water, so he immediately began saying "Pool!" "We need our Bathing Suit". So I had to be sure that he got to use it in the pool too.

He had a blast.

Both my kids are very rough, and they bounced all over this and even both sat on it at once, and it is holding up beautifully. I had expected it would be popped already as most inflatables we've had always do. I am very impressed with the durability of this toy.

I love that it's a toy that promotes imagination, and yet is fairly active since they bounce on it and carry it around and such. It is safe and fun, requires no batteries or electricity(obviously, but I love those kinds of toys).

What makes the Jr Space Explorer even more special, is that is also encourages(and facilitates) learning. This very unique inflatable is printed with two QR Codes, that when scanned with a Smartphone or Tablet show two different videos about the space shuttle. 

One is a launch and orbit of a space shuttle and the other is all about the firsts of the shuttle(first woman in space, etc).

I love that these are real videos, not some cartoony just saying that space shuttles go to space and whatnot. These videos are really informative and really entertaining. I actually enjoyed watching them, and my son loved the one about the space ship orbiting. He watched it at least 10 times.

This really is the absolute total package for a toy. Active, Kid Powered, Imagination based, Wet/Dry, Inside/Outside, Educational. I think that the Jr. Space Explorer is a must have summer essential for anyone with younger kiddos. Keep them active, entertained and learning all summer long with the Jr Space Explorer from Aeromax.

And because Aeromax is so wonderful, we are giving one lucky winner their choice of 4 awesome toys. One winner will have the choice between the Jr. Space Explorer, Astronaut Space Pack Super Soaking Water Blaster, Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose with Backpack and Sky Scraper.

Enter via the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*
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Core Bamboo Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

Of course I love a good giveaway, but what I am really loving most about The Rosy Snail's awesome Blogiversary Event is finding out about tons of cool brands and products that I have never heard of before.

Alison's latest Blogiversary giveaway(and review) is for Core Bamboo. Not only a fabulous bamboo cutting board, but even bamboo knives. Who knew? What a fabulous concept. I really want to give these a try.

Read Alison's review below for all the details, and of course, enter to win these items for yourself. Good luck.


This isn’t my first rodeo with Core Bamboo and their quality bamboo home items, but lets be honest, it never gets old. Core Bamboo creates products for the kitchen and home that serve a function, but are also stunning to look at. From bowls and serving trays to lazy susans and even knives.
We had the honor of checking out three fun, functional products from Core Bamboo to spice up our kitchen decor.
The selection of cutting boards at Core Bamboo is outstanding and larger than any I’ve ever seen. Bamboo cutting boards are my all time favorite for both their appearance and for how well they hold up over time. To go for something a little different, we decided to go with a darker stain. This is the Medium Dark Crushed Bamboo Cutting Board. I love the rounded, smooth edges and of course the color. We’ve been using this cutting board for several weeks now and it looks almost EXACTLY like it did when I first got it and took this picture. It’s easy to clean and it doesn’t swell easily with moisture. We’re looking forward to having this board for many years to come.
We also tried two Core Bamboo knives. Now, I agree with your first thought. A knife made of bamboo?! Get out! But they’re actually fun, wonderfully designed and they DO cut! This is their Chefs knife. (or as they call it, Chefs Slicer) This knife is perfect for cutting cheeses, fruits, veggies, meats and more. It’s stayed really sharp in the time we’ve used it, but because its wood, I feel safe letting the kids help me in the kitchen as well :)
Lastly, I got to try their Bread Slicer. Since I have a stunning bread machine and NO bread knife to speak of, this was a given. Though I’m on Nutrisystem now and not eating much bread, I still use this anytime I have a fresh loaf for my boys to slice up. This knife tears through bread and its absolutely perfect.
Core Bamboo not only brightens up the kitchen (and home) but their products are also built to last! Core Bamboo was kind enough to send these products out for review and they also want to send some goodies to one lucky reader! You can enter below for your chance to win $60 to shop! Enter below to win!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 16 Update

Sorry I am a day late posting this everyone. Yesterday I was spending some quality time with my family and remembering all the fallen heroes that have made it possible for me and my family to live free.

Part of the reason I felt especially free this year is because I have freed myself from over 30 pounds of unwanted weight that has been holding me captive for far too long. Of course I have not done it alone, in fact, Nutrisystem is the only way I could have ever done it.

Everything about Nutrisystem is wonderful. It is so fool proof, the food tastes amazing, and the company really cares about you and wants you to succeed. That caring is really that something extra that makes this program unbeatable.

One of the ways they show their support and caring is by rewarding your weight loss with adorable Nutribears.

I just received my 30 Pound Nutribear along with my monthly shipment, and it is so cute.

(Please excuse my mom-like appearance)

I love this bear so much. Even more than the other ones. Of course since it is 30 pounds which is a bigger accomplishment, but also because it is such a lovely shade of clue. Blue is my favorite color. The pride of earning a new bear is great, but the anticipation of seeing what color the next one will be is just as exciting.

The encouragement really makes you want to keep going, but the program is so easy, and it works so well, even if not for that, the program would still be incredible. At first, what really made me stick with Nutrisystem, was the fast results.

The food is really good, but at  first, that took a little adjusting to since my cravings were out of control. Knowing it worked made my stay on track, and it gets easier every week, to the point where I never even have to think about cheating. I know I won't, nor do I need to.

I get to eat a lot too, so that is perfect. I cannot deal with being hungry. I get breakfast with a protein shake, a morning snack, lunch plus a smart carb, an afternoon snack, dinner plus a smart carb AND dessert. PLUS I get unlimited veggies and daily extras(like dressing and such).

There is so much variety, so I never get bored. It makes it so easy for me to coordinate my meals to what I cook for my husband.

A prime example of that is last night. We had a BBQ for Memorial Day, and grilled some burgers. Burgers are one of my biggest weaknesses, especially when I have to smell them cooking on the grill.

Did I get the urge to cheat. Not really. I knew I would love to eat one of the burgers, but I also knew it was not worth the high fat and calories. Plus, I knew that Nutrisystem has burgers and they are delish.

So I made myself a Hickory Smoke Flavored Beef Patty.

A small whole grain roll is recommended, but I did not have one, so I used Italian bread(white). That is what I usually use since we tend to have it on hand.

I used mustard(as one of my extras) on the burger, and I also added 3 pickle spears on the side. It was a very good meal and left me feeling satisfied.

In my opinion, this is less of a diet and more of just a new lifestyle. I am so glad I did this for myself. Best choice I ever made(aside from getting married and having kids).

This week I lost another...
2.8 pounds and 1 1/4 inch!

My 16 week total is a whopping...

37 pounds and 17 inches!

I can already picture myself holding that 40 pound Nutribear, and I'm not stopping there. I love Nutrisystem.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting 

 *Although I am receiving the Nutrisystem program at no cost, all opinions and results are 100% my own*

Monday, May 27, 2013

May Starbox Review

The time has come once again, to show off my fabulous Starbox for this month. If you have taken my repeated advice and subscribed, then you already know the fabulousness that is Starbox first hand. If not, then I need to find a way to reach through the computer and beat it into you. You are seriously missing out if you do not subscribe.

Starbox is the absolute best monthly beauty box on the market, especially for the incredible price. Almost ever other box sends on samples(and deluxe samples) or at least only mixes full sized products along with samples. Starbox on the other hand, sends only full size items, at least 3 every month for the amazing price of only $15 a month, plus under $3 shipping.

For less than $18 a month, you are getting products worth upwards of $40(minimum - the Christmas box features a $99 eye palette). May's Starbox is valued at $55. And in my humble opinion, these products are so fantastic(all Starlooks products) that the price is significantly less than what they could reasonably go for.

Check out May's box and see what I mean.

Check out all the awesomeness in this one box. I love it! The products this month are:

Eyebrow Shader Compact(in BS3):

This compact has 4 great shades. Perfect for mixing. I used the light one(top left) for highlighting under my eyes, and I used the darker brown(top right) for my brows, but I am sure I will find use for each shade. The light brown(bottom left) looks good for covering my lid(under shadow).

The brush is great. The brow powders are very easy to use. They do not cake at all. They are not too dry or too moist. The collect on the brush nicely and apply smoothly, evenly and look natural when doing so.

The blend so well and they stay all day. You;ll forget you are even wearing it. It is just your natural browns, enhanced. They do not look fake or overdone whatsoever, just adds a little perfection to the definition of your brows. I never usually use brow products since they do always look weird on me, but this is perfect.

Cream Blusher in Emphasize:

This color look very dark at first glance, and it can be if applied heavily.

Of course you don't want to look like you painted your blush on weather it be cream or powder, you need to do it with a light touch and the right blending.

When done that way, it just gives you a beautiful flush of deep color. It is perfect for giving a more sunkissed look to cheeks instead of all those pinks and peaches.

I will admit I was totally intimidated by this, but I love it. It is so much better than I thought it would be, and I actually love the deeper color for my cheeks so much more than what I usually use.

The formula of course is flawless, perfect consistency. It applies and blends easily. It melts into skin and gives your actual cheeks color rather than have color sit on top of them. It does not even look like makeup. It feels like wearing nothing and even lightly moisturizes your shin giving it a healthy, dewy glow. Amazing.

Pigment Luster in Cinnamon Toss:

I am so in love with this color. This is right in my wheelhouse. I would have picked this shade for myself without hesitation.

I love the shimmery brown tones. So illustrious. The Pigment Luster is the highest quality, pure pigments. I have one already(in a different shade) and it is gorgeous.

This glides on so smoothly and evenly. You can apply it lightly for a semi transparent look, or build it up for a dark, bold, show stopping eye. I usually tend to go for the middle ground, an opaque that is slightly bold, but still perfect for an everyday look.

I used it as a shadow and brought it down under the eye in place of liner as well. I think it looks amazing. 


All I added was a touch of mascara, and I adore how it looks. The color lasts all day and never strays. It will not cake, smear or fade. Flawless all day long. I can't get enough of this pigment and all of the fabulous Pigment Lusters.
What I really love is how well these products compliment each other and what a great look they create when used together.

Along with the mascara, the only other thing I added was lip color. This is actually one of my favorite looks to date, and I will be using it a lot this summer.

I just think it looks like a polished, lightly bronzy look. I love it. What do you think?

As if the fabulous look provided by this box was not enough, I also got a super cute, zebra print, mini mail file.

 It fits perfectly in my purse or even pocket so I can file down any sharp edges or breaks no matter where I am. Vital when you have kiddos whom you do not want to rip open with a jagged nail.

Once again, Starbox has wowed me. I could not be any happier with this months box, and cannot imagine how next months will compete, but they always do and then some.

If you still have not subscribed, then you must not like cosmetics or good deals. Please don't continue to miss out. Order before June first to make sure you get the amazing box that is sure to be sent in June. You are not going to want to miss out.

Linda's Diet Delights Review

Eating healthy and losing weight is hard. Even if you find healthier alternatives, often you still have to eat small portions to avoid consuming too many calories. That is where the real challenge lies for me.

I can eat pretty much anything if I can eat a good sized portion without calorie overload. Of course, I hate eating cardboard food and am always wishing for something that tastes good as well. Finding something tasty, filling and low fat/calorie is no easy feat.

When in search of such rare foods, it is best to go to a place that makes diet foods their specialty. It just so happens that I found the perfect place, where diet food is not the first thought, but the only though. Linda's Diet Delights has everything I could ever want.

I recently tried a selection of Slim Thin Foods from Linda's, and I am literally in awe of how fabulous they are.

I tried Blueberry Muffins:

These muffins are incredible. They have only 40 calories each 2oz muffin! Plus only 1g Fat and only 2 Net Carbs. I think this is probably the lowest fat/cal/carb food combination I have ever had. Usually it is low fat and calorie, high carbs, or low carbs, high fat etc. These muffins are the trifecta.

The blueberry is good. Not too sweet or even too blueberry tasting. The muffin is the star, and the blueberry flavor is just the extra special bonus.

Vanilla Muffins:

I am a vanilla baked goods addict. I am in love with all things vanilla, and these muffins do not disappoint. I like these more than the blueberry(fabulous as they are).

These have all that golden sweet vanilla goodness you crave. They are sinfully good and any dieters heaven.

Every variety of Thin Slim Muffins are Sugar Free, Kosher, High Fiber, High Protein, Low Carb, Low Fat and Low Calorie. They are Guaranteed not to raise Blood Glucose.

These are so oist. I was really blown away by how moist they are. I was expecting crubly and dry. not even close. They are very filling compared to any other diet dessert I have had, and the calories are surprisingly low.

The diet meal plan I am on offers muffins for breakfast, and theirs are 3 times the fat and calories of these, literally. 150-180 calories and 3-4.5g fat, and they are the same 2oz size.

I could eat 2 of the Thin Slim Muffins and still come out ahead of the game. I really love that.

I also tried Cinnamon Squares:

These are so delectable. I love cinnamon for baked goods. These have a very moist, yet dense(and super filling) texture. I love it.

They have such a warm and rich flavor. They are perfect for a breakfast, snack or dessert. I could eat these all day long, and with only 40 calories, 1g Fat and 2 Net Carbs per 2oz square they are totally guilt free, although they taste like a guilty pleasure.

And last, and certainly not least, I tried the Chocolate Glazed Low Fat Cookie:

This was my favorite of all the amazing items. It is so big and filling. I was starving when these arrived, and since this was only 45 calories and 1g Fat, I dug right in. It was incredible. So moist and dense with the amazing chocolate frosting.

I could not believe that this was actually something I could eat on a diet, let alone being about have(or less) than most diet snacks.

In fact, I still can't, but I know that I need to get some more right away. I have been craving these ever since that first one. Love at first bite. So fabulous.

If you are trying to ea healthier, lose weight or just find delicious, filling snacks, then you should check out Linda's Diet Delight's to see all the amazing Thin Slim Foods products and all the other fantastic food brands they sell.

I really love that there are customer reviews too, so you can see what other dieters think. Seeing real opinions is a great tool for helping me decide, and the yummy pictures sure don't hurt.

No matter what you are looking for, I bet Thin Slim foods has it, and if not, another brand from Linda's Diet Delights certainly will. Check it out and happy dieting(emphasis on HAPPY).

*Although I received these products to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-piece Knive Set Review

I am sure by now that you all know of my undying devotion to Ozeri. I have never been anything less than thrilled with any Ozeri product. They are such amazing quality.

Naturally, since I have been so thoroughly impressed by Ozeri, whenever I require a kitchen or home product, I always begin with Ozeri. Nearly every time, they have something that fits my needs perfectly.

Even from first sight, I know the product will be excellent, and yet I am still surprised by the outstanding quality when I actually use it. It's so rare that products live up to expectations, but exceedingly more so when the same brand consistent provides unparalleled quality.

My most recent need was a high quality knife set. I have owned many knives and have never been fully satisfied with any of them. They broke to easy, were too heavy, too long, too short, too dull, and so on.

When I found the Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set by Ozeri, I knew it would be wonderful, but still was expecting at least a few minor drawbacks.

I was impressed by these knives at first sight. The packing is very attractive, and the knives themselves are very stylish. So sleek and "fancy".

I love that the blades also have the black tint to them. It makes them more unique. The Ozeri inscription gives a very elegant look, and the Shape of the handles along with silver ends, give these knives a very chic look.

The distinctive design does more than make these knives look great, the also perform on a level far above traditional chef knives.

Since these are made with the purest ceramic, they are extremely hard. In fact, they are close to the hardness of diamonds, which is incredible. Because of this, they also maintain their superior sharpness 10x longer than tradition chef knives.

The blades are finished with a reflective black veneer, and they will never rust, corrode or leach metal ions from long-term exposure to moisture, oils and acids in common foods as most regular knives do.

Being ultra sharp and not ever rusting in itself it a pretty unbeatable combination, but if the knives are hard to use, it is a mute point. Of course, Ozeri knows this, which is why they made these knives so incredibly user friendly.

The blades weigh less than half that of a traditional knife, making them so easy to hold and use for a long period of time. It makes cutting easier for more consistent and precise results. No more worries of hand pain from heavy, lunky knives. I love that. I used to be horrible at dicing and Julienne cutting because of lack of knife control.

The handles are also ergonomic and perfectly balanced for optimum comfort and ease of use.

Washing them is so effortless. You can simply rinse away the mess, although I use soap just to be safe. You can also let them soak. They don't need it, but it also will not harm them like it would other knives.

This incredible set includes three phenomenal knives: a 3" Paring Knife, a 5" Slicing Knife, and 6" Chef Knife. Each is unbelievable.

I used the paring knife for smaller thing like tomatoes and fruit. It works so well and does not squish my tomatoes like most knives do.

What I really love about these knives is that I can FINALLY cut raw meat. All my other knives performed very pitifully on raw meats, even thin chicken breast fillets. It was so hard to make a meal with diced meat, and I usually did the extra work of cooking the meat first and then cutting it. What a pain, but never again thanks to Ozeri.

Once again, Ozeri has provided me with a supremely superb product. I could not be happier with these knives. I only wish I had steak knives like this too. I highly recommend this Ceramic Knife Set, or any other amazing Ozeri product,

*Although I received this set at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*