Monday, May 20, 2013

RUSK Hair Care Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

Everyone knows my obsession with beauty products, especially hair care. That is my addiction. I need the very best in that department.

Thankfully, I have a friend that is even more beauty obsessed and WAY more informed than I am. I love looking to my friend Alison from The Rosy Snail for tops on the best products and shops.

Her review(and GIVEAWAY) of Rusk via Beauty Stop Online totally got my attention. I would love to try Rusk products one day, and now I know the best place to get them(aside from free from her awesome giveaway).

Read her review and enter below for your chance to win. Good luck.

Beauty Stop Logo

I’ve made no secrets about it, my new go-to online one-stop shop for Beauty products is Beauty Stop Online. They sell my all time favorite nail polish brand, China Glaze at rock bottom prices, but I feel like I’m not sharing the love here! They don’t only sell amazing polishes, they have TONS of other beauty products too! From hair care and hair removal to cosmetics and even Natural & Organic options. Beauty Stop Online literally has you covered from head to toe!
The selection is huge, but what’s more impressive is the steep discounts they offer! I look at some of these prices and I genuinely wonder how they are making any money on some of these things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I love getting a great deal and that’s why I’m glad I shopped around- it lead me here!
One of the fabulous brands that Beauty Stop Online helps me save on is Rusk. Rusk makes a huge line of hair care products that are perfect for many different hair types. They make shampoos, conditioners, treatments, heat tools, styling products and even hair brushes. Beauty Stop Online carries all of their fabulous products, all at a great discount!
One of my favorite Rusk products is Rusk Thick. This is a Body and Texture Amplifier. After I get out of the shower, I towel dry then brush out my hair, after a liberal spraying of Rusk thick, I blow dry and style my hair as usual. This spray gives my thin hair amazing volume without weighing it down. On top of that, this product smells amazing! Like angels in a room of bubble bath. Haha. But really, it smells out of this world! This spray retails for $19.99, but I saved $5 by picking it up on!
At Beauty Stop Online there are so many great Rusk products to shop for! I’ll be stocking up on more of my favorites soon. In the mean time, the great people at Beauty Stop Online are offering our readers an exciting giveaway! One lucky reader will win a $35 Shopping Spree to shop the Rusk Hair Care Selection!
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  1. Rusk Thermal Flat Iron Spray

  2. I'd like to try the Rusk Thermal Flat Iron Spray.

  3. I'm interested in the calm nourishing shampoo/conditioner.

  4. Deepshine Smooth Keratin Care Smoothing Shampoo

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