Thursday, March 29, 2018

Magnolia March Audio Fest

You still have time to check out Magnolia’s March AudioFest.  AudioFest is one month of remarkable deals on the premium audio swag of your dreams. Enjoy big savings on speakers, receivers, wireless audio gear, headphones, hi-res audio products and much, much more. With special weekly savings, great deals online and other amazing offers they can only offer in their stores, conveniently located inside Best Buy stores.

Audio is at the heart of who Magnolia is. Because, while they offer plenty of video gear, it’s audio that takes you from just watching, just listening, just playing, to experiencing all of your movies, music and video games like never before. With their premium selection of audio essentials from the world’s most sought-after brands, you’ll be experiencing home entertainment in such a way that the walls magically melt away and you find yourself transformed to a world where your entertainment comes to life.

When you’re ready to experience premium audio at amazing prices, stop into your nearest Magnolia store and start hearing things in a whole new way.In the meantime, tell me your must-have audio essential and your dream splurge audio purchase. Do you plan on getting any at the Magnolia March Audio Fest?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How to teach puppies not to bite?

Biting is a natural thing for puppies. Teeth and mouth are their primary tools which they use every day. Also, biting is a common for them as they grow up and they may use it for interaction with their siblings.
However, as cute as this sounds, biting can become a problem once puppy grows up a bit. Their teeth become longer, stronger and can inflict real damage. This is why dog owner has to teach its pet how to properly behave.
Biting can especially be a problem when around other people so in order to suppress this behavior, make sure to follow our simple tips by!

Stop playing with a puppy

As previously mentioned, biting is a normal part of playing. On certain occasions, one puppy may bite the other puppy. When this happens, the other puppy will yelp which makes the first one release its grip.
This usually doesn’t happen with people as we allow puppies to bite us without complaint. In order for puppy to understand that this behavior is not acceptable, you need to yelp whenever a puppy bites you. If a puppy continues, your best bet is to completely ignore it and stop playing with it.
You have to create a negative stimulation so that a puppy stops such behavior in future.

Find a way to distract a puppy

Like babies, puppies are fascinated by almost anything within their reach. Whenever puppy starts behaving badly (whether we’re talking about biting or something else) you can distract it by providing something else to chew on.
Toys and other items can easily be used for this purpose. You can also start whistling or singing or doing something else that will quickly get its attention. In these situations, puppies tend to get confused, they start listening and will ultimately forget about biting.

Remove the stimuli

This is another trick that is used for various puppy trainings and modifications of behavior.
By simply not having anything to bite or chew, puppy will stop doing it. As simple as that. In most cases, puppy will try to grab hold of your hand. All you have to do in such situation is to remove it and not allow puppy to grab you. If it tries again, move it back again. When it finally stops, try playing with it normally.

Using special products

If you want to prevent puppy from biting specific things (mainly your hands), you can use various products that are meant to leave a bad taste in mouth.
Most of these products also have a specific smell. Once a puppy bites your hand and has this sense in its mouth for the first time, it will quickly realize that smell and taste are connected. In future, pupill not even try biting things that smell this way.

Remove puppy from sight

If puppy continues to bite regardless of your best efforts, try something a bit more drastic.
Puppy learn the best from a positive or a negative experience. If puppy continues biting people and stuff in your home, you can simply take it outside and put it in a kennel. Even if you’re in an apartment, you should have a separate secluded area where puppy will “serve its sentence”.
One of the worst things for a puppy is not being able to socialize and be part of your family. While this may seem a bit extreme it may prove to be a valuable trick for unruly pups.

There you go! With these simple tips you’ll surely teach your puppy how not to bite!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sleep Zzz Pillow - Review Coming Soon

Introducing the Sleep Zzz Pillow from the makers the Twin Z Pillow as Seen on ABC's show Shark Tank! The Sleep Zzz Pillow is a kids sleep pillow (ages 3 and up) that surrounds your child with the snuggly softness and security of their very own body pillow sized perfectly for them! This pillow helps kids fall asleep faster and most importantly STAY asleep providing a more restful nights sleep for your child and you! Everyone wins!

I will be reviewing Sleep Zzz Pillow soon. In the meantime, save $5 off your Sleep Zzz Pillow purchase and enjoy a more restful nights sleep for the whole family! Use Code: SLEEPY

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The top 4 tips to consider when looking for a nursery in Finchley

When it comes to choosing the right childcare, there has to be a lot of careful steps to be considered. After all, we all need a safe and secure community where our children can start learning and encourage them to be ready for their future. Finding the right nursery of your choice takes time and effort. Everyone is advised to do advance research and prior inquiries before giving a final decision. That being said, a lot of people may think that choosing between the numbers of nurseries in Finchley may be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.

Here are 4 tips to consider when looking for a nursery.

1. Know the school's policies.

Every education institution has a different set of rules and policies implemented for the betterment of their reputation as well as the discipline it provides to their students. These rules and policies include how discipline is given, how staff relates to the kids, and how attendance is imposed. Make sure to know in advance or grab a copy of these rules and policies so you will know what you are getting into. Most institutions keep a copy of this so parent and guardians can ensure that all of them are being followed.

2. Check the school's qualifications and licenses.

The nursery of your choice must have qualified staff to handle little children. Always make sure to check the status of the nursery's licenses as well as the qualifications and credentials of the staff. You should check if the nursery is run by professionals and fully-equipped educators who are well-trained in their fields. Otherwise, we may only be leaving our children at the care of babysitters. We want our children to have the best education and training in their formative years so it is only fitting that we know that they are being taught by qualified professionals.

3. Check if the nursery has great facilities.

A good nursery is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Nursery school is different from other educational institutions mainly because little children need facilities in order to start their learning. Nurseries need excellent playing facilities considering that children at this stage are more interested in playing. Even so, these are helpful to children to know more about life. There should be a number of educational toys that they can utilize indoors and outdoors every day. Your child also deserves to be able to take advantage of a great facility where they can have the best and memorable learning experience. Know beforehand if the nursery has tons of resources and great facilities that can accommodate to your child's need.

4. Learn how they communicate with parents and guardians.

Parents and guardians want to know about their children's experience and progress as much as possible. Great communication is extremely important when it comes to choosing a nursery because your children need people whom they can easily communicate with. Considering all of the above, this will give you a sign that you can easily chat with them if any issue arises in the future.