Sunday, January 29, 2023

Nadine West - January

It's that time again. The most exciting thing to happen in January: a pretty pink package of fun and fashion. That's right, my monthly Nadine West delivery!! Kicking off the year right.

How fabulous is striped this long-sleeved dress? The color block on the neckline adds just the right pop of contrast. The fit is flattering but relaxes. It has POCKETS! It is so soft. This checks all the boxes.

Then there is this fun maroon Tank. I love the neckline detail. Just something small that takes this from casual to elegant. It may not be tank weather in any places, but in Florida, it almost always is. Plus, it's perfect for layering on colder mornings (that will become hot afternoons). Same buttery soft fabric that Nadine West is known for. 

Speaking of elegant. This classic black top is the prototype. It has just shy of half length sleeves, lovely 3-button accent, and a fabulous flowing bottom to give it the perfect shape. Accentuate the bust, be very forgiving on the stomach while still looking dressy. And it goes with everything.

Usually, the packages have one dress, 2 shirts, and two bottoms, but this one had three tops instead of the 2nd bottom. I don't generally love that, as I already have more shirts than pants. But, this extra shirt is super cute, so I don't mind. Love the V-neck and that casual cut, while not being boxy or frumpy. It feels very current, in a timeless way.

The jeans are great. They are quite similar to several of the pairs I have form Nadine West already. But you can't go wrong with a dark blue distressed jean. Especially when they stretch. These go with everything. They have a mid rise waist, but I do wish they (all the jeans of this type) were even higher. My fupa is not easily tamed.

Look how good they look with the adorable camo tee!

And, last but not least, the jewelry. This time it's these fun, large hoop earrings. They are a bit heavy to wear all the time, but they are a great statement piece for occasional wear.

If you still haven't tried Nadine West, what are you waiting for? There are no styling fees or hidden costs like other styling sites. Discover the Nadine West difference today.