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If You Just Had a Breast Lift, Avoid These Exercises

A breast lift is a common procedure used to overcome the effects of time, breastfeeding, and gravity on the breasts by lifting them back into a more youthful procedure and trimming away any excess sagging skin. A breast lift can be performed on its own or in conjunction with a breast augmentation procedure to restore a firm, youthful, full look.




The recovery process from a breast lift is fairly quick and relatively painless. Although most women can return to work and some activities within a week of the procedure, full recovery takes around six weeks. During this period, surgeons usually advise their patients to avoid vigorous exercise and heavy lifting. According to William A. Ross, expert breast lift surgeon of Naples, FL, the prohibition against heavy lifting extends to lifting and carrying babies and young children.


Allowed exercises

Of course, sitting around doing nothing for six weeks is not healthy, but many exercise options won't affect recovery from a breast lift. The goal is to avoid stressing the tissues in the chest area, which means limited use of the arms and any exercises that involve the shoulders or pectoral muscles. It is also important to avoid exercises that make the breasts bounce around, which can damage the healing tissues; even if you are wearing a super supportive sports bra, activities like jumping and horseback riding should be avoided. However, the following exercises are encouraged:
● Walking
● Gentle stationary biking in an upright or recumbent position
● Gentle exercises that work the legs only

It is important to not overdo it during the recovery period. A bit of light stationary biking is fine; trying to win a virtual Tour de France is not. Similarly, gentle leg muscle exercises like smooth slow squats with no weights and calf raises are fine, but trying to see how much weight you can move in a seated leg press is not.

Exercises to avoid

Running and jogging

Although these might seem to be "safe" exercises-they use the legs, not the arms-they tend to be too vigorous for post-surgical recovery. Also, while running or jogging, the breasts tend to bounce, which can seriously impair healing from a breast lift procedure, sometimes to the point of requiring additional surgery to repair the damage. And lastly, most people tend to vigorously pump their arms as they run, which can also distort the chest area and damage the healing tissues.


Anything involving jumping should definitely be avoided. Jumping jacks, jumping rope, jumping hurdles, jumping for joy-all cause serious bouncing of the breasts and most involve extensive arm movements. Again, these activities will impair healing and damage the healing tissues.



Dancing is a popular exercise these days. However, it also needs to be avoided. Even if the style of dancing you pursue doesn't involve vigorous jumping and arm movements (like, say, waltzing), in general dancing is simply too vigorous an exercise to perform during post-surgical recovery.


Weight lifting

Any kind of weight-lifting with the arms is strictly forbidden during the recovery period. Even if only light weights are used, these activities generally require too much movement of the arms and upper body to support the healing of post breast lift tissues.


Biking in a traditional leaning-forward posture

Although it is okay to perform gentle stationary biking in an upright or recumbent position, biking using the traditional leaning forward racing position should be avoided, even during gentle biking workouts. This position causes gravity to pull on the breasts throughout the entire workout, which can put a lot of strain on the healing tissues and contribute to stretching of the skin, disrupting healing of the breasts into the desired youthful perky position.


Rowing is a popular low-impact exercise that is both aerobic and builds muscles throughout the body since it uses the legs, core, and upper body to perform the movement. However, this exercise places considerable strain on the chest and involves extensive arm movement, and thus will seriously disrupt healing after a breast lift.


Exposing an unhealed incision to water carries a serious risk of developing an infection. However, even after the incisions have healed, swimming should be avoided. Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise, but it requires vigorous arm movements in various directions, especially in reaching over the head. It is best to try to avoid lifting your arms over your head and to avoid any kind of extensive arm movements during the healing period.


Rock climbing

Rock climbing should be avoided for the same reasons that swimming should be avoided-it requires lifting the arms over the head and too much arm movement. Similarly, for the same reasons, tennis and golf should be avoided.


Although yoga might seem to be an exercise regimen perfect for post-surgical recovery, it can cause problems during recovery from a breast lift procedure. For example, many of the positions involve raising the arms above the head, such as in the chair pose and a lot of them involve assuming a position where the breasts dangle down towards the floor, like a downward dog. Besides, many of the poses like the plank and the bridge put extensive pressure on the shoulder and chest muscles. As discussed above, all of these situations need to be avoided during healing from a breast lift.

In conclusion


Thus, while you are probably eager to get back to your exercise regimen to improve the rest of your body to match your new perky breasts, it is necessary to avoid most of the popular exercises for six weeks after surgery to obtain the best results. The safest thing to do to maintain fitness is to take walks and wait until healing is complete to work on the rest of your body.

Friday, October 25, 2019

What Kind of Dental Implants Work for Me?

Dental implant treatments have soared in popularity over the past few years. With the increased life expectancy and the aging population, the demand for dental implants is projected to rise in the years to come.

Dental implant treatments have soared in popularity over the past few years. With the increased life expectancy and the aging population, the demand for dental implants is projected to rise in the years to come.

Dental implants have additional benefits because they enhance overall oral health. Dental bridges attach to two or more teeth to fill in gaps between teeth. Bridges can promote tooth decay, as cement is used to attach bridges to your teeth.

In contrast, dentures are prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth. Conventional dentures are removable and require a bond or clasp to latch on to teeth. If they are not cleaned properly, plaque and food particles can build up on your natural teeth.

Dentures and dental bridges have long been the traditional methods for fixing broken and missing teeth. Today, dental implants are considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth in dental medicine.

But how does the surgery work? What kind of dental implants are there? How do I pick the right implants for me?

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are artificial roots that are inserted into your jawbone. The implants fuse with your jawbone, forming a sturdy base for artificial teeth.

A connector is put on top of the implant to support the artificial teeth - known as crowns. They are custom-made to match the natural shape and color of your teeth.

According to Dr. Marc Lazare, top cosmetic dentist from NYC, the surgery is done by placing a biocompatible titanium post into the bone of the jaw. The post functions as a replacement for the tooth’s root, to which a custom tooth is attached. This surgical procedure is minor, and dental implants offer the benefit of remaining secure and fixed for a lifetime.

Types of Dental Implants


There are two primary types of implants:

● Endosteal implants are normally made of titanium, shaped like tiny screws, and implanted into the jawbone. They are the most regularly used kind of implant.

● Subperiosteal implants are inserted underneath the gum but are not implanted into the jawbone. Instead, these implants are put on or above the jawbone. Patients who lack sufficient healthy jawbone – as well as those who cannot or do not want to undergo reconstructive surgery – use these types of implants.

Dental implants are commonly made from titanium, but they are also available in zirconium. Titanium implants allow the bones to grow on the surface of the implant, which makes them immovable. They also have a 95% success rate and offer superior strength.

Although there are no reported cases of titanium allergies, zirconium implants were developed as an alternative. These implants are free of metals, but they do contain trace amounts of hafnium and yttrium – two metals that improve the strength and durability of zirconium implants.

Reconstruction Options

If you have a weak jawbone, there are several methods available to rebuild and restore bone. This gives the dental implants the strong foundation they need for support. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, there are three procedures available to reconstruct your jawbone:

● Bone augmentations use growth factors and bone additives to repair or restore your jawbone.
● Sinus lifts add bone underneath the sinus if the natural bone deteriorated because of missing teeth.
● Ridge expansions use bone grafts to create additional space along the top of your jaw. This
procedure is done if your jaw is not wide enough to sustain implants.

How to Choose a Dental Implant

Before choosing an implant type, you must first consult with a dental specialist. Dental specialists have the extra training needed to give you top-notch care. This means that there is a lower risk of complications from surgery.

Additionally, dental implant specialists are equipped with the specialized tools needed to perform implant surgery. This means that your results will be more natural and aesthetically attractive.

There are several manufacturers of dental implants, each of which offers implants in several “superior” shapes, sizes, textures, and materials. However, the most efficient way to choose an implant is through a consult with a dental implant specialist. They have the equipment and skills needed for a successful procedure.

One such piece of equipment is 3D printing. Medical 3D printing is becoming an integral part of dentistry and is especially useful in creating dental implants. Scanning technology is used to create an accurate, detailed digital image of your mouth. Dental implant specialists use these 3D models to improve the shape and fit of your implants.

Dental implants are growing in popularity due to their strength, stability, and protection of overall oral health. Dental implants with the Dentist in San Ramon not only replace and restore damaged teeth but also boosts your confidence, as you reveal your brighter, better smile.

How to Deal with Eyeglasses and Shades after a Nose Job

For anyone who’s either just undergone or is about to undergo a nose job (or rhinoplasty) and relies on glasses or sunglasses in their day-to-day lives, there’s usually one question weighing on their minds: am I going to be able to wear my glasses?

This is a pretty vital question, as millions of patients undergoing nose job surgery rely on their
glasses to see the world around them, read, drive, and work. While contact lenses may be the most obvious solution, this is not one that will work for everyone.

Ahead, we’ll go through what you should know and solutions available to you regarding how
best to deal with wearing your glasses and sunglasses following a nose job.

When Can You Wear Glasses after a Nose Job?

Immediately following the nose job surgery, your patient’s nose will be covered in a plastic
splint for around 5 to 7 days. This hard nose splint helps maintain the shape of your nose. Due to the nature of the splint and it's hard surface, you can continue to wear their glasses or sunglasses during this roughly one week period without any fear or concern of the glasses
negatively impacting the nose or changing its shape.

Once the splint has been removed following one week, however, you will be going through a
five to six-week healing process. Throughout this healing process, you need to avoid wearing
any glasses or sunglasses, in particular, plastic-framed glasses.

According to Mark Glasgold, a revision rhinoplasty expert of New Jersey, the nose is still fairly soft after rhinoplasty, so any glasses placed on the nose, especially relatively heavy glasses, will adversely affect the nasal bones that are still healing and could cause deformations to the shape of the nose. Even following the 5 to the 6-week healing process, many doctors and professionals recommend patients avoid wearing any glasses or sunglasses on a long-term basis for as long as 6 months following the rhinoplasty surgery.

Why You Should Avoid Traditional Glasses While Recovering

Following rhinoplasty, the recovery process for your nose will last for somewhere around 5 to 6 weeks. Any pressure placed upon the nose during this time from glasses is a big no-no as it could negatively affect the nose’s healing process and cause long-term deformations such as bumps or indentations.

While these defects will not likely be permanent, they will certainly cause delays in healing. In a worst-case scenario, additional surgery may be required to smooth out any bumps or dents caused by the weight of the glasses upon the nose.

There are many options available to patients following surgery that can help with their eyesight requirements, such as contact lenses, post rhinoplasty glasses, cheek guards, or forehead mounted glasses supports.

As a general rule, you should avoid resting glasses on your nose for 5-6 weeks after

Tips for Recovering and Managing your Vision Following a Rhinoplasty

Patients who’ve undergone nose job surgery will have a fair amount of recovery ahead of them, and there are lots of things to take into consideration. While the aforementioned splint is taped to your nose for around a week following the surgery, internal dressings are also put in place for 1 to 7 days, and you will be instructed to rest in bed immediately following the surgery with your head rested in a position higher than the chest to help reduce the chances of any swelling or bleeding.

Any slight bleeding and mucus that may drain out with old blood are fairly common occurrences for the first few days following the surgery, and again during the removal of the dressing. A small gauze may be affixed below the nose with a piece of tape, referred to as a “drip pad,” to help absorb mucus and blood.

You will receive a list of precautions that are designed to help make the recovery process as
quick and painless as possible. You may be encouraged to do the following:

● Avoid any exercise or other strenuous activity
● Avoid blowing their nose for several days
● While bandages are covering the nose, avoid using the shower. Instead, take a bath.
● Clothes should be worn that fasten in the front, or don’t have tight necklines. Any
clothing that would make contact with the nose when being pulled over the head, such
as t-shirts or sweatshirts should be avoided
● Be sure to take care when brushing teeth to avoid any excessive upper lip movement
that could disturb the nose
● Smiling, laughing, or any other extreme facial expressions should be avoided
● High fiber foods such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables should be the main focus of your
diet to avoid constipation that could lead to any straining. Straining anywhere in the body
could cause pressure at the surgery site.

It’s also possible that any sun damage could cause permanent irregular discoloration of the nose’s skin color, so be sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF factor no lower than 30 while outside.

With regards to taking care of vision during this process, glasses should not be worn, due to the potential implications of their weight and shape upon a soft, healing nose. One simple answer is to wear contact lenses instead. This would certainly free you from potential complications and the hassles of adapting eyeglasses while you heal. However, not everyone is comfortable or able to take advantage of this option.

One alternative solution is post-rhinoplasty glasses. These are both ultra-light and feature no
rests for the nasal bridge, so they have no adverse effect on the recovery of the nose. Glasses supports that attach to the forehead are also available, or you can even tape your glasses to your forehead so they aren’t resting against your nose. While this may not be much of a fashion statement, it does work. Rest assured that there are many options on the market and you will not have to suffer poor vision during the recovery process following surgery.

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Nadine West - 5th Shipment

It's, once again, my favorite time of the month. I just got my 5th Nadine West shipment! This month didn't blow me away as much as some of the others, but I still like it, and it's still so much fun to see what my stylist picks out. Lets check it out.

These pants are nice. They are a bit dressy (for me) and I love that the legs are wide at the bottom. I adore wide legs on pants.  would totally wear bell bottoms every day if I could. The color is not my normal choice, but probably great for fall. It seems like it will be flattering.

The waist itself is a little too small (since they don't stretch), but I set my sizes that way on purpose, since I am doing Keto and an losing. I didn't want to fall in love with something just to have it be too big in a month or something. So now, when I slim down a little more, I will already have this great pair of pants to wear.

I am not usually a big fan of sweaters, especially living in Florida, where there is very rarely a need or even tolerance for warm clothes. This one is cute, though, and it will be nice to have a presentable sweater should I need one. Even though I never get to wear them, I have a bunch of hoodies, but those are not good for more formal occasions. The little tie on the side of this makes it a little extra sassy.

Again, this is a sweater, a cardigan actually. So this would be to go over another shirt. I think a back tank would be good under this. But it would be cute with jeans, but I think it would also go well with the pants (above) that I got in this shipment.

That is biggest "issue" with this shipment, that only a couple of the pieces would go together, so the actual amount of outfits is less than the others. And the fact that I don't often wear sweaters or long sleeves. But that is still fine, because I already have other clothing that will fit well with the "lonely" pieces from this shipment. But, we'll get to that later, let's see what else I got this month.

So, again, it's long sleeves, which is not ideal, and it is a little more form fitting than I would like (since I am very lumpy, lol) but I love the color and design, and that criss-cross detail on the neckline is so cute. It will go so well with jeans, but also with black leggings or black dressy pants. And skirts, I'm sure, though I rarely wear skirts.

These pants are not something I would have thought of but they are cute. The color is kind of a brick red, and the fabric is rouched. They are kinda light, but not too thin. They stretch, so they fit, but they are not too big. They don't really match anything else in the shipment, but they would actually probably work with the black & white sweater. But I also have some shirts from my previous shipments that would work great with them.

These kind of threw me off a bit at first. They are workout shorts. A staple. The fit is perfect and they are very comfortable, I just didn't expect them in a shipment full of cool weather clothes. That's what's so fun about Nadine West. You never know what you will get. These are great. Obviously, they don't pair with the other pieces, though.

Last (for the clothing) and definitely not least is this adorable blue plaid shirt. I love this. It's my favorite thing from this shipment. It does not really match anything else in this shipment, either, but I have plenty of other stuff to match it, like a super cute pair of light blue capris I got from Nadine West a couple months ago. (As seen in the look below.)

But first, on to jewelry. The jewelry just keeps getting cuter. The bracelets are one piece. I love the layer look and they are super affordable. (Just $9.99 for the set!) And the necklace is so pretty as well. It's long enough to fall just above my cleavage, so it's perfectly placed. I love it.

So, you probably want to see what these look like on an actual person, so here is the outfit I put together. That adorable plaid shirt paired with Nadine West Capris from a prior shipment. And some matching sunnies.

Overall, this shipment wasn't my favorite, but I've had so many good ones already that to be my favorite will be a tall task.These pieces are cute. I adore the blue shirt and I love have smaller pants ready for when I need them. I like having an "adult" sweater for when I need one. I can't wait to see what next month's shipment has for me.

If you have not tried Nadine West already, you really should. You only pay for the items you keep. So if you find even one thing you love, you've already won. And if you don't like anything (which I feel would be absurd), you just send it all back, play nothing and try again next month. No risk, all reward.

*Although I received these items at no cost, to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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Halloween Special - TV Store Online

Halloween month is officially upon us. I am so excited! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love fall. Even if in Florida we rarely get fall weather, I just love this time of year. I love to decorate and have Halloween parties and eat pumpkin everything.

Of course, I really love to pick out costumes for the kids. But I love to pick them out for me, too. I love to dress up. My husband thinks it's silly. I think that is a sign that he is a psychopath. But anyway, I cannot get enough of Halloween and all things festive for fall.

I found a super cool costume, this year, from TV Store Online, and I am beyond excited. I love all things geeky and super hero, comics, pop culture. TV Store Online has all the things I love. It was kind of hard to choose, since they have so many awesome costumes, but in the end, I can't resist Harley Quinn.

I saw this awesome Harley Quinn Jacket, and I instantly knew that It had to be part of my costume. But it gets better.

TV Store Online also had the matching Crossbody Clutch.

These two alone would be a fabulous costume paired with some regular clothing pieces, but why stop there? TV Store Online also has this awesome Harley Quinn Corset & TuTu costume. (Which would also be a good costume all on its own.)

But, I decided I wanted it all, so I'm putting them together. I think so at least. I might change my mind and break them up back into 2 costumes. Maybe I'll even do a wardrobe change during the night.

No matter what costume(s) you are looking for, TV Store Online probably has it and then some. Really. I want to buy half the stuff just to wear around the house. I love it all. I know you will, too.

In fact, TV Store Online is generous enough to sponsor a giveaway. So one of you lucky readers will win the (in-stock) costume of your choice from TV Store Online. Enter via the Rafflecopter Below. Good luck!

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Halloween Special - JBL Pulse 3

It's October! You know what that means. It's officially the start of Halloween season. I am super excited. I love Halloween. This is my favorite time of year, even though in Florida we are not getting fall weather. Not even close.

Anyway, it's now the time to start decorating and picking out Halloween costumes and planning Halloween parties. Halloween parties are probably the most fun to plan and host. All the fun of a holiday party. Food, drinks, decorations, etc., plus costumes and no gifts to buy. Halloween always seems to be more fun and less pressure.

So, it's important to me to make my Halloween parties extra special. This year I am very excited, because I got this awesome JBL Pulse 3, and it's going to be the star of the show. This thing is so awesome!

It has so many cool features. The most notable thing is probably the lights and sound capability, perfect to set a spooky but funky scene for Halloween. Plus it also has an awesome battery life, with 12 hours of playtime. So the party doesn't have to end until the next morning when it's time for work. Plus, it's waterproof! As I mentioned, it is very hot in Florida, so this is perfect to keep the party cool when things heat up. No worries when it rains, either.

Of course it has JBL connect and a speakerphone feature, too, because it can't always just be a party (as much as I wish it could.) This thing has it all. And I just really love the overall shape/design. It fits well in any space and never looks out of place.

I use this every day. Music is such an important part of my life and my daily routines. If I can't have my music on when I am cooking, or cleaning, etc. I get very crabby. It just helps keep me pumped and speaks to my soul when I need an outlet. It always sounds so great on the JBL Pulse 3.

So for Halloween parties or just boring old chores, the JBL Pulse 3 is an invaluable asset to any home. I love it so much that I want one in every room. As it is, this one goes where I go (though it is loud enough that I can hear it from other rooms.) I can't wait to rock the house on Halloween. Until then, stay spooky, my friends.

*Although I received this product at no cost, to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*