Saturday, October 12, 2019

Nadine West - 5th Shipment

It's, once again, my favorite time of the month. I just got my 5th Nadine West shipment! This month didn't blow me away as much as some of the others, but I still like it, and it's still so much fun to see what my stylist picks out. Lets check it out.

These pants are nice. They are a bit dressy (for me) and I love that the legs are wide at the bottom. I adore wide legs on pants.  would totally wear bell bottoms every day if I could. The color is not my normal choice, but probably great for fall. It seems like it will be flattering.

The waist itself is a little too small (since they don't stretch), but I set my sizes that way on purpose, since I am doing Keto and an losing. I didn't want to fall in love with something just to have it be too big in a month or something. So now, when I slim down a little more, I will already have this great pair of pants to wear.

I am not usually a big fan of sweaters, especially living in Florida, where there is very rarely a need or even tolerance for warm clothes. This one is cute, though, and it will be nice to have a presentable sweater should I need one. Even though I never get to wear them, I have a bunch of hoodies, but those are not good for more formal occasions. The little tie on the side of this makes it a little extra sassy.

Again, this is a sweater, a cardigan actually. So this would be to go over another shirt. I think a back tank would be good under this. But it would be cute with jeans, but I think it would also go well with the pants (above) that I got in this shipment.

That is biggest "issue" with this shipment, that only a couple of the pieces would go together, so the actual amount of outfits is less than the others. And the fact that I don't often wear sweaters or long sleeves. But that is still fine, because I already have other clothing that will fit well with the "lonely" pieces from this shipment. But, we'll get to that later, let's see what else I got this month.

So, again, it's long sleeves, which is not ideal, and it is a little more form fitting than I would like (since I am very lumpy, lol) but I love the color and design, and that criss-cross detail on the neckline is so cute. It will go so well with jeans, but also with black leggings or black dressy pants. And skirts, I'm sure, though I rarely wear skirts.

These pants are not something I would have thought of but they are cute. The color is kind of a brick red, and the fabric is rouched. They are kinda light, but not too thin. They stretch, so they fit, but they are not too big. They don't really match anything else in the shipment, but they would actually probably work with the black & white sweater. But I also have some shirts from my previous shipments that would work great with them.

These kind of threw me off a bit at first. They are workout shorts. A staple. The fit is perfect and they are very comfortable, I just didn't expect them in a shipment full of cool weather clothes. That's what's so fun about Nadine West. You never know what you will get. These are great. Obviously, they don't pair with the other pieces, though.

Last (for the clothing) and definitely not least is this adorable blue plaid shirt. I love this. It's my favorite thing from this shipment. It does not really match anything else in this shipment, either, but I have plenty of other stuff to match it, like a super cute pair of light blue capris I got from Nadine West a couple months ago. (As seen in the look below.)

But first, on to jewelry. The jewelry just keeps getting cuter. The bracelets are one piece. I love the layer look and they are super affordable. (Just $9.99 for the set!) And the necklace is so pretty as well. It's long enough to fall just above my cleavage, so it's perfectly placed. I love it.

So, you probably want to see what these look like on an actual person, so here is the outfit I put together. That adorable plaid shirt paired with Nadine West Capris from a prior shipment. And some matching sunnies.

Overall, this shipment wasn't my favorite, but I've had so many good ones already that to be my favorite will be a tall task.These pieces are cute. I adore the blue shirt and I love have smaller pants ready for when I need them. I like having an "adult" sweater for when I need one. I can't wait to see what next month's shipment has for me.

If you have not tried Nadine West already, you really should. You only pay for the items you keep. So if you find even one thing you love, you've already won. And if you don't like anything (which I feel would be absurd), you just send it all back, play nothing and try again next month. No risk, all reward.

*Although I received these items at no cost, to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Halloween Special - TV Store Online

Halloween month is officially upon us. I am so excited! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love fall. Even if in Florida we rarely get fall weather, I just love this time of year. I love to decorate and have Halloween parties and eat pumpkin everything.

Of course, I really love to pick out costumes for the kids. But I love to pick them out for me, too. I love to dress up. My husband thinks it's silly. I think that is a sign that he is a psychopath. But anyway, I cannot get enough of Halloween and all things festive for fall.

I found a super cool costume, this year, from TV Store Online, and I am beyond excited. I love all things geeky and super hero, comics, pop culture. TV Store Online has all the things I love. It was kind of hard to choose, since they have so many awesome costumes, but in the end, I can't resist Harley Quinn.

I saw this awesome Harley Quinn Jacket, and I instantly knew that It had to be part of my costume. But it gets better.

TV Store Online also had the matching Crossbody Clutch.

These two alone would be a fabulous costume paired with some regular clothing pieces, but why stop there? TV Store Online also has this awesome Harley Quinn Corset & TuTu costume. (Which would also be a good costume all on its own.)

But, I decided I wanted it all, so I'm putting them together. I think so at least. I might change my mind and break them up back into 2 costumes. Maybe I'll even do a wardrobe change during the night.

No matter what costume(s) you are looking for, TV Store Online probably has it and then some. Really. I want to buy half the stuff just to wear around the house. I love it all. I know you will, too.

In fact, TV Store Online is generous enough to sponsor a giveaway. So one of you lucky readers will win the (in-stock) costume of your choice from TV Store Online. Enter via the Rafflecopter Below. Good luck!

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Halloween Special - JBL Pulse 3

It's October! You know what that means. It's officially the start of Halloween season. I am super excited. I love Halloween. This is my favorite time of year, even though in Florida we are not getting fall weather. Not even close.

Anyway, it's now the time to start decorating and picking out Halloween costumes and planning Halloween parties. Halloween parties are probably the most fun to plan and host. All the fun of a holiday party. Food, drinks, decorations, etc., plus costumes and no gifts to buy. Halloween always seems to be more fun and less pressure.

So, it's important to me to make my Halloween parties extra special. This year I am very excited, because I got this awesome JBL Pulse 3, and it's going to be the star of the show. This thing is so awesome!

It has so many cool features. The most notable thing is probably the lights and sound capability, perfect to set a spooky but funky scene for Halloween. Plus it also has an awesome battery life, with 12 hours of playtime. So the party doesn't have to end until the next morning when it's time for work. Plus, it's waterproof! As I mentioned, it is very hot in Florida, so this is perfect to keep the party cool when things heat up. No worries when it rains, either.

Of course it has JBL connect and a speakerphone feature, too, because it can't always just be a party (as much as I wish it could.) This thing has it all. And I just really love the overall shape/design. It fits well in any space and never looks out of place.

I use this every day. Music is such an important part of my life and my daily routines. If I can't have my music on when I am cooking, or cleaning, etc. I get very crabby. It just helps keep me pumped and speaks to my soul when I need an outlet. It always sounds so great on the JBL Pulse 3.

So for Halloween parties or just boring old chores, the JBL Pulse 3 is an invaluable asset to any home. I love it so much that I want one in every room. As it is, this one goes where I go (though it is loud enough that I can hear it from other rooms.) I can't wait to rock the house on Halloween. Until then, stay spooky, my friends.

*Although I received this product at no cost, to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*