Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Strut Your Sound Courtesy Of Best Buy Mobile Stores

While I would in no way refer to myself as an expert in technology, I am not a novice either. I love to discover to all the hottest new trends in technology. Thankfully, I have Best Buy by my side to keep me informed, because otherwise, I might be quite clueless.

Since I am a proud member of the Best Buy Wolf Bloggers, I have the inside scoop on all the newest and best products to rock the Best Buy Shelves. I recently had the pleasure of being chosen for my first project as a Wolf blogger.

I had the opportunity to order a pair of Rose Gold/White Frends Taylor Headphones online and pick them up at my local Best Buy Mobile Store.

*Best Buy Mobile Stores are found locally in malls or in your neighborhood shopping centers, and are focused on mobile devices and accessories. Shop for the latest smartphones and tablets from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, from all the top brands, along with stylish accessories to suit your lifestyle.

The staff is highly trained, yet non-commissioned, so they can help determine the right phone for you, as well as compare plans across the carriers. They can set up and activate your new phone, transfer your contacts and data and set you up with the complimentary Walk Out Working program. To find a Best Buy Mobile specialty store, go to*
The ordering experience was so easy and convenient. I selected my pickup location and placed my order. Then I got am email telling me when my headphones were on the way to the store, and another when they arrived. It explained everything I would need to pick up my order(ID, CC used and order number).

When I picked them up it was a breeze, the staff was so friendly(and easy on the eye), and the pickup process took about 2 minutes. I could not leave without checking out the store though. I am ashamed to say, I had never actually been to the Best Buy Mobile store before this. I practically live at my local Best Buy store, but the Mobile is new territory, and I could not believe how cool it was.

After I basked in the glory of Best Buy Mobile, I hurried home to check out my new headphones.
Inside the super cool bag was a wrapped box with a bow and a note. What a sweet gesture. Just a little something extra that really made the experience even more special.
I really love the sleek black wrapping. Totally my style. Of course that was short lived as I tore into it to get to my "present".

The actual product packaging is just as beautiful(if not more so) though.
I love the flash drive tied to the top. Such a nice touch.
After seeing the photos online and on the box, I thought I knew what these headphones would look like, but I was blown away by how stunning the are in person. Photos just do not do them justice.
They are so shiny. Just dazzling, really. And the white is so elegant and glamorous, especially when paired with this striking rose gold.

These really are a fashion accessory. They are so gorgeous, I can hardly put it into words. I love how Genuine Leather and Handcrafted metal are used to create a fashionable, designer style. They are they diamonds of the headphone industry. They are timeless and sophisticated, with the ever on trend flare.

Finally, there is a pair of premuim headphones created for women. Guys have all their big, bold styles with booming bass, and they are cool, but I have been wishing for something that suits me and my style, and these do to a tee. I am in love.

Just based off the incredible beauty of these babies I was ready to rock them everywhere. Then I heard the sound quality, and fell even deeper in love. They sound flawless. The Premium 40mm Driver really makes a difference.

Every note is crystal clear and everything is perfectly balanced. I really hate heavy bass, and so many headphones emphasize that aspect of the music. That is a total deal-breaker for me. I am so glad that Taylor by Frends are different.

I also adore the over-ear style. in ear headphones really hurt me ears, and they always fall out, making them a no no. On hear headphones are ok, but most fit horrible, slide everywhere and sound terrible, not to mention look silly(especially on me).

Not only do these fit perfectly over my ears, they help to block out background noises(although they are not noise cancelling) and they have memory foam in the cups to make them feel amazing. 

They also have a innovative fabric cord that is super flexible to move with every embarrassing dance move I bust and it fits perfectly with the rest of the stylish aspects of these beauties.

Plus they have a convenient 3-button multifunction microphone right on the cord so you can make hands free calls and don't have to keep reaching into our pocket(or wherever) to adjust the sound.
Another small, but huge feature that sets the Taylor headphones far ahead of the competition.

And of all the fabulousness I already mentioned was not enough, they also fold so you can turn the sound anyway you desire.
You can even fold them down to fit into the sleek carrying case that comes with them.
Everything about these headphones is perfect. I could never have dreamed up something this awesome, but I an so glad that Frends did, because they are everything I could ever want and more. I wear them all the time, and I feel like a model strutting my stuff on the runway every time(I only wish I looked like one too).
Every woman needs a gorgeous pair of ear jewelry such as these Frends Taylor headphones. Check out the Best Buy Mobile store near you, pick up a pair and Strut Your Sound.

You can even get a coupon to save 10% when you purchase these fantastic headphones at a Best Buy Mobile store near you. Hurry though, this deal ends on 8/10/13.

*Andrea's World Reviews has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free*

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cadbury High Tea Mommy Party

As a proud member of MomSelect, I was given the wonderful opportunity to host a "High Tea" Mommy Party featuring Cadbury Ice Cream Bars.

I was sent all the goodies needed to host a fabulous High Tea party. Including 4 boxes of delicious Snack Size Cadbury Ice Cream Bars.
There were 4 tantalizing flavors each sounding better than the last.

Royal Dark:
Vanilla Chocolate:
English Toffee:
And even though in my book, delicious ice cream bars is all you need to have a great party, most people like to actually have the rest of the party supplies too. So I got all the Tea Party essentials.
Teacup and saucer sets, cream & sugar holders, and of course, a teapot.
Plus you can't have a tea party without fancy tea hats, so we got those as well.
Everything was fabulous, and made for the perfect party. The real tea set made the table look so fancy.
 Everyone loved it.
The hats were so glamorous and fun. I probably loved them more than the kids.
But maybe not, because everyone loved them.
Of course everyone looked so fancy that that some guests wanted to change clothes before diffing into the yummy(but messy) ice cream bars, which are after-all the star of the party.
The bars taste incredible. Since they were only snack size, mommy broke her diet to have one. The English Toffee are divine. They are even made with Low Fat ice cream, which I love. They taste just as good and are better for you(although not truly diet because of the decadent chocolate).

The party was a huge success, and better yet, I found a delicious and sensible treat that the whole family(and all the guests) fell in love with.

I even got coupons to send the guests home with so they could save a little money when they buy them(which they all were going to do anyway).
Since we still have the beautiful tea set and hats, it is only natural that we have to buy more Cadbury Ice Cream Bars and have another party very soon. Thank you to all my lovely guests for making the party so much fun, and to MomSelect and Cadbury for making this incredible party possible.

*I received the party materials at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Nutrisystem Week 25 Update

Hello again lovelies. I hope you all had a fantastic week. Once again, I am a day late to post this. I think Mondays must be too hectic. Maybe I will stick to Tuesdays from now on, but who knows with me. I never can make up my mind.

Well, almost never. One thing I have made my mind up about is how much I love Nutrisystem. Every week when I post these updates, and every day when I am enjoying great tasting, filling food that really does work for weight loss I am reminded of how much I love Nutrisystem.

In fact, I just finished up my breakfast, DELICIOUS Golden Waffles with Sugar Free Syrup. AMAZING!
The Golden Waffles are one of my most favorite foods on the program. Don't they look fabulous? They really are. They do not taste "Diet" at all, and they are the same size as 2 regular frozen waffles, so you are not sacrificing anything.

PLUS I also get a Power Fuel(protein) with breakfast, which can be 1 egg, some Fat Free yogurt, or one of numerous other foods. I usually go for my yummy Nutrisystem Refreshing Coffee Protein Shake, and today was not exception.

In a couple hours I get a morning snack, then lunch, hen an afternoon snack, Dinner and then dessert. Sounds like a lot of food, right? It is. Not too much, but enough to be satisfied and never feel hungry or deprived. That is the main reason that Nutrisystem works so well, because you are losing for the long term.

Other plans starve you thin, but as soon as you begin to eat normally(even healthy foods in normal portions) you will gain it all back. That is not only pointless, it is unhealthy.

I much prefer eating my way thin and keeping the weight off by re-learning how to eat. Nutrisystem, thankfully, has taught me that.

Along with the mental victories come the scale and clothing victories, which I love just as much. This week I lost another...

1.8 POUNDS and 1/2 INCH!!

That brings my 25 week total to a staggering...  

52.8 POUNDS and 25 INCHES!!

Every single week I get closer and closer to my overall goal. No matter how small the progress might be, it is always progress, and I owe it all to Nutrisystem. Nothing else ever worked for me. I am so glad I gave myself the chance to succeed with Nutrisystem.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

*Although I am receiving the Nutrisystem program at no cost in return for honest reviews, all opinions and results are 100% my own.*

Monday, July 29, 2013

Genie Bra, Cami Shaper and Slim & Tone Leggings Review!!

I know that many of you have been following my weight loss journey over the past 6 months. I have made some good progress, and I am very happy with what I have been able to achieve so far. however, I do have a long way to go to be where I want to be.

I have about 15 pounds of weight that I want to get rid of, but that is not even my biggest issue anymore. The main problem I have now comes from the fact that I lost the weight through diet pretty much exclusively. Since I did not work out to take it off, I have not toned up along with dropping pounds, and now I am paying for it every time I look in the mirror. I have lumps and bumps and rolls, it is a train wreck.

These issues created a great need to items that make me look more tone. Naturally, I thought of shapewear, but there are so many options, it is overwhelming. Thankfully, I discovered Genie Brand.
It all started when I first saw Genie Bra. Since I lost weight and size all over(including my bust), All of my old bras are way too large now, which completely defeats their purpose. Normally, I only wear underwire bras. In fact, I did not even own any bras that were not underwire. And I certainly never wore sports bras or anything, but when I saw the commercials for Genie Bra, it just looked so amazing that I had to try it.

Not only does Genie Bra offer support, it offers comfort, and even eliminates back bulge than many bras often create. That is such a huge benefit. Although I am not nearly as bulgy as I previously was, you don't really have to be to get back bulge. The wrong bra can give it to almost anyone. And it is not attractive on anybody.

Not only that but Genie Bra is actually pretty darn cute for being more of a Sports Bra style. Most bras like that are hideous. These come in pretty neutrals and even super fun bright colors(perfect for Summer).
I love how stylish these are. I would not be embarrassed at all for my hubby to see me in these super cute bras like I would be with most other comfortable bras.

I love that I get the support I need without being impaled by wires, ribbed raw by sharp clasps, dealing with digging or falling straps or any of the other terrible torture tactics inflicted by most bras. Better still, with the Genie Bra I am not flattened, squished or given the dreaded uni-boob that most sports style bras create.

They even look great under my clothes even when you can see it. Unlike seeing traditional bra straps, which could look a little trashy, the Genie Bra looks like having a tank top or something under your clothes. Much more stylish and demure.
And as fabulous as the bras are, I am even more in love with the Cami Shaper and the Slim and Tone Leggings. I can totally use the lump smoothing qualities they provide. Anything to smooth, flatten and hide my imperfections is a winner in my book, and these certainly rise to the challenge.

I love that the Cami Shaper looks like a tank top instead of looking like a body shaper. That makes it much less embarrassing if someone sees it. It is a huge help at hiding my mommy pouch that has never gone away after my 2 kids were born. I despise that, and feel so much better about myself when I know it is in check thanks to Cami Shaper.
Before I found the Slim and Tone Leggings, I NEVER wore leggings. Before I lost the weight, there was no way I would even let anyone see my hideous legs, but even now, they are not what I would like them to be, and I feel totally self conscious. I don't want to giggle or look lumpy or have any other unsightly trait exposed.

The Slim and Tone Leggings are miracle workers. They seamlessly(no seams) smooth and lift everything, the eliminate the look of any flaws while providing the opaque coverage you need. Even better, they have a very high compressing waistband to help hide bulging bellies and back rolls too. Talk about an all-in-one body fixer. They are fabulous.
I really love how great the Slim & Tone Leggings and the Cami Shaper work together. They are unstoppable.
And of course, since they are made to wear with regular clothes, they look so much better that way. I love the pop of color that this fabulous orange Cami Shaper adds to my look. I rarely wear bright colors, but this makes it perfect to brighten my dark wardrobe without making a drastic change.
The best part(well one of the many) is that they are not only comfortable in terms of fit and feel, but in terms of coolness. It get VERY hot in Florida during the summer(and spring and even fall). making it torturous to wear too many layers or anything to clingy or thick. Somehow, Genie products let your skin breathe to prevent melting in hot weather.

All in all, I am completely in love with Genie brand products. I need to get more so I can wear them every day. I am totally hooked.

Of course Genie products are not a real genie, and they could never make me look like a supermodel, but they do make me look as good as I possible can with what the good Lord gave me, and that is all I could ever ask from any product. These do what they are supposed to, and they do it better than any other products I have tried. I recommend them to any woman. You have to try these.

With back to school on the horizon, Genie products are a must have for high school or college students. Even junior high(middle school) girls would love these. I remember my middle school days, and I needed all the help I could get.

The self confidence these give alone would make them a must on every back to school shopping list. The comfort and style are just a bonus.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 24 Update

Hello everyone, it's that time again. Time for my weekly Nutrisystem update. I am sorry it's a day later than I usually post, but with my son's birthday on Saturday and celebrating all week, I have been extremely busy.

It has been an eventful week. I am not ashamed to say that this week I strayed from the program. We visited some theme parks and things for my son's birthday, and since it is very rare we go anywhere like that, I decided that I wanted to take part just like the rest of the family, so I indulged in some of the food there.

While I did eat some treats and not so diet foods, and I did not restrict myself, I was still very good on my portions. After being on the program for so long, I am used to eating the correct amounts, so I did not feel the need to gorge myself just because I can.

Basically, I cheated each day for 4 days straight, and then I got right back on track. It was not hard at all. I never felt like I had failed on my plan in any way, and I did not feel deprived by getting back to my Nutrisystem routine.

In fact, I am proud of myself for knowing my limits, for still being smart while indulging, and for being able to take a diet break without breaking my diet(if that makes sense).

Not only did I not lose focus or gain any of the weight back, I continued to lose. I think that the change might have even surprised my metabolism and made it kick it up a notch.

Since I have only 4 weeks left on the Nutrisystem program, it was very important for me to be able to be in the real(non diet) world once in awhile and handle it accordingly. I feel that I did an excellent job, and I have more confidence than ever in my ability to make this a permanent change.

Nutrisystem is more than a diet, it is a way of life. Nutrisystem is the first program I have tried that has actually worked(for me), and it is the first one to teach me a new way to live every day. That is why it works so well.

Nutrisystem is real food, real portions, really fast, really easy and really tasty, and really healthy. Some diets just starve the weight off for awhile, and when you eat normally again, you gain it all back. That is not healthy and it is not a smart way to really make a change in your weight.

Nutrisystem gives you everything you need while you are on the program, and all the knowledge you need for the rest of your life.

Now that I am back to business, I am eating so well. I get three delicious meals(to which I can add unlimited veggies), two add-in snacks(Smart Carbs and Power Fuels) and a fabulous dessert every single day.

I am about to eat my dinner which will be Turkey with Stuffing and Gravy. I am adding a side of steamed carrots. I will follow that with dessert, a delicious Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It is that delicious.

But with any weight loss plan, it is all about the results, and Nutrisystem delivers. This week, even with the splurging, my total progress is still growing.

I lost another...

.8 Pounds and and 1/4 inch!

That raises my 24 week total to...

51 Pounds and 24 1/2 inches!!

I love this program so much. This is the best thing I have ever done to better myself, and I feel great. So glad I gave Nutrisystem a chance.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting
*Although I am receiving the Nutrisystem program at no cost in return for honest reviews, all opinions and results are 100% my own.*

Chuck E. Cheese Celebration!

If you have been reading my last few posts, then you already know that my wonderful son just turned 6 years old. You would also know that this was no ordinary birthday. My son is extra special, because of his autism and because of his awesome personality.

The autism though, affects his social skills. In the past, it caused him to become very upset during happy moments. If he got too excited, he would end up being overstimulated and getting very stressed to he point of crying.

I  hate to see my little man even slightly upset, so needless to say, this was a very hard thing for me. I always wanted to celebrate and do fun things for him, but I was worried that I could make him feel worse trying to make him happy than if I had done nothing. It is a terrible predicament.

Thankfully, he is making incredible progress every single day. I am perpetually amazed by all of his accomplishments, and I am so proud of how far he has come already. When he was first diagnosed, he did not speak a word. Now he can say read, spell, write and type almost anything.

The only place his words are lacking is in spontaneous conversation(small talk, chit chat, in depth conversation). He is a computer and math wiz, and can do just about anything he tries to do. His social and coping skills have increased exponentially.

He has made such outstanding progress, that I wanted to do something extra special to show how proud we all are of him, and to show him that he is becoming a "big boy". I decided he should finally be ready for a real party(he has never had one because of his predisposition to over-stimulation).

Since he has missed out on 5 years of birthday parties, I wanted to make his first official party epic. Nothing too intense of course, but as fun-filled as possible. I decided one day was not enough, so we hit a couple theme parks before his birthday, spent the day of his birthday at home for a quite day(like every year prior) with cake and presents, and decided the day after his birthday would be his birthday blowout.

We had stage on of the party at Build-A-Bear workshop. I knew we would be hungry after that, so instead of doing something at home, or going to a boring old restaurant, I decided to make the second part of the party unforgettable, by having it be food, fun, games, and gifts all in one.

There is only one place I could think of that could fill such a tall order. Chuck E. Cheese stands alone as the ultimate celebration place.

I remember going there when I was a kid, and it was always my favorite place to be. I loved the food, the rides, the games, and the prizes. Even the atmosphere was awesome, tons of kids all there to have fun, it was awesome. I knew that my son would love it(I just hoped not so much that it upset him).

I had not been to a Chuck E. Cheese for about 20 years, so I had no idea exactly what to expect now, but I knew it would be great(which is why it lasted over 20 years).

It was even more awesome than I remembered. There is so much to do.
There is something for everyone and then some. There are ride-ons for small kids, my son even ride one. And some easy games that are low to the ground for kids(like a ball pop one, that my son LOVED, even my 20 month old could "play" it).

There was a small basketball shooting game that son did very well on. My daughter enjoyed handing him the balls as they came out each time. There is ski-ball, which has always been one of my favorites. My son had a little trouble tossing the ball hard enough without hitting the glass, and I was so busy with the kids that I could not play it either, but hubby did a couple games.

There are arcade type games, which were awesome for my sister and some for the other teenage guests. The single game that I think was played the most was the token push game where you insert a token that gets flung into the pile of tokens that has little pushers constantly pushing.

The objective is to push the tokens over the edge. It is totally addictive. My son and I loved it, and my daughter loved pulling off all the tickets ans they came flooding out(we earned a lot of tickets on that game) That was my daughter's favorite thing of the day I think, besides the food.

I love that all the games are only 1 token each so you don't go broke buying tokens. Tokens cost only 25 cent each(or even less when buying them in bundles). There is even a slide and tunnel area for the kids, which does not even require tokens, so if they run out, they do not have to sit like a bump on a log, they can still have a blast.

As much as there is to do, you would thin it is only about the awesome games, but you cannot forget about the incredible food.

After you order, you just place your number on the little holder on your table, and the food it brought right to you. It is so fast. Way faster than I imagined, especially with how many people were there. The food was hot and super fresh. The quality was fantastic. We got 4 kinds of pizza, Cheesy Bread and a chicken nuggets meal(for the birthday boy), and it was all there in about 10-15 minutes.

Everything tasted wonderful, all the guests though so, especially my daughter who ate a lot. Naturally, the kids wanted to be up with the games so much I only got a few bites while we were there. I tore into the leftovers on the way home though, and even cold it was amazing).

The atmosphere was crazy fun. The place was packed. There was another birthday party(a 6 year old girl), and like every table was filled. Even with all the people, neither of my kiddos got upset. That is like a miracle, because of my son's prior reactions in that kind of commotion, and my daughter's fear of strangers(even distant family, but adults mostly) and noise. I guess their excitement overcame the potentially frightening aspects.

The only "problem" I experienced having so many people is that I was having a hard time trying to keep up with both kiddos, and I was afraid of losing one, which made it like impossible to lug around my DSLR camera and get all the pics I wanted to take.

Thankfully, I did not end up losing anyone(but I did miss out on getting any pictures of them playing games). What is awesome though, is that even had I "lost" one of the kids, I would not have to worry that they got outside without me(alone or taken) because of the awesome Kid Check program the Chuck E. Cheese has.

Upon arriving, every family(or group, etc) is given an invisible stamp with a specific number, and when it's time to leave, the numbers are verified with a special light to make sure they match. No kid can get out alone, and no adult can take a child whose number does not match. It is such a great system. It really takes a lot of burden off your mind, and I wish more places had something like this.

When it was time to go, we paced out leftovers in the to-go containers that are conveniently available near the garbage cans s you do not have to ask or wait for them.

As if the games, rides, play area, food, and fun were not fabulous enough, you also get to cash in all the tickets you earn for awesome prizes.

We took our tickets to the ticket muncher for them to be counted. Both kids loved this just as much as the games. They got so excited seeing the tickets get munched up, and my son loved watching the number on the counter get higher.
After filling up on tickets, the machine gives you a receipt to redeem for your prizes.
There are so many cool things to pick from.
What is really cool is that if you don't have enough tickets for what you want, you can pay to upgrade your prize. 1 ticket equals 1 cent toward the prize(and vice verse). So the prize my son wanted was $9.99 and with some bonus tickets we got, we had about 750, so I paid the $2 and change balance and he was able to get the awesome ball he wanted. 
He loves his prize, and as much as he would have liked it no matter how he got it, the fact that he earned the tickets to get it made him so proud that it is even more special to him than had he got it another way.

We all had so much fun. We will need to make this a more regular thing(It's kind of a long drive, but it's so worth it). I know it is going to be expected(and happily obliged) every single birthday from now on, but I think we need to go more often than that. 

This was a magical and unforgettable day. I know it will be a fond memory for my kids that should last into adulthood(as my childhood Chuck E. Cheese memories have). And this is only the first of many memorable days we will have at Chuck E. Cheese.

If you are planning a party, there is no better place for food and fun (for any age than Chuck E. Cheese. Weather it be a birthday, a graduation day, or a Tuesday, no reason is too big or too small to be celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese.

*Although I received cards to purchase food, drink and tokens to facilitate a review(as well as purchased items myself), all opinions are 100% my own*