Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Wishes - Dyson V6 Absolute Review + Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

Santa Clause is on his way. We have been preparing for weeks. We have been decorating and baking cookies. The kids have been making wish lists and writing letters to Santa. The stockings are hung. We are certainly ready for Santa's arrival, and our home is almost ready.

Of course, I do not wish to welcome Santa or any of my other holiday visitors into a dirty home. I have been doing a lot of cleaning lately, to clear out my kids' old toys and make room for all the new ones on the way. On top of that is all the every day messes and of course the added messes that the holidays bring, like fallen evergreen needles, glitter falling from ornaments, flour & sugar from holiday baking and more.

Thankfully, I have not had to handle all of that on my own. Santa's not the only one with a little helper. With the Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless by my side, holiday messes are history. I love being able to focus on the memories, not the messes.

The V6 Absolute is amazing. With messes happening so frequently, I hate pulling out a big, bulky corded vacuum. In the past, though, a cordless did not have the power I needed to clean thoroughly. A cordless vacuum is only convenient if it actually gets the job - the whole job - done.

I have always known tat Dyson was a superior brand of vacuum, but I was still a bit unsure if the 6V Absolute would be able to handle all our messes as completely as a corded vacuum, but not only did it keep up, it blows our other vacuum out of the water.

The V6 Absolute works seamlessly on carpets and hard floors, but it does so much more than that. From superior suction on floors, to precision pickup in corners with the crevice tool. The V6 Absolute offers huge suction in small spaces, with attachments like the mini motorized tool, which is great for furniture. My couches love it. The crevice tool is great for between cushions too. Mine are attached, but still have an indent between them, so they collect everything.

The combination accessory tool is great on windowsills and for things like counter tops. The mini soft dusting brush s great for cleaning dust of ceiling fans and even works to clean computer keyboards and such. Of course, the extension pole also comes off to make a mini handheld vacuum with all the power of  the full sized cordless. That is great for stairs, the car, and getting underneath furniture, like beds and couches.

The V6 Absolute is just so versatile. It cleans everything I need it to and more. It runs for 20 minutes on a full charge, which is plenty of time since it pick up the mess on the first pass. It is bag-less and is so easy to empty. You just push a button, so you never have to fumble with touching the dirt. It even has a docking station, which is not only convenient, it saves a lot of space, which is crucial to me.

The Dyson V6 Absolute is not just the gift of a clean home from top to bottom. It is the gift of time (since cleaning up will be so much faster), of stress relief (when the messes are gone [quickly], so is the stress.) It is the gift of a healthier home, no more breathing in dust or dirt, the whole machine HEPA filtration really makes a difference.

It is such a cliche to say that cleaning products make a bad gift. Even if that were true, the V6 Absolute is so much more than a cleaning product. The fact that you care enough to make their obligations easier, leaving them more time for the more important things in life, is pretty thoughtful in my opinion. I would be thrilled to get the V6 Absolute as a gift, and anyone who wouldn't be grateful doesn't deserve a gift that nice anyway.

I wish I was able to give away one of these amazing vacuums so you could see how amazing they are. Unfortunately this is the one review I don't have a giveaway item for. Not to worry, though, I have decided to offer up a $50 Walmart gift card for the giveaway. You can use it toward the purchase of the Dyson V6 Absolute or whatever else you wish. Enter below for your chance to win.

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*Although I received the Dyson V6 Absolute at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Wishes - elo My Storytime Pillow Review and GIVEAWAY!

The holidays are nearly here. Your little ones are sure to be dreaming of sugarplums and a visit from Santa. Of course they can only dream after they have fallen asleep, which at times is quite impossible to achieve, especially with the holiday excitement.

My little ones do not specifically protest bedtime like some kids do. They are usually ready to start the process as soon as I say so, but it's the process that takes a long time, especially when we get to story time. My kids love stories, and being so far apart in age/maturity as well as opposite genders, they usually want different stories, at the same time.

Obviously that is quite impossible. My son is 8 and, although he has autism, is incredible intelligent. He can read to himself on at least a 5th grade level (he is in 3rd grade), but he still prefers to be read to. A love of literature is something to be treasured, so I always want to encourage that as much as I can.

I hate not being able to read to them both at once unless I read the same story. I am so glad that I discovered a solution to that problem. A fabulous, cuddly, soft, comforting, reading solution. The elo My Sotrytime Pillow is exactly what I needed.

Of course, I still want to read to my kids myself to bond and spend time with them, but elo makes it much easier for kids to be patient. Now, while one kid is waiting, elo can tell them a story too, so they are not feeling bored or left out while I am busy with the other child. There is much less fighting over me, but of course, now they both want elo.

I will just get a second one, though, and then things will be very happy around here. Then they can have all the stories they want, they can keep listening until they fall asleep. And to ensure they won't play(not that they would), Elo Pillow only reads if the child is lying on it.

This is such an amazing product. I wish that this had been a round sooner, but I am so thrilled to have a reading helper that my kids love so much. A love of reading is priceless and the gift of elo is like the gift that keeps on giving. I think every child should have one.

While I can't give one to every child, elo has been generous enough to offer an elo My Storytime Pillow to one very lucky reader. Enter via the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this incredible prize. Good luck.

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*Although I received an Elo Pillow at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Wishes - Society6 Review Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Do you have an art lover on your shopping list this year? If so, Society6 has you covered. In fact even if they are not already supper interested in art, the amazing products from Society6 will change that. Take me for example, I appreciate art, but I have never really desired to have art in display in my home. I think that is because alot of art is personal to the creator, but not necessarily personal to me.

That is why I fell so in love with Society6. Thousands of artists have their work for sale on there. The art work can be placed on traditional art prints, but also on clocks, pillows, blankets, phone cases, shower curtains, leggings and so much more. That alone make the art more accessible.

What really speaks to me about the artwork on Society6 is that a great portion of it is fan art. There are many artistic interpretations of all the pop culture stuff I love. It may seem kind of superficial to say that I prefer art based on a TV show or movie, but in reality it is because I have connected so deeply with those stories and characters that they truly speak to me.

Because there are so many designs created by thousands of artists, it is easy to find a piece that you will love, but it is incredibly difficult to choose only one. I could literally purchase hundreds of pieces and still want more. If only a had a bigger house.

As it stands, I recently acquired two incredible pieces and I am so in love with them. I chose to pick artwork created in honor of Breaking Bad. While the show is great entertainment, and often sets an example of how a person shouldn't act, it is still very personal to me. Jesse's character is especially relate-able to me.

He has made a lot of mistakes. He ends up making friends with someone who seemed to be a role model and the person ended up leading him down a much worse path. He has suffered extreme heartbreak in the deaths of people close to him and being shunned by his parents. He tries to better his life and gets pulled back down by other people who don't want him to. Even in the end, he overcomes a horrible situation, but does not live happily ever after.

It is so much like real life. It is not a fairy tale. Life is hard. Even when you try to do good, bad things happen and bad people come after you. Your actions have consequences.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do to change your situation, even when you're trying. To me, it is just so real.

Anyway, having such amazing artwork that represents a story that may be fictional but is so really to me is wonderful. It makes me so happy every time I see the pieces and anyone who knows the show loves them. I get tons of comments from visitors about how amazing they are. I chose a Framed Art Print and a Wall Clock and they look perfect in our living room.

I was amazed at how great they look in person. Even my 4 year old was impressed. She called the art print "beautiful" and gave it a kiss.

Not only does Society6 have a great selection of products and a huge catalog of artwork, but each time you purchase an artist's work, that artist gets paid for it. I have no artistic ability, but I know how important it is not not only get credit for your work (which they do, their name is on all of their pieces), but to also be compensated for it. That just makes me so happy. I love knowing that I am helping a smaller artist make some money and gain a little more appreciation for their hard work.

If you are shopping for an art lover or almost any pop culture fan, I think you must check out Society6. Star Wars for example is so huge right now. Well, Society6 has thousands of Star Wars themed works of art just waiting to be discovered. One of a kind designs, some are more traditional to the style of the movies, some are abstract. There is something for everyone and more.

I could honestly find a fabulous piece from Society6 for every single person on my list. I bet almost anyone could.

While I am, unfortunately, not giving away anything from Society6, I was able to get a $100 credit good for any art print at Saatachi (their sister company.) They also offered a 10% off code for everyone. GIVEART10 will take 10% off originals through 12/31/15. Enter below for your chance to win the $100 credit. Good luck.

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*Although I received this artwork at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Wishes - iCoffee Opus Review and GIVEAWAY!

December is always my busiest month of the year. I have to finish up the holiday shopping, plan for family gatherings, clear out my kids' old toys to make room for the new ones. There are school functions and parades and presents to wrap, cookies to bake and much more. Not to mention the kids get out of school about half way through the month.

Needless to say, most days I am running on prayers and coffee. I drink a lot of coffee and I often need it at a moment's notice. I usually rely on k-cups to get my caffeine fix fast, but I don't want to sacrifice quality for convenience.

With the iCoffee Opus Single Serve Brewer, I get exactly what I need. I get a super fast cup of coffee that tastes incredible. Not only does the iCoffee Opus use their exclusive SpinBrew™ technology that steams and stirs the coffee to eliminate acidity and any bitter aftertaste, but it also allows me to customize my brew to the strength and volume I need. Since I almost exclusively drink iced coffee, that is very important to me.

Usually when I use a single serve cup to brew my iced coffee, it ends up getting too watery. That is because my Keurig only brews 6, 8 or 10oz cups but the coffee is always the same amount. The iCoffee Opus has a unique Dial-A-Brew feature that allows it to brew any size from 4-12oz in .5oz increments with a simple turn of a nob.

The 4oz brew is perfect for my iced coffee. It allows for more concentrated flavor that is perfect when cream and ice (and Splenda) are added. Watery iced coffee is basically the worst thing ever, so I am so in love with the Opus for this reason alone.

However, as I briefly touched on above, the SpinBrew™ technology also puts the iCoffee Opus in a league of its own. Steaming the coffee extracts all of the incredible flavor while leaving behind the acidity that can cause bitterness. Bitter coffee is also the worst thing ever.

The iCoffee Opus works with any k-style cups on the market including  K-Cup®, OneCup™, and RealCup™ plus every private label brand. It also includes an iCup reusable cup to use with any ground coffee you like. Most brewers don't offer that at all, or only do as a separate purchase. I love never having to limit the coffee I buy.

Every type of coffee tastes better when made in the Opus. The steam brewing really makes a huge difference. I literally never knew how "bad" some brews really are until I tried the same thing prepared in the Opus. It is like going from hamburger to prime rib.

I can't wait to impress all my holiday guests with the iCoffee Opus. Coffee and dessert has never been so customized. In fact, I wish I could let all of you try an amazing iCoffee beverage. While I obviously can't do that, iCoffee has been generous enough to offer up an iCoffee Opus to give away to one very lucky winner. Enter below for your chance to win this fabulous prize.

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*Although I received the Shark Rocket Powerhead at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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Christmas Wishes - Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt 1/2 in. Lithium-Ion Drill Kit Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the special man on your list? That is me every year. I know what my husband loves. The problem is that I know too well. The past few years I have found so many sports fan items, boots, colognes and the like that I knew he would love, and I proceeded to buy them all.

That may sound great, but now that he has all of that stuff, it would be silly to get him more of the same, which basically meant I had to start from scratch and find new things that he would like. Since that is pretty much the only categories he shoes any interest in, it means I actually have to know what he would like, even when he doesn't.

My husband is not really the "Mr. Fix it" type of guy, so I have always hesitated to get him a lot of tools. I actually usually do most of the assembling of toys, storage units, etc. for our household, so I was worried they would be a poor gift for him.

Occasionally though, there will be a job that I am not very good at and need his help with or something that he decides he wants to do on his own. In those cases, he is stuck using the very limited collection of manual tools we own(hammer, screwdriver and wrench), which makes it extremely difficult.

I figured that having at least one power tool could only be helpful, and figured he would appreciate not having to work as hard to accomplish tasks that should be simple. Since it was a gift(and even if it wasn't) I wanted to make sure I got him the best quality available. I chose Ryobi since it is a brand I trust implicitly.

I chose the Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt 1/2 in. Lithium-Ion Drill Kit with 2 Batteries. It is the kit to start out with. The kit includes the 18-Volt ONE+ 1/2 in. Cordless Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver, two 18V ONE+™ Compact Lithium-Ion Batteries, charger and storage bag.

I had planned to save it for Christmas, but just as I mentioned, one of those times came up again, where he needed a tool. I figured it would be an even better gift to make the job easier for him now, when he really needed it, so I gave it to him. He LOVED it. I never thought he would be so excited about a tool.

I knew this was the perfect choice for him because it is not only a drill, but essentially a power screwdriver, which will be what he gets the most use out of. We screw all the time, so it's a no-brainier. Like I said. He was thrilled to have something to make his work away from work a little easier.

He needed to add support brackets to our wooden shed, and nails proved to be a pain and a manual screwdriver would have been a torturous ordeal, but with the Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill, it was a speedy and effortless task.

He said thank you for the drill about 6 times, which was shocking since I was initially worried he would not even like it. I am so glad I trusted my instinct and got him something that would be practical, because it ended up being one of his favorite gifts I've gotten him(and I've gotten him some really nice things).

For those that know a lot about tools and want to know the specifications, the drill includes a 1/2 inch heavy-duty single sleeve, keyless chuck with a 24 position clutch, exclusive MagTray and on-board bit storage, which allow convenient placement of bits and screws. 

The best feature, in my opinion, is that  all 18-Volt One+ batteries work in every Ryobi 18-Volt One+ tool ever made. That is wonderful because after how happy he was with this drill kit, I plan to get more Ryobi One+ tools for my husband. As his collection grows, all his tools will be able to share batteries, so nothing will ever be uncharged.

If you are trying to find a great gift for the handyman or not-so-handy man in your life, the Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt 1/2 in. Lithium-Ion Drill Kit would be a great choice. It makes such a great gift that Ryobi has generously offered to host a giveaway for you all. One lucky winner will receive this amazing Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt 1/2 in. Lithium-Ion Drill Kit.

Enter below for your chance to win this fantastic prize, and be sure to enter all the other fabulous Christmas Wishes giveaways HERE. There are thousands of dollars in prizes to be one from 10 different blogs.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Wishes - Shark Rocket Powerhead Review and GIVEAWAY!

The holidays are here. It's time to deck the halls. As much fun as the decorating is, we cannot how important it is to also clean the floors. Of course that is not as glamorous as hanging lights and stringing popcorn, but it is even more vital.

From fallen tinsel to evergreen needle to gingerbread crumbs and more, holiday fun can quickly turn into a Ho Ho HOrrible mess. The added mess along with the extra 10 things added to your daily to-do list can make for a not so joyful time. At least it could if the Shark Rocket Powerhead did not make holiday messes into holiday memories incredibly fast.

Remember when there was flour all over the floor from the cookies you let the kids help you with? Well you can easily forget the mess, the Shark Rocket Powerhead has already made it disappear. The memories of baking and bonding aren't going anywhere though.

The Shark Rocket Powerhead is so powerful. It proves that a vacuum does not need to be big, bulky or heavy to get the job done right. The Rocket Powerhead offers deep carpet cleaning. With fingertip controls on the handle, you can easily take it from carpet to hard floors and back and always get a thorough clean.

The adjustable telescopic wand ensure ideal comfort for all users and makes it even more storage friendly. With very limited space in our home, every bit of space is important, so I love the small footprint this leaves in that respect. Of course since it is also so light, you can store it almost anywhere, because taking it out will not be difficult at all.

I really love the unique pop up dust bin. All it takes is a tap of the quick release foot pedal to access the bin and the press of a button to empty it. It could only be easier if the vacuum walked to the trash for you. It's in cases like this that simplicity can be the biggest luxury.

What I really love is that the brush roller is removable. Not only that but you can even rinse it off. That is a huge perk for me. A dirty roller really degrades the cleaning quality, so I love being able to thoroughly clean my roller. not only that but there is even a separate gentle touch hard floor brush roller. And there is even an optional on-board brush roller holder.

Not only is the Shark Rocket Powerhead an essential for holiday prep (a clean home is the best decoration), but it would make a fantastic gift, especially for any moms and/or pet owners on your list. Everyone wants to spend less time dealing with messes and have more time for enjoying all the better things.

I know, people think a vacuum is a bad gift. I have seen it portrayed on so many many shows, gifting a cleaning supply is like asking to sleep on the couch, but that is ridiculous. Anyone would be thrilled to have a vacuum as awesome as this. And anyone who would get mad at such a thoughtful gift deserves coal and nothing more.

Shark knows just how generous it is to gift the Shark Rocket Powerhead. That is why they have been kind enough to give one away to a very lucky winner. Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this fantastic prize.

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*Although I received the Shark Rocket Powerhead at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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Christmas Wishes - Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Pro Compact Review and GIVEAWAY!

I love the holidays! I don't really want for much of anything, so receiving is not really important to me at all. I do love to give though. I love to put thought into getting something to show my family and friends just how well I know them and how much I care about them. It's fun to shop for things you don't normally get to buy.

I especially love the family togetherness and all the fabulous holiday food and drink. I love to entertain, but most of the family is not local, so we only get to do it around the holidays. When I entertain, I make the most of it.

I am always looking for the perfect recipe or an improved presentation, and any tools that can take my celebrations to the next level. This year is shaping up to be my best one yet. That is because this year I have the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Pro Compact Blender System.

Now I will not only be more efficient, my recipes will all turn out better than they used to. As someone who not only wants to impress my guests, but also loves food and wants the very best to enjoy myself, great results are very important. That is why the Auto-IQ technology and Smooth Boost are such a great features. No guessing, just perfect results every time.

This system will help me create so many delicious concoctions. Not only will I be able to make cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies, juices and frozen coffee drinks, but I can make dough  for fantastic cookies and breads. I can make ice creams and dairy free frozen desserts (like banana soft serve and almond milk delight.)

With the Nutri Ninja system I can also make more savory offerings like soups (I made the most divine butternut squash soup), salsa, hummus, guacamole and more. Since this system chops too, I can save tons of time. Chopping by hand takes so long and gives me hand cramps.

I love that I can use the Blend and Prep Bowl to make drinks for several people at once, or I can use the 24 oz. stainless steel cup or one of the two 24 oz. Tritan™ cups to make a serving for just one person. That way everyone can get exactly what they want. That is perfect for me when I am not entertaining too, I can blend and drink from the same container. Less dishes to wash is ALWAYS a perk.

Best of all, the Nutri ninja Pro Compact with Auto-IQ is not just great for entertaining, it will be great for almost daily uses all year round. When I actually get back on my healthy eating plan (in the new year probably, I love holiday goodies too much), this will be wonderful for healthy smoothies and juices and protein shakes. I can make veggie soups and healthy home made hummus and healthy veggie sauces.

The Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ blending system would make a fantastic gift for any chef or cooking enthusiast,  anyone looking to eat healthier and make more things at home (like affordable green tea fraps without the artificial ingredients, which are to die for by the way.) It would be a great gift for parents of a baby or young child for making fresh baby food, apple sauce and more.

It would be great for the cocktail lovers and hostess. Honestly, almost anyone could benefit from this Nutri Ninja system, even if they never though they needed it. There are so many ways for this system to save time, energy and money.

Thanks to Ninja's generosity, one lucky winner will get to see just how great this system really is. Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this fabulous prize. Good luck.

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*Although I received the Nutri Ninja at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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Christmas Wishes - Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Review & GIVEAWAY!!

The holidays are almost here, it's time to jump in. Does jumping seem a bit overzealous? Perhaps you're more laid back and would prefer to slide into the holidays instead. Or maybe you are even more enthusiastic an would rather take things by the the Blast Zone Misty Kingdom ball bit that is.

You see, no matter what your personality, the Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer has you covered. If you prefer jumping, then the bouncer section has you covered. If you like to be surrounded by balls(who doesn't really?), the ball pit are is perfect for you. If you like sliding, there is fabulous slide for you. If you like it wet, the Misty Kingdom can get wet. This wet/dry inflatable combo does it all.

If you like to have the happiest kids you have ever seen, the Misty Kingdom can deliver. Any kid who wakes up to the Misty Kingdom on Christmas morning(or any other day), will probably wake any neighbor within ten miles with their cheers of joy, excitement and gratitude.

I know first had how much kids love Blast Zone inflatables. My kids have owned several, and even though they are not new to them anymore, they are still just as exciting as the very first day they played in one. I got the Misty Kingdom for my kiddos for Christmas this year. I know they are going to be thrilled.

I am upgrading from the Magic Castle Bounce House, which is incredible, it just does not have a slide or ball bit. My kids still love their Magic Castle though. It's their favorite outdoor activity. It leaves their trampoline in the dust.

As you can see, it is a blast.
I know that the Misty Kingdom will be an even bigger hit with the kids, and I cannot wait to see their faces when they go outside to find it waiting for them on Christmas morning. In fact, I bet my face will be pretty priceless too, as I watch them with a mixture of joy for their excitement and jealousy that I m too big to join the fun.

The novelty aspect of Blast Zone inflatables is pretty apparent. Obviously having your own person bouncer to make every day feel like a party is fantastic. However, if that was all it was, it would not make for a good product. Blast Zone products are not just bouncers, they are high quality bouncers, made by a company that truly cares for it's customers and firmly stands behind their products to guarantee your satisfaction.

With Blast Zone, you never have to worry that you will have a problem and be out of luck and have to take a loss. If anything should come up, Blast Zone has you covered. To me, that peace of mind is a gift in itself. My opinion has always been that a product is only as good as the service of the company who makes/sells it. By that logic, Blast Zone is still an incredible company.

If you are looking for an extravagant gift that is sure to be a dream come true to every child in your home(and all of their friends even), then the Misty Kingdom is the quintessential choice. It is the complete package. Boasting a bouncer, ball bit and slide(dry or water slide) and a splash pool.

The Misty Kingdom is made with commercial grade vinyl so the bounce and slide surfaces are built to last. The massive splash area along with climbing, bouncer, and slide structure can accommodate up to 6 children at one time with room to spare.

The Misty Kingdom inflates easily in only seconds with the included UL listed blower. Only your own hose and the water tube included are needed to get the splashing started, and the Misty Kingdom even minimizes water use with a built in flow restrictor. It even comes with the stakes, a carrying case and a patch kit, plus an instructional DVD.

While this is big fun for even the biggest of kids, it is created to be safe for even young children. The stay closed "door" on the bouncer ensures that a child will not fall through the opening. The small slide leading to the bounce area ensures easy entry and exit from the bouncer, for children of any size. Children can easily navigate from the bounce area to the bigger(water) slide safely.

There is no need to exit the bouncer area or climb from the ground. That not only keeps the bouncer cleaner since no dirt or grass will be tracked in, but it is safer because even if someone should take a little fall, the will land on the soft, bouncer surface instead of the ground.

Everything about the Misty Kingdom is designed to be fun and smart. I can't get enough of Blast Zone's inflatables, and neither can my kids. We are going to have the best, bounciest holiday yet thanks to the Misty Kingdom. If you are still shopping for a gift, you could make someones entire year by choosing the Misty Kingdom.

And speaking of making someone's year. Blast Zone has been so generous to offer a giveaway for a Misty Kingdom inflatable as well. One lucky reader will win this amazing all in one bounce extravaganza. Enter below for your chance to own this incredible item. Don't forget to enter all the other Christmas Wishes giveaways HERE as well. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Wishes - Teleflora Review and GIVEAWAY!

The holiday season is upon us. We are all shopping, planning, decorating, baking, volunteering, entertaining and so much more. It certainly is a beautifully hectic season. In fact, sometimes we can forget to stop and "smell the roses" so to speak. 

I am guilty of that all too often. I get caught up in looking ahead and forget to enjoy all the wonderful moments along the way. This week, however, I have quite literally stopped to smell the roses (and the chrysanthemums and the carnations.) I received a stunning Snoopy's Cookie Jar arrangement from Teleflora. 

It is actually sitting beside me on the table, and it smells divine. The colors are so pretty and are perfect for Christmas. I don't have a  lot of space in my house. In fact, currently, there is almost none. I have not even put up our tree due to the fact that I have no suitable spot for it. I have not decorated at all actually.

This arrangment just makes my home look so much more beautiful, it is so festive and fun while still being elegant. It just fills me with holiday spirit, which is something I really needed. The flowers are still just as fresh and gorgeous as the day they arrived and I wouldn't be surprised if they lasted another week.

Best of all, even when the flowers are gone, I will always have the adorable Snoopy cookie jar. I love Peanuts and Snoopy has been one of my favorite characters since I was very young. I love having such a sweet reminder of the simpler times of my childhood and to be able to share Peanuts with my children. 

I think it is so wonderful that Teleflora has partnered with Peanuts to create these fantastic arrangements. If there is anything better than fresh, fragrant, beautiful flowers it is flowers presented in a Peanuts Christmas arrangement. What a special gift.

What makes Teleflora arrangements stand out is their amazing quality, freshness and beauty. With unique themes and incredible vases and pieces(like this cookie jar or the peanuts mug, or ornament jar.) A gift from Teleflora is something that can always be cherished, in memory and in the wonderful keepsake that comes with it.

Our Snoopy cookie jar will now adorn our table every year. Every time we bring it out, it will be like the official start to the holidays. Holiday traditions are so important to us, and this cookie jar is so much more than a thing, it is an idea. It is joy and excitement, it is holiday spirit, it is family tradition.

I feel all that with just having received this arrangement for review. Imagine how special it will be coming from you to someone you love. While gifts can be an amazing gesture and it is always nice to pick out something meaningful, the true meaning comes from the heart of the giver. They will cherish the arrangement because it is from you and they will love it because it is from Teleflora. 

Best of all, Teleflora gifts can be ordered right from your home and sent to anyone in the US. It is so much more personal to be handed a lovely bouquet of fresh, beautiful flowers that to receive a cardboard box with a gift in it. Teleflora arrangements also make a fantastic hostess gift. And they are also a great way to make your home look stunning for any entertaining you may be doing.

There are not many gifts more versatile than an arrangement from Teleflora. Your loved ones are incredibly special, they deserve a gift that is just as unique, beautiful and full of life as they are. Teleflora has the perfect arrangement for everyone.

I wish I could give all of you one of these amazing arrangements. While I cannot do that, Teleflora has been generous enough to provide one lucky winner with their choice of any arrangement up to $69. Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this incredible prize.

And don't  forget to enter all the other incredible giveaways in the Christmas Wishes event HERE. Remember there are 10 of us and we will be listing new giveaways throughout the day through December 7th. There are thousands of dollars in prizes to be won. Good luck!

*Although I received this arrangement at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Christmas Wishes Blog Pop!

With the holidays on the horizon, many exciting things are happening. One of those things, of course, is the Christmas Wishes Blog Pop! Not only will we be rolling out tons of fabulous gift ideas, but you will also have the chance to win them all.

Keep an eye on this page, as the linky will automatically update to include all the new giveaways from myself and all the other amazing bloggers in this event. You can also visit my Christmas Wishes Blog Pop tab. There are thousands of dollars in prizes to be won and you won't want to miss any.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Wishes - Review & Giveaway!!

Christmas will be here in flash. I have been shopping like a madwoman for weeks, and I have gotten a bunch of great stuff for my kids and my husband, and most everyone else on my list. However there was one name I just could not cross off. I could not find anything to get my Mother-in-law.

Unlike a lot of people, I actually adore my mother-in-law, and she really likes me. We are not super close though, since she lives in New Jersey and has only visit Florida a few times. I mean, we are close in how we care for one another, but I do not know her well enough to knew her taste in gifts very well.

I wanted to get her something classy and elegant since his family has much more money than we do or I ever had. She already has nice things, I certainly don't want to get her something cheap, or that presents as a cheap gift. I don't want something impersonal and thoughtless like a gift card. I did not want to get her something she would hate because it would seem as if I don't care enough to know what to get.

It is actually quite stressful, and I was so worried I would have to settle for a fragrance or something of that nature, when I thought of the perfect thing. I got her a photo canvas for Mother's Day, and she loved it. I figured photo gifts are personal and tasteful, and it would be nice to do another.

I did not want to get another canvas though, and photo books require way too many photos, photo mugs and shirts and such are nice, but they just didn't feel special enough to me. So what is left? Well, I happened to discover is an online retailer that offers custom made jewelry, namely lockets and such. A locket on it's own is a lovely gift, and an engraved locket seemed incredibly special. A piece of jewelry created just for her, that seemed like a slam dunk.

Specifically, I chose the Build Your Own Sterling Silver 2-Picture Heart Locket. That locket is available in three sizes, and I chose the largest, which is 1 1/4" x 1 1/4". As the name states, it is made of stunning sterling silver.

It is so easy to add a personal message to the locket. You can choose a monogram, clipart or text. I decided to make this as if it was from our kids, her grand kids, because she loves them to pieces, and they adore her. I had it engraved it with "We love you grandma". You can even choose between block letters or script, I chose the script because I think it looks more sophisticated.

The personalization does not end there, however. Not even close. The next step is to choose the inside. You can leave it empty so the recipient can add their own photos or add a paper photo by uploading, emailing or mailing a photo. will print the photo to size and place it in the locket for you.

That alone would be pretty great, but you also have the option to engrave the inside, or to have your photo(s) laser etched into the metal. They can even still be done in color, which was astounding to me. Laser etched photos cannot fall out, fade or be effected by water, plus they are incredibly clear and crisp.

I added a photo of our son and one of our daughter, and I could tell the locket would be stunning as soon as I previewed it on the website. It was so stunning that I wanted one for myself as well.

I left the back blank because I did not want it to be too ornate and end up looking tacky, but you can have the back engraved as well if you wish.

As beautiful as this necklace looks online, I never imagined that it would be even more impressive in person. I literally gasped when I opened the box, because it was so breathtaking.

I know that she will love that gift, which is what matters most to me. I love it too though. I love that it is unique - one of a kind, in fact. I love that it is incredibly high quality. I love that the color laser photos are waterproof AND scratch-proof. I love the way it shines. I love the chain, I love everything about this locket.

If you are looking for a gift that is truly special, something that will not only be liked, but cherished, then the Build Your Own Sterling Silver 2-Picture Heart Locket is perfect!! I actually plan to get one for my daughter with pictures of her grandma and grandpa(hubby's side) in it. Of course I cannot exclude my son from such a special family keepsake. Thankfully, has Dog Tag Lockets too, so I will make him one with the same photos.

Of course they are both too young to treat them properly at present time, but I still plan to get them soon for the to see and know they own. My grandmother did that for me with a necklace when I was young. She told me I would get it when I was old enough, and they day she finally gave it to me, it was more special than it ever would have been had she given it to be that first time I saw it.

I can think of no more special gift than giving someone a piece of your heart, shaped like a hear to wear near their heart. I am so glad that I was able to find this incredible gift from, and I am more excited than my kids are for Christmas now, because the stress of finding the perfect gift is gone, and the anticipation of seeing her open this beautiful locket is building every day.

I hope you were able to find such a special gift for everyone on your list, but if you are still looking, you cannot go wrong with a locket(or other gift) from As a gift to all of you, has generously offered to give away a Build Your Own Sterling Silver 2-Picture Heart Locket to one very lucky winner. Enter below for your chance to win this fabulous prize.

Be sure to enter all the other Christmas Wishes giveaways HERE.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The fine print: All entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Please read each giveaway 's directions carefully as entry methods differ, and giveaways may be open to different world areas. Please make sure you leave a way (valid email address in form or comment) with your entries to be contacted if you win. Please note that Momma Told Me, Blog POP! or the Blog POP! bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. We have represented each sponsor with the expectation they will fulfill their prize and in a timely manner we will contact the sponsor regarding your prize(s). The sponsors, in most cases, are shipping their items to you directly and prizes will likely not arrive in time for the holidays due to event and giveaway timing. We will make every effort to help.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Wishes - Zipz Shoes Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Everyone likes to put their best foot forward, especially during the holidays where seems to be so much more going on. Luckily, there is one company that makes it insanely easy to always do just that. Zipz are a one of a kind line of footwear that takes fashion to the next step(pun intended).

It's always said that shoes are a girl's best friend, and of course that is usually true, but I know so many men that saying would apply to as well. In fact, my husband is a shoe connoisseur. He owns easily double the amount of shoes that I do, and I have quite a few.

Having a large selection of shoes is wonderful. It ensures that we will always have the perfect pair for any look and any occasion. It allows us to express ourselves with our favorite colors, styles and patterns. It just makes us happy. There is a downside though.

First, buying a new pair of shoes all the time can get expensive. Second, shoes need a place to be stored, and in our home, there is practically nowhere to keep them without it looking tacky. Our TV stand in our bedroom is actually housing shoes instead of the movies we previously kept there.

Amazing, Zipz solves both of those problems. If the name did not already give it away, Zipz shoes are just that zip-able. Still don't understand? The tops of the shoes zip off from the soles, so that you can use another top to create the look of a whole new pair.

I really love that I can change up the whole look in a quick Zip. I really love that since the soles stay the same and the tops are the same size/fit that I can actually wear 2 different tops at the same time if I want to. I have a bit of a crazy sense of style at times. I have always wanted to wear two different shoes at once, but since shoes are different heaths and such I was not able to wothout it effecting how I would walk.

Also, instead of paying for a whole new pair of shoes, you just have to buy the tops. That saves a lot of money. It makes a lot of sense too, because I find that the top of my shoes begins to look distressed and the soles are perfectly good. Now I don't have to throw out the whole pair just because the tops look rough.

The tops are much more compact that a full pair of shoes, so you can easily store 5 pairs of tops(or more) in the same amount of space as 1 pair of shoes. Space is a huge issue for us, so that really makes me happy, especially since I love to indulge my husband's shoe obsession, and always want to get him new pairs, like these amazing Zipz.

He loves his Zipz. Not only does he like the space saving and style changing features. He really loves the look of all of Zipz styles in general as more stylish than average shoes. He especially likes how the zipper looks like and embellishment to give the shoes more personality.

When either of us wear our Zipz, we always get tons of compliments and people asking us what kind of shoes we are and where we got them. Not that we base our fashion choices on the opinions of others, but it is really nice when people compliment you on something that you already love.

That's one of the best thing about Zipz, yeah they are practical, but they are also fun and incredibly unique, but like those that wear them, which is why they make such a wonderful gift. Zipz are all about all things fun and exciting, which is why there are hosting this fabulous giveaway.

One very lucky winner will receive a pair of Zipz of their very own. What better way to show their unique style? If you want to win this fantastic prize, enter below. Be sure to enter all the other Christmas Wishes giveaways HERE for other amazing prizes. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway THE FINE PRINT: All entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Please read each giveaway 's directions carefully as entry methods differ, and giveaways may be open to different world areas. Please make sure you leave a way (valid email address in form or comment) with your entries to be contacted if you win. Please note that Momma Told Me, Blog POP! or the Blog POP! bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. We have represented each sponsor with the expectation they will fulfill their prize and in a timely manner we will contact the sponsor regarding your prize(s). The sponsors, in most cases, are shipping their items to you directly and prizes will likely not arrive in time for the holidays due to event and giveaway timing. We will make every effort to assist you obtaining your prize should concerns arise after winner's notification. If there is an issue with a sponsor please notify the blog owner no sooner than 14 days from prize notification and no more than 6 weeks, for assistance, after that we may be unable to assist you.

Christmas Wishes - Casio CGP-700 Compact Grand Piano Giveaway!

I get to share a lot of great products with you all during the Christmas Wishes event, but this very well may be the best yet. This is an item that the whole family will love. It is fun, practical, stylish and, in a way, educational.

Introducing the Casio CGP-700 Compact Grand Piano. The name says it all, this is truly a Grand Piano, but Casio's amazing CGP-700 is compact and digital, so you save money, save space and get so much more than just a premium quality piano.

The CGP-700 boasts a 9-foot concert grand piano sound.  A meticulous recording session, with over two dozen microphones, ensured a dynamic and expressive concert grand piano that can be used in stereo or mono, and even includes damper resonance simulation.

Just like a grand piano, the keys have a heavier feel in the lower register, and a lighter feel up top, thanks to Casio's famous Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard. Even the surface of the keys feels natural, with the reproduced textures of both ebony and ivory.

The CGP-700 goes far beyond piano, with 550 different instrument tones. You'll find a variety of guitars, strings, basses, drums, synths, and more. There is also a powerful effects system with reverbs, delays, and other essentials.

The centerpiece of the CGP-700 is a beautiful 5.3" Color Touch Interface. This hi-res display is bright and clear. Everything is at your fingertips so you stay in control. You can simply swipe and tap your way to the perfect tone or rhythm. There is even a Grand Piano button that puts it back into Grand Piano mode in one press of a button.

Whether you are playing as a Grand Piano or a veritable orchestra of other instruments or even listening to your MP3 player(phone) via the stereo aux input, the unique 3-way speaker system will easily fill the entire room with rich, true sound.

With the CGP-700 you get all the amazing sound of a Grand Piano. Unlike a traditional Grand Piano, you also get the bonus of other rhythms and instruments. You also get the portability that a traditional Grand Piano could never provide. The CGP-700 can easily be removed from the stand. It weighs only 26 pounds, so you can have premium sound anywhere.

The CGP-700 also connects to your computer, mac, iPad or other device with no drivers needed. Its 1/4" outputs mean you can easily connect to a mixer, amplifier, or PA system. It uses both MIDI and USB audio recorders, so it is so easy to transfer your music to a computer to save it and share it with the world.

The CGP-700 is also perfect for a student and teacher to play/learn together.  There is a Duet Mode, which splits the keyboard into two equal ranges, so teachers and students can play side by side. It offers dual headphone jacks as well.

The Duet Mode is a huge asset for me. Our entire family loves music, but none of us are talented or even taught musicians. I would love my children to learn to play for real, and I wish I could teach them, but that will never happen. I can however get them a piano teacher, and I love that they can play side by side with my kids. My son especially(who has autism) is a visual and hands on learner. Spoken lessons would not be effective for him at all.

Also, Duet Mode will make it much easier for my children to share this piano. They can split the keyboard and each wear their own headphones, they can create their own music without having to fight or wait their turn. That feature alone is a selling point for me. Anything to keep the peace. Every single thing about Casio's CGP-700 Compact Grand Piano is completely incredible.

If you are a skilled pianist or a beginner or even someone who has never played, the Casio CGP-700 would be the perfect piano. Its amazing sound quality, style, space saving design and host of other sounds make it a true do-it-all instrument that anyone can enjoy.

If you are as impressed by the CGP-700 as I am and want to own one yourself, it is your lucky day. Casio has been generous enough to offer a CGP-700 Compact Grand Piano to one very lucky giveaway winner. Enter below for your chance to win this incredible prize.

Be sure to also enter the other giveaways in this Christmas Wishes event. There are thousands of dollars in prizes to be won. You can find the other giveaways via the School Rules tab on my site, or by clicking HERE.

*I received this product at no cost to facilitate my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.* a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hoiday Gift Guide: Mikarose Review & GIVEAWAY!!

With the holidays coming up, there is lots of talk about the best gifts, and while that is very important, it is also essential to have certain things before the holidays so that you are ready to celebrate.

I recently found a company that will fit both of these needs, and I am very excited.

Mikarose is a company that specializes in modest, elegant and fashionable dresses, skirts and tops.

Nowadays, it is so difficult to find a modest dress. If you are able to find one, they are the kind that are styled for 90 year olds. Just because you want to be demure, does not mean you should have to look frumpy.

Mikarose has such gorgeous, classic, retro styles that are classy and flattering. They remind me of simpler times. Back when looking beautiful and sexy did not mean dressing like a stripper.

As a mother, I need to look modest and respectful. Prior to finding Mikarose, I found that very challenging. Usually I just wear jeans and T shirts. I may not look elegant, but at least I am not on display.

Usually on Mother's Day though, hubby takes me (and the kids) to dinner. It is always so sweet and I love being able to go out, but I hate not being able to dress properly. No matter how wonderful it is, in the back of my mind, the way I am dressed(under-dressed in jeans or over exposed in a different dress) bothers me and makes the evening less enjoyable.

One's clothing should never have to be the reason that that a person has a bad time.

Thankfully this year, I am so covered for our dinner. I got the most gorgeous dress from Mikarose and I am so in love.

MaryAnn, Striped Top Dress:

I love this dress. It is so gorgeous. It is timelessly beautiful and is flattering without being revealing. It is the perfect length to slow a little leg, and the neckline is low enough to look modern without showing cleavage.

The high belted waist gives it shape without being too curve hugging(aside from modestly, I also have body image issues so I don't want my lumps hugged).

This is probably my favorite dress ever. It is just so me. They style, fit, comfort, quality-everything. It's just exactly what I have been wishing for.

Although, Mikarose has so many other stunning dresses, so I am sure I will soon have a tie for my favorite. I can't wait to get my next dress from them.

Mikarose would be the best choice(in my opinion) to help you step out in style this holiday season. If you are looking for the perfect outfit, you will find it at Mikarose.

If you are shopping for a perfect holiday gift, Makarose to the rescue again. Any of these lovely dresses would make a fabulous gift. Or if you are not the kind to chose someones clothing, you can get them a gift certificate. Either way, you will be giving the gift of style and class, and the recipient will LOVE it.

In fact, I am so certain, Mikarose and I are giving away a $50 Mikarose Gift Certificate. One lucky winner will get to get(or give) the gift of elegant style thanks to Mikarose. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this dress at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: eShakti Review

Have you ever been clothes shopping and found something you truly LOVE only to discover they don't have your size? That is super annoying.

Have you ever found "your size" and have it still not fit you correctly? Just because you wear a Small or a Large or size 8 or whatever does not mean that those sizes will fit your body the way it should since everyone has a unique shape.

That is why I instantly fell in love when I discovered eShakti.

eShakti is a revolutionary online clothing shop for women. Not only do they always have any standard size, but they also allow you to input your own measurements and get the item custom made to fit your exact shape.

And as if that was not enough, so can also alter the design of the dress, including length, neckline and sleeves and even removing pockets.

This is such a practical yet unique idea. Having things custom altered by a tailor costs a fortune, but eShakti's dresses are insanely affordable, and since they are custom made instead of altered later, they come out looking more perfect anyway.

Plus, eShakti has countless stylish designs to choose from. They have a huge selection of dresses(even bridesmaid dresses), tops and skirts.

I am not really a dress kind if girl usually, but seriously, these dresses are so fabulous. I would wear almost every one and it would look great. They are that fashionable.

In fact, the dress I got is so cute, that it is no longer available. People must have snatched them up faster than they could make them. I can totally see why. I am so in love with this dress.

I actually ordered a standard size instead of doing custom measurements because the size chart seemed like it would fit pretty well and I am terrible at measuring. I am so glad I did, because it fits PERFECT.

I still customized this to make it what I needed though. I input my height so they would know where it would need to fall to get the length right, and I switched it from Tunic Length to Above the knee. SO I did not make it much linger, but just enough so I could still be demure and covered since I have to chase kiddos all day.

I ADORE this length. It's not too grandma-esque and yet to too revealing. It is just right for me.

It is so comfortable too. Not only the piece of mind from knowing I am not exposed, but also the real comfort from it fitting just right and being free flowing in the skirt part so I can move unrestricted.

The top fits like a glove too. I can just slip it over me head(although there is a hidden side zipper) and I am ready to go. It is like a hug. It just fits exactly right. Not to loose and yet not tight in any way. It even has a stretchy section so it moves with you.

I love that I can wear my bra with this too. Many dresses have the wrong back, neckline or straps to wear a bra without seeing it, but this one I can. It even has a partially open back which I love and could not usually wear without my bra showing.

And I hate wearing strapless bras, so it is usually not wearing the dress or wearing no bra and either way it is a lose. As much as I love everything about this dress, I think that is my most favorite aspect.

I know that this is only my first of many wonderful items from eShakti. This is a must try item for any woman. How great would it be to give as a holiday gift? The gift of a stunning dress with the PERFECT custom fit. Buy a gift card so they can pick any style/options/size they want. I guarantee it will be one of the best gifts ever.

*Although I received this dress at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Single Cup Club for the Holidays

I am a coffee addict. I love to try new flavors and am always searching for a more perfect cup. It is sometimes hard to hunt for new varieties, especially when other obligations are more pressing, like holiday shopping, entertaining and more. That is why I love Single Cup Club.

In the pursuit of amazing coffee, Single Cup Club is like having your own "guy" in the coffee world. Each month, a box of artisan coffees is shipped right to your door for just $19. You'll experience three small batch roasted coffees with each month's box in the convenience of Kuerig compatible single serve cups. Get 25% off your Single Cup Club membership (Gift & Ongoing Membership). It's the perfect box for the coffee lover in your life, especially if that coffee lover is you!

Right now, Andrea's World readers can save 25% off of a Single Cup Club Membership signup - Use code: HOLIDAY25

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2015 Mom Buzz Media Holiday Gift Guide GIVEAWAY ­ 100 Blog Hop

This event is hosted by Mom Buzz Media and their network of super spectacular bloggers!

I am so excited to be partnering with MBM for this awesome Gift Guide Event. Check out all the amazing gift ideas we came up with.

Welcome to our very first Annual Holiday Gift Guide :100

Blog Hop Event!
Our hard­working bloggers have searched high and they have
searched low to find you the BEST and the most UNIQUE gift ideas for 2015.


CLICK HERE to be taken to the list of blogs. Start with any blog you

choose and simply click the picture. It will take you to that blog where you can view their gift guide. When you are done, simply click the next one.

Thank you to our Co­Hosts:

Simply Sherryl
Rude Mommy
Michelle Unwrapped

We were lucky to snag a few absolutely amazing sponsors along
the way! Please take a moment and read about each of them below!
Then scroll to the bottom of this post for the giveaway where you
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The Familoop team helps parents to protect kids online effectively and focus on actual parenting rather than daily battles over phone time and limits. Parental Control Software by Familoop (Familoop Safeguard) is the best partner for parents to raise thoughtful, digital citizens.

Younger and younger children are getting devices nowadays. The real world can be a scary place full of monsters and evil. If you know a parent with children that already have or are getting devices this year, set them up with a Familoop subscription for the holidays and give them the gift of peace of mind!

Familoop will officially launch November 27, 2015, but you can opt­in early and get a 60% discount to use when Familoop Safeguard is launched! What an incredible deal on a product parents can use for their kids at any stage in their online lives.

Visit the FAMILOOP Safeguard website to learn more!

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Glamulet jewelry provides every woman a new range of trendy and elegant, high quality charms and bracelets made with 100% sterling silver. Glamulet is compatible with Pandora Jewelry at affordable price. Each woman can mix and match the charms to create her own unique bracelet.

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The ClickBlock was created by Bong­Seok Yoon who has 29 years of experience in magnetic toy research, design and manufacturing. ClickBlock are fun and educational, premium magnetic toys. They believe toys should not only entertain, but also help children develop a love for scientific and mathematical thinking with safe quality product.

Visit the CLICKBLOCK website and learn how to Develop Creativity,

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The Dark Knot provides the market with luxurious, hand made silk ties across 120 designs covering both woven and printed silk. Each of their ties come in an elegant black gift box along with recommendations for matching suits and shirts. Shortly they will be introducing lines of Pocket Squares and Lapel Flowers to further build out their men's accessories offering.

Get some shopping done early and take advantage of this exclusive offer!

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Inspired Silver features a full catalog of jewelry and fashion accessories perfect for everyone in your life. They have themed jewelry for family members and statement jewelry for nights out.

Get all of your holiday shopping done in one stop at!

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Draw in 3d! I DO 3D is a fun and unique children's item that helps bring out your child's creative side. It requires patience and planning and comes with a 3D guide map to help with designs. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

See more amazing 3d creations and get your own set

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Star Kids Snack N Play

Snack N Play is a woman owned small business and they understand that traveling with children, even a day trip, can require a travel trailer full of items. They create products to make life easier so you can focus on having more fun when going on these adventures!

Head to Star Kids Website to learn

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The time has finally come....

Mom Buzz Media and our magnificent bloggers are hosting this giveaway in celebration with our

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There will be 7 lucky winners!
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$50 Inspired Silver gift card
X­Bar School House Set Premium Magnetic Building Toy from Click Block $47.99


Six Essential Ties Starter Kit from The Dark Knot $390 RV
Complete bracelet from Glamulet $150 RV
Snack N Play | Travel Tray $30.99 RV
Snack N Play | Play N Go $32.99 RV
I DO 3D Art Kit
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