Friday, February 7, 2020

2020 Health Goals

Hello, friends. I have been getting a lot of comments, lately, on my weight loss. That is really shocking to me, and I love that it's working well enough for people to notice. I have been working on this since March of last year.

Since I have been getting a lot of "what are you doing?" I've decided I should just make an official post about it. First and foremost, the "diet" I am on is Keto. Technically, the way I am doing it would be called Dirty/Lazy Keto. What that means is that I still eat processed foods and such (as long as the carbs fit) and that I don't track almost anything or keep rigid macros.

I do, however, mostly just eat one meal a day. I don't fast specifically, like many do, but during the day, I only have one iced coffee, around 3:30pm, and then I eat dinner around 10pm. My dinner is usually a fairly large meal and will contain meat (chicken, ground turkey or ground beef, primarily) and a vegetable of some kind. And I often use cheese and/or sauce made from heavy cream.

I will usually snack after dinner, too. Something like sunflower seeds or, my favorite, cinnamon/Splenda toast on zero net carb bread from Aldi, when I can find it. That stuff is in high demand, though.

Keeping the one meal a day routine, I think, is what helps me not go too far over on calories, since I don't actually track them. If I tried to eat this way 3 times a day, with the portion size that I am accustomed to, I feel like that would be too much, and I would be unable to lose weight that way. As it is, I am already making slower progress than I would like.

I could probably up my results if I cut out the cheese and cream, and ate more veggies than seeds, etc. However, those things are the only thing keeping me sane, and the ability to satisfy myself in those ways (since I had to cut out so many other things) is how I am able to carry on. I would rather have slower results over time, then a quick fix that I can't keep to.

In the beginning, I had not "cheated" at all. Not for months. Recently I have had a few breaks, for traveling and special occasions. I always get back on track right away. I noticed that after small cheats I have actually lost a little more, on occasion, and I think it is from the "shock" to my system. It's a thing some people do, called carb cycling. My own will power, though, is not strong enough to do it all the time. I am more the "all or nothing" type.

I know that what works for me will not work for everyone, and I am not exactly a fitness influencer, but I just figured someone might benefit form my very limited knowledge. If you have any health questions for me, I would be happy to answer them.

I would love to hear all about your health and fitness goals, too. I think it is important for us all to support each other. Everything is easier with support and it's nice to have guidance from someone else who's been on the same journey. Stay healthy and happy, until next time.