Thursday, June 17, 2021

New Insights from Dr. Shelton Zenith Labs

I care a lot about my health. Though I struggle to stay consistent with my diet, personal care, and fitness efforts, they are still very important to me. I have been trying to put more time and effort into my self-care routine and invest in myself more.

I have also recently begun to question if the reason I have so much trouble sticking to my plans is that they are not the proper ones to suit my body's needs. I focused on visible results (i.e. things that would make me lose weight, above all else). Not being hungry in the process was the next most important factor, but I have never given much thought to if it was the smart choice or if the plan met my needs in all aspects.

It can be very hard to find good, knowledgeable, and reputable resources to questions about health. For example, being on keto, I follow many "rules" though I never took the time to research each aspect individually. Many people who are doing keto do things like egg fasts (eating nothing but eggs with only adding fats and possible cheese for several days at a time).

Obviously, that sounds a bit extreme in general. but eggs are healthy, or so we are told, especially on keto. I never really worried that 6 eggs a day (or more, which seems to be the standard for an egg fast) would be bad if you are not doing that along with other foods to cause overeating. 

However, I recently saw an Instagram article by Dr. Shelton Zenith Labs that says that, while eggs are healthy, they should be limited to about 7 per week - or one per day. In that case, eating 7 a day, for multiple days at a time, becomes more concerning. 



Dr. Shelton has many other very informative articles, as well. While it would be unwise to consider information only from a single source, I found that his editorials are a great place to start. 

He has an article "Top 5 Tips for Better Sleep" that I found interesting. While I was already aware of my aversions to light and certain sounds when trying to sleep, I hadn't realized that cold showers are a good way to induce sleep. In fact, I believed the opposite. I had always assumed the cold would be "shocking" and make me feel more awake. And I always relate hot showers or baths with relaxation.

It is so interesting to discover things you once held a contrary belief about. It's like an "aha" moment. I am really enjoying the feeling. Though I hate to be wrong, I am always open to learning new things. As a matter of fact, I crave that. I never want to be idle or too stuck in my ways.

I would recommend that anyone pursuing any sort of diet or fitness plan take a deeper look into the guidelines they follow and research the origins and benefits (or negatives) of each practice. Stay healthy. Stay safe.