Monday, April 29, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 12 Update

It's that time again, Monday, time for my Nutrisystem update. after 12 weeks I am still going strong and loving it.

This is the easiest(and most effective) program I have ever used. Nothing had worked for me before now.

The reason it works so well is because the food is perfectly portioned and I get 3 meals a day, plus dessert and (grocery add in) Power Fuels, Smart Carbs and snacks.

I get to eat all day, and keeping the hunger at bay makes it so simple. You don't even have to think about it. I love that.

Check out everything that I get to eat on one day(yesterday).

Breakfast - Honey Wheat Bagel(with reduced fat Cream cheese) and Refreshing Coffee Protein Shake.

Morning Snack - Reduced Fat String Cheese.

Lunch - Italian Style Turkey & Sausage Melt and Green Beans.

Afternoon snack: Navel Orange.

Dinner - Cajun Style Chicken & Sausage stuffed in a green bell pepper.

Dessert - Mint Cookie Patty.

All of the food tastes amazing and I love that I am never hungry. That takes both the struggles out of dieting, hunger and cravings. Without those, there is nothing but results.

While the scale did not reflect a ton of progress this week, I am still thrilled. I think I am turning fat into muscle so the numbers may not be drastically dropping, but the results are clear in the way my clothing is fitting(things that were too small to get on are not falling off), and just the way I look and feel.

The numbers for week 12 are...

0.8 pounds and 1 inch lost.

My 12 week total is...

27.2 pounds and 13 1/4 inches.

I am so thankfully that I decided to give Nutrisystem a try. Best decision of my life.
Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting 

*Although I am receiving the Nutrisystem program at no cost in return for my honest reviews, all opinions and results are 100% my own*

Starlooks Glitter Glam(BB Pink) Review

As I say every month, I ADORE Starlooks. The quality on their amazing cosmetics is matched only by their unbelievable value. I am always blown away by every Starlooks product I have tried.

This month of course is no exception.

I tried Glitter Glam(in BB Pink):

This color is so dazzling. I am totally obsessed. I was never a fan of pinks, until I really gave them a chance(with the February Starbox), and now they are like my favorite.

This is one of the most gorgeous shades I have ever seen, and I love the glitter. It is so easy to apply anywhere and everywhere. I can't get enough.

 This is ever safe around the eyes, which many glitters are not. I love glitter eyes, so I would use them anyway, but I love that this does not discourage from eye use.

Of course that is where I used it.

The only problem I came across with this stunning product is that it(at least for me) does not photograph anywhere near how glorious it looks in person.

It was very very hard to get this to photograph decently. So I apologize that you cannot see how beautiful this truly is.

I guess that means you'll have to buy it and see for yourself(which I recommend anyway).

I promise that is you even remotely like pinks, that you will adore this. It is so flirty and fun. It is youthful and free spirited. It is more playful than the more natural looks I tend to wear and I love that. It is so nice to just look made up sometimes.

If you like glitter, Glitter Glam by Starlooks is everything you could want. I have to get some of the other brilliant colors. I will keep you posted.

As always, I am overjoyed with this Starlooks product. I have never had anything from Starlooks that I was less than thrilled with, and I don't anticipate that I ever will. If you have never tried Starlooks, you are missing out. The best way to start(in my opinion) is with a Starbox so you can try multiple things at an insanely low price, but any product will blow you away.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

April Starbox Review

It's one of my favorite times of the month. Starbox time! Hopefully by now you all know what a Starbox(and subscribe). If not, you are really missing out on something incredible.

Starbox is a Monthly Beauty Subscription Box. Every month you will get a lovely box of amazingly high quality cosmetics. Each box will contain 3-4 FULL SIZE items. Most every beauty box I have tried sends deluxe samples(or even small samples, no thanks).

In addition to just the amazing value of the items and the box, you also get the wonderful novelty of having the surprise factor each month and looking forward to trying new products picked out by Starlooks.

I love it. I have discovered so many things that I would not have purchased for myself but that have become some of my absolute favorites. Not only does it keep the act of using cosmetics exciting for you, but it keeps your look fresh and fun.

April's box was once again fabulous.

This box is packed with 4 amazing products. And what is really wonderful is that they are all Nuetrals that will compliment everyone.

These really are essentials that anyone and everyone should have. They are the basics use to create any look. I love that Starlooks decided to make this Neutral box.

Mineralized Powder(Translucent White):

This powder is incredible. I get shiny way too often. Some other powders hide it decently, and some even control it moderately, but they also make my skin look dry or show dryness.

With this amazing White Translucent powered, it absorbs oil and shine, and is invisible and weightless. It even moisturizes instead of clogging pores or drying skin out.

Plus is is SPF 15 to protect you from the sun. Wear it alone, over liquid foundation or as a finishing powder.

Sensation Mascara Primer:

I have VERY tiny lashes, and small eyes for that matter. Anything that will help my lashes look bigger and make my eyes look wider and more open is a huge asset to me.

This primer works so well. It is not thick or heavy. It is not too gel like or sticky, and it is not messy in the least. It is so easy to use and it works so well.

I used it with the Starlooks Lengthening Mascara that I got in my March Starbox(another great perk of subscribing).

I am so happy with the results.

Tendergloss Lipstick(in Basic):

Tenderglosses are incredible. They are so light and silky. They are practically juice. They are so lusciously sheer and shimmery.

They are so moisturizing and feel remarkable to wear. They not only make your lips look and feel soft while wearing, but it also conditions them even after you take it off.

My lips are very dry much of them time, and with most lipstick it actually accentuates the dry spots and looks really bad, but this just hydrates the dryness and makes it disappear. It's amazing.

This color is GORGEOUS too. I love this. It is so natural and modest, yet feminine and flattering. This color would look fantastic on anyone. Such a perfect shade.

With just these 3 products(plus a mascara of course) you can create a very beautiful, natural, polished look. I tend to gravity more toward natural looks, so I really love how this look.

What do you think?

Please excuse the hair. Since this is a "natural" look, I decided to keep my "mom Hair" to show how well these products dress up a dressed down look.

This is only the Translucent White Powder(no foundation), Mascara Primer and Lengthening Mascara, and Basic Tendergloss. Only four simple items, and I think this is actually one of my favorite looks ever.

And these are not even everything you get in the April Box, you also get a bonus.

Mint SPF Lip Balm:.

This not only makes lips ultra moisturizes and smooth, but it also smells and tastes like minty heaven.

The grand total value for all 4 items is a whopping $50! How much does it cost to subscribe to Starbox? Only $15 plus(under $3) shipping. Is that incredible or what?

How could any woman pass up on such an incredible value? This is a steal considering these products are such high quality that they even far exceed their retail price.

With Mother's Day coming up in less than 2 weeks, if you have not gotten your mom a gift yet, there is no time to waste. A gift subscription to Starbox would make the PERFECT gift.

If do want to give your mom the gift that keeps on giving with Starbox, you'd better act fast. The deadline for each month is the first, any order placed after that will begin the following month. Get your mom the gift of perpetual beauty. I know that it will be a huge hit.

Uplifting Nighties Review

No matter how old or young, tall, short, etc. you are, the desire to look beautiful is pretty much a universal trait.

Not that everyone is not beautiful, but as women, we are overly hard on ourselves and try too much to compare ourselves to others and to Hollywood standards of beauty.

While I want as much as anyone to be beautiful, I know that the biggest component of looking beautiful is feeling beautiful.

Feeling beautiful gives you confidence and removes the insecurity that makes you see yourself as anything less than stunning.

Feeling beautiful can be accomplished mostly just through having a positive attitude toward yourself and not letting other people opinions or looks influence how you feel about yourself.

But sometimes you may feel less attractive just because you know that you could look better, but you just don't. That is when it is important to so something about it.

While you should obviously not make it your life's mission to be physically attractive, you should do what you can to look the best you can naturally, because it makes you feel good and it's important to put 100% into everything you do.

I like to relate it to your home. While you don't need to go out and buy expensive paintings and Persian rugs, you still want it to be clean and in good repair. You probably even want a few decor items to give it some personality and make it look nice.

Your appearance is the same way, care for yourself, and put forth the effort to look nice without making it an obsession.

I am certainly guilty of now taking care of myself as well as I should. As a mom, it's very easy to let yourself go.

I ended up feeling really bad about myself because although I was never anything special to look at, I used to be much more presentable. It really breaks down your self esteem knowing that you allowed yourself to get that way.

And as much as I love my children and am more than happy to sacrifice anything and everything for them, I realized that I am more than a mother. I am a wife and a woman and I want to look nice.

It make take a little more effort, but I want to get the old me back. So even though I will be tired, I want to trade my old sweat pants and baggy, stained, mom tees back in for some stylish clothes that actually match and are clean. I will actually brush my hair and put on lotion, and maybe even do my makeup once in awhile.

And I certainly do not want to neglect my nighttime appearance any longer. Once the kids are asleep it is really my time, and for hubby's sake and mine, I want to look nice.

Normally, I would sleep in baggy faded old pajama pants and a big ugly t-shirt. I hate wearing a bra to bed but also hate being unsupported, so that was always a struggle.

On my quest for pretty nighttime apparel, I not only found something GORGEOUS, but also something to solve my support issue. Now I am really covered.

The excuses are gone. I am going to look cute day or especially night now that I have found Uplifting Nighties.

Uplifting Nighties is such a wonderful, small, women-owned company right here in the USA(with only fabric made in the USA).

Uplifting Nighties were designed specifically to give women something that they can wear without a bra that will still provide the support and the coverage they so desperately desire. Now you can walk around the house in your PJ's(and no bra) no matter if you have older kids or is someone happens to come by or whatever the case may be without anything showing that should not be.

The amazing shelf bra in Uplifting Nighties gives you great support and is also thick enough to cover your nipples. There is no need to feel self conscious anymore, especially since these nighties and PJs are STUNNING!

I really wanted something beautiful and fancy, and all of their nightgowns are so lovely. It was so hard to choose one. But I also wanted to get a 2 piece set with pants since that is my comfort zone and I may need to have them too.

Now I can wear pants and not look like I should be sleeping behind a dumpster like I usually look. I love that.

The items I got are:

Knot Short Nightgown(in Aubergine):

I LOVE this nightgown. It is perfect. It is so comfortable. It is just as comfortable as any of my bog baggy "PJs" that I used to wear, but a million times prettier.

It fits like a dream and provides incredible support and coverage. It is short enough to be flirty and cute, but I don't look like a hooker.

I love the color. It is a dark blackish purple, and it is amazing.

I adore the knot detail it gives it that little something extra to really make it look more elegant and give more shape to the design.

My husband loves it, and that is really saying something. He is not the most concerned with this kind of thing, but he said, "Wow, that is very nice" Which in translation comes out pretty much like, "That is the best nightgown I have ever seen), and I concur.

This is especially awesome for weekends since during the week I usually just wear my PJs to the bus stop when I take my son. I don't want to give everyone a free show. That is why I got a twin set too.

Twinset(in black): 

These pajamas are fabulous. The top is so supportive and it fits perfectly. I love that it is not just a straight cut across on the neckline, but rather it's a tapered look. It gives it more style and personality, and makes it more fun.

For twin sets you can choose pants or shorts(which come in only black although you can get different colored tops). I always wear black though. I love dark colors.

The pants are so light and breathable. The fit loosely without looking baggy and sloppy. I can move freely and they are super comfortable.

They go together perfectly and I am so thrilled with this lovely set. Being able to look and feel good without any extra work or even having to wear a bra is so awesome.

I am so glad that I found an easy way to make myself fool good and look good(considering). Uplifting Nighties are incredible. All the styles are exquisite and I need to have them all. I think I shall hint to hubby since Mother's Day is coming.

Speaking of Mother's Day, these would be the PERFECT gift. At any age, mother's all want to look beautiful and comfort is essential for mommies, so this is a double dose of wow.

This would be especially great for a hubby to get the mother of his children. Not only will she love it, but so will he.

Every woman loves to feel pampered and these magnificent nighties will do the trick for sure.

And if you use coupon code "ANDREA" you will save 15% off your order. Good through the end of May. Please take advantage of this amazing deal.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sambazon Superfood Juices & Smoothies Review

In the ongoing battle to live healthy, so need the best resources available to help you. Eating/drinking lower fat and calories is a good start, and they is important, but sometimes when you do that, your body is not getting all the nutrients that it needs not only to be healthy, but to feel healthy.

I will not take supplements or anything like that since I HATE pills and chewable yuckiness.

I wanted to get all the nutrients that my body needs, but I did not want to consume excessive calories in order to do it. Plus, finding foods that contain such nutrients is not always easy.

The best sources, of course, are Superfoods (hence the name). Although even those are not very prevalent. With many being found in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. It's not like you can just get in your car and go pick some up.

That is why I needed to find a product that could bring them to me. And bringing them in one thing, but bringing them in all their true glory and freshness is something so much more.

Sambazon takes Organic Superfoods from the Amazon Rainforest, makes them into whole food juices and smoothies and delivers them fresh to my grocer. It's just like me reaching into the fridge and picking it straight out of the Brazilian Amazon myself.

There are several delicious varieties, each offering amazing nutrition and excellent taste.

These little bottles pack a big punch. They are so invigorating, not to mention filling. Drinking one of these is the perfect way to tide myself over between meals. And not only am I getting my snack and calories, but I am getting amazing vitamins and antioxidants.

Açaí Berry + Blueberry + Pomegranate:

This is delicious. I was so impressed. I did not expect this to taste that good. It is sweeter and less intense than I imagined which I love. I imagined tart and very intense tasting, but this is so smooth and almost a touch creamy because of the purees in addition to the juices.

I love blueberry and Pomegranate, and the go so well with the Acai. I love it.

Açaí Berry + Yerba Mate + Guaraná: 

I was even more surprised by this flavor. I had never really hate Yerba Mate, and was not sure what Guarana tasted like and was worried this would not taste very good, but I was very wrong. It is fantastic.

Once again sweet and velvety. So smooth and delicious. Not overbearing or tart at all, and I really can feel the energy difference. I love it.

Protein Açaí Berry + Vanilla:

While this was not really bad, I prefer the juice blends over this. I think it's because it contains Vanilla Soy milk and I am not really a fan of soy. It is definitely is filling and gives my body the protein it needs though. I would drink it again it just won't be my top choice where flavor is concerned.

Overall I am so satisfied with Sambazon Superfood Juices and Smoothies and look forward to trying other flavors. I am just sad that I did not find these sooner. My body would have been much better off if I had. I used to be very undernourished(though not underfed).

I would recommend Sambazon products to anyone looking to give their bodies a boost and give their taste buds a delicious natural treat.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Friday, April 26, 2013

Healthing With Lysol-Review

We all know that no matter what you say, Cold & Flu are not actually confined to a season. I know all too well. In fact, here in FL, the rainy season is now, and getting wet in the rain can often lead to illness, so it actually may be a little more prevalent now.

In fact, at this moment my 18 month has a cold. Poor thing as a fever and runny nose, and some sneezing and a little cough.

Thankfully they do make fever medicine for babies, but they don't have cold medicine, so she is forced to just endure it. Seeing her feeling like that makes me feel horrible(and I will catch it I'm sure).

That is why it is so important to not only clean your home, but also to sanitize it. You can theoretically clean with anything, but that will not help keep your family healthy, so that is why Lysol created the Healthing Movement.

Healthing is so much more than cleaning, and even more than disinfecting. Healthing is killing germs without harmful chemicals.

Check out the Lysol Healthing Team.

This is everything you need to keep you and your family healthy and safe in any season.

Lysol Power & Free Bathroom Cleaner:

As unsafe as germs are for your family, bleach is too. Kids touch everything, and you don't want them getting bleach residue on their skin, or worse, in their mouths.

I LOVE that this still kills 99.9% of germs, but uses Hydrogen Peroxide so it is much less harsh.

With most antibacterial cleaners, you would need to rinse them before children come in contact with them, which creates twice as much work. Who has time for that?

This cleaner is wonderful. It does the tough work for you. No hard scrubbing. Plus is smells so fresh. It does not have that horrid bleach smell which is a huge positive. I use this in the kitchen too and it rises to the challenge. I love it.

LYSOL Power & Free Toilet & Bathroom Wipes:

These wipes are so convenient. Of course they are also bleach free and smell wonderful, but they are so much quicker and easier than the(already easy) spray cleaner.

I have a 5 1/2 year old Autistic son. and he often misses the mark when using the bathroom. even if it is just a drop, you still want to clean and disinfect, but don't want to pull out a bottle and a rag. This makes it so effortless. You could clean the seat after each use if you wanted. Love these.

LYSOL Disinfectant Spray To Go:

This little spray packs a big punch. This is also perfect in the bathroom to disinfect the seat(or anything else) quickly and easily with no touching.

It is PERFECT for on the go. Public restrooms are usually disgusting, but sometimes you don't really have a choice, you have to use one. Well now you can without all the worry.

This handy little spray will fit in your purse or diaper bag, so you are always prepared.

Plus, this smells amazing. It will freshen and  the air, so no matter where you are, you can breathe easy.

LYSOL Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash:

This is the best hand soap I have ever used. Not only does it kill germs, but is makes and keeps hands super soft.

The creamy consistency with a touch of foam is so luxurious. 

As a super bust momma, I do not get to indulge like ever. I can barely even go to the restroom, but washing with this hand soap is a little(but soothing) escape. The scent is divine. I love how rich and heavenly this is. 

You can really smell the creaminess of the Vanilla. Many that are vanilla floral are not very good at all. Well for that matter most hand soaps do not smell good even when they are supposed to. Most smell like soap with added scent. But this smells like pure, premium fragrance that happens to be soap. It's amazing. 

It actually reminds me of one of the most glorious body butters that I am obsessed with. It is really that good. You HAVE to try this antibacterial or not, it's perfect.

Healthing just makes good sense, and when it is this easy and the products are so wonderful, why would you not

I hope you will join me in my Mission for Health(ing). 

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.* 

Recharge Dynamic Nutrition Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Losing weight is a constant battle, and when your are in a fight like this, you need the right weapons to fight the hunger and make you strong.

I am on a set meal plan, but even with suggestions, I have so much trouble trying to figure out how to use my snacks. I hate measuring or weight food and trying to figure out what good choice are calorie and nutrition wise. Sometimes it's better to take a few more calories to get better nutrition, but I am so clueless.

So I was really glad to find a great snack that is perfectly portioned and also filling, nutritious and tasty. Recharge Dynamic Nutrition makes it so easy.

These amazing, individually wrapped nutrition bars are only 100 calories, just the right size for a quick pick me up to boost energy and fill you up between meals. They have 8g of protein and 3g of fat or less. They also only have 1-3g of sugar and 7-10g carbs. Plus they have 3g Fiber. That's pretty amazing.

Everything you need, without all the stuff that you don't. These are certainly not just empty calories, they help fuel your body and keep you going.

That is so important to me, because there was many times(practically every day) that I would be very fatigued and tired(more than normal) and I would even get dizzy spells and blurred vision(like I was going to pass out). I was even eating at least 1200 calories(usually closer to 1400-1500), so I know that was not the issue, it was just lack of protein I think.

When eating these delicious Recharge Dynamic Nutrition Bars between my meals instead of my other snacks, I feel so much better. Not only am I less hungry, which is so awesome, but physically, I feel more steady and strong, which as a bust mom, is very important.

Even better, they taste wonderful and come in 3 great flavors to keep my taste buds satisfied.

Raspberry + Apple:

Peanuts + Caramel:

Chocolate + Caramel:

These are all amazingly delicious. I think my favorite is the Peanut + Caramel because I LOVE caramel and the nuts give it texture and robust flavor. Plus it has chocolate. Delish.

The Raspberry + Apple would be my second favorite. It reminds me of a crispy rice treat only not too sweet with marshmallows(which I am not even a fan of). I love that kind of thing, and these have the added yumminess of fruit. Perfect.

Chocolate + Caramel is also very good, but even in candy bars, this would be more chocolatey than I usually have, so it's great for those that love chocolate type bars. My husband loves them.

I am so glad I have Recharge Dynamic Nutrition by my side during this long journey. Everything is easier when you have a partner.

I want you all to have the help of Recharge Dynamic Nutrition too, so I have an exclusive sample for my followers.

The first 50 people that use THIS LINK and enter the promo code: AndreasWorld will receive a FREE 3 bar(one of each flavor) Sample Pack. Hurry, these will go fast. The offer ends onApril 30th, but I know these will not last that long.

I know you will love Recharge Dynamic Nutrition. Enjoy

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Aurorae Yoga Review

For the past few months I have been on a serious path to losing weight and getting healthy. So far, this has been primarily via dieting.

I know that to really make this kind of change, that diet alone is not enough. I need to start exercising.

I actually own a really nice incline trainer, but with my 18 month old daughter, I can never use it. Although that is an excuse, it is also very true. She would try to be on it or touch it or something and get very hurt. When she is asleep it is far too loud, and so it just sits.

I need another way to get active and burn calories.

For me, the very first step is to get motivated. I need to be excited to exercise or I will never do it no matter how much I need to.

One thing that can easily help me get excited is new clothes. Having special exercise clothes not only makes me feel better about myself, but it makes me want to actually use them. And I know that if I do put them to good use then I can justifiably buy more.

So I was looking for something that was comfortable, functional, and super cute that would give me the push I needed to get started.

Aurorae Yoga has the cutest Yoga Apparel. I instantly fell in love with the adorable Long Yoga Pant

These pants are incredible. They are hands down the most comfortable pants I have EVER owned. They are better than any pajamas or anything that I have experienced. 

They are so soft. They are not silky or skipper, just completely soft. They are very lightweight. The are not baggy or too loose, but they are not tight fitting or restrictive in any way. They breathe so well and have AMAZING stretch without being a spandex-like material. They feel amazing.

They are so stylish too. I love them. I could seriously wear these all day every day and be totally happy. In fact, the only reason I don't is that I have to keep them for exercise only or I would never exercise. Now that I know I can only wear these fabulous pants to work out, it makes me actually want to do it.

Since I love the Yoga Pants so much, I really wanted to actually use them to do yoga. The only trouble is that I have never done yoga before and have no clue about it.

I figured it would be a very good idea though to get a Yoga Mat. Luckily, Aurorae Yoga has an awesome selection of Yoga Mats as well. I knew they would be incredible because of how fantastic the pants are.

I got the Classic Yoga Mat in Seamist.

This is really nice. It is a great thickness and it is so cushiony. It conforms like memory foam to give the perfect amount of support and comfort. It is like stepping on a cloud.

I have a bad back and I get hip pain all the time, and sitting on the floor is so hard on me, but with this mat it was no discomfort at all. 

The only "issue" for me with this mat is that I am clueless about yoga. I wish I actually knew that I am doing, but I am all the more determined to learn. 

I tried a few "moves" so far just form my own mind. So please don't laugh at my yoga incompetence. 

This is actually much harder that it looks.

Weather or not my yoga abilities ever develop(although hopefully they will), I know that my Aurorae Yoga pants and mat will be there to take care of me and always preform at 110%.

I am so impressed with the quality of Aurorae Yoga products. I know I will be purchasing more in the future. They have it all.

Aurorae offers yoga mats in illuminating colors, a focal point icon and extra long in length. Aurorae offers the best reviewed yoga mats, accessories & props online. You can browse their yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga accessories and yoga props here.

Give Aurorae a try, and I guarantee you will be impressed.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*