Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Protein Bakery Review

Although I recently started my goal of getting healthier and losing weight, I am a complete sweets addict. I love all things indulgent, but especially baked goods.

One of my favorite things EVER being Blondies. I am competently addicted to them(when done right), but they are much more difficult to find that brownies cookies and cakes. I think the rarity is part f the appeal, bu mostly, it is just the amazing taste.

My husband, while he enjoys Blondies, and all sweets, he is a chocolateholic. Brownies are probably his favorite.

Since my hubby is in great shape and works really hard(thus burns tons of calories) he certainly does not want(or need) to give up his treats. So I am always looking for things that I can have some if as well.

I came across a brand that interested me at first glance. They products looked wonderful, so I knew we had to try them.

However, The Protein Bakery is so much more incredible than I ever expected. Not only do they make Brownies and Blondies in both regular and mini sizes, they also have cookies.

All their products are high in protein, trans-fat free, preservative free, and wheat flour-free. The are baked in small batches using the finest natural ingredients(like Rolled Oats and Light Brown sugar, Peanut Butter and the finest chocolate)

And they taste heavenly.

Don't they look incredible? My mouth started watering as soon as I opened the box. And they tasted even more unbelievable.

The variety is incredible too. They have so many flavors and sizes, and this is not even all of them.

Peanut Butter Blondie-Mini:

 photo DSC08397_zps3da4ef7b.jpg
This was the first one I tried. I ate the whole thing. It was so worth the calories, all 100 of them. That's right, only 100 calories in this sinfully good little mini.

This is AMAZING! It is so butter and rich tasting. The peanut butter drizzle is just right to match the perfectly moist, sweet and decadent flavor of the Blondie. It's not too peanut-buttery which I love.

This was probably the best thing I have ever eaten up to that point. It is mind blowingly good. I love not having to feel guilty after such an indulgent treat. It actually has less calories than the desserts on my diet plan, and the protein fills me up. What could be better?

Peanut Butter Blondie:

This is the same perfection as the mini only in a more craving crushing size. Obviously a huge brownie like this is not ideal for those counting calories(although it is better than a great deal of desserts and sweet treats).

I ate half as dessert one night, and it was fabulous. It fit right in my daily allotment and replaced my normal diet dessert without missing a beat. No guilt, all delicious.

Hubby ate the other half(I was going to save it, but he beat me to it). He LOVED it. He always says Brownies are better, but I would bet good money that he could not even remember the word brownie while eating this.

Black and White Blondie:

This is a full size, so I only ate half which is about 150 calories. That is a very nice portion for that low calories, especially since that is the same as most of the diet plan desserts I get.

These are so much fresher and more delicious than my diet choices though. they are not even on the same planet.

These are so moist and sweet. They are so rich and smooth. I LOVE white chocolate, especially in baked goods, and in this Blondie, they are fantastic. The Semi Sweet chocolate is wonderful as well, and the way that they 2 blend yet contrast is perfection.

The peanut butter one and this are in competition to be the most delicious thing I have ever tried. I think they both win, because I could never pick a favorite.

Hubby ate the other half, and he loved it too. He loved how moist and rich it was, and he loved the chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Brownie-Mini:

I think that this was hubby's favorite. He loves all things chocolate. And while he enjoys other flavors(like nuts and such) he usually likes double chocolate the best.

I did not get to taste this one, so I cannot speak personally to it's flavor, but hubby ate it in 2 bites and was really disappointed they there were not any more. He said it was the best brownie he's even had.

I would have been insulted since I make fabulous brownies, but after tasting the blondies, I am sure it really was 100x better than mine.

Peanut Butter Brownie-Mini:

We had two of these, but hubby ate them both(at the same time). He loved these. He is not always a fan of peanut butter, but is in things like this.

He said these are amazing. He loves that the peanut butter gives a smooth creamy taste that "mixes it up without messing it up".

I know these must have been fabulous. I should have demanded a bite, lol.

Walnut Brownie:

Hubby certainly loved the size of these this much more than the minis. He said is was thick and moist and super decadent, and that the walnuts gave it that little something extra that really added depth of flavor and made it taste ultra gourmet.

I know that it looked as smelled wonderful. I almost slipped in a puddle of drool because of it(not really, that would be disgusting, but is really looks and smells that good).

Wicked Mint Brownie:

This absolutely lives up to it's name. It is wickedly tasty and wickedly addictive. Once again I had half. 

This is mint perfection. Not only is there delicious mint chips, but the entire brownie is infused with peppermint oil, for sinfully good peppermint flavor in even tasty morsel.

The chocolate is so sweet and rich. It is thick and incredibly moist. The PERFECT texture for a brownie, and to me, that is probably the biggest factor.

I wanted the whole thing, and in my non diet days would have eaten it all and even 2 or more. It is so amazing. Easily takes the prize for the best brownie I've ever eaten(I guess hubby was right).

He loved it too of course since he devoured the other half. He said the mint was "Flavorful and exciting"

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies:

I really wanted to try these. I love peanut butter cookies, and they are only 120 calories per cookie, but hubby got them first.

He said they were soft, chewy and delicious. Sweet and full of flavor. He called them the best variety of Peanut Butter Cookie he's tried.

Chocolate Chocolate White Chip Cookies:

Although the decadence of this amazingly rich cookie is hard to match, the slim 110 calories per cookie makes literally mind blowing.

Although I did not get to taste these for myself, my husband did, and I could just tell by how he tried to take his time on the second one to savor it. He eats lesser quality cookies in one bite.

I think these were one of his favorite things out of everything. I know he loved them and he told me that he did. He even hinted to wanting them for Father's Day(which is a great idea).

Every product that I tried was out of this world amazing. The quality is insane, and the nutrition makes it even better. I don't think my husband has enjoyed something quite this much in a while. It made feel so happy to know that I discovered something that he loves.

If you have never tried The Protein Bakery, then I feel very sorry for you. I wish that I had found them when I was still eating like a pig, because they taste so great that I never want to stop. Although they are filling and satisfying, so a mini or part of a whole really is a good amount.

I could not recommend The Protein Bakery any more strongly. Best baked goods EVER. If you want  an amazingly low calorie treat, a protein packed snack, or just the most delicious baked goods you've ever experienced, The Protein Bakery is the company for you.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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