Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zipz Custom For Autism Awareness. Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Since we are nearly half way through April, I hope by now all of you know that April is Autism Awareness Month(if you've been reading my posts you do).

And as wonderful as Autism Awareness Month is, in our family, every month is Autism Awareness month. Our son is Autistic, so it touches all of our lives every day.

My little man is such an inspiration. He is so loving and kind. He is daring, adventurous, creative, imaginative, funny, playful, energetic, free spirited and completely unique.

He is also probably the smartest child if his age that I know. I might be a little biased, but honestly, he is. He can read and write(spell correctly) most any word, he can remember almost anything(even things he's heard only once, moth before), and he is probably better with a computer than I am.

I am so proud of my dear son for all the progress he continues to make daily(like he could not speak a word when he was diagnosed about 2 1/2 years ago. Now he can say almost anything and is finally kind of starting to initiate the conversation(where at first he would only reply).

But weather he can speak 1000 words or zero, I love him all the same. No matter what he accomplishes (or doesn't) he will always be my pride and joy.

So along with all the wonderful things that he happens to be, Autistic happens to be among them.

And as proud as I am of him, I want him to always be equally proud of himself and embrace what makes him special. Autism is one of those things, and I want him  to be proud to show his support for Autism, just as I am.

That is why I love the idea of Autism Awareness Clothing and such.

I got us all some really cool Autism Awareness Shirts and him an Autism Speaks Teddy Bear, and everything is awesome. The trouble though is that you cannot carry a bear with you everywhere(well he could if he wanted, but he doesn't), and you can't really wear the same shirt every day.

I wanted a way to proudly show our support of Autism Awareness EVERY DAY! Not just today, this week, this month, but all the time.

I was really struggling with ideas, until I remembered a brand that I already love and a newer product they had come up with.

Zipz Shoes are totally unique shoes that can be completely changed by simply zipping off the cover and replacing it with a different cover.

As fantastic as that already was, they wanted to offer an even more custom experience, so they did just that, and came out with ZIPZ CUSTOM! Now you can actually design your very own personalized Zip-able cover for your shoes.

So of course, it hit me, Autism Awareness SHOES! Since they are not really easy to find them retail, I figured I could create them, and I did.

I designed a pair of Custom Zipz for myself, my husband, and, of course, my son.

Not only was I able to pic the color custom(so of course I chose to "Light it up Blue"), and the wording, images and layout, but I was also able to add personal photos and drawings.

So my husband's shoes say "Proud dad to a child with Autism".

The picture is our son of course, and the puzzle design is because a Puzzle is a symbol for Autism Awareness.

On the inner side of the shoes there is an Autism Puzzle Ribbon and the anagram:

This is the design on the inner side of my shoes as well. Mine are exactly the same design except mine read(of course) "Proud mom to a child with Autism"

The back heels of my and my husband's shoes are also the same. They say "Autism" Down the Left heel and "Awareness" down the right heel. It's so awesome.

Since my son's feet are so small, there was much less printing space on his, so his design is much different. More simple but still completely unique.

The outside image is a Puzzle Ribbon for Autism Awareness.

The inside image is actually a copy(scan) of a drawing that he made.

I love how they were able to do that. So kids can actually draw their own shoes. That's so AWESOME! I plan to have another pair made for him that will be only his artwork.

He LOVES his shoes. He put them on immediately and he was so happy.

He even wanted to go outside right then with them. It was getting a little dark, but he was so excited that I had to let him. He was just so happy I couldn't bevel it.

He was jumping and flapping.
And he even danced, it was the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

It brought me so much joy to see him having that much fun over something as simple as a pair of shoes. I love that feeling, and even if he never wore them again, it would be worth it, but he wears them every day.

His teacher even sent a note home saying she loves the new shoes, which I thought was really cool.

Every time we go anywhere people always comment on how gorgeous they are or ask where we got them. As fun as compliments are, every time someone looks at them(especially when they ask so I can explain it) they are learning a little more about Autism.

So as a family we are spreading awareness all over the place, step by step(pun intended). I love knowing that I am a(small) part of increasing awareness.

Plus I just love having a fabulous, stylish, Unique pair of shoes. I know that no one(besides my husband) has anything like these, and it feels good to have something that is your own design.

They are just so cute. I wear them with everything. The only problem I have had at all, is that when I wear jeans, it covers all the wonderful Autism Awareness design. The shoes still look great though.

My husband loves his too. He is very picky about his shoes and stuff, but he was amazed at how "wicked cool"(his words) these were.

He even praised the fit and comfort, and that is like the highest possible compliment coming from him. And I agree, these are so comfortable. I hate shoes and yet these feel incredible.

Since I already loved Zipz, I knew these would be great, but they even exceeded my high expectations. I could not be happier. Everything about these shoes is perfect.

Best if all, once you get these Custom Zipz, you will have the soles, and then can just buy any of the standard covers to change up your look as much as you want.

Zipz(and Zipz Custom) covers come in Hi Tops, Low Tops and Slip on styles too, so there is something for everyone. 

You could even wear 2 different cover designs(or styles) together since you'd know they shoes fit exactly the same way(same height, balance, etc).

Zipz Customs are so magnificent. I want you all try try them. I know that these would be loved by anyone. They would make a perfect thoughtful and personal gift. And since people wear shoes daily, they are also so practical.

With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up soon, think of the possibilities. "World's Best Mom"(and some personal photos).

To get the giving started, Zipz Custom and I are hosting a giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a gift card so you can get a custom pair of their very own(to keep or gift). Enter below, good luck.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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  1. These are some great shoes and unique that you customize them. Thank-You for sharing.

  2. I would put My Daughter's Name and Apraxia awareness because Apraxia is very unknown even though it is widespread

  3. What a wonderful idea Zipz came up with to allow people to make their own design--and great that you thought to make them with the Autism symbols!! It will surely bring awareness to those who don't know--they are going to ask!!

  4. Those are so cute, I love the idea of these shoes.

  5. Wow, that is a beautiful pair of personalized zipz shoes! Such a great cause as well.

  6. I think I would get either a pair of pink Zipz and customize them for breast cancer awareness. Both my grandmother and aunt had breast cancer and lost her battle and another aunt carries the mutated breast cancer gene. It's very scary and a cause near and dear to my heart.

    My other option would be a rainbow shoe to show support for Marriage Equality!

  7. Oh my goodness those are simply adorable! I think it is great that you are able to design your own shoes.

  8. I have no idea at the moment what I would put on them, I love the ones you had designed though. I do think that children with autism are absolutely brilliant, they seem to have incredible memories. Your little one is cutie!

  9. This is pretty cool! you can customized your own design. I am not sure yet, I still have to think about a very good one...

  10. Oh goodness I'm not very good at designing! But they have some super cute ones already made! I wants some for my whole family!

  11. Your son is adorable and looks like he loves the zipz shoes. It is great that you can customize them!

  12. yours came out so cute!If I could make another pair it would be for MS awareness in bright orange

  13. This is cute!!!! And very awesome custom for a great awareness.

  14. I don't know what I would put on them. Maybe pictures of my kitties or abstract watercolor paintings.

  15. Oh goodness, I don't know. I'd love to win a pair for my middle daughter so maybe I would let her draw a picture! Thanks!