Thursday, April 11, 2013

Starlooks iPrimer Review

If you follow my posts at all, then you should know by now how much I adore Starlooks.

I subscribe to their monthly Starboxes. That is the only subscription box I get, because it is the best I have found. Most others do not even come close.

I also like to try other products that are not in the monthly boxes to grow my collection even faster. I will be reviewing one(or more) Starlooks product every month in addition to my monthly Starbox reviews.

This time I am doing the iPrimer (in Medium):

This is so wonderful. I cannot believe I have been without it this long. I have been missing out on the true abilities of my eye shadows for years.

This magnificent eye primer goes on before shadow to create the perfect smooth eye and ideal surface to increase the sticking ability of your shadow. ANY shadow.

The sticking ability is what creates a vibrant color and causes shadow to last without fading, creasing, caking, smearing or smudging.

It also makes the shadow glide on so much easier and distribute where you want in and in the correct intensity level. It basically makes eye shadow fool proof.

I mean it. I am fairly foolish, and even I can do it. Check out what I was able to do thanks to Starlooks iPrimer.

I love how great this came out. I am not the best at eye shadow, and I think this is probably the best it has ever looked when I have done it.

The shadow stayed in place all day without any smearing or fading. No creases or caking. It even stayed on(looking good) through my shower. I am seriously amazing with this primer. I will never wear shadow without it again.

I could not be happier with this product. I have never once been less than 100% satisfied with any Starlooks products.

If you have never tried Starlooks, you are seriously missing out on top quality products at mind blowing prices. You could easily pay 4-5 times as much and get the same)or lesser) quality. Starlooks is it. It's the STAR I guess you could say.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. This sounds like something I could really use-it would be so nice to have an eyeshadow color look like the color it is supposed to be. I have a feeling it could also be used as the base for a tri-color look.

  2. OMG I want all your make up now!!

  3. Wow this sounds neat, thank you for sharing.

  4. I love Starlooks they have really nice products. I think a good eye primer makes a big difference in your make up.

  5. It makes a big difference, beautiful!

  6. I don't like heavy dark make up so this one is just right...nice match on your eye shadow

  7. I love natural colors, that is what I wear when I do wear makeup.

  8. I love the color and the shimmer. I am a neutrals girl so this is right up my alley!