Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ellie Review

As you all probably know by now, for almost 3 months now I have been on the path to loosing weight and living healthier for life.

So far, that has mostly been done through my diet. Not only "dieting" but eating more nutrition foods and such. But healthy eating alone is not enough to lose weight(and be toned), or live healthy. You need to be active to really be at your best.

Not only does being more active burn more calories, but it also strengthens your muscles and increases flexibility. Exercise is very important in a healthy lifestyle, which is why I need to make more effort to begin an exercise routine.

I am the type to always find an excuse not to exercise. Although having 2 young children(18 month , Special needs 5 1/2 year old) it is really difficult, bit I have other less pertinent excused as well.

One of my biggest ones is not having the proper attire. I can't work out in baggy sweats of form fitting jeans. I can go for a walk or be seen by people looking bad in ugly workout clothes.

Finally though, I decided to stop making excuses and start making thing happen. The first step was to find stylish, comfortable, high performance workout clothing.

I found a really awesome site that was perfect. Ellie is exactly what I needed. It is the first site of it's kind(that I have ever heard of). Not only do they have super stylish apparel, it is also comfortable, affordable and made to last.

What really sets Ellie apart though is the Fit Fashionista Club. The Fit Fashionista Club is so unique and awesome. I am sure you are all aware of the monthly subscription boxes on the market(beauty, pet, food, etc) well this is similar, yet unique.

You can purchase any of the wonderful items as a regular purchase whenever you would like, but you can also purchase the Club. For just $49.95 you get to chose ANY TWO PIECES!! So you can obviously chose an outfit(top and bottom) or you can choose 2 bottoms or 2 tops.

You can easily get 2 items for LESS than the cost on one. And no matter how much or how often you order, shipping is ALWAYS FREE!

Plus, they collections change each month, so there is always something new and fabulous to choose from. There is never the risk of boredom or running out of styles. And as your collection grows, you will be more and more encouraged to put the items to good use.

Since you get to chose the items yourself(unlike most monthly boxes) you always know that you will love what you get.

And if for any reason you are not satisfied, just return the items(at no cost) using a pre-paid label and get a replacement or a refund. Now that is standing behind your products. Most companies make the customer pay return shipping. I love that Ellie is different.

I chose my 2 items for March. The actually were slightly delayed, but  not only was it for a good reason, Ellie was sure to send me an email explaining the delay and even apologizing.

And guess what the reason was. They wanted to make sure that I got the very BEST quality. Ellie uses a supplier(like most companies) and when they received the pieces for March(they actually inspect them) they were not fully satisfied with the quality and demanded they be remade.

I am so amazed by that level of service and caring for the customers. They could have easily just sent the lesser products, and I bet they would have been just fine, but they only want to sell the very best, and I have so much respect and appreciation for that.

Not only that, but because of the delay, they also decided to keep the March Collection available in addition to the new April collection so even those that did not already order still have the opportunity.

I must say, the items I got were well worth the wait. I am in love. The pieces are definitely wonderful quality.

They are thick and durable and yet breathable and comfortable and allow for unrestricted motion. They are so stylish. I would wear these out even if I wasn't exercising. They are fabulous, and I feel so confidant in them.

I chose the Black Widow Tank and the Raven Capri

I really love the logos, so cute.

On these pieces it appears on the bottom corner of the tank, top corner of the capris and the back center of the tank(under the straps).

I know that I don't look that great in these yet, but that's the point. They are going to motivate me to get in shape, and I am going to look forward to getting new cute workout gear, only if I am putting it to good use. That will ensure that I don't get lazy. Because I know I am going to want to keep getting more fabulous outfits.

I could not be more thrilled with Ellie. The selection, quality, styles, performance are all top notch, as is the service(which really sets Ellie apart) and the price is so wonderful too. It's hard to get one good quality piece for $50, but any two, INCREDIBLE!

If you need some motivation to start exercising, or already do and need some super cute(and functional) threads to do it in, then Ellie is PERFECT for you. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Be sure to click through below to save 20%. That's 2 pieces of the best athletic clothing I've even tried for only $40!! Don't pass up this amazing offer.

*Although I received these items at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. The march collection is so sleek! love it!

  2. You look really nice in this shirt. The shirt is so pretty, and I wanted to tell you that your hair is so pretty!