Thursday, December 27, 2012

WAX ROSES(from Jewelry Candle) GIVEAWAY!!

Every woman adores flowers, especially roses. Just the beauty of the rose, but also the smell and the sentiment attached. Roses are very often used ton represent a special occasion, like a wedding, anniversary or holiday(Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday etc).

And while roses have so many great qualities, there are also a few not so great ones. First, they die. That is sad, you get these lovely roses, fall in love with them, and a week later, they are gone and you have nothing left but the memory.

Second, it is sometimes hard to even find beautiful roses, especially during peak times(Valentine's Day). Even f you order early, you still end up with whatever stock the store has, and often end up disappointed(I have been more than a few times).

Also, the price. Have you ever really realized how much a decent bouquet of roses costs? My husband buys me roses sometimes, and when I find out how much they were(especially for the quality we ended up with) I also have to smack him.($80 for a bouquet that will die in a week...not acceptable).

It had finally gotten to the point where I told my husband(nicely) not to buy me roses anymore. It was just not worth the waste.

But I just learned of a new product that will solve the roses/no roses dilemma for men(and women) everywhere. WAX ROSES(from Jewelry Candle).

Not only do Wax Dipped Roses look just like the real thing( completely fresh and perfect), and last forever without dying, but they even smell like real roses. The scent will even last for up to a year!

And if that was not awesome enough, each dozen also comes with a jewelry surprise. Each piece of Jewelry is worth anywhere from $10 to $7,500!! That is such an amazing value, even for the $10 pieces.

All the pieces are GORGEOUS! And getting flowers and jewelry covered all in one shot is so simple. Wax Roses are really he perfect no hassle gift for any woman you know.

Wax Roses will be available in 6 different colors( lavender, white, red, pink, light blue and yellow) and come wrapped with a bow and presented in an elegant box.

How much would your mother, sister, friend, wife, daughter, etc love these beautiful roses(especially children who would feel so special to receive this)?

And with the price being only $39.95 + $5.00 S&H, you are getting an extraordinary value. You surely cannot get real roses(decent ones anyway) for that price, let alone eternal roses AND jewelry.

Wax Roses will be available for purchase Starting January 15th, so you will have plenty of time to get these for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

Make sure you get some of these for everyone so no one gets jealous(and they will if left out), and ladies, pick up some for yourself too, I know I will be.

And to get the giving started, We will be giving away a dozen Wax Roses to one lucky winner. Enter below for your chance to win. Good Luck.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yak Apparel Review and GIVEAWAY!!

I do not wear hats much. The reason is because I always look really weird in a hat. Either it does not fit my head correctly or I am just not meant to wear hats. Whatever it is, it was a real bummer.

I always see people in cute hats and get super envious. When I try the same ones, they are too long for my head or something and either cover my eyes or have to be baggy on top(which I loathe).

So basically I decided to cut my loses and just get over it, and life went on.

But then I saw the gorgeous hats from Yak Apparel, and all my hat desires came rushing back. The pictures on the site looked like the hats fit so perfect, so I decided I had to try them.

I was hoping for the best, with slightly more confidence than usual, but I never expected to be so impressed.

I got the Women's Pink Pompom Trapper Hat with White Faux Fur.

This hat is so adorable. I love the pompoms. I love pompom hats. The fur accent is so pretty and the pink is nice and girly, but with the black and gray, I don't think it is too cutesy to be for adults.

It is nice and thick. You can really tell that it is very high quality. It is made to preform well, keep you super warm and cozy, and last a long time.

This hat is really comfortable. And even though it is very warm and snug, I don't feel link it is trapping me and I didn't get too hot(living in Florida, that is a huge testament).

But of course, especially in my case, all the other stuff does not mean too much if it does not fit well enough to wear it. Amazingly, it fits PERFECTLY!

I love how great this feels, and how it really looks like it fits(because it does). This hat is so wonderful. I never gets super cold here, but this morning it was a little chilly, and my wonderful hat did not let me down.

All my friends went crazy for it. And adorably, so did my kids(even my son). He even tried to steal it. He kept saying "Bobby's hat" and "Now it's Bobby's turn" it was too cute. He even wore it as much as he could(much to my husband's dismay).

Thankfully, he was inside. People already mistake him for a girl because of his long hair. I am going to have to get him one of his own, because he is obsessed. He loves the pompoms I guess. He calls them puff balls and he called the hat a "puffin" a few times.

Good thing Yak Apparel makes men's hats too.

If you are looking for a great hat for yourself or anyone else, you really need to start at Yak Apparel. And not only are these hats fabulous, the price is great too. Especially right now. This hat(and many others) is only $15.75 right now(down from $45) and the Fleece Lined Hats are only $12.50(from $35). That is a crazy great price. I will probably pick up at least one of every color(that is on sale).

Don't miss out on these awesome prices. If you do, you WILL regret it.

And the only thing better than a rock bottom price, is FREE. So we are giving you all the chance to win a Yak hat of your very own. Just enter below. Good luck.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dial a Smile GIVEAWAY!!

 My friend over at Priceless Product Reviews, Giveaways & Freebies Has a super awesome giveaway.

Enter below to win A Dial a Smile Professional Whitening Kit, Whitening Lightning Super Booster Teeth Whitening Pen, Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss and a Brow Bar to Go.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

December Starbox Review

If you are a veteran follower of Andrea's World, then I am sure you already know how much I love Starbox, as demonstrated in my October and November reviews.

I am so excited to be able to review the December Starbox for you all. I love sharing all the best products with you, and Starbox is DEFINITELY one of them.

The December box just sent my love for Starbox to new levels. I knew what the fabulous item for December was going to be(since Oct.) and yet I was still amazed when I received it.

That's because the December Starbox contained a mind-blowing 15 Shade Eye shadow Palette! A $99 VALUE!!

With so many colors. you can create a ton of different looks. You obviously have 15 just wearing each color solo, but then you can mix and match to make countless combinations.

Starbox has some "looks" in their Looksbook. I decided that I would give them a try, although I am terrible at replicating(and not the best at applying in general).

Please don't laugh. I did my best. The looks are Red/Green Violet/Yellow and Blue/Orange(I used gold because my palette did not have orange):

But as I said, I usually just do my own thing with no model to follow, I decided to come up with my own combos too.

As you can see, all the colors are gorgeous!. They all pair so well together no matter what you decide to do. The go on smoothly and wear without creasing. The feel super light and stay looking fantastic all night.

With that kind of quality and style it is a miracle that this palette was included in the December(or any) Starbox. Especially when you take into account that a Starbox subscription is only $15 a month(plus $1.98 shipping). a $99 product for under $17? Starbox is a crazy deal. And although December's box was a little higher in value than normal, every month you get a really great box worthy of a much higher price.

Starbox is one of the cheaper monthly beauty boxes that I have found, and pretty much the only one that I feel to be a great value. Most others send sample size products. With Starbox you always get full size.

If you did not get this box, I know you are now kicking yourself. Well you can stop(you don't want to bruise), because you can usually get past Starboxes for only $10 over their normal price(and December's is included). So for only $25 you can get a $99 15 Shade Eye Shadow Palette. So much for "If you snooze you loose". Even you snoozers still win with Starbox.

So what are you waiting for? go scoop up December's Starbox before they sell out. And make sure you subscribe before January 1st to begin receiving Starbox every month. That way you won't miss out again. What better way to start off the new year that the gift of beauty every month?

You can treat yourself, or give the subscription as a gift(just tell your recipient or print a fancy "certificate" explaining their subscription. It will be the gift that keeps on giving. And better yet, nothing to wrap or go shop for. Although the first box would not be until January, it is still a gift you could give now, so no worry about delivery in time for Christmas.

Anyone whom you gift a subscription to will be so thankful. Starboxes are not just about the wonderful items inside, but the anticipation of waiting and guessing, and the surprise of seeing what it is. I feel like a kid at Christmas every time I get one.

When you do subscribe(and you will), let them know that Andrea's World gave you the scoop.

Monday, December 17, 2012

LUGZ Boots Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am obsessed with boots. I love how cute they look, how they go with everything. I look forward to boot weather all year.

As much as I love how stylish boots are, I equally despise uncomfortable shoes. That is often a huge problem for me when shopping for boots.

It's easy to find gorgeous boots and to find comfortable boots, but it is very rare that you can find BOTH.

That is why I love Lugz so much. All their styles are functional and fabulous. I just got the cutest pair ever, and I am so in love.

The Ladies Black/Cream Tambora Peacoat Boots are so beautiful. They are not comfortable boots that are cute, they are gorgeous boots that are comfortable. These are amazingly comfy.

I like it when I can feel like I am not wearing shoes, bit these actually feel better than bare feet(and I hate shoes). They are so plush inside it is like wearing slippers.

These are like a dream to wear. Warm, fuzzy and soft as a cloud. I could wear them all day which is saying a lot for me, because I am nearly always barefoot.

And of course equally important is the style aspect. These are perfect in that area too.

I can wear these all the time with any number outfits and no matter what, I(my outfit anyway) will look fantastic.

I have gotten so many compliments on these boots that I've lost count. My sister practically drooled on me when she saw them. My other sister already tried to "borrow" them. My Sister-In-Law hinted about her Christmas gift(being these boots) and all my neighbors have said how gorgeous they are. Not to mention random people in stores or just out and about.

And not only are these fashionable and comfortable, but they are extremely durable. These boots will take a beating and stay looking fabulous. You can wear them for work or play, and they will have you covered and then some.

I hate when you get a pair of boots(or shoes), and they just look and feel cheap. When you know that all it takes is one accidental toe stepping to ruin your boots, then you should really get better ones.

Everyone wants to get the most value for their money, and these boots deliver everything you could ask for and then some.

And of course the Tambora is not the only wonderful style that Lugz offers for women, and they even make them for Men and Children as well. Talk about awesome; getting quality, practical, super stylish shoes/boots for the whole family all in one place.

Lugz is a brand that I very much believe in and recommend at every opportunity. If you are looking for boots or shoes for anyone in your family, Lugz is the perfect place to get them.

And as an extra special holiday treat, Andrea's World and Lugz are hosting a giveaway for a pair of Ladies Black/Cream Tambora Boots. Just enter below for your chance to win. Good luck.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Draper Valley Vineyard Riview and GIVEAWAY!!

With New Year's Eve(and the holidays) fast approaching, I know there will be a high demand for drinks weather hosting or attending parties.

Since I am not really a drinker, I always find that this is kind of depressing. I have feeling left out of toasts and such, and I hate trying to bring wine or campaign as hostess gifts since I know nothing about them.

That is why I am so excited to have found a product that I can feel good about drinking and gifting. It is a non alcoholic drink made only from grapes, but it is every bit as delicious and elegant as any wine could hope to be(in my opinion). In fact, I think it is very better since it does not have the fermented taste.

Draper Vally Vineyard uses only the best grapes(the same ones used for wine) to create wonderful alcohol free juices that have all the wonderful flavor notes of wine without the alcohol.

They are also every bit as beautiful(making the great for gifting). And they are great to serve to children that want to be included in a grown-up toast. They will feel(and maybe think) like they are getting the same great stuff, not drinking just kiddie juice.

What is really amazing to me is how only grapes can have such a wide range of flavor notes. It is so incredible. I only tried 2 of the flavors so far, but they are both fantastic(and so different).

This wonderful golden juice has the flavor notes of green apple, peach, apricot and a splash of citrus(all just from grapes).

This is wonderfully bright with just a touch of tartness. It is very refreshing. This is not something to gulp however. The flavor is very intense(in a wonderful way). Just a little sip is enough to make you fall in love.

I will definitely be getting more of this.

Pinot Noir:
A deep red with rich flavor. Notes of black cherry, currents and berries and just a hint of cinnamon.

I love both flavors, but this was my favorite. I love cherry, and somehow this juice really has a wonderful cherry flavor to it. The depth of flavor is so unbelievable.

To me this one tastes more deep and romantic. Words are hard to find to describe this, but I will say this flavor is a little more "special occasion" although it's good enough to be enjoyed all the time.

This is the perfect date night choice, and would be amazing for a wedding.

You will be blown away by either flavor(and I imagine the other Draper Vally Vineyard flavors as well). The quality is so high. I am amazed that the prices are as low as they are.(especially since these two flavors[and the Gewurztraminer flavor] are on sale right now.)

Seriously, if you enjoy wine or just want a really special drink to celebrate with, gift, or just enjoy anytime, you will not be disappointed with one of these fabulous juices.

And just a helpful hint, these are corked, so be sure to be prepared(I was not). I had to buy a corkscrew and I bought a super cheap junk one and had a rough time getting my delicious juice free. You will be very sad if you have to wait, so be ready(You can even buy a corkscrew on their website).

I know you are all dying to try these, so we are giving away a bottle each of these 2 wonderful juices(1 winner). Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck.

Torani Syrup Review

I love coffee, but I am all about the creamy, sweet, flavored coffee beverages. I am certainly not a black coffee drinker.  The more added flavor my coffee has, the better.

I love the flavored creamers and such, but sometimes, those just don't really cut it. I want good quality flavor. That is why Torani syrups are so amazing.

Torani offers a HUGE selection of incredible flavors, including a very large variety of sugar-free choices. Seriously, the number of choices is unbelievable.

I have only tried 2 flavors thus far(both sugar free), and they are really good.

I love hazelnut. This was so good in my iced coffee and hot chocolate. But what is really fantastic is how it made my chocolate cake so over the top delicious. I got so many compliments and requests to make it again.

This has such a rich, true hazelnut flavor. This would be good in so many things. I need to try it on top of ice cream. YUM!

If you like hazelnut, you will be in love. Sugar and sugar-free lovers alike will Enjoy this.


I'll be the first to admit that me and ginger are not the best of friends, but I do like gingerbread(most of the time), and thankfully, this syrup is very tasty like yummy sweet gingerbread.

It was good in my coffee, but this was really good in my sugar cookies. Since as I mentioned, I an not super in love with gingerbread all the time, I would rather not bake a ton of gingerbread cookies, so I make sugar cookies to decorate, but often feels less special.

Gingerbread sugar cookie men were perfect. The best of both worlds. My(autistic) son will not taste gingerbread due to the color, but he eats sugar cookies, so this was a great way to get him to taste something different without really realizing it.

He loved them as I know he would. My husband loved them too, and so did my neighbors whom I shared with. Everyone asked me my "secret".

I love that the Sugar-Free syrups are made with Splenda, that is like the only sugar substitute I like, and these taste incredible because of it. They don't taste "Sugar-Free" which I love.

I love how these syrups make it so easy to completely change the flavor of a recipe. You could turn a budnt cake from lemon to chocolate to caramel to mango and so on just by using a different syrup.

I love simply. I love to bake and experiment, but I hate buying tons of ingredients that I may not use that often. The beauty of these syrups is that they are great in drinks(from coffee to tea to cocktails) as well as baking, and they will get used so quickly.

No matter what you are looking for, I bet you will find tons of uses for Torani, but all you need is one. Pick some up to enhance your backed goods this holiday, or add to a coffee lovers gift basket or stuff man's(or woman's) stocking with a bottle of bacon(yes bacon) syrup.

Use this coupon to save $1 on your purchase.

Wishing you all a very sweet(pun intended) holiday season.

*This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks and Torani, though all opinions are my own.*

Thursday, December 13, 2012

CrispRoot Review and GIVEAWAY!

With all the holiday weight many are putting on, and with the new year right around the corner, weight loss resolutions are going to be abundant.

Loosing weight is always heard, but eating healthy is a daily struggle for me. I hate feeling deprived. The way my brain works is that if I feel like I am eating "diet food" I will psyche myself out and make myself hate it(even if it is good).

For example, I love fruit, but during a diet, I tend to not like it nearly as much and think of it like suffering through when any other time I would be loving it and wanting more.

I think it is because no matter how good fruit is, it cannot really be a substitute(especially mentally) for cake.

Well I have discovered an awesome product that IS a good replacement for one of my beloved junk foods. CrispRoot Cassava Root Chips are incredible.

Seriously, I had tons of doubts about the flavor of this product, but they truly amazed me. To me, they really do taste like potato chips(not exactly of course because no potato, but so close it's crazy).

They texture is dead on too, which is another thing that can ruin a whole snack for me. If I want potato chips, I want the yummy flavor and the Crissy texture. These deliver both in spades.

These chips have 30-40% less fat than regular potato chips, and double the fiber! They are Gluten-Free as well. And they come in 4 yummy flavors to satisfy any mood.

With these chips, Original does not mean plain, these are a wonderful layer of sweet an savory flavors. Evaporated cane juice, sea salt, garlic powder make this a super unique chip flavor, and it is addictive.

This was the first flavor I tried, and my daughter had to have some immediately. I offered my son some too, not expecting him to accept(he is autistic and practically never tries anything new), but he took one without hesitation, and even more amazingly, continued to eat them.

Even if I hated these(which I in no way do), the fact that my son ate them would make me a happy customer for life. I am so excited. I think he may have tried them because they look just like potato chips, but he kept eating them because they are yummy, and that is the biggest compliment I can say for these chips. If he likes them, they must be good.

Sea Salt:
 This is probably the best flavor for all of you classic potato chip lovers. Just sea salty goodness, perfect crunch and 30% less fat. What more can I say?

My son loves these too, as do my hubby, my daughter and I. This is really the most universal chip. It will pair fantastically with an dip, and is perfect straight from the bag.

BBQ Bliss:

I think this is my favorite flavor. Not only is it the delicious BBQ taste that does it, it might just be the fact that this variety has 40% less fat than potato chips-only 6g per serving!

This is the perfect blend of sweet and smoky with just the right amount of spice to satisfy any BBQ craving.

It is mind boggling to think that all this flavor can be so good for you. The kids did not try this flavor, but my husband loved it as well.

Thai Ginger:
Being 100% honest, I did not care for this flavor. Why? Well, I hate ginger, so clearly I would not like anything that is ginger flavor.

My husband liked these though, and I share the other bag with a friend who said her entire family loved them. So the chips themselves are great, and if this is a flavor that you would like in general, you will love these.

The kids also did not try these. I thought they would be too much for my 15 month old, and my son won't eat the ones that have a different color.

What I love most about these(along the taste and heath aspects) is that they are not greasy. They don't make your hands all greasy, and even when you put them on a napkin, you see NO oily mess left behind. It is so wonderful!

When the kids eat regular chips, not only are they eating more fat than needed, but they get greasy hand-prints everywhere. Now I don't have to worry about that. 

I very strongly recommend these to anyone wanting a healthier snack, or even a less greasy, Gluten-Free or just deliciously unique chip.

I know you are all dying to try these, so we are giving away a whole case to one lucky winner. Enter below. Good luck.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


As most of you probably know, I am a bar lover. I do not love blindly however. The quality(and flavor) must be very good for me to enjoy a bar.

I have heard many great things about LÄRABAR, so I decided that I had to try them for myself and see if they were really that good.

Well, it turns out they are not that good. THEY ARE BETTER! These are amazing!

LÄRABAR bars are made with real quality ingredients(like fruits and nuts), not filled with sweeteners and fillers.

They are really filling and protein is really satisfying. They are pretty low in calories as well(under 200). They are really a bar that you can feel good about eating.

I love how the ingredients are few and simple so you really know what you are eating, and it's all really food(not preservatives and additives).

Just look at the real ingredients. You can really see it.

Of course just as important as nutrition and quality ingredients is the taste. And boy oh boy, do these bars deliver there too.

I only tried 6 of their numerous varieties, but I love each one.

Carrot Cake: 

I love carrot cake. Of course this bar does not take exactly like carrot cake since it is not filled with sugar and iced, but it has coconut and carrots and walnuts and cinnamon and raisins and pineapple(and almonds and coconut oil)

It is so delicious and I am amazed that this has no sugar. I would never think something so tasty could be so good and and natural.

This bar is good enough that is can be a great replacement for a slice of carrot cake and I do not feel deprived. That is really saying a lot for me because I love cake(my favorite of all sweets).

Cherry Pie:

This bar is so good. And amazingly, it has only 3 ingredients! Dates, Almonds and Cherries are all that go in to this fantastic bar.

I am a true cherry lover, so this is perfect for me. Cherry pie flavor without all the calories and mess. No gooey cherry filling. Easy to pack for snacks and lunches anywhere(just try that with cherry pie).

The fruit is so moist and juicy and the nuts are tender(as much as they should be) not hard and tooth-breaking.

The cherries are sweet and just a little tart. The ingredients pair up perfectly, and the chewy texture is so perfect.

Apple Pie:

Apple is one of my favorite flavors in a bar, and this bar is incredible. The cinnamon and walnuts really give that wonderful apple pie flavor while the raisins, dates and almonds give it the little something extra.

I let my hubby taste it, and he tried to take it all. He loves it. (he doesn't like carrot cake or cherries, so he did not try the others). I love that he actually wants to eat these since most times he will not eat fruits or nuts either. He prefers chips and cookies.

Having something healthy that he likes is great. These are perfect for him take to work for snacks. He works on a truck, so not much room or way to bring good food.

Banana Bread:

Another crazy 3 ingredient masterpiece. Containing only almonds, dates and bananas, this bar tastes like so much more.

I LOVE bananas in breads and such(no as much plain). They taste so wonderful in this bar with the almonds. I don't think I have ever had almonds with bananas before, but they go so well together.

This is almost better than banana bread. I love the texture and the serving size. The fact that I can get my potassium and protein from this awesome bar is wonderful.

I shared this one with my little girl and she loved it.

The other 2 flavors I tried were the Uber Bars. Uber Bars are the sweet and salty combo. Using sea salt and natural sweeteners, these bars are a little something above and beyond a regular LÄRABAR.

Apple Turnover:

Uber bars have bigger chunks of nuts and fruit, and the sweet and salty contrast is fantastic. I have always loved sweet and salty together.

This Apple Turnover Bar is amazing. I think the honey is what really makes this bar so fantastic. I love mt honey, and it fits perfectly with the nuts and fruits in this bar.

My hubby tried to get this one too(since he liked the other apple one) but he was out of luck.

Cherry Cobbler:

This bar is so good. I seriously love my cherries and what better way to get my fix than with a protein packed, calorie friendly bar?

The texture is so wonderful, more hearty, chewy and crunchy. The honey and sea salt make the flavor really stand out, and the cherries are so sweet and yummy.

I think this is my favorite, but they are all so good, it is impossible to choose.

LÄRABAR is not only the perfect healthy bar, it is the perfect delicious snack or on the go meal replacement. You will love LÄRABAR not because it is better for you, but better tasting than other snacks.

LÄRABAR would make a really unique and awesome gift this holiday season. From stocking stuffers to gift baskets to just boxes of bars, any recipient will love it. And having a gift that is perfect for any age, gender size, shape and so on will ensure that it will not be wasted or returned.

To get the giving started, LÄRABAR is giving one lucky winner a caddy of 16 mixed LÄRABAR flavors. 

Enter below. Good luck.

*I received these products free to facilitate a review. NO positive comments were expected. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.*