Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Almondina Review and GIVEAWAY!

Everyone loves cookies, but if you are anything like myself, you do not like all the fat, calories and guilt that come along with them. Sure there are less guilt options out there, but you never know if it is going to be edible or worse than eating the box they came in.

Thankfully, I have made an awesome find where better for you cookies are concerned, and of course I have to share the love.

Almondina cookies are REALLY good. And they are actually not bad for your health or your waistline.

Almondina has so many fantastic varieties, so there is plenty for every taste and every mood. Evevery flavor is different and they are all good.

The Original:

The classic goodness of almonds and plump raisins make this coolie the best seller after all these years.

Such a timeless combination. An old fashioned flavor that has stood the test of time.

These are really good. I love the texture, it is not as crunchy as I had imagined, which is wonderful. I ignorantly expected to break a tooth(like many similar texture products would cause). But these are crispy, not hard.

The flavor is not too sweet, but still enough to be a sweet treat. The raisins are super moist and delicious, way better than any raisin you would get from a box, or in other cookies. My husband loved these too, and he is picky.


This is basically the Original Almondina recipe with the added decadence of chocolate. Plump juice raisins and almonds make this a wonderful twist on an ordinary chocolate cookie, and only 133 calories and 3.6g fat per serving make it inconceivable.

My husband loved this flavor the most since he is a chocolate lover to the core. For him, the more chocolate the better, and he said this cookie delivered the fix.

I loved it, of course. What woman doesn't love chocolate that won't destroy your waistline?


What goes better with raisins than cinnamon? In my opinion, nothing, so this is a cinnaful treat in my opinion. Although this is a cookielicious treat, I like this variety for breakfast in place of my cinnamon raisin toast. So good.

My husband did not even get to try this one, my daughter and I ate it all.


To be completely honest, I did not much care for this flavor, but that is because I hate ginger. My husband however likes ginger, and he loves this cookie. He ate the whole pack in one sitting.

If you are a ginger fan, I know you will love these cookies.

Once again, not the best flavor for me and I do not like sesame seeds, but they were better than I thought they would be, and my husband and daughter liked them.

They go nicely with the almonds which came as a surprise to me. This is a really unique flavor and perfect for the sesame lover. Also the least sweet choice for someone looking for that.

Pumpkin Spice:
This is my favorite! I love all things pumpkin spice, and this cookie sure delivers. I love that it has pumpkin seeds in it too. I have never had pumpkin seeds in a cookie, and it was so good.

Such a wonderful pumpkin flavor. This really tastes like the fall/winter to me, and this is the perfect flavor for the holidays. Beyond perfect. No one but me got to try this flavor.

Chocolate Cherry:

My second favorite flavor. I love chocolate and cherry together, and when you add the almonds and the yummy crunchy cookieness you are hard pressed to find a better combination.

This is so indulgent. I think this is the most decadent flavor out of them all. The cherries are so plump and juicy and the chocolate is rich and sweet. So fantastic.

Cherry lovers have to try this masterpiece.

No matter who you are or what flavors you like, Almondina has something you will love. And you can feel good knowing you are eating protein and not much fat and calories. The yummy crunch is super satisfying and you can quash your dessert craving with this much better treat.

With all the holiday cookies you will surly be offered at parties and such, it will be wonderful to have these to serve your guests. Giving them not only a healthier choice, but also something equally delicious and 10 times more unique.

And to get you started, one lucky winner will receive a box full of Almondina cookies in all the flavors listed. Enter below. Good luck.