Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Starbox Review

If you are a veteran follower of Andrea's World, then I am sure you already know how much I love Starbox, as demonstrated in my October and November reviews.

I am so excited to be able to review the December Starbox for you all. I love sharing all the best products with you, and Starbox is DEFINITELY one of them.

The December box just sent my love for Starbox to new levels. I knew what the fabulous item for December was going to be(since Oct.) and yet I was still amazed when I received it.

That's because the December Starbox contained a mind-blowing 15 Shade Eye shadow Palette! A $99 VALUE!!

With so many colors. you can create a ton of different looks. You obviously have 15 just wearing each color solo, but then you can mix and match to make countless combinations.

Starbox has some "looks" in their Looksbook. I decided that I would give them a try, although I am terrible at replicating(and not the best at applying in general).

Please don't laugh. I did my best. The looks are Red/Green Violet/Yellow and Blue/Orange(I used gold because my palette did not have orange):

But as I said, I usually just do my own thing with no model to follow, I decided to come up with my own combos too.

As you can see, all the colors are gorgeous!. They all pair so well together no matter what you decide to do. The go on smoothly and wear without creasing. The feel super light and stay looking fantastic all night.

With that kind of quality and style it is a miracle that this palette was included in the December(or any) Starbox. Especially when you take into account that a Starbox subscription is only $15 a month(plus $1.98 shipping). a $99 product for under $17? Starbox is a crazy deal. And although December's box was a little higher in value than normal, every month you get a really great box worthy of a much higher price.

Starbox is one of the cheaper monthly beauty boxes that I have found, and pretty much the only one that I feel to be a great value. Most others send sample size products. With Starbox you always get full size.

If you did not get this box, I know you are now kicking yourself. Well you can stop(you don't want to bruise), because you can usually get past Starboxes for only $10 over their normal price(and December's is included). So for only $25 you can get a $99 15 Shade Eye Shadow Palette. So much for "If you snooze you loose". Even you snoozers still win with Starbox.

So what are you waiting for? go scoop up December's Starbox before they sell out. And make sure you subscribe before January 1st to begin receiving Starbox every month. That way you won't miss out again. What better way to start off the new year that the gift of beauty every month?

You can treat yourself, or give the subscription as a gift(just tell your recipient or print a fancy "certificate" explaining their subscription. It will be the gift that keeps on giving. And better yet, nothing to wrap or go shop for. Although the first box would not be until January, it is still a gift you could give now, so no worry about delivery in time for Christmas.

Anyone whom you gift a subscription to will be so thankful. Starboxes are not just about the wonderful items inside, but the anticipation of waiting and guessing, and the surprise of seeing what it is. I feel like a kid at Christmas every time I get one.

When you do subscribe(and you will), let them know that Andrea's World gave you the scoop.


  1. very nice styles and colors

  2. Gorgeous colors. I dont think you did a bad job

  3. Wow, lots of colors to choose from. I love the blues! You did a great job modeling the palette too!

  4. Starbox rocks! You do your makeup so well

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for showing the different colors!

  6. Fun! I love all the fun vibrant colors!

  7. Stunning colors! Many I would not be bold enough to use like the yellows and oranges - but the bronze and pink and teal are definitely my cup of tea. Thanks for showing us how they look on the eyelid, not just in the compact.

    Brenda Wood

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