Sunday, December 2, 2012

Perfectly Posh Review and GIVEAWAY!

What woman does not love to pamper herself? With the holidays coming, it brings happiness and fun, but also more work and stress, so the need to pamper becomes greater.

I decided to pamper myself with some super indulgent products from Perfectly Posh.

My consultant Lisa was so helpful in choosing the best products for me. I ended up getting 4 fabulous items.

Candy Cane Fix(scrub):

I am a scrub fanatic. This scrub is probably the best I have ever used. I love everything about it. What really makes this scrub so much more appealing to me is the consistency. This scrub is thick and but moist. It is not crumby or liquidy where it falls off your hands(or body) when you try to use it.

You can hold it upside down and it stays in place. I LOVE that. Because it stays where you put it and does not crumble off when you rub it, it not only saves product since you are not wasting any that falls off), it also works better.

The product has plenty of scrubbing particles which is never the case in other thick scrubs. It exfoliates amazingly well while moisturizing at the same time. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

And better still, all the while i is working magic on your skin, it is giving off the most delicious Candy Cane scent. Yummy, sweet peppermint. It is refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Peppermint if so good for your body and mind, and this scrub is the best peppermint product I've ever used.

My skin looked and felt to smooth, vibrant and glowing after using this scrub. I had dry patches on my knees for longer than I could remember and have used tons of scrubs on them with minimal results. But using this Candy Cane Fix Scrub(and the lotion below), the problem is just an unpleasant memory.

Sinful Skin - Hottie Patottie(lotion):

This lotion is unbelievable. I blows my mind that this is a lotion and not a body butter because if the amazing results. The texture of this is very smooth and light. It is a thinner lotion than many, but moisturizes way beyond what others are capable of.

It must be the abundance f essential oils like coconut, safflower oils, grape seed, jojoba, and avocado not to mention aloe, glycerine and vitamin E. 

The lighter consistency makes this go on so effortlessly, and absorb in seconds. No need to worry about "drying" time or feeling greasy or sticky. You feel dry and soft as a baby's bottom. 

This is the perfect follow-up to the Candy Cane Fix Scrub, just ask my dry patches...oh wait there gone.

And if that was not enough, the fragrance is so yummy. Indulge yourself with the warm scent of sweet brown sugar. You are more than just a Cutie Patootie, you're a Hottie Patottie.

Pretty Please -- On the A-List Sparkle Creme:

As much as I love all the other products, this is probably my favorite. Of course the performance of the product is really the foundation, the scent is what puts this over the top. This is not only my favorite Perfectly Posh scent(from those I've tried), but one of the best scents I've ever experienced. 

There is no way that I can properly describe this scent to you all, but I will say that it smells special. To me this is a special occasion quality scent that smells, for lack of a better word, expensive. 

What does smelling expensive mean? Well that is how I classify the utmost quality and true depth of scent notes. This is a high end scent if ever one existed. I would wear this as a perfume if I could, and pay a pretty penny to do so.

Having raved about the scent, I will finally get to the important description abut the performance. 

This stuff works! Such a smooth silky feeling while wearing this lotion. I feels like it is truly feeding your skin the nutrients and moisture needed to look and feel it's best.

To top it off, this cream has the most gorgeous sparkle to it. What better way to shine in any situation than with healthy, glowing skin, sparkle and out of this world scent? Keep a crow bar handy for ll the jaws that will drop.

Bombinator -- Slap! Wired Mango Caffeine Fizz:

These bath bombs are really something special. They are HUGE. You can be super indulgent and use a whole ne in your bath if you like, but you do not need that much. You can break these into pieces and get 3 or 4 baths(maybe more) out of each bomb.

This Slap! Bombinator is something you will love to use when you want to soak in the tub, but you want to wake up, not doze off. Not only with the caffeine and mango give you an jolt of energy, they will also slap that cellulite into last week. 

How amazing is that? Seriously I never knew I could soak my cellulite away. I cannot believe I have been wasting all this time not using this product.

Mango is my favorite fruit, so I love the scent of this product. The fizz makes the bath a luxurious experience . 

I am sorry to say I never used to be a bath person, but give me a Bombinator and try to keep me out. Hubby piratically has to drag me out so the kids don't lock him in a closet and turn the house upside down. lol.

I want to try the other Bombinator varieties, but I love this one so much, It will be hard to pry myself from it. 

What is even more incredible is that all these fantastic Perfectly Posh items are priced surprisingly low. I am talking rock bottom drugstore brand prices.

If you are shopping for a woman this holiday season(even if that woman is you), you will want to pick up some of these amazing items. They are sure to be a huge hit and will probably be one of the best things she gets. 

Getting great gifts at great prices is all that anyone can ask for in holiday shopping, and Lisa's Perfectly Posh site is your one stop shop for all the women(and girls) on your list.

And to get you started, one of you very lucky followers will win $25 to Lisa's site. Simple enter below for your chance to win. Good luck.


  1. thanks for the giveaway.
    I would love to try the candy cane fix scrub.which sounds yummy <3

  2. sinful skin debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  3. Definitely the bath bomb, it made me laugh that you said your husband has to drag you out so the kids don't lock him up because that's how it is for me too lol I literally can't even pee in peace hehehe. Thanks for the awesome giveaways/reviews :D loving your blog!

  4. I'd love the Sinful Skin lotion and the Candy Cane Fix sugar scrub. I absolutely love how well sugar scrubs work.

  5. The lotion, because I wanna be special too!

  6. The sparkle creme would be a lot of fun I think and I'd feel super special ending up all sparkly after using it :)