Thursday, December 27, 2012

WAX ROSES(from Jewelry Candle) GIVEAWAY!!

Every woman adores flowers, especially roses. Just the beauty of the rose, but also the smell and the sentiment attached. Roses are very often used ton represent a special occasion, like a wedding, anniversary or holiday(Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday etc).

And while roses have so many great qualities, there are also a few not so great ones. First, they die. That is sad, you get these lovely roses, fall in love with them, and a week later, they are gone and you have nothing left but the memory.

Second, it is sometimes hard to even find beautiful roses, especially during peak times(Valentine's Day). Even f you order early, you still end up with whatever stock the store has, and often end up disappointed(I have been more than a few times).

Also, the price. Have you ever really realized how much a decent bouquet of roses costs? My husband buys me roses sometimes, and when I find out how much they were(especially for the quality we ended up with) I also have to smack him.($80 for a bouquet that will die in a week...not acceptable).

It had finally gotten to the point where I told my husband(nicely) not to buy me roses anymore. It was just not worth the waste.

But I just learned of a new product that will solve the roses/no roses dilemma for men(and women) everywhere. WAX ROSES(from Jewelry Candle).

Not only do Wax Dipped Roses look just like the real thing( completely fresh and perfect), and last forever without dying, but they even smell like real roses. The scent will even last for up to a year!

And if that was not awesome enough, each dozen also comes with a jewelry surprise. Each piece of Jewelry is worth anywhere from $10 to $7,500!! That is such an amazing value, even for the $10 pieces.

All the pieces are GORGEOUS! And getting flowers and jewelry covered all in one shot is so simple. Wax Roses are really he perfect no hassle gift for any woman you know.

Wax Roses will be available in 6 different colors( lavender, white, red, pink, light blue and yellow) and come wrapped with a bow and presented in an elegant box.

How much would your mother, sister, friend, wife, daughter, etc love these beautiful roses(especially children who would feel so special to receive this)?

And with the price being only $39.95 + $5.00 S&H, you are getting an extraordinary value. You surely cannot get real roses(decent ones anyway) for that price, let alone eternal roses AND jewelry.

Wax Roses will be available for purchase Starting January 15th, so you will have plenty of time to get these for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

Make sure you get some of these for everyone so no one gets jealous(and they will if left out), and ladies, pick up some for yourself too, I know I will be.

And to get the giving started, We will be giving away a dozen Wax Roses to one lucky winner. Enter below for your chance to win. Good Luck.


  1. Would it be too stingy to say I want them for me?? But if I had to chose someone else I would maybe split them up between friends :)

  2. I would put them in my house :) Or give them to my mother!

  3. I'd want these for me. LOVE this idea!!

  4. I would get these for my Mom!

  5. I would get these for my wonderful Mom.

  6. I would either give them to my mother or put them somewhere in the house. They look very pretty.

  7. For my daughter as her bday is comimg up!!

  8. I would put it in my dinning room, it's gorgeous!

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