Tuesday, December 11, 2012


As most of you probably know, I am a bar lover. I do not love blindly however. The quality(and flavor) must be very good for me to enjoy a bar.

I have heard many great things about LÄRABAR, so I decided that I had to try them for myself and see if they were really that good.

Well, it turns out they are not that good. THEY ARE BETTER! These are amazing!

LÄRABAR bars are made with real quality ingredients(like fruits and nuts), not filled with sweeteners and fillers.

They are really filling and protein is really satisfying. They are pretty low in calories as well(under 200). They are really a bar that you can feel good about eating.

I love how the ingredients are few and simple so you really know what you are eating, and it's all really food(not preservatives and additives).

Just look at the real ingredients. You can really see it.

Of course just as important as nutrition and quality ingredients is the taste. And boy oh boy, do these bars deliver there too.

I only tried 6 of their numerous varieties, but I love each one.

Carrot Cake: 

I love carrot cake. Of course this bar does not take exactly like carrot cake since it is not filled with sugar and iced, but it has coconut and carrots and walnuts and cinnamon and raisins and pineapple(and almonds and coconut oil)

It is so delicious and I am amazed that this has no sugar. I would never think something so tasty could be so good and and natural.

This bar is good enough that is can be a great replacement for a slice of carrot cake and I do not feel deprived. That is really saying a lot for me because I love cake(my favorite of all sweets).

Cherry Pie:

This bar is so good. And amazingly, it has only 3 ingredients! Dates, Almonds and Cherries are all that go in to this fantastic bar.

I am a true cherry lover, so this is perfect for me. Cherry pie flavor without all the calories and mess. No gooey cherry filling. Easy to pack for snacks and lunches anywhere(just try that with cherry pie).

The fruit is so moist and juicy and the nuts are tender(as much as they should be) not hard and tooth-breaking.

The cherries are sweet and just a little tart. The ingredients pair up perfectly, and the chewy texture is so perfect.

Apple Pie:

Apple is one of my favorite flavors in a bar, and this bar is incredible. The cinnamon and walnuts really give that wonderful apple pie flavor while the raisins, dates and almonds give it the little something extra.

I let my hubby taste it, and he tried to take it all. He loves it. (he doesn't like carrot cake or cherries, so he did not try the others). I love that he actually wants to eat these since most times he will not eat fruits or nuts either. He prefers chips and cookies.

Having something healthy that he likes is great. These are perfect for him take to work for snacks. He works on a truck, so not much room or way to bring good food.

Banana Bread:

Another crazy 3 ingredient masterpiece. Containing only almonds, dates and bananas, this bar tastes like so much more.

I LOVE bananas in breads and such(no as much plain). They taste so wonderful in this bar with the almonds. I don't think I have ever had almonds with bananas before, but they go so well together.

This is almost better than banana bread. I love the texture and the serving size. The fact that I can get my potassium and protein from this awesome bar is wonderful.

I shared this one with my little girl and she loved it.

The other 2 flavors I tried were the Uber Bars. Uber Bars are the sweet and salty combo. Using sea salt and natural sweeteners, these bars are a little something above and beyond a regular LÄRABAR.

Apple Turnover:

Uber bars have bigger chunks of nuts and fruit, and the sweet and salty contrast is fantastic. I have always loved sweet and salty together.

This Apple Turnover Bar is amazing. I think the honey is what really makes this bar so fantastic. I love mt honey, and it fits perfectly with the nuts and fruits in this bar.

My hubby tried to get this one too(since he liked the other apple one) but he was out of luck.

Cherry Cobbler:

This bar is so good. I seriously love my cherries and what better way to get my fix than with a protein packed, calorie friendly bar?

The texture is so wonderful, more hearty, chewy and crunchy. The honey and sea salt make the flavor really stand out, and the cherries are so sweet and yummy.

I think this is my favorite, but they are all so good, it is impossible to choose.

LÄRABAR is not only the perfect healthy bar, it is the perfect delicious snack or on the go meal replacement. You will love LÄRABAR not because it is better for you, but better tasting than other snacks.

LÄRABAR would make a really unique and awesome gift this holiday season. From stocking stuffers to gift baskets to just boxes of bars, any recipient will love it. And having a gift that is perfect for any age, gender size, shape and so on will ensure that it will not be wasted or returned.

To get the giving started, LÄRABAR is giving one lucky winner a caddy of 16 mixed LÄRABAR flavors. 

Enter below. Good luck.

*I received these products free to facilitate a review. NO positive comments were expected. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.*