Sunday, December 9, 2012

Popcorn Passion Review and GIVEAWAY!

Are you passionate about popcorn? No, really. Is popcorn still an exciting and special snacking experience or has it become just another snack that you grab without giving it any thought?

I know that I love popcorn, but I must admit that It has seemed to me that I had tried every kind of popcorn, and while some are clearly better than others, they seem to all do the same things, just in different ways.

Sometimes, it is hard to be passionate about something you've become so used to. That's when you need to spice things up with something different.

It's time to put the passion back in your relationship with popcorn. That is where Popcorn Passion comes in.

Popcorn Passion is truly gourmet popcorn at it's best. With mind blowing flavors like Salted Chocolate Caramel and Smoky Bacon Cheddar(and much more), you will feel like you are having popcorn for the first time.

Seriously, this popcorn is beyond incredible, and puts the standard bag of popcorn to shame. There is nothing routine about this gourmet delight.

And you can see the difference at first glance. Aside from the beautiful packaging, the product just looks so high quality.

Salted Chocolate Caramel:

If that picture doesn't have you drooling, then you needs your eyes checked or your tastebuds.

As good as the popcorn itself it, and the caramel, this would be wonderfully special even if it was just caramel corn, but this is not popcorn fan, it's Popcorn PASSION, so of course, great is still not good enough. That is why this fabulous corn is also drizzled with sweet, smooth chocolate and lightly sprinkled with sea salt.

If you are a fan of caramel corn, you haven't really tasted good until you've tried this.

It's like eating a cake with no icing. It is still delicious, and if you never tried it with icing, you would never know how much better it could be.

This is crisp with the light fluffy popcorn and the smooth chocolate. The textures combine as beautifully as the flavors to create a distinctively delicious treat that rivals any confection you've ever tried.

I love sea salt and caramel together, and this is even better because of the added chocolatey bliss. My husband loved this as well, although he did not get much as It was too good to share.

Smokey Bacon Cheddar: 

That's right, BACON! That is all I needed to see for me to choose this flavor. Bacon makes everything better. I would probably eat a chunk of wood if it tasted like bacon.

And not just bacon, bacon CHEDDAR. I love cheese, and nothing goes better with bacon than cheddar.

And this popcorn does not just "taste" like cheddar and bacon, it is made with them. And not a tiny bit to advertize as containing real cheese, but cheese is the second ingredient(right behind popcorn), and the 3rd ingredient. Bacon fat is what gives it the amazing real bacon deliciousness not bacon flavored junk.

This is the most addictive popcorn I have ever had. I could hardly stop eating it. It has such a wonderful cheddar and bacon flavor that is very satisfied but not overbearing.

You can still taste the yummy popcorn and you don't feel like you are eating bacon grease. It is just the perfect balance of flavors.

I love both of these flavors so much, and I cannot wait to get more, but there is a problem. Popcorn Passion has too many incredible favors to choose from, and I want to try all of them as well.

I mean can you imagine, Egg Nog Popcorn, Chocolate Covered Banana Popcorn, Pizza Pie Popcorn, and so many more fantastic flavors.

If you still have gifts left to buy for the holidays, you have to go with Popcorn Passion(especially f you are buying for me. Hint hint). Everyone loves to get gourmet food, but the same old meat and cheese or chocolate or baked goods baskets are yesterday's news.

Get them some unique, high quality gourmet popcorn from Popcorn Passion. Not only will they love the fact that it is something different, and that is is unbelievably delicious, but maybe you will get lucky and they will share with you. Although as good as it is, they probably won't.

That is why Andrea's World and Popcorn Passion are going to share with one lucky winner. Enter below for your chance to win 1 box of your choice. Good luck.