Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yak Apparel Review and GIVEAWAY!!

I do not wear hats much. The reason is because I always look really weird in a hat. Either it does not fit my head correctly or I am just not meant to wear hats. Whatever it is, it was a real bummer.

I always see people in cute hats and get super envious. When I try the same ones, they are too long for my head or something and either cover my eyes or have to be baggy on top(which I loathe).

So basically I decided to cut my loses and just get over it, and life went on.

But then I saw the gorgeous hats from Yak Apparel, and all my hat desires came rushing back. The pictures on the site looked like the hats fit so perfect, so I decided I had to try them.

I was hoping for the best, with slightly more confidence than usual, but I never expected to be so impressed.

I got the Women's Pink Pompom Trapper Hat with White Faux Fur.

This hat is so adorable. I love the pompoms. I love pompom hats. The fur accent is so pretty and the pink is nice and girly, but with the black and gray, I don't think it is too cutesy to be for adults.

It is nice and thick. You can really tell that it is very high quality. It is made to preform well, keep you super warm and cozy, and last a long time.

This hat is really comfortable. And even though it is very warm and snug, I don't feel link it is trapping me and I didn't get too hot(living in Florida, that is a huge testament).

But of course, especially in my case, all the other stuff does not mean too much if it does not fit well enough to wear it. Amazingly, it fits PERFECTLY!

I love how great this feels, and how it really looks like it fits(because it does). This hat is so wonderful. I never gets super cold here, but this morning it was a little chilly, and my wonderful hat did not let me down.

All my friends went crazy for it. And adorably, so did my kids(even my son). He even tried to steal it. He kept saying "Bobby's hat" and "Now it's Bobby's turn" it was too cute. He even wore it as much as he could(much to my husband's dismay).

Thankfully, he was inside. People already mistake him for a girl because of his long hair. I am going to have to get him one of his own, because he is obsessed. He loves the pompoms I guess. He calls them puff balls and he called the hat a "puffin" a few times.

Good thing Yak Apparel makes men's hats too.

If you are looking for a great hat for yourself or anyone else, you really need to start at Yak Apparel. And not only are these hats fabulous, the price is great too. Especially right now. This hat(and many others) is only $15.75 right now(down from $45) and the Fleece Lined Hats are only $12.50(from $35). That is a crazy great price. I will probably pick up at least one of every color(that is on sale).

Don't miss out on these awesome prices. If you do, you WILL regret it.

And the only thing better than a rock bottom price, is FREE. So we are giving you all the chance to win a Yak hat of your very own. Just enter below. Good luck.


  1. Oh! I'd love the beige one I think with the great big puff balls at the end of the ties. Hee, hee I'd take the 6 pack though if you were willing to send it ;)

  2. Oh now that is cute!! I LOVE the one you have in the photos!!

  3. ove the beige with puff balls debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  4. OMG! this hat is so pretty!!
    thanks for the giveaway.Love the one you are wearing..

  5. I think they're all cute, but mostly like the dark green and white striped beanie. Green is my favorite color and it would go great with my green winter coat. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  6. I like this one! thank you!

  7. I like the Blue womens winter trapper hat white faux fur lined.

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