Thursday, December 13, 2012

CrispRoot Review and GIVEAWAY!

With all the holiday weight many are putting on, and with the new year right around the corner, weight loss resolutions are going to be abundant.

Loosing weight is always heard, but eating healthy is a daily struggle for me. I hate feeling deprived. The way my brain works is that if I feel like I am eating "diet food" I will psyche myself out and make myself hate it(even if it is good).

For example, I love fruit, but during a diet, I tend to not like it nearly as much and think of it like suffering through when any other time I would be loving it and wanting more.

I think it is because no matter how good fruit is, it cannot really be a substitute(especially mentally) for cake.

Well I have discovered an awesome product that IS a good replacement for one of my beloved junk foods. CrispRoot Cassava Root Chips are incredible.

Seriously, I had tons of doubts about the flavor of this product, but they truly amazed me. To me, they really do taste like potato chips(not exactly of course because no potato, but so close it's crazy).

They texture is dead on too, which is another thing that can ruin a whole snack for me. If I want potato chips, I want the yummy flavor and the Crissy texture. These deliver both in spades.

These chips have 30-40% less fat than regular potato chips, and double the fiber! They are Gluten-Free as well. And they come in 4 yummy flavors to satisfy any mood.

With these chips, Original does not mean plain, these are a wonderful layer of sweet an savory flavors. Evaporated cane juice, sea salt, garlic powder make this a super unique chip flavor, and it is addictive.

This was the first flavor I tried, and my daughter had to have some immediately. I offered my son some too, not expecting him to accept(he is autistic and practically never tries anything new), but he took one without hesitation, and even more amazingly, continued to eat them.

Even if I hated these(which I in no way do), the fact that my son ate them would make me a happy customer for life. I am so excited. I think he may have tried them because they look just like potato chips, but he kept eating them because they are yummy, and that is the biggest compliment I can say for these chips. If he likes them, they must be good.

Sea Salt:
 This is probably the best flavor for all of you classic potato chip lovers. Just sea salty goodness, perfect crunch and 30% less fat. What more can I say?

My son loves these too, as do my hubby, my daughter and I. This is really the most universal chip. It will pair fantastically with an dip, and is perfect straight from the bag.

BBQ Bliss:

I think this is my favorite flavor. Not only is it the delicious BBQ taste that does it, it might just be the fact that this variety has 40% less fat than potato chips-only 6g per serving!

This is the perfect blend of sweet and smoky with just the right amount of spice to satisfy any BBQ craving.

It is mind boggling to think that all this flavor can be so good for you. The kids did not try this flavor, but my husband loved it as well.

Thai Ginger:
Being 100% honest, I did not care for this flavor. Why? Well, I hate ginger, so clearly I would not like anything that is ginger flavor.

My husband liked these though, and I share the other bag with a friend who said her entire family loved them. So the chips themselves are great, and if this is a flavor that you would like in general, you will love these.

The kids also did not try these. I thought they would be too much for my 15 month old, and my son won't eat the ones that have a different color.

What I love most about these(along the taste and heath aspects) is that they are not greasy. They don't make your hands all greasy, and even when you put them on a napkin, you see NO oily mess left behind. It is so wonderful!

When the kids eat regular chips, not only are they eating more fat than needed, but they get greasy hand-prints everywhere. Now I don't have to worry about that. 

I very strongly recommend these to anyone wanting a healthier snack, or even a less greasy, Gluten-Free or just deliciously unique chip.

I know you are all dying to try these, so we are giving away a whole case to one lucky winner. Enter below. Good luck.