Saturday, June 14, 2014

Best Buy Has the Best Gifts for Grads

Are you one of the many parents "celebrating" the bittersweet event that is graduation? Thankfully, my oldest just graduated the first grade, so I have a long time to cherish my "baby" before he is all grown up and moving on to college, but chances are you do have a grad in your family(close friends), just as I do.

My baby sister just graduated, and I have to admit, while I am tremendously proud of her, it is a very sad thing to realize that she has basically made the transition into adulthood. It feels like I am loosing my child almost.

Though as sad as it can be, it is also exciting, especially for her. She is off to embark on a brand new adventure, and while we will always be there for her, she'll be mostly on her own for the very first time. I can't imagine sending her into the world unprepared, so I am incredibly thankful to Best Buy; they have everything she could need and more.

They have great lists of gifts for any grad persona, my sister happens to fall into the Moving Out Persona, which has an awesome list of recommended gifts:

Stone Bake Pizza Oven
Amazon Fire TV
Ninja Blender
4-Slice Toaster Oven
Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Portable Stereo Speaker
Samsung 32” Class LED 1080p Smart HDTV
Sony Smart Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Player
Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu-ray & DVD
LG Microwave + Pizza Oven
Frigidaire 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator
iTunes Gift Card $50
Xbox One Console
Xbox One Titanfall
Keurig Elite Single-Serve Brewer
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 - 16GB Tablet
Zaggkeys Folio Keyboard Case
Asus Transformer T100 32GB Tablet
Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 16GB Tablet
HP Slate 7 Plus 7 Tablet
HP Envy Wireless e-All-in-One Printer
Tech21 Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Cell Phones
mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Mini
Hoover WindTunnel 2 Vacuum
Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Stay or Go Slow Cooker
Thule Crossover Backpack

Any of these items would make a fantastic gift. In fact, I wish I was a grad so I could get one(or more) of these. Any of these would be wonderful to ensure my sister is prepared for like on her own, but a few fit her especially well, like the LG Microwave + Pizza oven(how cool is that?) and the Ninja Blender, not to mention the HP Envy All-In-One printer to help her with any projects, papers, etc, she may need for classes.

Best Buy has all the best prices on these items too, which is great, but if you are looking for something really affordable, they have an amazing selection of grad gifts under $100 or even $50. The Oster Blender for example is under $25, what an amazing value.

If you still need more ideas on what to get the grad in your life, check out the Best Buy Gift Center to see even more fabulous suggestions.

Just remember that while you may be scared or excited or nostalgic about the grad in your life starting this new chapter, they are probably feeling the same things, tenfold whether they admit it or not. And no matter how much you will miss them, the pride you feel for them is overwhelming.

While they must already know that, gifts can be a great way to show just how much you care sometimes when there are no words powerful enough to capture the full weight of your feelings. Gifts are also a great way to show you care without pouring out too much awkward emotions during an already intense moment.

No matter what kind of grad you have, whatever the relationship and what you are looking for, I can promise that Best Buy has everything you could want and more, at the best prices around. There service is top of the line too, which is great when you need help(which you cannot expect at most stores).

I'd love to hear a store about the grad in your life, your own graduation or any gift ideas you may have. It's never to early to start preparing. They grow up so fast.

*The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.*

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Future is Bright with Campus Book Rentals

Right now, there are countless celebrations going on all over the country. People are celebrating the completing of high school and the beginning of the next chapter in their lives. In many cases the next step will be college.

The transition from high school life to college life can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be a little daunting, for the student and for the parents. Distance, schedule, class structure and learning style are all aspects that are likely to be different than what has been experienced in high school. Cost is another area that is different.

In high school, your textbooks are lent to you for free, whereas in college, you are expected to buy them even though you will only need them for the duration of the class. With all the other new expenses that college brings, buying books as well is a bit extreme.

Thankfully, there is a better way. You can rent your books from and save a great deal of money(40-90% off retail). With flexible renting periods you can choose the length of time you'd like to rent the book and pay only for the time you want. Shipping is free both ways and you can even highlight the books just as it was your own.

As an extra incentive, Campus Book Rentals makes a donation to Operation Smile for every book rented. I think that is pretty amazing, save money and help save someone's smile at the same time.

And if this is not your first year in college and you have already purchased books, your are in luck as well. With RentBack you can rent out the textbooks you don't need to other students. You could end up making 2-4 times more than what you'd get from buyback options.
So keep your future bright, your burdens light and your wallet heavy with Campus Book Rentals and RentBack. And congratulations on starting the next chapter of your life.

*Although this is a sponsored post on behalf of Campus Book Rentals, all opinions are 100% my own*

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Father's Day - Canvas4Life Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Father's Day is only a week away. While time is running out to get a great gift, hope is not lost yet. There are still many great things you can get in a hurry.

In fact, one of the most special gifts you could possible give is something personal. A moment in time captured forever and turned into a beautiful piece of artwork. Normally, a week would not be long enough to create and ship such a personalized treasure, but with Canvas4Life, it's more than enough time.

Surprised? I have to admit, I was too. I got my dear husband an incredible photo canvas from Canvas4Life and I was shocked at how quickly it arrived. I have ordered canvases from other companies before, and while the product has been impressive, the production time left me wishing for more.

I expected the same such experience this time, and was not fretting the wait, but when I order the canvas on a Sunday night and received it on Tuesday(with FREE standard shipping), I was blown away.

As if that was not enough to make me completely fall in love with Canvas4Life, the product was spectacular. The quality is outstanding, especially since the prices are incredible reasonable. And the process is so simply a child could do it.

You simply upload a photo, then select your size. Most other companies have you choose the size first. While that may seem like a small detail, it is important because Canvas4Life only allows you to select a size based upon the resolution of your photo, unlike others allow you to choose others and then simply give you a warning. Preventing you from choosing a size to large for your photo ensures that the picture will be crisp and flawless.

After selecting your size, you select your depth, your bleed(wrap style; mirror, wrap the edges, gallery style, etc) and frame option(or no frame design). You can also add advanced options like text(for no added charge, some companies charge extra for text). Then simply choose your shipping speed, pay and wait to be amazed with your new piece of art.

In addition to the physical beauty of the canvas, a gift from Canvas4Life is so much more than a piece of canvas to hang on the wall, it is emotion brought to life. A canvas gift is one of very few ways to actually give someone the gift of emotion. Whether it be love, friendship, family , nostalgia, or any other feeling one can imagine, you can literally give someone the gift of memories. I find that pretty incredible.

The photo I chose for my husband is of him with his parents and brother and our son. That in itself makes for a great photo, 3 generations of Smith men all together, but this photo is even more special than that. This was the first time our son(or I) had met my husband's family and the first time my husband had seen them in over 10 years, so it was a monumental occasion.

We have seen them a couple of times since then, but this was basically the defining moment on our new relationship. Having this wonderful photo brought to like thanks to Canvas4Life will mean so much more to my husband than any other gift could. It is, after all, the thought that counts, and nothing could be more heartfelt than this moment was.

If you are looking for the perfect way to show Dad just how much he means to you this Father's Day, there could be no better way than with a special photo turned into work of art from Canvas4Life.

As my gift to all of you, Canvas4Life and I are giving you all the chance to win a 16x20 canvas of your own. While this giveaway will not end before Father's Day, a canvas makes a great gift for any occasion or a just because treat for yourself. Enter below for your chance to win this amazing prize. Good luck!

*Although I received a canvas at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Father's Day - Wenzel Vacation Lodge (Large) Tent

Father's day is nearly here. It seems to have arrived especially fast this year. What really makes it so surprising is that(in my opinion) Father's Day is basically the beginning of summer. Not only does school get out for the summer right around Father's Day, but the official first day of summer is only about a week after as well.

Father's Day has always just embodies summer to me, so I love to combine that feeling into our Father's Day festivities. I love to have a cookout and get outdoors for some summer fun, and my husband does as well. This give me a basic theme that makes choosing a gift a little easier.

This year I decided on a gift that would be an adventure, not only for my husband, but for the whole family. After all, Father's Day is all about appreciating dads. So, naturally, finding new ways to spend time with them is pretty much the key agenda.

When I think of summer, I think of the outdoors and getting back to nature, having an adventure and having more fun that one person should be allowed. All of that can be done in one super fun, family activity - CAMPING!

While camping can be incredible fun, with young kids it can also be challenging. They are too young to sleep in their own tent, and everyone being cramped in a small tent is no fun at all, so we needed the ultimate family tent in order to make a camping trip into a successful getaway.

When looking for a tent, especially one that is meant to be a gift for my husband for Father's Day, it was very important to me that we have the very best. This is one place that one should not skimp as it will be your home away form home for the duration of your trip(s).

I wanted something I knew I could trust, so it was important to choose a brand that has a reputation for excellence. There was no choice that could compare to Wenzel. Wenzel has been The elite company for all things camping related since 1887, over a century before I was even born! If that does not speak to their time tested quality, then nothing does.

Not only that, but the quality of Wenzel products is evident just by looking at them, even in photos, you can actually see how well made their tents are. When I saw the Large Vacation Lodge, I instantly fell in love and knew it would make the perfect Father's Day Gift.
This tent is truly grand. It can sleep 10, which ensures our family of 4 will have plenty of room to move and interact within the tent, a vital feature with these rambunctious children.
This tent can be use with or without the seam sealed fly to provide the perfect experience in any weather. The fly protects from rain and blocks more sun, whereas without the fly the roof is vented with mesh for more fresh air.

What I really love though is that the fly can be used on the frame alone to create a shade canopy. I am sure other tents may offer that, but I have never seen one. That just raises the overall value of this tent, since now it can be used for backyard gatherings and just every day outside time.

My husband and I like to sit outside when he gets off work and on the weekends and watch the kids play on the swingset or the trampoline, but the sun is just so relentless, having a shady play to sit that we can move wherever we desire is very nice.

Overall, the tent will only be on aspect of the actual gift my husband will be receiving.The wonderful times he will have and the lifelong memories we will all create are what make this a present above and beyond all the rest.

If you are looking for a gift that will be the catalyst for many adventures for years to come, I highly suggest one of Wenzels many incredible tents, like the Large Vacation Lodge. I can pretty much guarantee it will be the best tent you've ever owned.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Friday, June 6, 2014

Father's Day - Rocky Forge Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

If you are looking for a great gift for a hard-working dad, I would suggest something that will make his work day more productive and more comfortable. Recreational gifts are a lot of fun, but when one works very hard for most hours in the week, anything to make that less toiling is a huge asset.

My husband happens to be that kind of dad. He works in recycling meaning he drives the commercial trucks(they drive STANDING UP, ALL DAY), and he has to get in and out of the truck at every house on his route while also lifting and sorting the heavy recycling bins.

He does this tedious work 5 days a week(about 10 hours a day) rain or shine, which is hard on his body, especially his feet since he is on them all day long. Proper footwear is essential to good productivity and to keeping his body in working order.

It is not easy to find a boot that fits his needs. He needs something rugged and durable since he will certainly put them to (hard) work, they need to be strong(steel toed) in case he drops something on his foot. They need great traction since he works when it's raining(which happens a lot in Florida) and driveways get slippery.

Speaking of the rain, he also needs something waterproof since if his boots get wet, not only will his feet be wet all day(even if the rain stops), which is incredibly uncomfortable and can cause real problems for his feet, but it is bad for regular boots as well and causes them to be unwearable much sooner than they would otherwise be.

Of course they need to be comfortable on the inside as well. A boot can be bulletproof but if wearing it hurts, it would be useless. And while not vital, it would be nice if they looked nice too since he often has to stop places straight form work.

All those requirements lead to a very high standard, one that seemed almost impossible. In fact for awhile I thought it was impossible to find EVERYTHING I wanted in a pair of boots for him. That is until I discovered Rocky Forge Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots.
Even the box is stylish. That's nothing compared to how gorgeous the boots are though.
While the boots I gotten him in the past did not meet all the performance standards I had wished they would, I had always thought they were very good quality overall. After seeing these though, I realize they were not a good as I thought they were. These are the nicest boots I have ever seen.
As stunning as these boots are overall, there are so many small details that just make them even better.
And as great as the upper looks and feels, the soles are just as important and just as well made.
These boots are better than any other boot my husband have ever owned, and not just as a whole, but each facet of the boot is better than all the others, there is nothing I would change about them, and I  am quite critical, especially where footwear is concerned, so that is saying a lot.

I cannot believe I had wasted so much time and money on other brands of boots. I can say with certainty now that I will not go back to any other brand for my husband. As a boot lover myself I know that my next personal boot purchase will be from Rocky as well. I know the best when I see it, and Rocky is the best I've ever seen.

If you want to help the hard-working dad in your life work a bit less hard, a premium pair of work boots from Rocky would make an excellent gift that he is sure to use often and appreciate endlessly.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Father's Day - Soda Stream Source

If you still do not have the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day, I know just the thing. This gift is perfect not only for Dad, but for the entire family. It's the gift of convenience, better health, innovation and great taste(literal taste and great style).

The Soda Stream Source is phenomenal.

As a family that drinks a ton of soda, this has been a total life changing product. We used to buy at least 10 12 packs a week, or a combination of cans and bottles. Needless to say, that was a lot of soda to load into the cart, unload onto the checkout, reload into the cart, unload form the cart to the car and from the car to the house. Not to mention storing at all inside and disposing of all the packaging.

Even still, as much soda as we bought, we did not like buying extra bottles/12-packs of a certain flavor that may only be consumed on occasion. My hubby(the one who drinks the most soda) generally sticks to one or two flavors, whereas I love variety. Since I do drink less though, buying a bunch of different flavors just for myself is impractical.

That is what makes the Soda Stream Source so fantastic. Not only does it save tons of effort and space with carrying and storing large quantities of soda, but it allows us to have many different flavors on hand at all times without the bulk or waste. Not only is that perfect for us, but it makes entertaining so much easier since we now keep flavors on hand that we don't even drink(like Ginger Ale, which many people love), specifically for company.

In case you've been living under a rock and still have never heard of Soda Stream, let me tell you about it. Soda Stream uses a refillable CO2 bottle to turn plain water into fresh soda in seconds. You can use the water alone or add flavors to create seltzer and soda in any flavor you can imagine.
You simply fill the reusable carbonator bottle with(cold) water, place it in the Soda Stream Source and push it toward the machine to secure it. Then you press down on the front block until the LED light reaches the desired fizz level.
You release the block and pull the bottle forward to release it. Then you have plain carbonated water. You can then add the Soda Mix of your choice. Each bottle tells you how much to use for the set serving, but the beauty of making your own is you can adjust it to your taste.
What I personally love most about Soda Stream(aside from the vast selection of flavors) is that it is much healthier than traditional soda. While they have Diet flavors(which is what I drink), they are all sweetened with Splenda(the only Sugar Substitute I will use) not aspartame or other, less safe, sweeteners.

Even more amazing is that all of their regular flavors use sugar and Splenda together to reduce the calories(35 per 8oz serving as opposed to 100 in traditional soda). None of the mixes contain Hugh Fructose Corn Syrup either, like most every traditional soda does. They are also much lower in Sodium. That is great because my husband is usually not health minded, so any way to help him make better choices is wonderful. Not only that, but my kids want soda on occasion, and I'd rather them not have harmful sweeteners or calorie laden drinks.

If you are opposed to Splenda, they also offer Natural Soda Mixes which are sweetened entirely with Cane Sugar, of course they have more calories, but they are natural. There are also Stevia Sweetened varieties. I know I've mentioned it at least twice already, but I really need to reiterate just how many incredible flavors are available. There are Kool-Aid flavors, Country Time, Crystal Light, Ocean Spray, Cooking Light, Energy Drink and even V8 Splash flavors(and MORE).

Since you are making it fresh every time, you never have to worry about flat soda, which is great because I detest flat soda. Soda Stream is just such a smart choice. It makes soda so much more convenient and the experience so much more enjoyable and healthful overall.

I know my husband would be lost without our Soda Stream Source, so I can say with confidence that is makes and incredible gift for Dad.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Father's Day - IronX Action Cam

If you are still searching for the perfect Father's Day gift, you're in luck. I happen to know of a gift that just might blow all others out of the water in a huge way. Now this might not be the best choice for every dad, but it's pretty awesome.

This gift is for the adventurer dad. The man that takes life by the horns and lives it up every chance he gets. It is perfect for the risk taker, action seeker and memory maker. For those who love to make things happen The IronX Action Cam is perfect.
What makes the IronX Action Can so amazing is that not only is it a 1080p, 60fps and 720p, 120fps H.264 Video Clip with 16 MP camera, but it is built for ultimate action. This is not a camera that has to sit on the sidelines. It is made to take on life and all the awesome action that it brings.

The IronX Action Cam boasts WiFi connectivity and comes with a live view screen and remote to wear on your wrist. You wear it on your wrist so you have both hands free for adventure. I know what you are thinking, "If your hands are free, how do you hold the camera?" That's simple, you don't HOLD the camera, you wear it or mount it wherever you want.

The Action Cam pack already comes with a bunch of great mounts.
Many others are available for separate purchase as well. Such mounts include a Chest (harness) Mount, Head Strap, Bike Handlebar Mount, and Swivel Camera Tip with Suction Cup and more.
With so many mounts, you can take this camera ANYWHERE. You could wear it on your chest or head when bungee jumping or sky diving, attach it to your bike or motorcycle. to the side of your car, or even mount it to your surfboard for some incredible footage you could never get with any other camera.

Since the IronX is rigged and waterproof(with the included waterproof case), and the mounts are secure, you never have to worry about dropping the camera(take an ordinary camera skydiving at your own risk), or getting it wet. I can't imagine taking my camera surfing. I am even afraid to get to close when filming the kids at the pool or the beach.

The IronX being able to be worn in the water intentionally blows my mind. It's so perfect for my husband too, because he is not gentle on cameras(and the like). He tries to be, it's just not in him to keep a camera safe. So now he has his "manly" camera that can stand up to all the punishment he is sure to inflict upon it.

What really make this such an incredible gift is that it takes once in a lifetime moments and allows you to capture unforgettable memories. They always say "A picture is worth a thousand words" and it is so true. Being able to capture the most exciting moments of your life is priceless.

And having a camera built for action like this might just give him an excuse to be more spontaneous and live life to the fullest more than he otherwise would have, which is just another facet of the  true gift that this becomes. Life itself is a gift, and doing the most with it is something everyone could use a little more of.

If you have an adventurer(or potential adventurer) to buy for this Father's Day, I can think of no better present than the IronX Action Cam. Not only will he remember the gift for a long time to come, the memories he makes with it will last a lifetime.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Father's Day - MyQ Garage

Are you still trying to find the perfect gift for the dad who has everything? What could better than peace of mind? That is exactly what he will get with the MyQ Garage from Chamberlain.
For the (even mildly) tech savvy dad, the MyQ Garage is a perfect choice. Guys always love having a cool gadget and staying on top of the latest technology. And anything that can save him time and energy is always a good thing.

Above all that though is the peace of mind that comes with always knowing you are covered. With the MyQ Garage, dad will have alerts sent right to his smartphone whenever the garage is opened(or left open) and he can use his smartphone to close if from anywhere.

No more worrying if he left the garage open(or someone else did), and no driving back home to check or to close it. He can do it from ANYWHERE. Not only that, but the MyQ Garage can also open the garage from anywhere.

That means if a family member forgot their key or your expecting a delivery but can't be home(and don't want your delivery sitting out for anyone to see/take, you can open the garage with your smartphone, have the delivery service put your item in the garage, and close it back no matter where you are.

All that you need for the MyQ Garage to operate is WiFi in the home(the signal will need to reach the garage) and a smartphone or tablet with internet access and a data plan(which most people have these days).
If you are looking for a unique gift that is innovative and useful, then I highly suggest the MyQ Garage from Chamberlain. He will love it, and there is no greater gift than peace of mind.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Father's Day - McGraw Review & GIVEAWAY!

With Father's Day less than 2 weeks away, time is running out to find the perfect gift. If you are still looking for ideas, I happen to have just the thing. 

I like to give gifts that will get a lot of use from. A like my gifts to show that I really put thought into it and selected something specifically for the person, based on their personality. And while price is not really a factor for me when choosing a gift, I always love to find a fabulous pick that is also affordable.

McGraw (Tim McGraw) is everything I want in a gift and more. 

Not only does it smell incredible, but the bottle and even the box look awesome. They are stylish yet manly. 

Not only that, but it's something he will use every day(or every special occasion depending on the person), so they will really get enjoyment out of it. Not only that, but every time he wears it, he will think of you.

Even more wonderfully, every time he wears it YOU will have the pleasure of smelling it. It really is fantastic. So much so that it almost feels like a gift to me.

The scent is very unique(much like Mcgraw himself). This woody-spicy fragrance opens with a bright note of Bergamot that blends with spicy and sweet notes of freshly grated Nutmeg for a vibrant and exhilarating experience. The heart is lush, rich and crisp with Lavender wrapped in earthen Moss. It finishes with soulful and sensual notes of Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood blended with a touch of aged Whisky for a warm, round finish.

The best way to categorize this scent is masculine, fresh, sexy, sophisticated and sensual, although words cannot really explain the experience or the emotion that this fragrance creates. Additionally, the scent will be slightly different on every wearer according to their body chemistry. 

Fragrance makes such an incredible gift because scent is so powerful. It can change your mood almost instantly and a scent worn while creating a memory can easily trigger the memory even years later. 

Scent will always be one of my most favorite things in this world, and to me, it makes the most special and beloved gifts. Luckily, my wonderful husband agrees and is always incredible excited to receive a new fragrance from me. Although now that he has experienced McGraw, he is pretty hooked and I don't think he would like to be without it any time soon.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the special man(men) in your life, I think McGraw would be an excellent choice. Because of that, Coty Fragrance and I are giving all of you the chance to win a bottle of your own(to gift or to keep). Enter below for your chance to win.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Father's Day - Staples Vayder Chair

Father's day is approaching so quickly. While I have been thinking about it for a couple months now, it has almost sneaked up on me this year. I think the reason for that is that Father's Day is not nearly as heavily advertized as Mother's Day, which is quite a shame in my opinion. I think that dads are just as important as moms.

In present day especially, the roles are not so mutually exclusive anymore. Many moms work outside the home and many dads are stay at home parents, but it goes further than that as well. Generally, father's are more involved all around than there were in decades past.

Many dads(moms also, but this is about dads) go to work then come home and still cook and clean and help children with homework, baths, etc. Of course the also spend time with the kids by reading, drawing, playing games, or whatever.

And the few activities I just mentioned do not even begin to describe the actual magnitude of a father's contributions. I feel that overall, mother's are seen as martyrs, and fathers are seen as bread winners who take for granted the work of mothers, whereas in actuality, most do just as much and are even more taken for granted.

Anyway, I did not intend this to argue the societal standards of moms or dads, but instead to talk about how important dads are and how much I feel they should be shown appreciation on Father's Day(and the rest of the year).

A great way to do that is to say thank you for all that they do, verbally or in a card. Giving a gift too is better though. While having a lot of material things is not really important to me(or my husband) I still feel it is important to show someone how much you care by giving them something they will love, so I put a lot of thought into gifts.

To me, it's not just about making sure he has something to open on Father's Day, but that he has something that he really needs or wants(even if he didn't know it yet), that will do more than be a fun memory from one particular day. I like to get him things he would not get for himself.

I like to think I am pretty good at choosing gifts, but it does get hard after awhile, since I do tend to go overboard sometimes, which has resulted in him having a great deal of stuff already. This year was a bit tricky, but I found just the thing, the Vayder Technical Mesh Task Chair from Staples.
"That was easy". This chair is so awesome. The Technical Mesh is incredible. I had never seen anything like it before, and it really makes this chair unique. It is lightweight, breathable and shockingly comfortable, yet extremely durable and very stylish.
This chair is so sleek. It would look great anywhere and coordinate with any decor. As much as I adore this chair, you'd think it was for me. While everything about the Vayder Chair is fabulous, since it is for my husband(who works a very physically demanding job and already has a bad back), the most important feature is comfort, which this chair is fully stocked in.

Not only does the height raise or lower to fit the user's preference(Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment) but the chair has fixed lumbar support and offers center tilt with adjustable tilt extension and lock. The arm rest are also adjustable to ensure ergonomic positioning.

This chair also has a 5-star base with carpet casters. While that does not particularly effect the comfort, it does increase the functionality and make for a better overall experience. This is by far the best "office" chair I have ever tried.

My husband does not work in an office or anything, but he does all our finances(very diligently) and he needs a comfortable place to work on our budget, pay bills and so on, and the Vayder Chair exceeded my expectations in every way. I cannot think of a better gift than the gift of comfort and pain reduction. Plus it's something that will be used every day, making it so much more valuable than many other gifts.

If you have a hardworking man in your life who is deserving of a comfortable place to rest, I highly recommend the Vayder Chair. Show him you appreciate all that he does and let him take a break in the highest style with the Vayder Chair from Staples.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*