Friday, June 6, 2014

Father's Day - IronX Action Cam

If you are still searching for the perfect Father's Day gift, you're in luck. I happen to know of a gift that just might blow all others out of the water in a huge way. Now this might not be the best choice for every dad, but it's pretty awesome.

This gift is for the adventurer dad. The man that takes life by the horns and lives it up every chance he gets. It is perfect for the risk taker, action seeker and memory maker. For those who love to make things happen The IronX Action Cam is perfect.
What makes the IronX Action Can so amazing is that not only is it a 1080p, 60fps and 720p, 120fps H.264 Video Clip with 16 MP camera, but it is built for ultimate action. This is not a camera that has to sit on the sidelines. It is made to take on life and all the awesome action that it brings.

The IronX Action Cam boasts WiFi connectivity and comes with a live view screen and remote to wear on your wrist. You wear it on your wrist so you have both hands free for adventure. I know what you are thinking, "If your hands are free, how do you hold the camera?" That's simple, you don't HOLD the camera, you wear it or mount it wherever you want.

The Action Cam pack already comes with a bunch of great mounts.
Many others are available for separate purchase as well. Such mounts include a Chest (harness) Mount, Head Strap, Bike Handlebar Mount, and Swivel Camera Tip with Suction Cup and more.
With so many mounts, you can take this camera ANYWHERE. You could wear it on your chest or head when bungee jumping or sky diving, attach it to your bike or motorcycle. to the side of your car, or even mount it to your surfboard for some incredible footage you could never get with any other camera.

Since the IronX is rigged and waterproof(with the included waterproof case), and the mounts are secure, you never have to worry about dropping the camera(take an ordinary camera skydiving at your own risk), or getting it wet. I can't imagine taking my camera surfing. I am even afraid to get to close when filming the kids at the pool or the beach.

The IronX being able to be worn in the water intentionally blows my mind. It's so perfect for my husband too, because he is not gentle on cameras(and the like). He tries to be, it's just not in him to keep a camera safe. So now he has his "manly" camera that can stand up to all the punishment he is sure to inflict upon it.

What really make this such an incredible gift is that it takes once in a lifetime moments and allows you to capture unforgettable memories. They always say "A picture is worth a thousand words" and it is so true. Being able to capture the most exciting moments of your life is priceless.

And having a camera built for action like this might just give him an excuse to be more spontaneous and live life to the fullest more than he otherwise would have, which is just another facet of the  true gift that this becomes. Life itself is a gift, and doing the most with it is something everyone could use a little more of.

If you have an adventurer(or potential adventurer) to buy for this Father's Day, I can think of no better present than the IronX Action Cam. Not only will he remember the gift for a long time to come, the memories he makes with it will last a lifetime.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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