Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Father's Day - Staples Vayder Chair

Father's day is approaching so quickly. While I have been thinking about it for a couple months now, it has almost sneaked up on me this year. I think the reason for that is that Father's Day is not nearly as heavily advertized as Mother's Day, which is quite a shame in my opinion. I think that dads are just as important as moms.

In present day especially, the roles are not so mutually exclusive anymore. Many moms work outside the home and many dads are stay at home parents, but it goes further than that as well. Generally, father's are more involved all around than there were in decades past.

Many dads(moms also, but this is about dads) go to work then come home and still cook and clean and help children with homework, baths, etc. Of course the also spend time with the kids by reading, drawing, playing games, or whatever.

And the few activities I just mentioned do not even begin to describe the actual magnitude of a father's contributions. I feel that overall, mother's are seen as martyrs, and fathers are seen as bread winners who take for granted the work of mothers, whereas in actuality, most do just as much and are even more taken for granted.

Anyway, I did not intend this to argue the societal standards of moms or dads, but instead to talk about how important dads are and how much I feel they should be shown appreciation on Father's Day(and the rest of the year).

A great way to do that is to say thank you for all that they do, verbally or in a card. Giving a gift too is better though. While having a lot of material things is not really important to me(or my husband) I still feel it is important to show someone how much you care by giving them something they will love, so I put a lot of thought into gifts.

To me, it's not just about making sure he has something to open on Father's Day, but that he has something that he really needs or wants(even if he didn't know it yet), that will do more than be a fun memory from one particular day. I like to get him things he would not get for himself.

I like to think I am pretty good at choosing gifts, but it does get hard after awhile, since I do tend to go overboard sometimes, which has resulted in him having a great deal of stuff already. This year was a bit tricky, but I found just the thing, the Vayder Technical Mesh Task Chair from Staples.
"That was easy". This chair is so awesome. The Technical Mesh is incredible. I had never seen anything like it before, and it really makes this chair unique. It is lightweight, breathable and shockingly comfortable, yet extremely durable and very stylish.
This chair is so sleek. It would look great anywhere and coordinate with any decor. As much as I adore this chair, you'd think it was for me. While everything about the Vayder Chair is fabulous, since it is for my husband(who works a very physically demanding job and already has a bad back), the most important feature is comfort, which this chair is fully stocked in.

Not only does the height raise or lower to fit the user's preference(Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment) but the chair has fixed lumbar support and offers center tilt with adjustable tilt extension and lock. The arm rest are also adjustable to ensure ergonomic positioning.

This chair also has a 5-star base with carpet casters. While that does not particularly effect the comfort, it does increase the functionality and make for a better overall experience. This is by far the best "office" chair I have ever tried.

My husband does not work in an office or anything, but he does all our finances(very diligently) and he needs a comfortable place to work on our budget, pay bills and so on, and the Vayder Chair exceeded my expectations in every way. I cannot think of a better gift than the gift of comfort and pain reduction. Plus it's something that will be used every day, making it so much more valuable than many other gifts.

If you have a hardworking man in your life who is deserving of a comfortable place to rest, I highly recommend the Vayder Chair. Show him you appreciate all that he does and let him take a break in the highest style with the Vayder Chair from Staples.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


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