Friday, June 6, 2014

Father's Day - Soda Stream Source

If you still do not have the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day, I know just the thing. This gift is perfect not only for Dad, but for the entire family. It's the gift of convenience, better health, innovation and great taste(literal taste and great style).

The Soda Stream Source is phenomenal.

As a family that drinks a ton of soda, this has been a total life changing product. We used to buy at least 10 12 packs a week, or a combination of cans and bottles. Needless to say, that was a lot of soda to load into the cart, unload onto the checkout, reload into the cart, unload form the cart to the car and from the car to the house. Not to mention storing at all inside and disposing of all the packaging.

Even still, as much soda as we bought, we did not like buying extra bottles/12-packs of a certain flavor that may only be consumed on occasion. My hubby(the one who drinks the most soda) generally sticks to one or two flavors, whereas I love variety. Since I do drink less though, buying a bunch of different flavors just for myself is impractical.

That is what makes the Soda Stream Source so fantastic. Not only does it save tons of effort and space with carrying and storing large quantities of soda, but it allows us to have many different flavors on hand at all times without the bulk or waste. Not only is that perfect for us, but it makes entertaining so much easier since we now keep flavors on hand that we don't even drink(like Ginger Ale, which many people love), specifically for company.

In case you've been living under a rock and still have never heard of Soda Stream, let me tell you about it. Soda Stream uses a refillable CO2 bottle to turn plain water into fresh soda in seconds. You can use the water alone or add flavors to create seltzer and soda in any flavor you can imagine.
You simply fill the reusable carbonator bottle with(cold) water, place it in the Soda Stream Source and push it toward the machine to secure it. Then you press down on the front block until the LED light reaches the desired fizz level.
You release the block and pull the bottle forward to release it. Then you have plain carbonated water. You can then add the Soda Mix of your choice. Each bottle tells you how much to use for the set serving, but the beauty of making your own is you can adjust it to your taste.
What I personally love most about Soda Stream(aside from the vast selection of flavors) is that it is much healthier than traditional soda. While they have Diet flavors(which is what I drink), they are all sweetened with Splenda(the only Sugar Substitute I will use) not aspartame or other, less safe, sweeteners.

Even more amazing is that all of their regular flavors use sugar and Splenda together to reduce the calories(35 per 8oz serving as opposed to 100 in traditional soda). None of the mixes contain Hugh Fructose Corn Syrup either, like most every traditional soda does. They are also much lower in Sodium. That is great because my husband is usually not health minded, so any way to help him make better choices is wonderful. Not only that, but my kids want soda on occasion, and I'd rather them not have harmful sweeteners or calorie laden drinks.

If you are opposed to Splenda, they also offer Natural Soda Mixes which are sweetened entirely with Cane Sugar, of course they have more calories, but they are natural. There are also Stevia Sweetened varieties. I know I've mentioned it at least twice already, but I really need to reiterate just how many incredible flavors are available. There are Kool-Aid flavors, Country Time, Crystal Light, Ocean Spray, Cooking Light, Energy Drink and even V8 Splash flavors(and MORE).

Since you are making it fresh every time, you never have to worry about flat soda, which is great because I detest flat soda. Soda Stream is just such a smart choice. It makes soda so much more convenient and the experience so much more enjoyable and healthful overall.

I know my husband would be lost without our Soda Stream Source, so I can say with confidence that is makes and incredible gift for Dad.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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