Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Superior Source Vitamins - September Giveaway

School is back in session. For us, that always means in influx of exhaustion, colds and all-around feeling crummy. While there is almost no way to avoid these things entirely, it is possible to reduce the severity or put up a better fight against these classroom germs.

The easiest way to that is with proper nutrition, rest, and, our 'secret' weapon, Superior Source Vitamins. These tiny, quick-dissolve tablets are so easy to take any time anywhere. No water needed.The perfect armor to gear up and stay fortified for the entire fall season.

What makes Superior Source Vitamins special is their MicroLingual “Under the Tongue Technology” which works lightning fast. Because they dissolving in seconds, they are quickly absorbed into the body to start working fast. 

NO pills to swallow! This is the winning feature for me. I HATE taking pills and always feel the urge to choke, even on small ones. Not only that, but, by swallowing supplements, as much as 50% of the potency is lost in the high acid environment of the stomach. So these easy quick dissolve tabs are also more effective. 

Additionally, they are GMO FREE and Sugar FREE,  90% smaller than regular vitamins, contain no binders, fillers , dyes or preservatives and have only 3 clean ingredients. Plus, there are Over 120 vitamins to choose from. Their newest product, NMN, is an anti-aging supplement. It is available now on Amazon, and there is even a coupon for $5 off!

In addition to Amazon, Superior Source Vitamins are also available at iHerb, Vitacost, and CVC4Health.com. But, that's not the only way to try them. Superior Source has been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for a 5-pack of their best fall fortifiers. One lucky winner will receive: • Zinc Lozenjets with Vitamin C • Vitamin D3: 5 ,000 IU • Children ’s D3: 400 IU • Calming Formula • Vitamin B-12: 1,000 mcg

Enter via the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

*Although this is a sponsored partnership, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Nadine West - August

It's my favorite time of the month. Time to open my pretty pink package from Nadine West. I'm so excited to share this with you guys.

The first item I got was this cute, versatile gray peek shoulder top. All the comfort of a t-shirt, with a little bit of flare to make it perfect for going out.

Next I got these fabulous tie-waist pants. The checkered print is so classic, and the neutral colors make them a perfect staple piece to pair with almost anything. Look so cute with a tucked tee for a dress casual look, or paired with a button don for something a little more sophisticated.

This lovely maroon dress. I know it's hard to see against my backdrop, but clearly, as you can tell by my decor choices, I love this color. These dresses are so soft, stretchy and comfortable. They pair perfectly with leggings and a fun cardigan for a cozy fall look.

Speaking of cozy, these gray joggers are so comfortable and soft. Ideal for lounging, working out, or even going out, thanks to them being absolutely adorable.

This shirt is my favorite piece in this package, though I love everything. I have a soft spot for plaid, and the colors are so nice. Rich, deep autumn colors, and super flattering.

It doesn't stop there, though. There is also the gorgeous necklace. Dainty and simple yet elegant. I love leaf designs in jewelry and this fits perfectly into my collection.

Here is one of the looks I created with the pieces in this shipment. So adorable, right? I love it.

Nadine West never disappoints. I am thrilled with this shipment and I can't wait for my package next month. If you want to try this fabulous service for yourself (you absolutely should), you can save $25 off your first full shipment by using code: NWAUG25 (valid through 9/1/22) at Nadine West.

*Although I received these items at no cost, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Monday, August 1, 2022

Back To School Guide

Time sure flies when you're having fun. It's nearly time for school to start again already. While I wish we could hang on to summer for a little longer, I am excited to share this selection of products that will make back to school a little easier.


Bleum bras by Bleuet Girl are perfect for girls needing their first bra, but also good for any young girl or teen who wants coverage and comfort. The bras are fantastic quality and super comfortable. They also carry tops, camis, and shorts to ensure your girl has all the essentials.


Back to school doesn't have to be all business. In fact, it can be nice to give kids a little treat to get them excited for the school year. I absolutely love this gorgeous personalized name necklace from JOYAMO for that. My daughter loves it, and she feels so special to have such a lovely piece of jewelry designed just for her.
Carrie Style Box Name Necklace-3

Eco Lips

Fashion meets function with these Eco Lips tinted lip balms. My daughter is at the age where she always wants to wear makeup. At 10 years old, I don't feel she needs much for everyday occasions like school, so this is a great compromise. She gets the added glam of colored while she's moisturizing them and protecting them from the elements. They also have a fun fruity flavor.
Vegan Brazilian Lip Tints, 5 Pack Variety


Kids Crafts

The LeadHER collection from Kids Crafts is perfect for all the strong, brave, intelligent future leaders headed back to school. The items feature aspirational female figures and insightful quotes to motivate their young successors. With positive affirmations like "Be Kind" and "Make Today Amazing" they are sure to bring a smile to your child's face every time they sit down to lunch.
Be Kind Reusable Lunch Bag  Lunch Box featuring Quotes for image 2

Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker snacks not only taste great, but they are better for you. These plant-based treats are nut free and allergy-friendly making a much safer choice for public schools where some children may have severe allergies. They are also vegan, gluten-free, and lower in sugar than traditional sweets. The individual portioned packs are ideal for lunchboxes.

Little Spoon

For the preschool or kindergarten crew, Little Spoon delivers fun, healthy meals, smoothies and more. With real ingredients in kid friendly recipes, individually packed and ready to heat or eat, these products save parents a ton of time while still providing balanced, nutritious meals.

Buzz Tea

Just because school is starting doesn't mean summer has to end, especially for grown ups. Ride out the tail end of the season with delicious and refreshing Buzz Tea ready to drink hard iced tea. 6.5% alcohol by volume. Available in Original, Half and Half, and Peach flavors.

Hard Tea | Buzz Tea


Clubtails Cocktails

Another one for the parents. Clubtails are an easy, delicious way to unwind after the kiddos go to bed. With 10% alcohol by volume and exciting flavors like Long Island Iced tea, Bahama Mama, Watermelon Margarita, and more, they are sure to make any night a party.


This female-founded company boasts a 99% plant-based hair care line that is made for all of "YOO" Made with gentle and safe ingredients for ll the clean-leaning, creatively-inclined, curly, straight, thin, thick, full, frizzy, wavy, and fro-y. In other words, it's made for Allyoos.
A Moment for You Gift Set

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Nadine West - July

As you all know by now, one of the things I look forward to most every month is my pretty pink package from Nadine West. I am the type to always get excited for packages, even if it's a fresh tube of toothpaste or a box of crackers. And of course, anything that is a surprise is exceptional more fun. So Nadine West really hits the sweet spot between functional and indulgent.

I love to shop, but I'm the type who doesn't know what I need until I see it. That can obviously be overwhelming and time consuming, especially for online shopping. Not only does Nadine West send items chosen for me by a personal stylist, but there is no obligation to keep anything. There are subscription charges or styling fees. Shipping to you is free, and if you keep even one item, there no charges for return shipping. Otherwise, you only pay for the return label.

But enough preamble. Check out these fabulous items. 

This 3/4 length floral top is buttery soft and has a super cute cutout criss-cross detail on the sleeves. It is super flattering, and supremely comfortable. Tons of stretch and perfectly flowy at the bottom. 

How cute is this dress? I absolutely love the "overalls" aesthetic of the sleeves, but it has full coverage, so it does not require a shirt underneath. I love the neutral colors and vertical stripe. The legth and material make this perfect for summer. 

Speaking of summer, how perfect is this vibrant floral sleeveless blouse? The fabric i super light and just barely sheer (if you look really closely). Perfect styled over a cami for a totally classy look, or great alone or over a bathing suit (think relaxing on a boat) with a cute pair of jean shorts for something more casual and flirty. 

It is still a bit hot for this here in Florida, (by a bit hot I mean Satan's bathtub), but I am loving the jump on fall/winter with this amazing hi-low buttonless cardigan. The dusty forest green color is so flattering and I am crazy for the whispy flow and slouchy pockets. And it's so soft you'll want to sleep in it.

Jeans are always my favorite thing in a Nadine West Package. I always say it's because I have too many shirts, but maybe it's just because they are so cute and go with everything? The stretch ensures the fit is always spot on, and no zippers to pinch or break or slip. Wardrobe Staple.

Last but not least, the accessory. These small silver hoops are simple yet sleek. The perfect touch of sparkle to compliment any outfit. Like this one. 

If it wasn't obvious, I am thrilled with my Nadine West package this month. If you want to get your own pretty pink package of fashion fabulousness, you can sign up now and take $20 off a full box plus free shipping. Just use coupon code: NW20JUL. Happy shopping.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Celebrate Men's Health with Superior Source Vitamins -- GIVEAWAY

With Father's Day on the Horizon, it is the perfect time to bring awareness to men's health and promote wellness and self care for all the men in our lives. So many men have an ingrained tendency to ignore their health, with many even seeing it as "manly" to reject self care.

It is long past time to do away with such outdated stereotypes and create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable making their health a priority. Superior Source Vitamins shares this vision, which is why this June we are focusing on Men's Health Awareness.

May be an image of 4 people, people standing and text

Superior Source Vitamins make taking care of your health as easy as opening a bottle. With small, easy to take, mini melt tablets, that dissolve instantly, no water needed, it couldn't be easier to get ll the supplements you need to stay at the top of your game.

In the spirit of making health a priority, and in honor of Father's Day, Superior Source Vitamins has been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway for a 5-pack of men's health supplements. The prize includes: Advanced Zinc, Vitamin C Tangy Orange Melts, B12 Quick Energy Burst, Extra Strength Melatonin, Advance Strength Vitamin D3 5000. A $90 value!!

Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck!

*Although this is a compensated post, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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Friday, April 1, 2022

5 Pool Supplies You Need To Have For Your Pool

Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Your Pool - Pools by Design 

Every pool requires maintenance. It’s all fun and games when you swim and have pool parties, but afterward you would have to clean your pool in order to use it again. A pool is an amazing investment, but it can be also pricey to maintain it. So you need to think things through before you actually have one installed.

Let’s say that the installation process is finished and your pool is ready to use. You also need to think about purchasing the necessary tool supplies to maintain it. Here are 5 of the most important things that you need:

A pool skimmer

 A Beginner's Guide to Pool Maintenance

You may be concerned about how you will cope with the large number of leaves that will unavoidably end up floating around in your swimming pool.

When it comes to the job at hand, your trusty pool skimmer net is the best tool for the job. Affixing it to the tip of your telescopic pole will allow you to glide effortlessly over the pool's surface without straining your muscles.

On its journey across the river, the net collects almost everything in its path, from insects as well as twigs to candy wrappers and cups (since, after all, there's nothing wrong with having a good time).

Since this net is made of a fine mesh, it is well suited for skimming solid things from the surface of the water due to its thin construction.

The two types of skimmer nets accessible are flat nets and bag nets. It is recommended to purchase flat skimmer nets over circular skimmer nets because they're less difficult to maintain and clean than round skimmer nets. Find out more on this link https://www.angi.com/articles/pool-maintenance-101.htm.

A pool brush

After some time has passed, thin layers of detritus and algae will begin to form on the pool's bottom, sides, and steps due to the natural accumulation of organic matter. Your pool management procedures will dictate how quickly this occurs, but it will occur regardless of how many times you actually clean the pool. It’s just the natural way of things.

So in the end, what is the most efficient approach to ensure a thorough cleaning? By using a pool brush, for example, you can take care of the problem every single time.

Brushing your pool helps to keep it healthy and prevents problems like hazy and green water from accumulating on the surface of the water. Additionally, it is the most efficient means of ensuring that your pool chemicals last as long as necessary.

A pool pump

This device is the focal point of all of the action in your swimming pool. It is responsible for the circulation of water and the provision of power for the heating as well as filtration activities in the building. After passing through the pipes, the water is filtered and heated before being returned to the swimming pool.

Pool pumps are typically categorized into three parts: single speed, dual speed, and variable speed. Single speed pool pumps are the most common.

If you want the maximum amount of functionality and management over your energy use, a variable speed pump is the best choice.

Exactly as their name implies, these pumps enable you to rapidly and effortlessly switch between a variety of different speeds and settings. In turn, they're great for keeping the water flowing gently overnight or for quickly cleaning up an algae-infested swimming pool after a heavy rainfall.

It is important to remember to clear the pump's basket every week in order to acquire the greatest results. Read more on this page.

Automatic pool cleaner

Cleaning with a vacuum or a brush is a fantastic method to get a little physical exercise in while doing the cleaning. That is, of course, unless it is a blistering hot summer day with temps to die for.

Automated pool cleaners, as the name implies, travel about the inside of your pool, scouring and cleaning anything that comes into touch with them as they move around.

Suction side pool cleaners, pressure side pool cleaners, as well as robotic pool cleaners are the three types of swimming pool cleaners available.

Automatic pool cleaners, whether for commercial or household use, will reduce your burden by a substantial amount. For those looking for a true automatic pool cleaning solution that they can simply set and forget, a robotic pool cleaner is the most effective option available today. For additional pool testing equipment and other supplies, you can check the link provided.


The fact that pool chemicals are not strictly considered "equipment" does not mean that they are any less important. Maintaining your pool physically clean – free of filth, bugs and leaves – may be accomplished with the help of the swimming pool equipment indicated above.

A different type of chemical is responsible for maintaining the water safe, germ-free, and pleasurable to swim in; this is known as pool chemistry.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Why Does Marketing Matter to Healthcare?

Meta Description: “Digital” and” healthcare” are two words that go hand in hand. For healthcare brands, success in this era means going online.

Reaching prospective patients anywhere in the world, whenever you like!

While this concept may have sounded impossible in the past, the world has turned into a technology hub and made it possible. Long gone are the days when healthcare practices had to rely on word of mouth to advertise their services.

Today, a majority of these brands have gone digital. They market their treatment services online and showcase why they should be the healthcare providers of choice.

Those who can’t market internally enlist the help of healthcare marketing companies. Either way, they make marketing a priority.

So why is marketing in healthcare so important? Let’s dig in!

What is Healthcare Marketing?

This is the practice of leveraging online and traditional avenues to pass the information on healthcare.

While there are still brands that are marketing traditionally, most rely on digital marketing to turn qualified leads into patients and eventually grow their practice. Healthcare marketing involves representing a practice the same way as you would a business.

Business Plan Schedule Written on the Notebook

Why Does Healthcare Marketing Matter?

Healthcare marketing is important because of the following reasons:

Offers unlimited access to healthcare information
There’s always a constant need for information when it comes to health services. Consumers are searching for information on products and providers that will help in maintaining their well-being.

By marketing, healthcare providers will make information available for consumers when they need it.

They can read reviews, find information on specific healthcare practices and even consult with professionals online.

Using a single click, all of this is possible! This automatically makes it easy for consumers to access health information, and ultimately motivates them to choose healthcare brands based on personal needs and preferences.

Puts the healthcare provider a notch above their competition
There are many healthcare brands and practitioners that are yet to embrace the digital wave. By using different digital media strategies, healthcare brands can reach out to their patients faster, and communicate their services on a worldwide platform.

This way, brands will indulge in impactful, targeted marketing and maintain a loyal following.

Remember, a brand’s capability in reaching out to its target audience and providing relevant information is also one of the best ways to win them over.

Prevents misinformation
Unlike healthcare practices that were all about passing information using word of mouth, digital marketing refutes wrong information.

Where word of mouth may change from person to person, information passed through digital marketing will always remain the same.

This helps patients make better-informed decisions. As patients become more informed, they equally form a better relationship with their healthcare providers.


There you go! Several reasons why your healthcare brand should adopt a diverse marketing practice.

It’s not only beneficial for bringing in the leads but it also makes the brand more competitive. Needless to say, healthcare marketing will serve your needs while meeting patients at their point of need.