Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Nadine West - October

Welcome to my favorite event of the month: 'Unboxing' my Nadine West shipment. It is always so much fun to see what my stylist picked out for me. So, let's dive right in.

First up is this fab orange tank, coming in strong, perfect for Halloween. While this might not be fall attire for many states, here in Florida, this is perfect.

Next, we have another fun tank. This one is a little sportier. I love the leopard print, and like most items in the Nadine West arsenal, it is so buttery-soft and comfortable. 

Third time's the charm. This shipment had an extra shirt instead of the usual 2nd pair of bottoms. And it's another lovely sleeveless blouse. This one is a little dressier, a different fabric from that stretch 't-shirt' material the others are made from. I adore this pattern and color scheme. It will look very nice dressed up with a blazer. 

Next up is the dress. This one is a bit on the shorter side, so, for me, it will be worn over jeans or leggings for a flowy tunic vibe. Love the dark colors and bold pattern. 

Finally, my favorite part, the bottoms. Super cute, lightly distressed stretch skinny jeans. An absolute staple in almost any wardrobe, but especially mine. I can wear these with anything, and they are quite comfy too. 

Check out how cute this outfit is. But any of the tops (dress/tunic included) from this package would pair great with these jeans. 

And were are STILL not done. Because, last but not least, we have these fantastic earrings. I love the size and the little pop of color. They are unique and without being too flashy. Just a great statement piece. 

Overall, while I generally prefer the usual package breakdown (including 2 bottoms as opposed to 3 tops), the fact that everything is so cute makes up for it. The unpredictability is all part of the fun. 

If you haven't tried Nadine West yet, you should. Especially with holiday gatherings coming up. You just might find a new favorite outfit that you didn't even know you've been missing out on. And if not, you can always return anything you don't love. You have nothing to lose. 

If you have tried it, I would love to hear all about your experience in the comments. Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone. See you next time.