Thursday, February 28, 2013

Starlooks Eye Shadow Review-Show Stopper Green

Once again it is time for me to rave about the wonderful Products from Starlooks.

This time is different though. This is not one of the marvelous Starboxes(which are unbelievably awesome), but for a product just as incredible as those found in those boxes(and maybe a future star in one).

I just tried Starlooks Eye Shadow in Show Stopper Green.

I have already tried Starlooks Eyeshadow in past Starboxes, so I was not surprised by the quality, though it is tremendous.

But this color is very unique. I think it is a gold/green. As much as I love the name, this could be called 24k Green or something. But show stopper works too since this shade will certianly stop people in their tracks to check out your eyes.

This color really pops without being to bold or bright. The shimmer is amazing and the color is nice and rich, but can also be applied more sheer if desired.

Now I have very tiny eyes, and personally I do not like to wear shadow without mascara and or liner. And I think that when I added those to this eye shadow it really made it look more complete and stand out even more.

I used black mascara, and I used the Starlooks Eye Pencil In Brown from the January Starbox and I think it works perfectly with this shadow. I really love this look for my eyes, even more than I thought I would.

And I already mentioned the quality before, but really must do so again. This shadow is divine. The color is smooth and rich. It glides on so easily and covers so well with one coat. It layers wonderfully if you want to intensify the color.

This does not turn to dust or crease and fade. It stays gorgeous all day. It is so light and feels great while you are wearing it. Your eyes will never feel smothered or powdery.

Any Eye Shadow from Starlooks is bound to be amazing, and this wonderful Show Stopper Green is no exception. With St patrick's day coming up(and my husband being 100% Irish[thus kids 50% Irish]) I have to do it up big for St. Patrick's Day, and I don't want some shamrock green on my eyes, but this is perfect. All the beauty of Shamrocks and Gold in one.

I certainly know what I am wearing, and will probably use the Starlooks Diamondline Eye Pencil in Fancy (also from January's Starbox) instead of the brown for more gorgeous green.

If you are in need(want) of new Makeup, than you really need to check out Starlooks. Top Quality items, and AMAZING prices. You will not be sorry.

*Although I received this item at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

February Starbox Review

Most of you are probably aware of my Starbox obsession by now.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing the past 4 month's Starboxes at no cost. I have been addicted since the very first one back in October. And every month I am blow away by the quality and value of these boxes.

In fact, I love them so much, that I have subscribed and have decided to keep reviewing them for you all every month. I love to show you all the wonderful items and share my love of Starbox with you. I hope those of you that have seen my Starbox review have taken my advice and subscribed so that you did not miss out on this months amazing Special Edition Box.

I am so in love with this box.

This month's box was loaded with 4 full size products.

Infinity Pot Liner(Satin) in Princess Diaries:
I love this color. It is so pretty. It is pink but not to fake looking. You don't look like a clown or little kid. It looks really beautiful and demure.

Being completely honest, I have never used a potted liner before, so I did not have a brush to use with it. I improvised though, and smushed a toothpick(to make it less sharp) and used that to apply the liner. I think it worked fairly well.

I also decided to use this as shadow too(applying with my finger), and I think that it looks great that way. It was super easy to do and felt great while applying and wearing.

This liner is mega smudge and water proof, so it wears all day and night with no worry of fading or smearing.

And as I said, can be a complete eye look all by itself as a shadow and liner. I have super small lashes, so I did add mascara, and I think it looks really nice.(By the way, please excuse my eye, I recently had Lasik and that is side effect.)

Without Mascara
With Mascara

Fluid Blush in Barbie:

This color is very true to it's name. This is the complete quintessence of what I think of when I hear the name Barbie.

It is a very girly pink. This is probably the girliest you can get, especially withou sparkles or shimmer. Very pink.

I have never used fluid blush either, and it was very easy. but you have to be VERY careful, with this color especially, because a little goes a very long way. Start with the tiniest dot possible to see how it blends, and add more(a little at a time) if needed.

It melts into skin, and looks flawlessly smooth. It does not look like a fluid, cream or powder, it just looks like smooth, flawless color.

It feels completely weightless too. You will never even notice it. It lasts a very long time. It is practically waterproof.

Lip Gloss in Pink Oasis:
I am so in love with this lip gloss. Lip gloss is my favorite type of cosmetic, and this one is so gorgeous. The color is perfect. It is pinkish and girly, but still has a deeper almost purple hue to make it fit my skin tone better than baby and bright pinks do.

The shimmer is incredible, and just the right amount of shine. The consistency is spot on too. Not to rummy or slippery, and not too sticky. It's not easy to find one that is just right(for me at least), but this one by Starlooks nails it.

This glides on so easily and stays in place. It will obviously rub off, like an lip gloss, but it does not travel or look messy after wear. It also does great on top of other products(as you will see coming up).

Lip Liner in Tipsy:

This product was not mentioned on the card inside the box, so I assume it is a bonus, and I certainly welcome it. I love this liner.

I tried this a full lip color, and it looks good(texture and coverage wise). I am not sure I can pull this off a full color on my lips, but it looks just as good as lipstick.

It goes on creamy and effortlessly. It stays put and is not too moist as to smear, but not too dry either(many lip pencils are so dry). It is super nice. And the color is so vibrant and rich. 

Here is a swatch of each product(Top to bottom: Princess Diaries Infinity Liner, Pink Oasis Lip Gloss, Tipsy Lip Liner, and Barbie Fluid Blush[an example of what using too much looks like])

The whole box is perfect, and these products go together beautifully. Here are the finished looks.

Infinity liner, blush and lip gloss(no Lip liner)

Tipsy Lip Liner(as lipstick), no gloss

Tipsy Liner(as lipstick) and Lip Gloss over top.

Barbie Blush(as lipstick) with Lip Gloss over top.

No matter how you wear these products, they are all so gorgeous. And the value you get in this box is insane. 4 full size products for under $17 shipped. Where else can you get that(for such high quality products)?

Plus you get all the fun of a monthly surprise and all the wonderful things that you might not ever pick out for yourself(but will fall in love with).

If you did not get this box, I bet you are kicking yourself(and you should be). Don't miss out again. Subscribe today to make the cut to receive a Starbox for March. Anything after the first of the month, your first Starbox will be the following month, so don't wait.

When you do subscribe, be sure to let them know that Andrea's World tipped you off to their wonderful boxes.

I will be reviewing these fabulous boxes every month, so make sure to come back and see what fin things are in store. I will also be review a different item(not in a Starbox) from Starlooks every month. So be sure to check that out too(the first one is coming later today.

Please leave me your thoughts about this box, Starbox in general, or the Starlooks brand. I love hearing what you all think.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boylan Shirley Temple Review and GIVEAWAY!

Hopefully you read my last review of Boylan Soda, because then you already know how incredible Boylan is.

If you didn't(you can do it now), have no worries, I will tell you again how fantastic this stuff is.

Boylan Sodas are NOTHING like the mass produced junk you buy at the grocery store. Now don't get me wrong, I am a so lover, so I put away some big brand soda, but Boylan is not even close to the same level. It's like going from a hamburger to a prime rib. Both are good in different ways, but one is much better.

One of the things that sets Boylan so far above the competition is that they use REAL cane sugar in their sodas instead of high fructose corn syrup and other junk.

I think the glass bottle really helps. But the dedication and true passion of the Boylan company, is something unmatched by any other soda company I have come across.

And just when I thought that I could not possibly love Boylan any more, they same out with a new seasonal flavor, and made me fall in deeper.

Shirley Temple is incredible!

This is a Tribute to the classic non alcoholic "cocktail" that has been a kid friendly favorite for generations. This is nostalgia in a bottle, and I love it.

What I love about this flavor is that it can help reacquaint today's children with this wholesome celebration beverage. I know how special it felt to have the occasion to drink a Shirly Temple, and that is something that most children never do anymore.

To me, a Shirley Temple represents a special treat or important occasion, and that is what links it to so many fond memories. Feeling "grown up" and being so proud to have such a fancy drink.

The wonderful sweet taste, fun fizz and gorgeous pink color are also important attributed of this wonderful drink.

I love that Boylan's version is so true to the original, starting with Ginger Ale(I don't like Ginger ale unless it is a Shirley Temple), adding Dark Sweet Cherry and of course sweetening with only Real Cane Sugar.

This is probably even better than the Shirley Temples I drank as a child(or can make myself). And I can say it is certainly just as good.

It is so fantastic that I can now pass this wonderful tradition on to my children. And it is even more amazing, that my son actually wanted to try it.

My son is Autistic, which makes him very selective(neurotic) about what he will eat and drink, and most things he will act physically afraid of.

But as soon as he saw this, he pointed to it(wanting me to tell him what it was). I told him a Shirley Temple, and he replies, "Do you want some Shirley Temple?...Yes Please."(His way of telling me he wanted some. I guess he didn't even want to wait for me to offer).

I was so happy that he actually asked to try something new. That NEVER happens. And even if it does, he never actually tries it. But he did taste this, and LOVED it. He drank all of it(that I gave him, about half the bottle).

And even though they are gone, he keeps asking me for more. I know that I will definitely be getting some. Since this is a limited release, my stores do not carry it, but thankfully I can buy it at Boylan's website. I need to stock up before it's gone(and if you want some, so should you).

My husband(manly man that he is) loved this flavor, and of course, I did too. This is one of the best drinks(of any kind) that I have ever had. I could drink it all day(I just wish it was calorie free for my waistline).

If you even loved Shirley Temples, then you need to try this soda. And if you didn't, then you missed out, and you need to try this soda.

Since it it so important that you all try this, Boylan and I are hosting a giveaway, and one lucky winner will get a 4 Pack of these fabulous Shirley Temples for free. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Monday, February 25, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 3 Update

As most of you probably already know, I have been doing the Nutrisytem Success Program for the past 3 weeks.

I am the type of person who has never stuck to a diet plan, because they never worked. I figured it I was going to be overweight anyway, I might as well make the most of it.

After trying Nutrisystem, all that has changed. After 3 weeks I am still going strong with NO slip ups(that is a miracle for me).

I am still adjusting to the portions, but they really are quite fair, and fill you up with nutrition. Plus you get Smart Carbs, Power Fuels and Unlimited Veggies, so you will never be starving.

Check out all the Nutrisystem food I got just yesterday.

Breakfast: Honey Wheat Bagel
I like my carbs white. I am not a big fan of whole wheat at all. I know it is better, but if eating for taste, I would not choose whole wheat. So when I say that I like this bagel, that is really saying a lot.

The honey gives it a slightly sweet flavor and helps make the wheat taste more mild. The texture is great, it is less chewy than many bagels I have eaten. It is king of soft even when toasty if that makes sense. It does not get crunchy at all.

This bagel is actually fine all on it's own, but is really good topped with a tbsp. of All Natural Peanut Butter. Fat Free Cream Cheese is also recommended, but in my opinion, the fat free is terrible. Low fat would probably be amazing though.

This is a nice size breakfast, and it is just the fuel I need to start my day off right.

Lunch: Beef, Cheese & Bean Burrito-

I love this! I love all things Mexican Style, and this was so good. I am seriously shocked at how good this was. It was better than other frozen burritos that are not good for you. I have tried almost every frozen burrito I could get my hands on, and this is easily one of the best.

One thing that I really love is that this does not get all hard. Most frozen burritos get so hard on the ends that you can only eat about half without breaking a tooth.

This entire burrito was soft and delicious. There is not tons extra tortilla with no filling either which is another pet peeve of mine. every bit has filling in it.

Also, the filling itself is so great. Real shreds of beef(not ground beef mush) and actual beans(not bean paste) real peppers and rice. A really really great burrito. And at only 4g of fat and 230 calories, it is amazing.

Dinner: Cajun-Style Chicken & Sausage-
Looks are certainly deceiving with this one. It tastes way better than it looks. It is fantastic. The chicken is great, and the sausage is phenomenal(and I am not even a huge fan of sausage). The viggies were good and of course the rice was great.

The sauce was perfect. Not too spicy, but not bland. And there was lots of sauce. That was great because I made myself a green bell pepper to eat along side this, but ended up adding like the whole thing to this and it did not even seem like I stretched it. It was like a perfect fit.

It made the meal bigger while still having the same great taste instead of having to eat the pepper alone which is not as good.

I love this entree, and it is one of my top choices for sure.

Dessert: Carrot Cake-
I love Carrot Cake. This is actually quite good. It is obviously not like the carrot cake I am used to heaped with icing and full of walnuts and such, but it not bad at all for a diet dessert.

I had a diet brand packaged carrot cake before(sold at the grocery store) and it was smaller than this, less healthy and not as tasty. SI I know how rare it is for this to taste as good as it does.

The portion is pretty fair, and the cake really does satisfy. I am happy with this dessert. I do like some of the others more, but this is very good.

The best part of the Nutrisystem program is the results. I am really seeing the difference, and that is enough to keep me going even if the food was bad(which it definitely is not).

This week was my best week so far, and I am so happy with my results. So without further adieu, my results this week are...DRUMROLL PLEASE.....

4 POUNDS and 2 INCHES off my waist!!

I am so beyond thrilled with this. I know that this is going to be a big change for me. I see it working and every day my motivation gets more intense. I am so glad I found Nutrisystem.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

*I received the Nutrisystem Program at no cost to facilitate honest reviews of my experience. All opinions are 100% my own*

Everybodies Lingerie Review and GIVEAWAY!!

I have an announcement to make...I am in love! I know most of you are thinking, "well you are already married, how is this news?" Well, because I am not in love with a person this time, but with a store.

I just recently happened upon a site that sells the most amazing items, and it was lust at first site. But after having tried one of the items, it has now become full blown, head-over-heels, love.

Everybodies Lingerie has the most gorgeous intimates, corsets, shape wear, sleepwear, costumes, shoes, clothing and beauty items. Everything is incredible.

Everything was so fabulous, that choosing what I would get first was really hard. but I am a sucker for cutesy things, so was completely love struck when I saw the Hooded Mini Robe. The Cupcake print was too pretty to pass up, so I decided to go with that.

As soon as I saw it, even in the package, I knew it would be perfect. The design and plushness were way more wonderful in person than even in the gorgeous picture on the site.

On a semi related note, I LOVE the Packaged With Care by Maribel sticker. It is so personal. That is so rare nowadays, and really helps me connect to companies and know that they care about their products and their customers.

Getting back to the Robe itself, it is amazing. The cupcakes are so cute, but the cut and style make sure that this is still clearly an adult robe.

It is quite short(hence the name "mini") and on me at least(since I am not a small girl) does not fully cover the chest area. So if you are doing for demure, than this is probably not for you. But it is nothing R rated either(depending on what you do with it).

I think that this Mini Robe would actually make the PERFECT Swim Suit Cover. It is light enough to not be too hot, yet thick enough to help you dry off and keep from getting a chill when wet. And I love that the hood has a lining(bathing suit like material), so it would be perfect for wet hair after swimming(or at home after showering).

I tried this with my bathing suit, and I love it.

I do have one raging complaint,. I look nothing like the model on the website. But I guess I will let the Robe slide on that one. lol.

I love the robe though. It is super comfortable. I could wear it all day(not that I would). It is perfect for a cover as I mentioned, or for sleeping or after a shower. It would be great for lounging in to watch some TV(after the kids are asleep), and great for some husband time. This little Mini Robe can do it all.

I am crazy for the hood. I love hoods, but have never had one on a robe before. I have never had a robe this cute before either. I just love the cupcakes so much! And I love how soft this is.

It just makes me feel happy even looking at it. It is so fun and flirty. Just everything I wanted and so much more. I could probably go on  about it all day.

And this is just one of hundreds of gorgeous items sold by Everybodies Lingerie. I am dying to get more of their pieces. I love it all. I really love that they have plus sizes too. They often get left out for all the cute stuff.

And because I love all of my fans so much, I have a fantastic giveaway for you. One lucky lady will win $25 in Store Credit to put towards anything on the site. There are so many great things you can get for that, or just a little over. You will love whatever you choose because it is all amazing.

For your chance to win, enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Knot Genie Review and GIVEAWAY!

Most of you that have seen my reviews, know that I have very long hair. I always get people tell me they love it, but most don't realize how much of a hassle it actually is.

I like having my hair long in theory, but in practice, it is quite aggravating. If I wear it down, it gets caught on everything and tangles for absolutely no reason.

Even when I put it up, it looks like a rat's nest when I take it down. Basically, my hair is always tangled

And brushing my hair is such a chore. It takes over half an hour much of the time. It always breaks and winds up with split ends.

All the work and damage made me consider cutting it hundreds of times. Thankfully, I never did.

How I have found the answer to most of my hair issues. Knot Genie Detangling Brush is so amazing.

The magic of this brush lies in the different length bristles. These help get into the tangle better and release the knots quickly without breaking or tearing hair, and without pain.

I don't even care about the pair. My head can handle it. But I don't want damaged hair, or to spend forever brushing it.

And, the gentle factor is ideas for my children. My daughter's head is very tender, and she dreaded getting her hair brushed(prior to using the Knot Genie). She would always throw a fit and end up making it hurt more and take twice as long.

With Knot Genie, I can brush her hair in only a couple minuted, without any pain or fear. She eve tries to brush it herself now(at 18 months, she cannot really do it well, but it is so cute).

Just look at the difference that Knot Genie made on her hair. But the way it looks(as impressive as it is) is not even the important thing to me. It is how she feels, and she loves the Knot Genie.

It works on my tangled mess too.

I brushed all my hair in less than 10 minutes. I can't even remember the last time I did that. It was so awesome to get it over with so quickly. And now it is even quicker most of the time, since the tangles are out more completely using the Knot Genie, it helps keep it form re-tangling so quickly.

The way this works for me and my daughter is fantastic, and even if it was only good for one of us, it would be totally worth it. But it working for both of us is incredible. But, that is not even the best part.

The Know Genie also works perfectly on my son. He is 5 1/2 and has autism. He has very long hair for a boy(even for many girls). And hates having it brushed. Part of his autism symptoms is fear of things that should not scare a "normal" child(the shower[but not the bath or even a hose], most foods, etc).

Brushes and combs are also among this list. However the Knot Genie is not only unique in gentleness, but also in shape and design.

My son loves this camo design brush. He calls it a turtle brush(I guess it looks like a turtle shell to him). And every time I tell him it's time to brush his hair he always says, "Turtle Brush"(and is excited).

Anything that can help my son be more comfortable with the things he needs to endure is fantastic to me.

I am definitely getting more Knot Genie brushes so we can each have our own, but I love having one brush that works for the whole family. That makes everything so easy. I HIGHLY recommend Knot Genie.

And because I love all my fans so much. We are also giveaway away one of these amazing Knot Genie Detangling Brushes. Enter Below for your chance to win. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

OWG Foods Review and GIVEAWAY!!

One of my favorite things about my job as a blogger, if discovering new products that I otherwise might never have found.

Recently, I was contacted by an awesome company that I had never heard of previously. I had the pleasure of trying 3 of their wonderful products are reviewing them for you.

OWG (Old World Gourmet), has many wonderful products, including mixes for wine and spirits, and non alcoholic drink mixes. They also have cracker seasoning.

I tried 2 non-alcoholic beverage mixes.

Raging Raspberry Lemonade:
I love Raspberry Lemonade, and this mix is wonderful. It is tart, but also sweet, and it has tns of flavor.

This tastes fresh and home made. It is so easy to make. Just add water and mix. Add Ice and enjoy.

Everyone that tried this loved it. my Autistic(super picky) son even liked it. That made me so happy. every time he tries something new, I know that the product s special.

Peach Iced Tea:
I love almost any variety of tea, as long as it is good quality. Peach has always been one of my favorites though.

This OWG Peach Iced Tea is so wonderful. Just like the Raspberry Lemonade, it is so simple to prepare.

My little girl loved this, and drank almost my whole glass. All our guests loved this as well, and my husband really loved it.

The real star of the party was Cracker Smack:
Cracker Smack is too neat. I have never seen a product like this before. You add the Cracker Smack to some Olive Oil(in the provided bag) and add in a whole box(4 sleeves) of Saltines. You shake well. And leave to sit, shaking every so often. Then you let sit over night. The next day you will put them into an airtight container.

They will be covered in seasoning. Actually they will be fully infused with it. You will not be able to tell that the crackers were not made that way. It is really incredible.

They taste so gourmet. Such a nice flavor, and it is amazing that you can get so much deliciousness from saltines and this wonderful product.

This is so fun and just a really clever product. I love it, and so did everyone who tried these. My daughter and husband especially loved them and ate over half between them.

I love OWG product, and cannot wait to try their alcoholic mixers as well. Lucky for all of you, we are giving away a  Vino-Licious box in winner's choice of flavors. Just enter below. Good luck.

And don't forget to follow OWG on Facebook and Twitter.

Red Carpet Ready With Wholly Guacamole and Daily's - Plus Prize Pack GIVEAWAY!

Are you ready for the Oscars tonight? Are you sure? Are you Red Carpet Ready? If not, then you need to pay close attention to this post.

I broke out the Red Carpet and got the party started early. Last night in fact. We had a Oscar Preview Party.

We watched one of the 2012 Oscar winning movies, The Iron Lady. We had some dear friends over and settled in with food a drink aplenty.

Thanks to Daily's and Wholly Guacamole(generously providing this party kit), this party was epic.

We had amazing Salsa and Guacamole from Wholly, and super delicious cocktails from Daily's.

I love Wholly Guacamole. In fact it is the only packaged brand I will eat, because all the others taste horrendous. Wholly tastes so fresh and home made. If I had never had Wholly before, I would easily believe it was home or restaurant made.

Wholly Salsa is amazing too. It is so fresh and real.

Both Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa products are All Natural, Preservative Free, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified and Non GMO making them even more fantastic.

The spice of the salsa and Guac goes perfectly with the sweetness of the Daily's Cocktails.

Daily's Cocktails are so awesome. The alcohol is already in them, so you just freeze(or buy frozen), squeeze and serve. So simple.

It is a party in a pouch. You can even drink them right out of the pouch if you desire. It could not be more convenient.

Wholly and Daily's can turn any event into a party. So if you plan to watch the Oscars, you should do it in style.

Go and get some Daily's, Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa(and some chips or something to pair with them), and you can bring the Red Carpet right into your own living room.

And we are going to be sending the party to one luck winner. Enter below for your chance to win a mega party pack containing a $20 Walmart Gift Card(to purchase Daily's), 3 Wholly Guacamole Products and 3 Wholly Salsa Products. Good luck.