Monday, February 18, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 2 Update

Another great week on my Nutrisystem Success Plan. I am loving this. The food is better than I expected and the portions are really fair, especially once you get used to them.

Check out my meals for yesterday before we get to the results for this week.

Breakfast: (Fresh Frozen) Turkey Ham & Cheese Omelet-
Mine got a little broken, but it was still delicious. It's a "real" omelet, and I was expecting something kinda gross being as this is "diet food". But this was really good.

There is a pretty good amount of filling too. It came out great from the microwave which is awesome, because usually frozen eggs come out really hard, chewy or gross.

The size is pretty great too, and this particular breakfast has only 90 calories and 1.5g of fat. That was so awesome to me, especially for as yummy as it is. Really good way to start the day,

Lunch: Red Beans and Rice-

Doesn't that look fantastic? Well it is. I LOVE Red Beans and Rice, and this is really tasty. It even has Sausage in it.

The rice it perfect. Not too hard, but also not mushy. The spice level is great too. A nice kick, but not too spicy(I don't like really spicy stuff).

A pretty nice size lunch portion, and so easy to prepare. You could probably even eat it room temp. out of the package in a pinch. I think this is my favorite shelf stable lunch so far.

Dinner: Beef & Wedged Potatoes-
This is one of my favorites. So hearty. Having beef and potatoes really makes for a satisfying meal, and the gravy is nice and rich. Very good. I made veggies on the side and dipped them in the gravy too. There was plenty for everything.

This is really a comfort food meal, and for only 5g of fat, it's unbelievable. This would be awesome over some whole grain rice as a Smart Carb too. Yum.

Dessert: White Chocolate Chunk Cookies-
These cookies are fantastic! They are as good as or better than any packaged cookies I've tried.

These are a crispy textured cookie like most packages kind are. They are not too crunchy though, which I love.

The flavor is amazing. They are perfectly sweet(but not overly so), and the white chocolates tasted fabulous. I have always loved white chocolate in cookies, and these certainly lived up to that.

One of the best desserts I've had so far. I just wish there was more(although this is a good portion).

I got all that plus my Veggies, Smart Carbs and Power Fuels just in one day. And I get to eat like this every day and still lose weight. How incredible it that?

Since last Monday I have lost another...Drumroll Please...

2 Pounds and 1 1/4 Inches from my waist.
A total of 4.6 Pounds and 2 1/4 inches in just 2 WEEKS!

If you are considering Nutrisystem, I hope that my results will help give you the push you need to just do it. It really works.

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*I am a member of the Nutrisystem blogger program, and am receiving the Nutrisystem plan at no cost in return for blogging about my REAL thoughts/results. All opinions are 100% my own*


  1. This all looks really good! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  2. that actually does look like real food.not what I would have thought at all!