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 Zipz shoes are so awesome. I love mine so much. So when my dear friend over at Real Reviews by Savvy K was having a giveaway, I knew I had to share it with you. 

Read her awesome review below, and enter to win your own Zipz. Good luck.


Zipz Shoes Review!


Do you have a shoe fetish? Does your suitcase hate you on trips from all of the shoes you like to pack? Zipz Shoes can help with that! I had the amazing chance to review Zipz shoes! They are innovative, savvy and the amazing part - can be hundreds of different pairs of shoes!
are as innovative as they are fun. Zipz shoes allow you to have multiple shoes in one! With a simple zipper on the side of the shoe, you can unzip the top half of the shoe and zip on a totally different style! The shoes were designed by Jerry Stafani, who thought of the idea when he was at a family reunion BBQ. He saw that the family had brought multiple pairs of shoes and had to buy even more on their travels from kids. He thought that a great way to solve this was to create a shoe with interchangeable souls!
I had the wonderful chance to review a pair of my own Zipz! The designs that I chose for my Zipz shoes were Dragon Roze and Supermodel. When I first received the shoes, I thought they looked just like a normal pair of tennis shoes. Even my fiance thought they were normal! Except of course the shiny, pink glitter from the Supermodel design. personally I love it! :) The Zipz shoes come in mens sizes, so being a size 9 in women, I was a size 7 in Zipz.
I first decided to try Zipz shoes at work. I teach at an after school program at an elementary school so I am on my feet all day long. Plus, I teach Zumba to the kids in one of my classes as well. I knew this would be the perfect environment to test the Dragon Roze
tennis style shoes.

The Dragon Roze design is really neat! It has small roses, dragons and colorful designs on a beige background. They are not to busy and work great for any casual look! To my surprise, they were actually very comfortable! For being a brand new shoe and doing Zumba for a couple of hours, they were moderately comfortable. Although, I don't recommend doing Zumba in the shoes at first as I did have two reddish pinky toes by the end of my classes. I would suggest you breaking in the shoes a few days before doing some really heavy activity in them. After the first couple days, they were very comfortable and I had no problems.
The first thing my students said at work were "Why do you have zippers on your shoes?" I was really excited to tell them all about the Zipz shoes and how neat they were that you can change them into different shoes. They thought that it was really cool and they all asked where they can buy them at. Even after a few days wearing the shoes, my kids were still asking about them and they really seemed to take to them. They even asked me to wear the other sole design I had so they can see how they worked, which I did.
I decided to wear the Supermodel design the next day to work. It was so easy to switch from the Dragon Roze design to the Supermodel design! 

All you have to do is zip the design off, and zip on the new design just like you would zip up a jacket! The zippers seem to be made out of a high quality plastic, so of course they snagged a few times, but nothing that was not easily fixed. The Supermodel design is much like Vans shoes. It is a slip on shoe with no laces but with pink glitter all over the shoes. My first thought was the glitter and how it was going to be everywhere. I was so proven wrong! After wearing these shoes for almost two weeks now, because I am just so in love with the pink glitter, not one piece of the shoe is glitter depleted! I am not sure how they do it, but it is awesome! These are very bold shoes and I got tons of comments at work about how shiny they were! I loved the attention!
Zipz shoes get 5 stars from me! The shoe designs and their innovativeness really puts these shoes over the top! Want to get a pair of your own Zipz shoes? Head on over to their online store
and get a pair of your own! Remember, if you are a women, these shoes are in mens sizes. Also, be sure to follow Zipz shoes on their Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with their great new products and offers!?
Can't wait to get your hands on a pair of your own Zipz? Enter to win here on Real Reviews by Savvy K! Enter using the rafflecopter below! Good luck! Giveaway Open to USA.
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Disclaimer: I was given this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and may or may not differ from yours.



  2. Love the Supermodel shoe! So chic!

  3. WOW they are colourful and originative. I will try on buying a pair of shoes for my children!

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