Friday, February 8, 2013

Juil Shoes Review

Like most women, shoes are a passion of mine. But I am "special" in the fact that I actually hate wearing shoes. My feet can't stand it, and usually I spend the whole day thinking about taking them off.

In fact at home, I never wear shoes. Even most times I go out somewhere(grocery store, etc) I just throw on some flip flops.

So I have a bunch of cute shoes, and they are great, when I actually wear them. Which is kind of a waste, because shoes are basically worthless if they only sit in a closet.

Despite my feet's hatred for shoes, the (wannabe) fashionista in me LOVES shoes, and insists on getting more pairs.

In this quest for shoes, I discovered a wonderful company that has super cute shoes. But Juil is no ordinary shoe company. They are so much more than that.

Juil has actually found a way to help us connect to the earth through their shoes. Using Energy Flow Technology (compound copper conductors) that go all the way through the shoes(from the bottom of the soles to the inside so they touch your feel), Juil gives your body a direct conduit to Earth's surface.

Not only is the mere fact that this is possible incredibly neat, the benefits that this unlocks are remarkable.

I never even knew that we really connected to the earth in a physical way until I discovered Juil shoes. Learning about how beneficial Earth's energy is to our bodies was fascinating.

You should visit Juil's website for all the information, but basically, when we connect to the Earth, we absorb the electrons that rise up from it's surface. These electrons are what counteract Free Radicals. Free radicals need to bond with electrons, and if we are not giving them any(with certain foods and supplements-or the Earth), then the Free Radicals will actually  healthy tissue to rob the cells of their electrons.

That is quite an unpleasant thought, rouge free radicals on the attack. No thank you.

Why should we put up with it when you can solve the problem just by getting a new pair of shoes(can you say valid excuse)? I mean I never even need a reason to get new shoes, but I love actually having a real justification.

So as awesome as all the Energy connecting is, most people aren't thinking about that kind of thing when shoe shopping. They are about STYLE. Well these shoes are so cute.

I chose the Holland in Black:

They are so gorgeous. I love these shoes. You can just see that they are very high quality, and you can feel it too.

And check out the awesome conductors.

I think they even make the shoe look even cooler. It definitely makes them look as unique as they truly are. And anyone who sees them will probably ask you what they are(and give you tons of compliments), so you can boast in your shoe superiority.

The best part of all is these are super comfortable. It really feels like you are connected to the Earth, that may be hard to explain(and many feelings are), but it is really energizing. The shoes is so soft on the inside, and the shoes absorb your motion very well.

They are really durable, and the soles seem like they could stand up to anything and never miss a step(pun intended).

Seriously, these shoes are even more than the total package. Style, comfort, durability, and Free Radical busting energy. You certainly cannot get all of that from any other shoe.

Do you need me to twist your arm? Juil has 10 fantastic styles(each in multiple colors) for women, and even 3 styles for men. So make sure you get the man in your life a pair as well. Never will he be so happy that you did some shoe shopping.

Make sure to let me know how much you love being connected to the Earth in style.

*Although I received this product at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. These shoes look so comfortable! Wow..they are so cushioned too!

  2. I dont like to wear shoes either..... i take the kids to school in slippers :D lol

  3. I'm jealous! I was in love and then I saw the purple lining and I about died! These would be perfect for a lot of nurses I know!

  4. Ohh, I really love those shoes, and I am so like you I don't wear shoes unless I really, really must.

  5. Super cute and they look very comfortable!

  6. never heard of this brand, they look cute and comfy tho I will have to check them out! thanks!

  7. Wow, those are super cute and I could wear them to work! They look very comfy too. Thanks for letting us know about this brand, I'll check them out!

  8. Those are super cute shoes I have similar ones that have a back to them. They are super comfy also.

  9. wow i cant wait to try them lol

  10. These are adorable and I love a good looking shoe that feels good too!

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