Sunday, February 24, 2013

Knot Genie Review and GIVEAWAY!

Most of you that have seen my reviews, know that I have very long hair. I always get people tell me they love it, but most don't realize how much of a hassle it actually is.

I like having my hair long in theory, but in practice, it is quite aggravating. If I wear it down, it gets caught on everything and tangles for absolutely no reason.

Even when I put it up, it looks like a rat's nest when I take it down. Basically, my hair is always tangled

And brushing my hair is such a chore. It takes over half an hour much of the time. It always breaks and winds up with split ends.

All the work and damage made me consider cutting it hundreds of times. Thankfully, I never did.

How I have found the answer to most of my hair issues. Knot Genie Detangling Brush is so amazing.

The magic of this brush lies in the different length bristles. These help get into the tangle better and release the knots quickly without breaking or tearing hair, and without pain.

I don't even care about the pair. My head can handle it. But I don't want damaged hair, or to spend forever brushing it.

And, the gentle factor is ideas for my children. My daughter's head is very tender, and she dreaded getting her hair brushed(prior to using the Knot Genie). She would always throw a fit and end up making it hurt more and take twice as long.

With Knot Genie, I can brush her hair in only a couple minuted, without any pain or fear. She eve tries to brush it herself now(at 18 months, she cannot really do it well, but it is so cute).

Just look at the difference that Knot Genie made on her hair. But the way it looks(as impressive as it is) is not even the important thing to me. It is how she feels, and she loves the Knot Genie.

It works on my tangled mess too.

I brushed all my hair in less than 10 minutes. I can't even remember the last time I did that. It was so awesome to get it over with so quickly. And now it is even quicker most of the time, since the tangles are out more completely using the Knot Genie, it helps keep it form re-tangling so quickly.

The way this works for me and my daughter is fantastic, and even if it was only good for one of us, it would be totally worth it. But it working for both of us is incredible. But, that is not even the best part.

The Know Genie also works perfectly on my son. He is 5 1/2 and has autism. He has very long hair for a boy(even for many girls). And hates having it brushed. Part of his autism symptoms is fear of things that should not scare a "normal" child(the shower[but not the bath or even a hose], most foods, etc).

Brushes and combs are also among this list. However the Knot Genie is not only unique in gentleness, but also in shape and design.

My son loves this camo design brush. He calls it a turtle brush(I guess it looks like a turtle shell to him). And every time I tell him it's time to brush his hair he always says, "Turtle Brush"(and is excited).

Anything that can help my son be more comfortable with the things he needs to endure is fantastic to me.

I am definitely getting more Knot Genie brushes so we can each have our own, but I love having one brush that works for the whole family. That makes everything so easy. I HIGHLY recommend Knot Genie.

And because I love all my fans so much. We are also giveaway away one of these amazing Knot Genie Detangling Brushes. Enter Below for your chance to win. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. I love how quickly and easily it gets knots out.

  2. I like the ease of use and how quick it works.

  3. I love that it can easily help get the knots out of hair.
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  4. I like that is pain free to detangle the hair.

  5. I love that it doesn't hurt tender heads!

  6. I like that it would be awesome for my curly hair :)

  7. i would love one of these for my 6 year old!

  8. I love that it's gentle. The medication I'm on has made my hair very weak. I think this would help so much to lessen the breakage.


    I Like the different length bristles that easily detangles hair


  10. I love that it works so well! And I think it has a neat design, without a handle. My daughter has hair down to her waist and it is a struggle to get it brushed out every morning. This would be a lifesaver!