Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rice Dream and Dream Blends Review

Most of you already know I recently made a change in my life to eat healthier. I have done this many times before and never stick with it.

This time it is easier than I thought it would be to stay on track. The reason is because I have now made it my mission to find healthy products that actually taste good.

That is why I love Rice Dream and Dream Blends so much.

 I recently tried 4 products from a wonderful large line of diary free varieties.

DREAM Blends Enriched Almond, Cashew and Hazelnut Drink:

This was my favorite of the 4 varieties I tried. I love nuts, so I knew it would be before I even tried it. It has such a creamy, lighly nutty flavor. It is so smooth and indulgent tasting.

It is low fat, and low calories. 2g of fat and 70 calories per serving, plus 5g of protein. That is awesome. Even Skim Milk has 90 calories per serving.

I used this to make a ViSalus Meal replacement shake(instead of milk) and it was incredible. I usually add other flavors(coffee, vanilla etc) to my ViSalus shakes, but this was perfect without anything else. It tasted practically as good as a milk shake, and the texture was better too.

I bet it would be amazing on cereal. I will be buying this all the time.

Dream Blends Enriched Coconut, Almond & Chia:

This one is a little higher in fat at 4g per serving, but still has only 70 calories per serving.

It taste fabulous. I love coconut and almonds together, and the chia makes it super nutritious. This one would also be great on cereal, and would probably make a wonderful shake, or chocolate "milk" Coconut, chocolate and almonds go together perfectly.

My daughter drank some of this, and she loved it. I love that she could get the antioxidants and enjoy the flavor.

Dream Blends Enriched Rice & Quinoa:

This one is better than I expected it to be. It has a slightly nutty flavor and is nice and creamy.

This variety contains 3g of fat and 90 calories per serving. It is high in calcium and rich in antioxidants.
A very nice substitute for plain milk.

RICE DREAM Enriched Original:

This is perfect for those simply looking for a non dairy alternative to milk. This does not have the delicious nutty flavor that the others have, but it is still very good, and great for those who want something "plain".

This has 2.5g of fat and 120 calories per serving. It has as much calcium as milk, and is enriched with other vitamins A, D and B12. This variety is also All Natural and Organic.

All of these beverages are shelf stable which is awesome. That means I can stock up and just chill what I need, and it will not spoil quickly as milk does.

Any of these beverages are wonderful weather you can't have dairy, or you can. If you are seeking a great tasting nutritious beverage, then I strongly suggest giving Rice dream and/or Dream Blends a try. You will not regret it.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. I would certaily give this another go now that I've seen your review! I tried plain rice milk once and it wasn't very good, but I haven't tried these before so looks like im going to have to go look for some!!

  2. I can only have small amounts of dairy at a time, boo because i love milk! This sounds like a good alternitive.

  3. I love this brand! Coconut is my favorite, we are allergic to milk products, nuts, and seeds so this is a great! :D thanks for the awesome review.

  4. Coconut anything my favorite lol great review xo

  5. I have never tried coconut milk or anything like it so I can't wait to try these next time I see them at the store! They sound good!

  6. The Rice and Quinoa milk is the best milk substitute I've ever had. It's actually better than milk and certainly more healthful. Too bad Whole Foods just told me it's discontinued. I hope they're wrong about that.

  7. It's my new milk as i can't do dairy. I tried it and slurp!