Monday, February 11, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 1 Update

It has been 1 week since I began my weight loss journey with Nutrisystem. I am loving the program so far. The food is yummy, and I love knowing I can pick any of the Nutrisystem items(for the particular meal I am having) and not worry about what's in them or how much. It is so simple.

Check out all the yummy food I got to eat yesterday.

For breakfast I had a Cinnamon Streusel Muffin:
It was delicious so I did wish it was bigger, but obviously it's portioned controlled, and I think the size was pretty good considering.

This filled me up more than I expected it would too. I think my stomach is starting to adjust to the smaller portions too which is great.

This muffin tastes as good(to me) as any bakery or store bought muffin. I was really impressed.

For lunch I had (Fresh Frozen) Chicken Quesadilla:

This was so yummy. And the size is really great for a lunch meal, even compared to the other Nutrisystem lunches.

I LOVE quesadillas, so being able to still have them on a diet is fabulous. And this one is actually really good for being frozen. There is a good amount of filling, which rivals that of even full calorie frozen brands.

This item is a definite winner.

For dinner I had Grilled Chicken Breast:
It says to serve with a whole grain roll, but I did not have one. Instead I ate it with(in) tons and tons of salad(no dressing). It was really good.

I was surprised that this could be so yummy from a shelf stable package. That is really cool too because it makes it great to eat while out and about(if you work, go to school, go on a trip, etc.)

And since this is so versatile(and super low in fat and calories), you can pair it with most anything. I am thinking of doing a corn tortilla and some salsa next time. YUM!

And for, my favorite "meal", dessert I had a delicious Peppermint Cookie Patty:
This was to die for. I love mink and chocolate together, and especially chocolate cookie.

This was like a cross between a thin mint cookie and a peppermint patty, only better! The mint is light(not too light), not too strong or too sugary. It is perfect.

The texture is chewy yet soft, the chocolate is smooth, and the cookie crumbles take it to a whole other level. This is a really good treat.

The size is pretty good considering how thick it is(toothpick use above to show size). It really hit the spot, and totally helped me stop missing those other mint chocolate treats.

I love being able to actually eat 4 whole meals a day and still lose weight. Plus I get to add in unlimited veggies, Smart Carbs and Power Fuels(proteins).

And after only one week, I have lost...drumroll please...

2.6 pounds
and an inch off my waist!

That may not seem like much to some, but if you've ever struggled with dieting, you know that is a lot. I am so happy with my results and cannot wait to see how much keeps coming off. This is the motivation I need to keep going(not that the awesome foods and super easy plan are not enough).

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*I am receiving Nutrisystem for free through their blogger review program, but all opinions and results are 100% my own*


  1. I really want to try this- the sizes seem pretty good and it does sound yummy too.

  2. WOw those things sounds yummy! I want to try it too!