Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boylan Shirley Temple Review and GIVEAWAY!

Hopefully you read my last review of Boylan Soda, because then you already know how incredible Boylan is.

If you didn't(you can do it now), have no worries, I will tell you again how fantastic this stuff is.

Boylan Sodas are NOTHING like the mass produced junk you buy at the grocery store. Now don't get me wrong, I am a so lover, so I put away some big brand soda, but Boylan is not even close to the same level. It's like going from a hamburger to a prime rib. Both are good in different ways, but one is much better.

One of the things that sets Boylan so far above the competition is that they use REAL cane sugar in their sodas instead of high fructose corn syrup and other junk.

I think the glass bottle really helps. But the dedication and true passion of the Boylan company, is something unmatched by any other soda company I have come across.

And just when I thought that I could not possibly love Boylan any more, they same out with a new seasonal flavor, and made me fall in deeper.

Shirley Temple is incredible!

This is a Tribute to the classic non alcoholic "cocktail" that has been a kid friendly favorite for generations. This is nostalgia in a bottle, and I love it.

What I love about this flavor is that it can help reacquaint today's children with this wholesome celebration beverage. I know how special it felt to have the occasion to drink a Shirly Temple, and that is something that most children never do anymore.

To me, a Shirley Temple represents a special treat or important occasion, and that is what links it to so many fond memories. Feeling "grown up" and being so proud to have such a fancy drink.

The wonderful sweet taste, fun fizz and gorgeous pink color are also important attributed of this wonderful drink.

I love that Boylan's version is so true to the original, starting with Ginger Ale(I don't like Ginger ale unless it is a Shirley Temple), adding Dark Sweet Cherry and of course sweetening with only Real Cane Sugar.

This is probably even better than the Shirley Temples I drank as a child(or can make myself). And I can say it is certainly just as good.

It is so fantastic that I can now pass this wonderful tradition on to my children. And it is even more amazing, that my son actually wanted to try it.

My son is Autistic, which makes him very selective(neurotic) about what he will eat and drink, and most things he will act physically afraid of.

But as soon as he saw this, he pointed to it(wanting me to tell him what it was). I told him a Shirley Temple, and he replies, "Do you want some Shirley Temple?...Yes Please."(His way of telling me he wanted some. I guess he didn't even want to wait for me to offer).

I was so happy that he actually asked to try something new. That NEVER happens. And even if it does, he never actually tries it. But he did taste this, and LOVED it. He drank all of it(that I gave him, about half the bottle).

And even though they are gone, he keeps asking me for more. I know that I will definitely be getting some. Since this is a limited release, my stores do not carry it, but thankfully I can buy it at Boylan's website. I need to stock up before it's gone(and if you want some, so should you).

My husband(manly man that he is) loved this flavor, and of course, I did too. This is one of the best drinks(of any kind) that I have ever had. I could drink it all day(I just wish it was calorie free for my waistline).

If you even loved Shirley Temples, then you need to try this soda. And if you didn't, then you missed out, and you need to try this soda.

Since it it so important that you all try this, Boylan and I are hosting a giveaway, and one lucky winner will get a 4 Pack of these fabulous Shirley Temples for free. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. Never had one would love to try :)

  2. I had my first on when I was about 7. That is when my addiction to maraschino cherries began!

  3. Well i have never had this so no memories but id love to try

  4. I used to order this a lot as a kid. It made me feel more grown up! LOL


    I've never tried a Shirley Temple but would love to. Thanks :)


  6. I used to order this as a kid and my parents would crack up everytime.

  7. never had one, but I would love to try it, even if I 'm not a kid anymore lol

  8. Any time I went out to a nice restaurant with my mom she would always order me a Shirley Temple! I loved them!

  9. I remember getting a Shirley Temple every time we would eat at Ruby Tuesday. I always felt so grown up and sophisticated, even though I was like 6 years old.

  10. I liked the movies and I love the drink~~

  11. I don't have too many Shirley Temple moments! I think I had one or two a long time ago. I'd love to try this!

  12. I used to get a Shirley temple with dinner at the Pontchartrain Hotel in New Orleans where I grew up on Sundays with my Dad!

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