Saturday, February 9, 2013

GeoDeo Review and GIVEAWAY!

I love to try new things, but when it comes to certain categories,  am very picky, and usually end up going back to my original brand.

Deodorant is one of those categories. I like to see what else is out there, but usually end up very disappointed and go back to what works.

It is kind of sad because I really wanted to use natural deodorant, and tried so hard to like it, but just never could find one that did it for me totally.

Most natural deodorants are like stones, creams, or sprays, but I like Stick deodorant. Plus most are unscented whereas I LOVE scent and want every product I use to be scented, especially deodorant for freshness reasons.

So when I found GeoDeo, I was intrigued and hoped it would be what I was looking for.

GeoDeo had 2 of my requirements right out of the gate, solid stick form, and scent(as well as unscented).

GeoDeo is 97% natural, and actually has a Detox Complex. Using Volcanic Minerals and Icelandic Algae to fight impurities found in the body and deeply purify pores. This helps fight daily buildup.

GeoDeo is not an antiperspirant, so it will not clog your pores, meaning you will still sweat. But sweating is natural(eliminating toxins so it's healthy for your body) and GeoDeo will eliminate the odor.

GeoDoe also goes far above odor elimination and pore purification. It also contains Vitamin E to Fight Free Radicals, Aloe to help heal wounds, Bamboo to Nourish Skin, and the Icelandic Algae helps smooth pigmentation.

It goes on clear(solid gel form) and lasts for 24 hours. Does not contain any harmful aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol or silicone.

GeoDeo Comes in 3 varieties:


This is my favorite scent. It is the most feminine scent. It smells like like fruit and a light breeze. It is soft and beautiful.

It is perfect for anyone wanting a light pretty scent It feels very special and he scent could be that of a body mist or something it is so pretty.

This is the stronger of the scents. It smells like clean. It does not smell specifically feminine to me. It could be good for a man as well(in my opinion), but does not smell, "manly" so that a woman would not wear it. It just smells fresh and clean.

I like this one. I wear it when I think I need more scent. For things like chores and such. It really helps me feel fresh even when working up a sweat.

The name speaks for itself, no scent. This is perfect for ANYONE. Male/Female, Young(kids even)/Old, even super sensitive skin and those with allergies can wear this without issues. It is also great for wearing with perfume and scented body products without fear of competing scents.

I am not big on unscented deodorants however, so I gave this one to my husband. His underarms are actually quite sensitive to many "regular" antiperspirant deodorants, so he loved that this was not only gentle, but actually soothing.

Every variety is so comfortable to wear. They glide on so smoothly, and seem to melt into your skin. They never feel heavy, thick, sticky, dry or unpleasant in any way. You will forget you even have it on until you realize you smell great.

GeoDeo is wonderful. It really delivers, and while I do still want an antiperspirant sometimes, it is the only brand of non-antiperspirant I will use, and I will use my antiperspirant much less now.

If you are looking for something natural, gentle and/or non-antiperspirant, then GeoDeo is perfect for you, and will be everything you want and more.

One of you lucky fans will get to try all 3 varieties of GeoDeo for yourself. Just enter the giveaway below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*