Friday, February 1, 2013

Granite Gold Review and GIVEAWAY!

I know this may seem silly, but all the "fun" reviews I do are great, but I prefer to review more "mundane" necessity products, because those are the products that everybody buys. Cleaning products being one of the most essential.

A clean house is a must, and products that make it easier to achieve are so important. I am way too busy to spend hours cleaning something even when it is necessary(for it to take that long), let alone when it isn't.

That is why finding products like Granite Gold makes me so happy. Granite Gold has a variety of products that clean effectively and best of all quickly.


I tried three of their wonderful products, and I am very impressed.

First of all I need to say that I don't have any granite in my home, but these products are safe for any sealed surface., granite just happens to be one of them. Since granite is very difficult to clean safely, that is really wonderful.

I tried the Daily Cleaner:

This is the equivalent of an all purpose cleaner. The exception however is that it is also safe on Granite, Marble, Quarts and other sealed stone surfaces, and it is safe for all food-preparation surfaces and is non-toxic(which most cleaners are not).

This is great for cleaning counters and the stove, around the sink and all that, but what I really loved is that I could also use this to clean my Tile floors. 

Most floor cleaners leave a residue that looks and feels yucky on the floor, but this is streak free and residue free, and yet it demolished my floor grime(and with 2 kids 5 and under the floors are bad).

I am beyond happy with the result I got with this as a floor cleaner, and an overall cleaner. Just spray and wipe, so easy and quick.

Look how clean and streak and residue free this floor is. I am thrilled.

Grout Cleaner:

 I am sure you noticed how clean the grout is in that picture. Well that is all because of this miracle worker. Because the grout did look like this:

Disgusting, right? Yeah, I thought so too. And it looks like this practically all the time. Nothing worked well to clean it. I would use a wire grill brush(which erodes the grout) and super heavy duty cleaner, and it still did not clean to the original color.

But Granite Gold Grout cleaner works like a charm. Minimal scrubbing with the provided brush(which is awesome), and just wipe and viola, your grout looks as god as the day it was put down.

Seriously, I will never let my grout get that nasty again or use anything else to clean it. Granite Gold is my floor secret weapon.

Disinfecting Wipes:

These disinfecting wipes are great on almost every surface, sinks, counters, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.(outside), toilets, shower walls, toys, door nobs, practically anything.

These worked super well to not only disinfect, but also clean my counter-tops(and microwave).



I couldn't be happier. All of these fabulous products far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend these to EVERYONE, but especially for those who have granite, these are must have items.

And because they are must-haves, Granite Gold and I are offering a giveaway. One lucky winner will win all 3 of these amazing products. Enter below. Good luck.


  1. I'm most interested in the daily cleaner

  2. I would love to try the grout cleaner! Nothing I have bought so far works.

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