Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Starbox Review

Most of you are probably aware of my Starbox obsession by now.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing the past 4 month's Starboxes at no cost. I have been addicted since the very first one back in October. And every month I am blow away by the quality and value of these boxes.

In fact, I love them so much, that I have subscribed and have decided to keep reviewing them for you all every month. I love to show you all the wonderful items and share my love of Starbox with you. I hope those of you that have seen my Starbox review have taken my advice and subscribed so that you did not miss out on this months amazing Special Edition Box.

I am so in love with this box.

This month's box was loaded with 4 full size products.

Infinity Pot Liner(Satin) in Princess Diaries:
I love this color. It is so pretty. It is pink but not to fake looking. You don't look like a clown or little kid. It looks really beautiful and demure.

Being completely honest, I have never used a potted liner before, so I did not have a brush to use with it. I improvised though, and smushed a toothpick(to make it less sharp) and used that to apply the liner. I think it worked fairly well.

I also decided to use this as shadow too(applying with my finger), and I think that it looks great that way. It was super easy to do and felt great while applying and wearing.

This liner is mega smudge and water proof, so it wears all day and night with no worry of fading or smearing.

And as I said, can be a complete eye look all by itself as a shadow and liner. I have super small lashes, so I did add mascara, and I think it looks really nice.(By the way, please excuse my eye, I recently had Lasik and that is side effect.)

Without Mascara
With Mascara

Fluid Blush in Barbie:

This color is very true to it's name. This is the complete quintessence of what I think of when I hear the name Barbie.

It is a very girly pink. This is probably the girliest you can get, especially withou sparkles or shimmer. Very pink.

I have never used fluid blush either, and it was very easy. but you have to be VERY careful, with this color especially, because a little goes a very long way. Start with the tiniest dot possible to see how it blends, and add more(a little at a time) if needed.

It melts into skin, and looks flawlessly smooth. It does not look like a fluid, cream or powder, it just looks like smooth, flawless color.

It feels completely weightless too. You will never even notice it. It lasts a very long time. It is practically waterproof.

Lip Gloss in Pink Oasis:
I am so in love with this lip gloss. Lip gloss is my favorite type of cosmetic, and this one is so gorgeous. The color is perfect. It is pinkish and girly, but still has a deeper almost purple hue to make it fit my skin tone better than baby and bright pinks do.

The shimmer is incredible, and just the right amount of shine. The consistency is spot on too. Not to rummy or slippery, and not too sticky. It's not easy to find one that is just right(for me at least), but this one by Starlooks nails it.

This glides on so easily and stays in place. It will obviously rub off, like an lip gloss, but it does not travel or look messy after wear. It also does great on top of other products(as you will see coming up).

Lip Liner in Tipsy:

This product was not mentioned on the card inside the box, so I assume it is a bonus, and I certainly welcome it. I love this liner.

I tried this a full lip color, and it looks good(texture and coverage wise). I am not sure I can pull this off a full color on my lips, but it looks just as good as lipstick.

It goes on creamy and effortlessly. It stays put and is not too moist as to smear, but not too dry either(many lip pencils are so dry). It is super nice. And the color is so vibrant and rich. 

Here is a swatch of each product(Top to bottom: Princess Diaries Infinity Liner, Pink Oasis Lip Gloss, Tipsy Lip Liner, and Barbie Fluid Blush[an example of what using too much looks like])

The whole box is perfect, and these products go together beautifully. Here are the finished looks.

Infinity liner, blush and lip gloss(no Lip liner)

Tipsy Lip Liner(as lipstick), no gloss

Tipsy Liner(as lipstick) and Lip Gloss over top.

Barbie Blush(as lipstick) with Lip Gloss over top.

No matter how you wear these products, they are all so gorgeous. And the value you get in this box is insane. 4 full size products for under $17 shipped. Where else can you get that(for such high quality products)?

Plus you get all the fun of a monthly surprise and all the wonderful things that you might not ever pick out for yourself(but will fall in love with).

If you did not get this box, I bet you are kicking yourself(and you should be). Don't miss out again. Subscribe today to make the cut to receive a Starbox for March. Anything after the first of the month, your first Starbox will be the following month, so don't wait.

When you do subscribe, be sure to let them know that Andrea's World tipped you off to their wonderful boxes.

I will be reviewing these fabulous boxes every month, so make sure to come back and see what fin things are in store. I will also be review a different item(not in a Starbox) from Starlooks every month. So be sure to check that out too(the first one is coming later today.

Please leave me your thoughts about this box, Starbox in general, or the Starlooks brand. I love hearing what you all think.


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