Saturday, February 17, 2024

Nadine West - February

Hello lovelies. It is my favorite time of the month. Time to go through that signature pink package of goodies from Nadine West. 

First up is this sassy leopard print tank top. It, of course, features the same butter-soft fabric that Nadine West is known for. The fit and length are great too. 

Next is this Light sage v-neck box tee. It is purposely oversized, though I think it is still a little large or unflattering on me (as I am already large.) I might try it with a belt to see how it looks, but honestly, I am quite happy to use it as a sleep shirt. I needed some new ones anyway, and it's comfortable as a dream. 

The next item is the patterned button-front dress. It is out of my comfort zone, but I am eager to experiment with it. Sometimes when an item is not an obvious favorite it can push me to expand my style and learn new ways to accessorize. 

Everyone knows by now that bottoms are my favorite part. I got two pairs this time, which is how I prefer it. First I got these super cool black pocket joggers. They are comfortable and I love side pockets. Gives me the old cargo pants vibes. I'd love if they had wider ankles, but I just miss the days of flares.

Lastly for the clothing we have these great denim capris. The color gives them that vintage look. They have a real zipper and pockets. They fit great and are not too stiff. They'll go with almost anything. 

Sometimes the pieces can't make a cohesive outfit, but this package would actually be able to make 4 outfits, not including the dress. Either shirt could go with either pair of bottoms. I chose this for an example since I lean toward dark colors. 

Lastly, we have the jewelry. This lovely silver necklace. The crystal triangle pendant is a great size and the chain is feminine without being too fragile. 

Now, I've mentioned in the review that a couple items were not entirely my taste this time. Nothing can be 100% perfect all the time. What IS perfect is that if I decided I didn't want to keep them, I could just ship them back with the included label, for free (since I am keeping at least one item) and not be charged a cent. 

That's why Nadine West is so great. you don't have to love it all, and you don't have to keep anything you don't love. Give them a try, I am quite certain you'll be glad you did.  

*Although I received these items at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*