Monday, April 29, 2013

Uplifting Nighties Review

No matter how old or young, tall, short, etc. you are, the desire to look beautiful is pretty much a universal trait.

Not that everyone is not beautiful, but as women, we are overly hard on ourselves and try too much to compare ourselves to others and to Hollywood standards of beauty.

While I want as much as anyone to be beautiful, I know that the biggest component of looking beautiful is feeling beautiful.

Feeling beautiful gives you confidence and removes the insecurity that makes you see yourself as anything less than stunning.

Feeling beautiful can be accomplished mostly just through having a positive attitude toward yourself and not letting other people opinions or looks influence how you feel about yourself.

But sometimes you may feel less attractive just because you know that you could look better, but you just don't. That is when it is important to so something about it.

While you should obviously not make it your life's mission to be physically attractive, you should do what you can to look the best you can naturally, because it makes you feel good and it's important to put 100% into everything you do.

I like to relate it to your home. While you don't need to go out and buy expensive paintings and Persian rugs, you still want it to be clean and in good repair. You probably even want a few decor items to give it some personality and make it look nice.

Your appearance is the same way, care for yourself, and put forth the effort to look nice without making it an obsession.

I am certainly guilty of now taking care of myself as well as I should. As a mom, it's very easy to let yourself go.

I ended up feeling really bad about myself because although I was never anything special to look at, I used to be much more presentable. It really breaks down your self esteem knowing that you allowed yourself to get that way.

And as much as I love my children and am more than happy to sacrifice anything and everything for them, I realized that I am more than a mother. I am a wife and a woman and I want to look nice.

It make take a little more effort, but I want to get the old me back. So even though I will be tired, I want to trade my old sweat pants and baggy, stained, mom tees back in for some stylish clothes that actually match and are clean. I will actually brush my hair and put on lotion, and maybe even do my makeup once in awhile.

And I certainly do not want to neglect my nighttime appearance any longer. Once the kids are asleep it is really my time, and for hubby's sake and mine, I want to look nice.

Normally, I would sleep in baggy faded old pajama pants and a big ugly t-shirt. I hate wearing a bra to bed but also hate being unsupported, so that was always a struggle.

On my quest for pretty nighttime apparel, I not only found something GORGEOUS, but also something to solve my support issue. Now I am really covered.

The excuses are gone. I am going to look cute day or especially night now that I have found Uplifting Nighties.

Uplifting Nighties is such a wonderful, small, women-owned company right here in the USA(with only fabric made in the USA).

Uplifting Nighties were designed specifically to give women something that they can wear without a bra that will still provide the support and the coverage they so desperately desire. Now you can walk around the house in your PJ's(and no bra) no matter if you have older kids or is someone happens to come by or whatever the case may be without anything showing that should not be.

The amazing shelf bra in Uplifting Nighties gives you great support and is also thick enough to cover your nipples. There is no need to feel self conscious anymore, especially since these nighties and PJs are STUNNING!

I really wanted something beautiful and fancy, and all of their nightgowns are so lovely. It was so hard to choose one. But I also wanted to get a 2 piece set with pants since that is my comfort zone and I may need to have them too.

Now I can wear pants and not look like I should be sleeping behind a dumpster like I usually look. I love that.

The items I got are:

Knot Short Nightgown(in Aubergine):

I LOVE this nightgown. It is perfect. It is so comfortable. It is just as comfortable as any of my bog baggy "PJs" that I used to wear, but a million times prettier.

It fits like a dream and provides incredible support and coverage. It is short enough to be flirty and cute, but I don't look like a hooker.

I love the color. It is a dark blackish purple, and it is amazing.

I adore the knot detail it gives it that little something extra to really make it look more elegant and give more shape to the design.

My husband loves it, and that is really saying something. He is not the most concerned with this kind of thing, but he said, "Wow, that is very nice" Which in translation comes out pretty much like, "That is the best nightgown I have ever seen), and I concur.

This is especially awesome for weekends since during the week I usually just wear my PJs to the bus stop when I take my son. I don't want to give everyone a free show. That is why I got a twin set too.

Twinset(in black): 

These pajamas are fabulous. The top is so supportive and it fits perfectly. I love that it is not just a straight cut across on the neckline, but rather it's a tapered look. It gives it more style and personality, and makes it more fun.

For twin sets you can choose pants or shorts(which come in only black although you can get different colored tops). I always wear black though. I love dark colors.

The pants are so light and breathable. The fit loosely without looking baggy and sloppy. I can move freely and they are super comfortable.

They go together perfectly and I am so thrilled with this lovely set. Being able to look and feel good without any extra work or even having to wear a bra is so awesome.

I am so glad that I found an easy way to make myself fool good and look good(considering). Uplifting Nighties are incredible. All the styles are exquisite and I need to have them all. I think I shall hint to hubby since Mother's Day is coming.

Speaking of Mother's Day, these would be the PERFECT gift. At any age, mother's all want to look beautiful and comfort is essential for mommies, so this is a double dose of wow.

This would be especially great for a hubby to get the mother of his children. Not only will she love it, but so will he.

Every woman loves to feel pampered and these magnificent nighties will do the trick for sure.

And if you use coupon code "ANDREA" you will save 15% off your order. Good through the end of May. Please take advantage of this amazing deal.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


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