Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cryoow Doll Review and GIVEAWAY!! 3 WINNERS!!

When you were a kids, did you ever wish that your drawings would come to life? Did you act as if your creations were real?

If so, you are going to love the awesome new product I discovered. Cryoow Dolls are drawings brought to "life".

Now a child can create their very own friend. Having the ability to make something and see it become "real" is a fun and exciting thing. Even as an adult, I love this concept.

It is so simple. Your child draws a picture, and that picture is turned into a doll. As much as possible, the details are copied exactly and not "corrected" So if the drawing has 3 arms, then so will the doll.

Eve color and shape, hair color, clothing, everything will be the same. It's incredible.

I have 2 young children, and I wanted to get them each a doll.  The only minor issue that I faces is that my daughter(at 18 months) is too young to actually draw, and my son, although 5 1/2 is Autistic and does not always understand that he needs to draw a dimensional body(not a stick figure type).

So I decided to use my poor art skills and help. I drew most of the pictures myself, but I had him tell me how to do it.

I wanted to make the dolls to resemble each child. So I asked him what color his hair is(brown) and eyes(hazel, but he said green). I asked long hair or short hair and he said long hair. It was really fun to make the drawing with him.

We did the same for his sister's doll. He said she needed "yellow medium hair" and a pink dress. I love that he was involved in both.

Once the drawing were done, I scanned them to the computer and emailed them. A few days later, the dolls were shipped and I had them not long after.

Each doll came in it's own lovely gifting back and included a Cryoow rubber bracelet and a little note that had each child's name hand written and was hand signed. The little personal touch was just so special.

Now as I mentioned, I am a terrible artist, but these are the drawings that were used to create the dolls.

The dolls are created to match the drawings pretty much exactly, but you can put in special requests like skin color, so since these were paper white, I requested peach or tan skin.

The finished dolls were amazing, so much butter than I imagined, especially since the drawings were so bad.

I am so beyond thrilled with these amazing dolls. The attention to detail is incredible. Not only are the drawings matched unequivocally, but every piece is executed with the utmost precision and care. Right down to the number(or location) of hearts on the dress and the real strands of hair.

The kids LOVE these dolls. When I showed them to my son, he knew exactly what they were. He called them puppets, which the kind of are. He knew that they were supposed to be him and his sister.

Although he was(and almost always is) entranced on the computer, as soon as he saw these he wanted to do a "Puppet Show". I was amazed, he has never played or even mentioned anything about a puppet show before.

I could not wait to see what he did. And although there was not much of a story, he had fun and it was so cute.

He was having so much fun. I love that he was actually playing with something like this. He never does that. With his Autism he never really does anything that requires imagination. He likes blocks and puzzles and games(Computer/learning games and such) and books, things where the creativity is already established.

I was(am) so overjoyed to see him enjoying these dolls so much and knowing who they are.

Of course, he is not the only one that loves them. My little girl loves them too. She was having a blast watching her brother do his Puppet Show, and she loved playing with them too.

She kept giving them kisses. It was adorable. She even tried to make them dance like he did. She tries to be just like her brother.

My son also loved the bracelet they sent as a wonderful bonus.

I think it is so sweet that they send something extra. Even if it may seem like a small gesture, it is still above and beyond the wonderful doll that I expected and was so exquisitely delivered.

And sometimes something so simple can bring so much joy, as this bracelet did for my son.

Cryoow Dolls are amazing products from genuinely caring people. I don't think there is even another place to get drawing turned to dolls, but even if there were a thousand others, I would still only use and recommend Cryoow because they are a one of a kind group of amazing people.

If you have a child(in your life) that likes to draw, then a Cryoow Doll would be a gift that they will treasure for a long time to come. It's the kind of thing you keep even as you grow up an save for your children. It is that special.

I promise you will be amazed by the quality of these dolls and with the wonderful service you receive.

I want every child to have the joy of creating their own friend, so Cryoow and I are giving away 3 dolls. Three very lucky winners will have the opportunity to have their child's drawing be turned into a one of a kind doll. Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck.

*Although I received these dolls at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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  1. Samantha ChristensenApril 23, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    CReate YOur OWn Cryoow!

  2. Samantha ChristensenApril 23, 2013 at 11:14 AM

    That they can create their very own doll to look like whatever they want it too!

  3. Oh my goodness I love love love them! I need some now!

  4. i thought the video was so sweet and friendly .. hes handsome

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  6. I almost cried watching the video. I was waiting on baby girl to take them away but she did not. Baby boy is doing so well! <3

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  17. I think this is a great idea. Having a doll drawn by your child is a great toy and a keepsake.

  18. Your kids are adorable :-) Great dolls and awesome products that motivates children for the love for painting ...

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  20. Name came from this: CReate YOur OWn Cryoow! doll!

    What I love about Cryoow doll is that it can be a souvenir.

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  25. CReate YOur OWn Cryoow, I love that they are so almsot exact to the drawings. I hope I get picked.

  26. I love that they are so almsot exact to the drawings. I hope I get picked.

  27. These are too cool!! Kids can create their imaginary friends =) Love it, thanks for sharing!!!

  28. These are too cool!! Kids can create their imaginary friends =) Love it, thanks for sharing!!!


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