Friday, April 12, 2013

Hapari Swimwear Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

The warm weather is FINALLY upon us(or within grasp at least). With the warmer months(especially here in Florida), come the super hot days that make you go right back to wishing for winter.

The best way to not come down with a case of the Summer blues, is to get out and have some fun. And the best way to do that is by cooling off in the water.

Weather it's the ocean, public swimming pool, personal pool, sprinkler or whatever. Use whatever you have and just have fun.

No matter how you choose to do it, one thing remains the same. You will need some swimwear.

If you are anything like me, you dread swimsuit season because you'd rather melt like the wicked witch then be seen in a swim suit.

I hate to be seen in one at all, but this horror is vastly increased by the lack of decent swimsuits available to me.

I am very picky about the shape and fit of my suit. With patterns I do like certain things, but I am very open to almost anything there.

I will however NOT wear a bikini style suit, and I despise on pieces. What does that leave? Well when you can find them, Tankinis, and boy-shorts or attached skirt bottoms.

The trouble is, (from my experience) you can usually only find one or the other. So You can have a tankini top and bikini bottoms, or boy-shorts with a bikini top and so on. That does not work for me at all.

My husband and I went on a weekend trip a couple years ago, and I knew there was a pool there and wanted to use it. I needed a new suit and planned to buy one at the shop in the lobby.

While they had a huge selection of suits, they did not have one thing I would even consider. They had maybe 2(granny looking) tankini tops and no shorts or skirt bottoms.

This was on a main strip near the beach, so it was lined with beach shops and we decided to walk to a close one. Guess what, NOTHING. We went to the next one, zip, and the next, nada.

After literally going to about 8 shops I finally SETTLED for one. I had to get a top and bottom that were not even actually meant to go together because even though they had matches for each design, they didn't have all the sizes and that's the only way I found something that fit(and I was like a medium, so it wasn't like I was looking for a rare size).

The lady even tried to sell me a top that smashed my chest and risked a pop out (and was also white so it showed stuff that it shouldn't), and even proceeded to do so after seeing it on me and me telling her it was way too small.

Needless to say, it was not a fun experience.

I had always been reluctant to purchase swimwear online, because you cannot try it on, and size, and cut are both vital in swimwear more so than in other types of apparel.

But I figured even if the sizes were of a little, at least the right ones should be in stock, and if not, it's much easier to shop a few sites than to walk(or drive) to multiple stores and manually look through everything and check sizes.

I figured it definitely could not be worse than my store experiences, so I would do it. But I still needed to find the perfect place.

After some looking around, I came to Hapari. Let me tell you, it was love at first sight. I knew it was the site for me.

They have a very large collection of swimwear in every style. So for those that want a Bikini, all the power to you, they have some super cute ones. And for those of us that need more modesty, control, etc. They have a great selection of Tankinis. And they offer regular and plus sizes which is so cool.

They have Bikini bottoms(in many styles), attached skirt, hot shorts, and even  Yummy Tuk bottoms. Plus a great selection of wraps and cover ups.

Of course I wanted a Tankini, and they are all so lovely it was a very hard choice. But there was one that really jumped out at me.

While the actual pattern is different than my usual simple(plain) styles, the actual cut is what really did it for me.

The Drawstring Leilani Tankini Top:

As you can see, this does not look like an ordinary Tankini Top. That's because it's not. This is extraordinary.

It has 2 cinch drawstrings in the front so that it can be worn 2 ways. In a tunic style as shown above(built in cover up), or cinched into a tankini length. You can also wear the straps multiple ways(halter, criss-cross, tank style).

That is also cool because you can make the tankini length longer or shorter too. I like mine to be long enough to overlap the bottoms, but I know some that like a gap.

As you can see, I chose Black Hot Shorts Bottoms.

I really love the style and how well the pieces go together. I love that when I wear it long I no longer need a cover up, because I would never go without one, but hate having to carry an extra item.

I feel so much more confidant knowing I am covered in style and that my cover up will not fall off or get lost or blow away. So much less stress.

Both pieces fit like a dream. The size chart is dead on. The quality is impeccable. The material is thick and durable, yet lightweight and nonrestrictive. 

I just love everything about these items separately and together. They are so versatile, flattering, comfortable, modest, stylish, unique and high quality. The pop of color is really fun and different too.

I could not be any more thrilled with either price, the pair, or Hapari in general. This is the very best swim suit I have ever owned BY FAR!

I know this will last for a long time, so I will not "need" another suit in the near future, but I may get another style anyway because I know I will love it and it will be a great buy.

If you are looking for a bathing suit, I am sure that you will find exactly what you want from Hapari, and I guarantee you will be impressed with whatever you choose.

*Although I received a gift credit to purchase a suit at no cost, all opinions are 100% my own*


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