Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Skinny Pop Review and GIVEAWAY

Losing weight is hard. Even though I have been having great results these past few months, it has been very hard.

The hardest part was probably the mental aspect of deciding to be committed to it, and the first few days of the eating change.

But I do continue to have cravings, and I get hungry. I am human, and no matter how badly I want to never be tempted to break my diet, the urge is always there. Sometimes it is stronger than others, and those times call for a snack.

I needs snacks that are satisfying and guilt-free. I used to think such things do not exist, but I am actually happy to admit that I was quite wrong.

Skinny Pop is exactly the kind of snack I have been looking for(and dreaming about).

This super satisfying snack can crush any salty, savory, or munchy texture(chips, pretzels, etc) craving fast. All the enjoyment, none of the guilt. What could be better?

Not only does Skinny Pop Fill your belly and silence cries of hunger, but it also tastes fantastic to treat your taste buds and has the perfect texture, so you feel like you are biting into a crispy cloud.

Look how light, fluffy and wonderfully large this heavenly popcorn is.

Once you're done drooling, I will tell you the best part.

This scrumptious guilty pleasure, is all pleasure and no guilt. With ONLY 39 CALORIES PER CUP it is the ultimate snack. A serving size is actually 4 CUPS, and clocks in at only 155 calories. AMAZING!

Not only are you treated to the amazing flavor, you are also treated to the slimmer figure you'll be able to maintain by banishing all not so slim snacks, and never even miss them.

It is all Natural, is Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Preservative, Gluten, Dairy, Peanut and Tree nut free and Non GMO.
Skinny Pop is a good source of Fiber so it is really filling. 

This stuff seriously tastes incredible. There is no butter or fatty flavoring of any kind. The only ingredients are Popcorn, Sunflower Oil and Salt. That's it!

I always thought that I needed gallons of buttery junk to make(have) good popcorn, but that is so far from the truth. I actually like the taste of this BETTER than my old popcorn(any of the many). It gets a nice hint of flavor from the Sunflower Oil, and the salt is nice and light. It won't pucker your lips or any of that other stuff over salty popcorn will. I love that.

The popcorn itself tastes divine, and that is actually what you are eating, not "Bag O' Butter, now with popped corn".

I love this for a snack for my kids too. My son is Autistic and is VERY selective(and everything he likes is bad for him), but one thing he loves is popcorn. He usually eats the microwave junk, and I was nervous that he would not try this because it was not buttered, but he did and he likes it just as much. That is a huge compliment.

And my daughter does eat almost anything, but she always wants what her brother and mom have, so I am glad it can now be something healthy and delicious.

I couldn't even think of anything that would make Skinny Pop any better. Well, maybe if it actually sucked fat out or could make you fly, but this is as close to perfect as it gets.

Try it, I am sure you will agree. In fact, that is why Skinny Pop and I are going to give you all a chance to try it for free.

One lucky winner will receive a CASE(12 BAGS) of  Skinny Pop. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this product at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. I love how few calories it is.

  2. Love the nutrition facts...I'm a total popcorn addict.

  3. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks!

  4. This is interesting. My son loves popcorn but has a lot of allergies. I see that his is dairy and gluten free! yay!!

  5. I want to win this giveaway really bad because Skinny Pop only has 39 calories for one cup, and that popcorn is my favorite snack and that the flavor of this popcorn tastes good!

  6. I love that it is only 39 Calories per cup.

  7. Love that it is low in calories and fats.

  8. The low calories for sure. I love to snack on popcorn.

  9. I love popcorn and I like that its low calorie so I can indulge with minimal change to my pant size!